Community goals

Herculean Machines Appeal for Commodities
20 Sep 3304

Anima [Cowper Dock]
Deliver Consumer Technology, Hardware Diagnostic Sensors and Computer Components
Supratech Appeal for Commodities
20 Sep 3304

Fedmich [Roberts Port]
Earn reward by delivering Conductive Fabrics, Robotics and Micro Controllers to Roberts Port in the Fedmich system.


Pillmonger / today
Watch out Galaxy Here I Come!

Today, I feel like a commander.  It's been a hard road ever since I washed out of pilot's school. How was I supposed supposed to know the Admiral's daughter was making her rounds with each senior class?...

Shynn Moro / today
Запись 14. 25.09.3304. Пыльная Ведьма и Раху

Пока мы с Кроу торговались с Маккуином (неприятный тип), Гузман сделал своё дело ровно в том объёме, который от него требовался. Когда "Джоуи Би Джон" вернулся в док Платформы Сабин, Мигель уже...

Shynn Moro / yesterday
Запись 13. 24.09.3304. О доверии.

На время подготовки к войне мы перебазировались на станцию Sabine Platform в системе Kraurno, главную базу Raxxla Research. В ангарах царила непривычная суета: шло лихорадочное переоборудование всех доступных...

Tzebra / yesterday
From One Many Pt. 2

September 3304 Veldt, Imperial Cutter Tjakiri 10, Between A and B ring Sipping coffee, studying several tablets scattered upon table, Tzebra’s eyes fell upon other side of table. Sitting were newly...

Elliot Coleman / yesterday
Driving a beer truck

Well, we made it back from Maia without seeing a single bug, even managed to deliver the meta-alloys to Farseer Inc. without even so much as coming across a pirate. I like it when there are no interruptions. Bought...
[daily] First check in
Switch Killington
CMND Log 0017: Eurybia
Arrival at Iman Caber
Dirk Bran
Need a ride where?
Death (almost) became me
Jim Bolivar diGriz
Slow Day
Nuran Mukkader
23 Sep 3304
23 Sep 3304
The big black
23 Sep 3304
From One Many

Galnet news

25 Sep 3304
Starport Status Update

This report presents the latest data on starports experiencing technical issues as a result of Thargoid Sensor related interference.
The following starports are currently closed:

The following starports are on the brink of closure:
NOTE: Data is correct at time of publishing.

22 Sep 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

Political journalist Vanya Driscoll has published an analysis of the Alliance presidential candidates. She has observed that while Elijah Beck seems content with the status quo, Fazia Silva has promised to boost the economy, and current president Gibson Kincaid has proposed that the role should include executive powers.

In other news, business magnate Lloyd Hardacre has been arrested for corporate fraud after his personal administrative robot revealed incriminating evidence. The incident took place during the annual general meeting of Copernicus Shipping Ltd, a firm founded by Mr Hardacre. Lieutenant Inspector Ramesh Thorne of the Federal Security Service is investigating.

Independent reporter Gethin Okonkwo has revealed that he has been living undercover in the Far God cult for three months. According to his account, the cult has no contact with the Thargoids, with most of its followers being harmless fatalists. Mr Okonkwo recorded his experience using concealed micro-cameras, and has shared his data with the Federal Intelligence Agency, hoping to prove that the sect is not dangerous.

Meanwhile, two rival technology companies – Supratech and Herculean Machines – have appealed for commodities to support the release of forthcoming products. Supratech is developing a personal computing device called the Torc, while Herculean Machines is working on a machine called the Duradrive. Both companies are hoping that the support of the galactic community will allow them to share working prototypes at a technology expo on the 3rd of October.

Finally, the Libertas Cooperative has announced that its appeal for commodities has reached a successful conclusion, having received an overwhelming response from the galactic community. Land enrichment systems, animal monitors, aquaponic systems and marine equipment were delivered to Ocrinox's Orbiter over the past week, allowing construction of a megaship where manatees will be farmed.

And those are the main stories this week.

21 Sep 3304
Inside the Far God Cult

Independent reporter Gethin Okonkwo, who was previously thought missing, has revealed that he has been living undercover within the Far God cult for the past three months.

In an op-ed piece, Mr Okonkwo shared his experiences:

“I was fascinated by Dr Ulyanov’s research and I desperately wanted to understand this doomsayer cult further, so I decided to covertly study the Far God sect by posing as an adherent.”

“During this time, I visited hive-chapels in several different systems, narrowly escaping death when one was attacked by the Church of Eternal Void. On many occasions, I was physically and verbally abused by members of the public, including Juanita Bishop’s campaign followers.”

“At no point did I see evidence of actual contact with the Thargoids, bar the occasional use of alien material as holy artefacts. Most worshippers are essentially fatalists, attracted to the idea of an apocalypse. Some are convinced that they alone will survive the Far God’s manifestation. It is a strange and often contradictory faith, but no less so than other religions.”

“I recorded my experiences within the sect using concealed micro-cameras. I am voluntarily sharing this data with the Federal Intelligence Agency to prove that the Far God sect is not dangerous, and with the hope of ending its persecution.”

21 Sep 3304
The Presidential Power Struggle

With the Alliance presidential race gathering speed, political journalist Vanya Driscoll has published an analysis in The Alliance Tribune:

“The election of a new president is usually a ceremonial matter, during which voters select a public ‘face’ for the Alliance, but this year is a genuine power struggle – one that may have major consequences.”

“Elijah Beck is the only candidate who seems content with the status quo. By contrast, entrepreneur Fazia Silva promises to boost the economy and increase commerce. Her new financial policies have been welcomed by interstellar corporations and small businesses alike.”

“President Gibson Kincaid is causing the most controversy, however. His proposal that the role of president should include executive powers is being taken seriously by the Assembly. Kincaid claims that having a single controlling voice will enable the Alliance to ‘challenge our rivals’ dominance’.”

“There is a surprising amount of support for this combative rhetoric. Many agree that the Alliance could be stronger, and that Prime Minister Mahon is often hamstrung by bureaucracy. Rumours suggest that the Empire and Federation are watching this election far more closely than usual.”

A symphony in red
25 Sep 2018


Kevin Bokeili

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