About Ghost Legion

Welcome to Ghost Legion

We are a diverse team of galactic Combat Pilots, Merchants and Explorers who work together with our allies to maintain justice and order throughout inhabited space. Our only allegiance is to Justice.

We started off as a small group of people wanting to join a wing and now we are a large team of commanders. There are no restrictions such as dedicated "raid" nights or mandatory events and rules except No Piracy, No Cheating, No Griefing. We are always looking for commanders to join our fight to decimate the criminal element.

"The price of peace is eternal vigilance." - Lord Leonard H. Courtney

"Peace lies in the shade of the sword." - Unknown

"All will become one with the Ghost Legion one day... it is your choice whether you do it above ground or under it." - CMDR Veyder

Player Base:

  • PC / MAC
  • Xbox One
  • PvE or PvP
  • Commanders are free to fly in a Private Group or in Open

Mission Statement:

To provide dominant combat capability, exploration, reconnaissance, logistical support and commerce across the galaxy at any time, any place.


To be the Galaxy's premier combat wing capable of dominating any adversary.

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf" - Richard Grenier

We had the honor to perform the flight choreography for this film production which was featured at the Edinburgh festival


Command room

yesterday, 9:32am
STEVAX wrote:
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yesterday, 10:45am
Jose C. Silva wrote:
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yesterday, 11:48am
Evgeny Zi wrote:
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yesterday, 2:34pm
James Hussar wrote:
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yesterday, 4:11pm
Evgeny Zi wrote:
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General discussion

yesterday, 8:12am
Numa wrote:
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yesterday, 8:42am
Argaric wrote:
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yesterday, 2:42pm
James Hussar wrote:
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yesterday, 3:48pm
Ronin Vakris wrote:
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yesterday, 5:34pm
The benevolant wrote:
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