About FarStar Foundation


The FarStar Foundation is an imperial organisation conducting biotechnological and pharmaceutical research on death row prisoners for the betterment of mankind.

We are a very small player faction, including only a few players. We are mostly real life friends, who enjoy playing Elite casually. We petitioned Frontier to put our player group into the game to have long-term goals we can all work towards. With the new 2.2 patch, the FarStar Foundation was created and integrated into the Gugu system as a minor faction. The name "FarStar" refers to one of our greatest passion in gaming history, Star Wars Galaxies, where we played on the EU-FarStar server.


Sure, but keep in mind that we are very relaxed about playing. All of us has jobs, families and other real life priorities and usually gaming comes last.
Aside from this, we welcome any help we can get! Our work is cut out for us as we struggle to gain a foothold in the galaxy.

Our subreddit offers more information and news if you're interested.

For recruitment please contact the following CMDRs ingame or via PM here, on Inara.cz:

CMDR Ray Parratich
CMDR Mirenel Septor

CURRENT OBJECTIVES: Updated: 2017/03/26

There was a quick expansion to Unkuan Di, a fairly insignificant system 11,7 ly from Gugu. There are no major new objectives besides the current ones, we all waiting eagerly for 2.3 to drop.


  • Destroy WANTED ships in the Gugu system,
  • Do missions for the FarStar Foundation minor faction (Gugu or Chu Jona),
  • Transport FarStar passengers (Gugu or Chu Jona,
  • Sell exploration data in Corte-Real Dock (Gugu),
  • Turn in bounties in Corte-Real Dock (Gugu),
  • Buy or sell commodities in Corte-Real Dock (Gugu),
  • DO NOT do any missions for other factions,
  • DO NOT turn in bounties in anywhere of the following systems: Chu Jona, Thosia, Patollo,
  • DO NOT sell exploration data in anywhere of the following systems: Chu Jona, Thosia, Patollo),
  • DO NOT transport passengers for any other faction in our systems,
  • DO NOT destroy any FarStar ships (except WANTED).


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    Ray Parratich wrote:
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    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    Ray ParratichTycoonCobra Mk IV
    Mirenel SeptorHarmless---------
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    FarStar Foundation

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    Wing info

    Name: FarStar Foundation
    Allegiance: Empire
    Power: Independent
    Flying in: open play
    Platforms: PC/Mac
    Wing commander: Ray Parratich

    Members: 2
    Ships: 5
    Headquarters: Gugu
    Minor faction: FarStar Foundation

    Average combat rank: Novice
    Average trade rank: Merchant
    Average exploration rank: Surveyor