About Anarco Communist Collective - A Left Libertarian Alliance

Greetings Commanders

We are the Anarco Communist Collective, an alliance between Anarchists and Left Libertarians.

Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/tPEnFgm

Private group is named 'ARGHouse', allies are welcome to join so they can partake in joint ops. Although I prefer playing in Open.

Leesti, crown jewel of the Old Worlds and an integral member of the Alliance. For nearly a decade Leesti had been an area of competition between Alliance and Federation pilots, eventually resulting in Federation support for the Fascist 'Justice Party of Leesti'. Continued support of JPL lead to the coup against the established Cooperative government. The coup was successful, and for months the system was under the brutal control of Pat House (until he was assassinated and replaced by his head of secret police). Brutalities against the people of the Leesti system included euthenization, ethnic cleansing, the execution of workers unions, jailing and torture of dissident and the kidnapping of Alliance citizens. No secret was kept hidden from JPL... or so they thought. At the risk of exposure and execution the last vestiges of democracy and free thought went underground, forming into an effective Anti Fascist group called the Anarco Communist Collective. The ACC organised most of the resistance on the surface of Leesti, sabotaging multiple JPL ships and facilities. ACC also helped relay sensitive JPL information to several Alliance groups. Thanks to the efforts of the ACC, Allied fighters were able to decisively crush JPL during the one week Liberation of Leesti. The ACC has much to thank for the assistance from the AEDC  and its allies after months of oppression. The ACC now has a permanent presence on George Lucas Station, not only does it intend to aid the Alliance, it intends to seed change throughout the Alliance and revolution in the Federation and the Empire.

A bit more information:
-We believe in Direct Democracy. We also supportCommunist and Confederacy governments in power play. We also give our support to independent factions and rebel Fed factions. Any Federation minor faction we think will create change in the Federation we will support, but only if it is the last preferable option in said system. We support Alliance and Independent factions over Federation factions.

PP support preferences in order
3. Confederacy
4. Democracy

PP support preferences in order
1. Independent
2. Alliance
3. Pranav Antal
4. Federation

-We encourage you to also take up any missions that have you killing Feds or Imperials, it gets them confused. Also take cargo delivery missions from the Feds and Imperials, as well as from the list of government types you don't like... And then abandon them. Sell the cargo at an allied Black Market.

-While we do not agree with Imperialism, we are aware of Aisling Duval's position on slavery and we are willing to co-operate with Aisling player groups in anti slavery activities.

-The group does not wish to interfere in the play style of other players, neither does anybody give orders. There will be a list of ops given which will be completely optional. Everybody can pitch in on ops, what ops do you want? Neither do we condone piracy or random acts of aggression against other players without reason, the only reason being if is a part of an op. Otherwise piracy and raids against NPCs are completely cool.

-This is optional, but the main base ATM is Leesti, lots of good systems around it, you can buy up to 4A modules down at Arexe, good bounty hunting in Tionisla, Arque and Heheng. It also has the advantage of being a main attraction of many Alliance players, so you can expect some support from the AEDC if ever needed. Please do not pirate at the home base, not only will get a huge bounty, but you might also influence the background simulation and cause civil unrest. Then again this is optional, nobody can stop you, but bounty hunting is recommended around home base.

-Other areas of interest include Eravate/LHS 3447 area, there are some good value factions there, but many systems are also under the influence of dictatorships. Eravate, LHS 3447 and Chamunda have the possibility of becoming excellent areas of activity on par with Leesti, so piracy is recommended here (Kini is also pretty good for piracy). I am not aware of many other areas in the Federation or Empire, except that FN Virginis will give some really good bounty hunting. The Alioth area is also a really friendly place, with some good bounty hunting locations and not to far away from Sol if you ever want to do some raids in the heartland.

-If you like exploration we also encourage it, I will be coming up with ideas for exploration locations, possibilities include the Dumbell Nebula, the Alien ruins and grabbing a scan of the Thargoid scout. Our exploration fleet will be known as Starfleet, if you have any better ideas for names then please go ahead. Starfleet will focus on exploring where no comrade has gone before, to seek out new civilizations and new life. Apart from exploration, Starfleet will also be involved in search and rescue, fuel rats, humanitarian aid and operations with our allies. If we pool our resources we can outfit Starfleet vessels to the best of our ability, with outfitting leaning towards exploration (although defensive systems are recommended).

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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
ARGHousePathfinderType-6 Transporter---------
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Anarco Communist Collective - A Left Libertarian Alliance

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Wing info

Name: Anarco Communist Collective - A Left Libertarian Alliance
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Flying in: private group (ARGHouse)
Platforms: PC/Mac
Wing commander: ARGHouse

Members: 1
Ships: 5
Headquarters: Leesti [George Lucas]
Minor faction: Anarco Communist Collective

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Pathfinder

In coalition with: