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Squadron History

STFS SCARFACE are an independent, factionless Open Play PVP group based on the ideals of collecting twelve of the highest skilled combat pilots in the Milky Way. Originally formed in 3301, the squadron participated in the Lugh Insurrection and fought off countless attackers. After the war and the progressive changes growing throughout the galaxy, many of the original pilots retired, and the squadron disbanded.

Two years later in 3303, SCARFACE was reformed with the discovery and introduction of Engineers and Telepresence Multi-Crew. With many of the original pilots gone, the wing has begun scouting and collecting potential pilots to join and rebuild the original SCARFACE Twelve.

SCARFACE is built on the foundation of grouping together only the most highly talented pilots in the galaxy.

The Squadron prides itself on being completely independent, with no attached minor faction and no superpower alliances. SCARFACE has always been limited to a maximum of 12 pilots (three wings) to minimize confusion in a combat situation while maximizing the abilities of only twelve individual pilots. This also means the group has a highly prestigious membership system - acceptance into the squadron requires a specific application process - a high amount of PVP prerequisites followed by a video example of your abilities in combat.  In other words, only the best can join.

Ship Prerequisites

Below is a complete list of the required ships, modules and engineer modifications required before proceeding to the application process.

Acceptable Ships

Small Craft Tier

  • Core Dynamics Vulture
  • Gutamaya Imperial Courier

Medium Craft Tier

  • Core Dynamics Federal Assault Ship
  • Core Dynamics Federal Dropship
  • Core Dynamics Federal Gunship
  • Zorgon Peterson Fer-De-Lance
  • Faulcon DeLacy Python

Large Craft Tier

  • Faulcon DeLacy Anaconda
  • Core Dynamics Federal Corvette
  • Gutamaya Imperial Clipper
  • Gutamaya Imperial Cutter

Acceptable Ship Modules

  • Bulkheads: Any (Modification Dependent)
  • Power Plant: Any (Loadout Dependent)
  • Thrusters: A-Rated/Largest Size Only
  • Frame Shift Drive: Any (Loadout Dependent)
  • Life Support: Any (Loadout Dependent)
  • Power Distributor: A-Rated/Largest Size Only
  • Sensors: Any (Loadout Dependent)

Acceptable Engineer Modification Requirements

  • Bulkheads: Module Dependent: G5 Heavy Duty (Lightweight Alloys), G5 Heavy Duty (Military Grade Composite), G5 Thermal/Kinetic Resistant (Reactive/Mirrored)
  • Power Plant: Optional: G5 Armored, G1-5 Overcharged
  • Thrusters: G5 Dirty Drives Only (minimum of 133% Optimal Multiplier Required)
  • Life Support: Optional: G4 Lightweight, G4 Shielded, G4 Reinforced
  • Power Distributor: Grade 5 Charge Enhanced Only (Minimum of 42% SYS/ENG/WEP Recharge Rate Required)
  • Sensors: Modification Not Available (yet)

Acceptable Weapon Requirements

  • Fixed Weapons: Any (Modification Dependent)
  • Gimballed Weapons: Maximum of Two Gimballed Weapons Per Medium/Small Ship
  • Turreted Weapons: Multi-Crew Gunner use only
  • Munitions: Basic Only

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Wing info

Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Flying in: open play
Platforms: PC/Mac
Wing commander: S W A C S

Members: 1
Ships: 0
Minor faction: Unknown

Average combat rank: Elite
Average trade rank: Elite
Average exploration rank: Elite