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Traitors of the Empire have taken control of the Aisling leadership and are manipulating innocent imperial commanders into attacking other imperials. They are attempting to employ the AD community into doing their own dirty work of running a personal vendetta against the Black Hand of Jaaka, an imperial faction on the verge of human inhabited space, by attempting to justify these warcrimes by claiming that ownership of a small fraction of one of their control spheres threatens the fortification trigger of a system they fail to fortify regularly. This same system has been offered to be fortified by us in the past. There are over 70 Aisling control spheres of which hardly 15% have improved triggers. The self-proclaimed Aisling leadership is wasting resources on futile wars against an imperial minor faction outside of Aisling's jurisdiction under the pretext of improving triggers, yet have no control over the rest of their spheres. In addition to treason they have committed many counts of slander and the spreading of false-information, abuse of their admin-powers to silence entire player-groups out of fear of exposure. You can review proof of all their warcrimes on our discord.

  If you have been brainwashed into attacking imperial commanders or alligned yourself with the treacherous Aisling Angels, make sure that you bring some sunscreen, as we will bring the fire of a thousand suns to those that commit treason to the empire.  Every commander fighting against the empire will be black-listed as a traitor. The Jaaka sector is a no-fly zone for non-imperial commanders. You will be subject to security checks if you are pledged with AD.

Fly safe in these times of trial.


Merchants during the day and adventurers at night. Visit our sector guide.

In-game faction: Black Hand of Jaaka

Our decisions and the choices that we make determine the outcome of this grand adventure that we have embarked upon. There have been many great commanders in the galaxy, fighting for their small place, survival, glory, family or power. Few make it to the ranks of Elite and even fewer leave a trail in the history of our galaxy. Witnessing the opression of Jaaka's citizens by fellow imperial families have led the Black Hand to congregate in the shadows with the goal to sway the population via reinstating the value of the imperial citizen and the fair distribution of wealth amongst imperial citizens. Sometimes actions need to be taken that don't follow mainstream opinion in order to secure the freedom of every imperial citizen from the grasp of the federation or corrupt imperial organizations. Make your choice and become part of our adventure.


Take part in player created missions. Mining wings. Tons of cash. Ships. Extra earning opportunities for escorts. Instantly make an impact in powerplay by automatically cooperating with other playergroups. Meet chill people. Parties in obscure places. Live in a beautifully mellow system filled with enough icy planets to keep your drinks cool for eternity. It's always evening in Jaaka. Help the expansion and conquering of new worlds. Hunt legends with us. Start your adventure in a local struggle for power as it is on the verge of exploding into an epic tale of cloak and daggers on a galaxy wide scale while fighting for a princess in an attempt to unite the Empire.

Black Hand - cum patientia sit virtus

Command room

05 Nov 2015, 12:05am
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10 Nov 2015, 3:03pm
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General discussion

27 Sep 2015, 8:38pm
SilentThunder wrote:
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29 Oct 2015, 7:24pm
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13 Feb 2016, 4:51pm
SilentThunder wrote:
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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
SilentThunderEliteImperial Cutter
FlyingWarfoxEliteFederal Corvette
OlkleiEliteImperial Cutter
CharliskHarmlessAsp Explorer---------
-Denali-PathfinderImperial Courier---------
Hari SoloTrailblazerCobra Mk III
Infamous AceHarmless---------
KriLinMerchantType-6 Transporter
ScentfordSurveyorAsp Explorer---------
DarkWOlf009DealerCobra Mk III---------
Slippery SlapperHarmlessAsp Explorer---------
Llen CoramDealerCobra Mk III
CefarixHarmlessType-6 Transporter
CJcypherBrokerAsp Explorer---------
ErbsEntrepreneurType-9 Heavy
Spencer BlackRangerFer-de-Lance
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Wing info

Name: Black Hand
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: PC/Mac
Language: ---

Wing commander: SilentThunder
Members: 46
Ships: 185
Supporters: 1
Headquarters: Jaaka

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Dealer
Average exploration rank: Scout

In coalition with: