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19 Aug 3302
Stryker Aune /
"Home Soil" Gems For Fools. Part 9

<<Part 8]

Jaadwadlia, Hovell Hub

       Personal Log: Evy informed me that I nearly died.Though I was quite lucky.The bullet missed my heart, and nicked some artery. I donno, I'm no doctor. Though it all sounds so melodramatic to me. Evy was pretty upset though, but she kept pretty level headed through the whole ordeal. Anyway, the doc said that my left pectoral was pretty torn up. Re-generators did their job. Loss a ton of blood, so they used that synthetic crap. Sorta funky stuff. I feel lethargic, but hey I'm not complaining. Doc says I will be out of the ward by the end of the day. Turns out Madam Tri'qua's butler was in cahoots with Black Rose. Shame he didn't make it. Evy said they found him dead on the Orca. Bullet permanently lodged in his skull. Guess that's what happens when you cut a deal with the devil. Anyway, the expedition, if it could be called that has been canceled. Madam Tri'qua contacted Excellent Experiences told them that she knew it was all a hoax, and that we would no longer be able to participate. They said that there was a gift to her from her late husband, and they would hold it until she could pick it up. So I guess all that is left to head back home.

       Oh, ya....Seems there was a nice sized bounty on Black Rose's head. Evy made it sound like they jettisoned her escape pod back on that planet. That wasn't the case. They moved it over to the Orca before they destroyed her Python. Smart girl....Contract and bonds office was quite surprised. Still haven't heard anything from Thaddeus. No idea if I'll have a job when I get back or not. Guess time will tell... Have no idea what I'll do if they let me go. Maybe sign on as a mechanic or something under someone. Though, I feel as if the stars are still calling me.

       Which brings up another thought. After what just happened, I'm not sure if I'm prepared to handle what awaits me out there in the black. Shit can happen so quickly...

       Stryker was in the cockpit with Evy. She was piloting the ship. They made their final jump into the Sowiio system. The Quaternary stars greeted them. She pulled back on the stick and flipped the ship over. the closest star swung overhead, its soft orange glow reflecting off the pristine white console and Evy's silhouette.

       "Nearly home." She said as the holographics in the display indicated its approach. No more then 80 light seconds. She dropped out of super cruise and with subtle gestures she coaxed the large ship onto an approach vector.

       Stryker leaned back deep into his seat.

       "Shaw Port Actual..." Evy spoke, "...this is Orca alpha tango tango echo one niner eight six six requesting permission to dock."

       "This is Shaw Port Actual..." It was the quirky Imperial dialect, "...permission granted. Stay on current approach vector. You are to land on pad three five. The Empire greets you."

       The orca slipped through the mail slot as they entered into the tube. She turned the ship over and lined it up with the giant holographic number. A cobra buzzed overhead as she brought the ship gently down. It made contact and she grinned rubbing her hands together. "Like a glove right?"

       "You have a very gentle hand Evy, most people just slam these things down...." Stryker said as he admired her piloting skills.

       "Ya, and I know what kind of havoc that does to the landing struts too..." said with a grin as she continued the shutdown sequence. The engines shut down as she unfastened her restraints hopping out of the chair, and planted a kiss on his cheek.

       Stryker was bemused as he unbuckled his restraints and followed Evy back to the ships luxurious lounge. Madam Tri'qua was there. She held her arms wide. "Darlings, If I had but know what would have happened I would have never have asked you to accompany me on this accursed trip." She hugged Evy tightly, then gave her a kiss. "I shall greatly miss you Evy Dear. Though I may pop in from time to time." She let her go, turned and opened her arms wide. Stryker towered over her as she gave the large man a hug. "You too dearie. Don't worry about the medical costs. I'll take care of that. Do try and stay out of trouble." She grinned and let him go.

       "I might say the same thing about you." He replied.

       "Hah! Well, I do try, really I do......" One last hug to both, and Evy and Stryker made their way out of the ship onto the landing pad. He placed a hand on the landing strut looking overhead at the massive fuselage of the ship, musing for a moment.

       "Now what?" Evy asked, amused.

       "Back to our normal lives, I guess...."

       She grabbed his hand, and tugged him. "I know, lets go hit a night club!"

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