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The Allied Order of Exemplars is an organisation founded on the principles of personal accountability and lawful conduct and is a sect of the Angelic order of hip 54692. It is a radical group claiming to support the objectives and founding laws of The Alliance. The primary goals of this group are "to provide humanitarian and developmental aid to civilian and political groups suffering under the rule of the greedy and corrupt forces that plague our galaxy"

The order's internal organisation is modeled loosely on the democratic structure of the Alliance assembly and the Council of Generals. There are however differences: They claim to be working under the conveyances of a mysterious and unknowable motivation which could quite possibly make them unpredictable - even dangerous to some. Every member also seems to have an unusual disregard for personal monetary gain and an unfathomable compulsion to annihilate all forms of organised criminality in the galaxy - even if their operational objectives are delayed by this outlook.

Current information suggests that Initiates are required to prove their worth by raising an Alliance faction to system ownership. What happens after this task has been completed is unclear; What is known, is that successful initiates disappear to a secret location beyond the fringe. Upon their return they profess to have experienced an augury of malignant and corrupt forces seeking to plunge the universe into chaos and suffering. They are then welcomed into the "Devoted Assembly" from which a handful are selected by vote to a "Council of Paragons" who plan the larger operations and administer the group.

Pilots that have been accepted into the group may then choose from a variety of assignments as suits them. They are also encouraged to promote the representation and appearances of an Exemplar when in private communication and operational channels.

The Exemplars adhere to unusual rules of engagement in order to mantain ethics;  essentially it prevents the murder of innocents and insures political objectives proceed with the minimum loss of life. One Exemplar was heard to comment: "Unhealthy aspirations bring shame upon our order, and is sure to invoke retribution upon us. Freedom is the alliance way but the price of that way should not be in blood and suffering. We measure ourselves by the purity of our intents not by the frequency of our successes"

Upon official review of this information, The Pilots Federation has allowed this organisation standard access to our services and facilities. All members may now access our crime records and communication channels forthwith.


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The Allied Order Of Exemplars

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Wing info

Name: The Allied Order Of Exemplars
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Independent
Flying in: open play
Platforms: XBox
Wing commander: Inh1b1ted UKCG

Members: 2
Ships: 13
Headquarters: HIP 54692 [Brust Vision]
Minor faction: Angelic Order of HIP 54692

Average combat rank: Dangerous
Average trade rank: Tycoon
Average exploration rank: Ranger

In coalition with: