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15 Aug 3304
Rogue Robot Located

A mining robot that went out of control on Homeland in the Beta Hydri system has been located and disabled.

The MacArthur Mining Ltd DG090 machine disappeared after self-activating and tunnelling underground. It remained lost for several days before being discovered over a hundred kilometres from where it malfunctioned.

Security Chief Sara Kulkarni gave this report:

“Our sensor drones detected the robot as it surfaced in the Blue Peaks mountain range. We believe it was obeying its primary programming by homing in on mineral ores. Federal Navy gunships were immediately dispatched. Once located, the robot was partially destroyed from the air before it could cause any further damage.”

Director Chen Emerson of MacArthur Mining Ltd commented:

“An inspection of the robot’s remains confirmed our suspicion that it had been placed in the incorrect standby mode. Its comms array was then disrupted by local signals, activating a pre-set mining program. The DG090 series is very reliable, and this unfortunate incident should not be perceived as a blemish on its excellent reputation.”

14 Aug 3304
Starport Status Update

This report presents the latest data on starports experiencing technical issues as a result of Thargoid Sensor related interference.

The following starports are currently closed:

Caidin Base, Checha

Chaviano Dock, Hapats

Dantec Enterprise, Socho

Kanwar Enterprise, Cerno

Obruchev Orbital, Deive

Pascal Platform, Ahayan

Pordenone Port, Bonawen

Sinisalo Holdings, HIP 18305

Stackpole Platform, Manite

Unity, New Yembo

Meanwhile, the following starports are on the brink of closure:

Chiang Port, Gero Kiaku

Suri Gateway, Vesuvit

Scott Station, HIP 93685

Salgari Enterprise, Mawa

Wakata Port, Wandjera

Bruce Enterprise, Kabiku

Kubasov Station, HIP 90112

McDonald Platform, Hamlet's Harmony

Thirsk Enterprise, Montet

13 Aug 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

A ship transporting former rear admiral Riri McAllister has vanished. McAllister, also known as Nexus, was on trial for her crimes as the founder of terrorist group the League of Reparation. While it is likely that the ship was destroyed by the League’s enemies, the possibility that McAllister was liberated by surviving members of the League has not been ruled out.

Meanwhile, campaigner Jarl Toredo has resigned from Unchain, the anti-slavery organisation he founded with Princess Aisling Duval. His resignation has prompted speculation about a possible disagreement between him and Duval, with commentators citing earlier rumours of a romance between the pair.

The Federal Intelligence Agency has apprehended further members of the Far God cult, to determine if the sect is communicating with the Thargoids. Some see the arrests as tantamount to religious persecution, while others claim that the Far God worshippers have invited suspicion upon themselves, and that the detainments are justified.

In other news, a malfunctioning mining robot has run amok through a settlement on Homeland in the Beta Hydri system. Sensor drones are now searching for the robot, which tunnelled underground after breaking out of its container. Security personnel are hoping to find the machine before it causes any serious damage.

After sustained Thargoid attacks on civilian targets in the Pleiades Nebula, system authorities have launched a rescue operation to locate and recover survivors. Pilots have been asked to help with the operation, and also to contribute foods so those rescued can be adequately fed.

Finally, a spokesperson for Aranbarahun Purple Creative has announced that its campaign to build a cargo ship has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community. Scores of pilots supported the campaign by delivering commodities to Barnes Terminal and by eliminating agitators in Aranbarahun, thereby ensuring the safety of traders.

And those are the main stories this week.

10 Aug 3304
The Death of Nexus?

A medical ship transporting the injured Riri McAllister has vanished and is presumed destroyed. Former rear admiral McAllister was on trial on Turner’s World for her crimes as Nexus, the founder of terrorist group the League of Reparation. After being shot by the daughter of the assassinated Senator Nestor Cartesius, McAllister was to be taken to an advanced medical facility.

Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt made this statement:

“Having lost contact with the vessel we despatched ships to its last known location. We found only debris, suggesting the ship was attacked and either vaporised or hijacked. Either way, we assume the transport’s crew to be dead.”

“This may have been another act of vengeance from those affected by the League’s fanaticism. Alternatively, someone connected to the League may have wanted to silence McAllister to prevent her from revealing information. It’s also plausible that this was a rescue mission, and that McAllister was liberated by surviving members of the League.”

“The League of Reparation is no longer considered a threat. As such, the tri-superpower taskforce formed to investigate them has been disbanded. Agents from Alliance Interpol, the Federal Intelligence Agency and the Imperial Internal Security Service have returned to their regular duties.”

“Meanwhile, Riri McAllister has been listed as missing rather than dead. Although her survival is unlikely, we cannot ignore the risk that the woman once known as Nexus may one day reappear to pursue her twisted beliefs.”

Community goals

Pleiades Supply Initiative
09 Aug 3304

Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 [Donar's Oak]
Deliver Grain, Food Cartridges, and Fruit and Vegetables
Pleiades Rescue Operation
09 Aug 3304

Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 [Donar's Oak]
Deliver Occupied Escape Pods and Damaged Escape Pods


Downfall - Prologue
SS Storme's Edge
Diamonds in the rough
13 Aug 3304
A return to the grind
13 Aug 3304
Planet Bubblegum & Colonial Cruising :)
Switch Killington
13 Aug 3304
CMND Log 012: Donar's Oak

From the past

15 Aug 2018
Image of the Day
Three identical cubesats belonging to three Asian countries float above the Earth after being deployed from the International Space Station on Aug. 10. One of these cubesats is Bhutan's first satellite.
The globular cluster Omega Centauri hosts an estimated 10 million stars, but they may be too tightly packed to hold on to habitable planets, a new study suggests.
Two Russian cosmonauts will conduct a 6-hour spacewalk today (Aug. 15) to launch small satellites and take care of a couple scientific tasks.
Assimilate this! A beloved "Star Trek" Klingon character inspires real-life science on board the International Space Station.
SpaceX recently invited journalists to its headquarters here in Southern California to get an up-close look at the new Crew Dragon capsule. Here's what's Mike Wall saw.
On Aug. 15, 1977, astronomers using Ohio State University's Big Ear radio telescope detected the famous "Wow!" signal. See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series.
Lockheed Martin has been involved in aviation and space exploration for about 100 years.


Pavel Molchanov

Related stations: Molchanov's Inheritance (Votaroi), Molchanov Orbital (Epoma), Molchanov Vision (Poluskapura), Molchanov Survey (Du Shamitra), Molchanov Terminal (HIP 117391), Molchanov Works (HIP 15493), Molchanov Terminal (LTT 1873), Molchanov Reformatory (Kamumba), Molchanov Point (Aisoci), Molchanov Installation (HR 5082)

Pavel Alexandrovich Molchanov (Russian: Павел Александрович Молчанов) (February 18 [O.S. February 6] 1893 in Volosovo, Russian Empire – October 1941 in Leningrad, Russian SFSR) was a Soviet Russian meteorologist and the inventor of the radiosonde.

He graduated from Petersburg University in 1914, worked in the Main Physical (Geophysical) Observatory in Pavlovsk between 1917 and 1939 and then at the institute of civil air fleet in Leningrad. He studied possibilities of applying aerological data to the weather forecast. Molchanov constructed meteorographs, carried by sondes and aircraft and improved pilot observation technique. The radiosonde was first launched by him - on January 30, 1930. Named "271120", it was released 13:44 Moscow Time in Pavlovsk, USSR from the Main Geophysical Observatory and reached a height of 7.8 kilometers measuring temperature there (-40.7 °C). 32 minutes after the launch radiosonde sent the first aerological message to the Leningrad Weather Bureau and Moscow Central Forecast Institute. In July 1931, conducting programme of the International Polar Year, German scientists invited him to take part in an expedition into the Arctic onboard LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin and launch his radiosondes in polar latitudes. Twelve sondes were prepared for that purpose at Pavlovsk Observatory under Molchanov's leadership and successfully launched, conducting the first aerological observations in the Arctic. Molchanov also participated in first Soviet stratospheric balloon ascents (1933–34).

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