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20 Apr 3303
Anfield Marauder /
Below the 10k....finally!

Well tonight is another landmark - among so many of them. I've finally got the point where I've got less than 10k Ly to go! I think back and remember wanting to get to 30K out...know idea why except I think it was to say to myself - I've been further than Sag A or Colonia. Obviously then came wanting to reach 40k...I think that went by without much thought, apart from getting a little confused at to just how far I'd travelled in total and getting mixed up over the distances. I then realised I'd broken the 40k when I saw that the Galmap said less than 25k to Beagle Point. I've flicked back from UI Panel to Galmap from time to time, cross checking distances - at one stage I did contemplate picking up on a route that another Explorer had used, apparently very safe and a guaranteed 'get to' route. But a) it was too far out of my flight plan and tbh I really want to go it alone. I've come this far plotting and jumping, and b) the closest along his route to me was actually a bit behind me...the next waypoint along it would be taking me way off my own route. I decided not to think about the systems I've flown through and not explored, getting to Beagle has been my ambition so I've set aside everything else until that one achievement has been accomplished. After which I will THEN start true Exploring. There is so much I want to see, but Beagle Point is paramount. Tonight's bit of mastery was an interesting I dropped into which or which or witch space, I noted several stars, to the left and a ruddy slalom trying to Point myself away from the landing star and not into one of these blighters was a tad tricky I can tell you. I honestly think FD has thrown in a few keep Explorers from getting comfy, keep em awake or pay the price - anyway that's my slant on it. When Cmdrs say 'see you in The Black' (I always say see you in the dark...I got it wrong when I first started, so I thought stuff it ...I'm not changing it now) - I can now see why! With so few stars out here, it literally is BLACK! The room (my mancave that is AspEx home) had been lit up previously with the backdrop of the galaxy at its densest (is that a word?) or most dense. Not so's pitch black except for the odd piercing white from whichever stars are left. The galaxy, way off ....or at least 55 thousand light years off, is a thin grey strip...this is yet another galaxy perspective that's quite inspiring...I've never felt alone out here, not for a second. But looking back at the Galaxy so far away drives home just how far from everyone else I am! It'll take weeks to get back, probably months if I get to explore to the depth that I really want to on the way back. It's strange, it's a game, I could just get to Beagle Point (I hope I make it) and hot the self destruct button! I'd be back at Colonia - a mere 20 odd thousand light years away from 'the bubble'. Bit that's where the game bit gives you a get home quick - it's too easy, to really get back, and I hope I can achieve this, is to come back leaving nothing unseen, explore the hell out of it all. I have two ambitions in this 'game' or become triple Elite and land at Beagle Point. I'm getting closer to one of them, so close it's overtaken everything and anything else I can think of.. and achieving it may help me start of my quest for ' The Triple' I'm 49% Ranger in Exploring, Entrepreneur in Trading and have no idea at this point in time what I am (if anything at all!) in Combat. So...that's it for tonight - tomorrow it's landing practice in my other account - so I don't cock it up right at the very end...and a late night hopefully getting to under 5k from destination BP - wish me luck Cmdrs and I'll see you in The Dark o7
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