About Jesse

The driving goal of Jesse is to do whatever (as long as it's not against the glorious Empire). Jesse likes to explore, mine, bounty hunt, and drink on occasion. Dislike all of those things? Then you're not Jesse.

- Jesse does not kill innocents
- Jesse does support piracy but does not support murder (this includes griefing-like behavior)
- Jesse is pro-xenos and will make any effort to maintain a peaceful status with any non-human sentient beings
- Jesse will oppose minor Imperial factions but will not oppose the Empire itself except in circumstances wherein the Empire proves to be unreasonable or unreliable beyond reasonable human error. Hostility towards non-human sentient entities without considerable provocation will be regarded as grounds for defection
- Jesse endorses drunk flying
- In times of non-conflict the (optional) prime directive of Jesse is to chill

Jesse welcomes all so long as you are generally not a dick; talented pilots, casual players, and hardcore gamers that still suck at the game but love it anyway. Join with Jesse! Or don't, it's cool either way.

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Wing info

Name: Jesse
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Flying in: open play
Platforms: PC/Mac
Wing commander: Sfx6c

Members: 1
Ships: 9

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Ranger