CMDR Baba_Ghannoush
Trader / Explorer
Edmund Mahon
Credit Balance
20,591,392 Cr
Registered ship name
Overall assets
557,935,830 Cr


21 Apr 3303
Baba_Ghannoush /
The Man At the Pink Lettuce

Last night I headed to my local dive bar, The Pink Lettuce for one last drink before my journey. I wasn't looking for a contract, heck, I barely made it back after my last cargo run. It's getting so honest cargo haulers such as myself can't make a living no more out in the Black, what with all these trigger happy youngsters out there pirating. Nobody wants to earn their living anymore, everybody wants...

08 Mar 3303
Baba_Ghannoush /
Elite Exploration Rank and The Dark Wheel

Ship's Log: Classification: For Authorized Eyes Only Encryption Protocol: Aleph-2801 Made it to Elite a few days ago and got access to Founder's World. It's...interesting. I have been wanting to get involved with the Dark Wheel Faction for some time now, and after taking two well paying missions out into the Black, one to Jaques Station and the other to Cerberus, I now have enough credits and a...

14 Jan 3303
Baba_Ghannoush /
Alien Shipwreck

Ship's Log: Classification: For Authorized Eyes Only Encryption Protocol: Aleph-2801 I've finally arrived at HIP 17403. After a short surface scan I triangulated the position reported for the shipwrecks and descended into the darkness of a natural crevice on planet A 4 A's surface. As I neared the surface, my ship lights cast a ghostly glow over the rocks and dry, dead earth. Slowly, I could make...

13 Jan 3303
Baba_Ghannoush /
Thank you to the Fuel Rats

Ship's Log: Classification: For Authorized Eyes Only Encryption Protocol: Aleph-2801 It started out like any routine trip. Jump, scoop, charge drive, jump. I was happy with a fresh audio book loaded and my mind on the engineering upgrades that I was soon to have installed, but it was not to be. I jumped to a brown dwarf, it's name doesn't matter, and lined up for my next target. It was then that...

20 Jun 3302
Baba_Ghannoush /

I've been back for over a week now, and finally settling into things. The exploration data I collected during my trip to Sagittarius A* netted me around 40 million credits - eye-staggering for me. I decided to splurge out on a Vulture, but after getting soundly beaten in some of the low security conflict zones, I decided to go back to what I enjoyed the most - trading. A short stint with the Lakon...

13 Jun 3302
Baba_Ghannoush /
The End is in Sight...

It took some work, but I managed to get out of the stellar cul-de-sac that I got stuck in yesterday. Backtracked a few stars and then descended 500LY before I was able to plot 1000LY routes. It was all smooth sailing from there, and I managed to put another three or four thousand light years away. Things are getting less interesting now that I'm further from the core, but I have managed to find several...

12 Jun 3302
Baba_Ghannoush /

So, my earlier decision to fly over the core cluster of stars appears to have come back to haunt me. I'm now floundering around CYOOKAEA star systems trying to find a way back home, but I seem to have hit a wall. Will try and backtrack, then sink a bit lower down in the hope of being able to plot a route through that big black chasm. Right now I'm tired as it's been a hard day's worth of flying, I'm...

11 Jun 3302
Baba_Ghannoush /
Heading Home

After making it to Sagittarius A* I'm finally starting the long journey back to 78 Ursae Majoris. Finding a tonne of water- and earth-like worlds on the way. I ended up flying over 1000 LY *above* Sag A. This was to avoid the long delays in plotting 1000LY routes. I found it to be a painstaking process on the way towards it, and I didn't want the same complications on the way back. That turned out...

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