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12 Mar 3303
Doc Lentz /
Happenings after being back home

Personal log:
Medupe City, Cubeo System
March 12, 3303

After my stint to Sag A there has been a lot of happenings. Artemis got a body overhaul thanks to some new ship kits, I must say she's looking sleek. The Pilots Trade Federation promoted me to Tycoon, my faction Iridium Wing expanded out of the Ki system inter Herishep a small prison colony that we took with ease and are looking at a second expansion here soon. On my way to Maia to meet up with some friends the strangest thing happened to me, while on my second to last jump into the Maia system I was pulled out of hyper space and all of my systems shut down. That's when I saw it, I kept hearing rumours about other pilots getting pulled out of hyper space claiming Thargoids I just thought it was conspiracy bull shit, a flower like ship flew over my ship and scanned my systems. The yellow light flowing from the center of the flower and it's tendrils reaching into the Artemis made me feel violated. After it's scanning it flew off leaving a strange wake behind it sending my ship spinning before systems came back online, I was in such awe I didn't know what to do. So, I finished my last jumps into Maia and met my buddies at the local bar. Sent a holo to my wife told her the details of what happened and she hopped on the first Beluga flight to the system, of course she thought it was just the fact that I was out in the black for too long. After a few night stay in Maia enjoying the sights of the Pleiades we decided to head back to Ki, our first jump out we got hyperdicted  again this time I was coherent enough to begin my onboard recording. At least now my wife doesn't think I'm crazy.

A few months after being home I got into good standings with Princess Aisling Duval and she graced me with her Prismatic Shield Generator which I quickly swapped my basic 6A generator for her 6A generator. Since my wife insists on flying with me after that incident I feel much safer with them and a couple shield boosters. Unsure of where we go from here, I've been itching to go back to Colonia and possibly just fly around the galaxy for a little while with the family. No one really knows what's going to happen with these unidentified ships flying around and I need to keep them safe from it. No government is actually giving any details on what they were or what they've learned. Hell, they're saying they're unsure if these pilots really saw what they saw. Galnet isn't giving any more information since. I'm thinking about completing my engineering for the Artemis just in case things get hairy. Definitely wanting to get back to Ms. Farseer to get her grade 5 FSD modification and eventually get to meet the infamous Professor Palin. After I feel satisfied with my modifications I am going to pack the family and head out of the bubble for a little while longer. Living like nomads sounds pretty interesting, just put the route planner on economical and see what kind of trouble we can get into.

Too much to think about...End Log
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