About White Star Foundation

The White Star Foundation was founded on 22nd January 3303 by Imperial Knight Sir Rufus Nightjar.
New pilots are welcome.

New pilots are welcome to join the White Star Foundation.  WSF members may get involved with any of the projects here.

1) Support Aisling Duval
Where pilots are operating within Aisling Duval exploited systems they should do everything reasonably practical to promote factions with Communist, Confederate or Co-operative governmental organisation.  By promoting these factions Aisling's sway over these systems is increased and the resources needed to maintain control is reduced by 50%.  This frees up those resources to accomplish other projects, and assists in the propagation of Aisling's progressive ideas and ethical framework.

2) Health Surveillance
By monitoring the progress of existing disease and famine, and visiting systems to collect local reports of impending outbreaks or crises, the WSF keeps an up to date record throughout its sphere of operations.  This enables a swift response to target areas for humanitarian intervention.

3) Outbreak Control
Delivery of supplies or aid workers to afflicted areas.
Although the WSF operates with the approval of Aisling Duval it receives no money from the Imperial coffers, and pilots are not paid a salary.  There are however many opportunities for WSF pilots to make money during the course of their activities.  By taking medicines to systems experiencing disease in order to support the needy, a pilot will often find that any surplus may be sold on the open market for many times the price of purchase.
The WSF maintains a list of locations where supplies can be obtained, which is available in the reference section of the private discussion area for the use and convenience of all WSF pilots.

4) Famine Relief
Delivery of supplies or aid workers to afflicted areas.

5) Preventative Action
Delivery of supplies or aid workers to systems that have current warnings of impending famine or outbreak.
System status and active warnings are maintained in a central register accessible to WSF pilots.  The register collates the galaxy-wise notifications published weekly on Galnet, but is primarily focussed on systems within the usual sphere of operations of WSF members.

6) Epidemiology
Scientific investigation of disease outbreaks.
Gathering data on the conditions before, during and after an outbreak in order to better understand the progress of the disease.  Investigation into the spread of disease between factions in the same system, and between neighbouring systems.  Collection and analysis of interstellar traffic levels.  Case studies and documentation of support/intervention from neighbouring systems during the course of an outbreak.  The goal of the Foundation is to develop an understanding of disease which may then inform planning and decision making on a galactic scale.

7) Galactic Interventions
WSF pilots may be asked to support community goal activities in distant systems when they align with the core goal of reducing human suffering.

Do you want to participate in any of these activities?
Are you interested in reducing human suffering?
If the answer is yes then please consider joining the WSF.  There is a lot of ground to cover and a great deal of work to be done - new pilots are always welcome.

Current spheres of operation:

HIP 95256 and systems within 30 ly distance
This is the area where the Foundation first began its work.

New pilots are encouraged to relocate to this area and work with the existing WSF cadre, sharing data and resources, however if you wish to operate in a different region either within Aisling Duval space or further afield then you are still welcome to join the Foundation.  By sharing knowledge and offering support where required it will be possible to save and improve the lives of a great many people throughout the galaxy.

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White Star Foundation

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Wing info

Name: White Star Foundation
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Flying in: open play
Platforms: both
Wing commander: Rufus Nightjar

Members: 1
Ships: 7
Headquarters: Tsohoda [Filter Hub]

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Entrepreneur
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

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