CMDR Mathew of Tegalus
Trader / Freelancer
Aisling Duval
Credit Balance
66,099,419 Cr
Registered ship name
OSS Black Steel
Overall assets
1,881,198,118 Cr

Logbook entry

20 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 20th 3303 - Planting Our Roots At Last

It's been about a week since our last update, mainly because we've been super busy.

We last left off at Farseer Inc. where we had gone to buy five 3A Performance Enhanced Thruster modules, one for each of the Imperial Eagles we own - the two racers and the interceptor - one for the Imperial Courier, and a fifth for storage. After buying those, we transferred them back to Shinrarta Dezhra's Jameson Memorial, and headed on down to see Professor Palin down in Maia, not for Engineering, but to buy 10 1F Corrosive Resistant Cargo Racks.

Palin still has a Farragut hovering above the base, but it was entirely passive to both us and other ships in the area.

After buying those, we took a nosey about after learning of an Asteroid Base next door in Pleione. To my knowledge these things didn't exist when we left for Beagle Point, but they're not the only new things to have cropped up.

Definitely still under construction. Small rocks were floating around on the inside, but they are small enough to bounce off the shields of ships. There are also new surface bases in Merope, so activity has clearly picked up in the region following January's incident. Reports come in that such outposts also exist in the Witch Head / Orion Nebula area, and in the California Nebula.

Alas we returned to Shinrarta to continue fixing up our ships, equipping the newly bought modules to their respective ships and tweaking the upgrades we made during our expedition. I'll get something together on all the upgrades in detail soon If I remember. We bought two new Anaconda hulls, sold our Beluga OSS Starseeker, as it wasn't being used at all and was a waste of money, and sold OSS Caravell, as we bought a New Cobra MK 3 for Barnes to do his work in now.

Speaking of work, we now only have two Engineers left to unlock. We finally collected enough data for Ram Tah, and spent the time collecting Fujin Tea for Broo Tarquin. We also then spent some time in Federal Space, not something either of us do willingly these days, but it was necessary for us to unlock the service of Juri Ishmaak and The Sarge. We aided Eta Cephei's controlling faction in a war. 50 combat bonds was quite the challenge. We don't look forward to collecting 10 million credits worth of them for Bris Dekker, and Lori Jameson is waiting for Dangerous Combat Rank or above, which will take it's time to achieve. They are the only two left, everyone else is fully unlocked.

All of this was interspersed with some other running about. We did a few trips to Sothis, but it was never enough for us to gain significant cash yet, and we're still in a tight spot financially. We have enough to make do, but it's now something on our radar that needs addressing.

We did a bit more sightseeing too, this morning we visited two "Megaships", which seem to have also sprung up in our abscence. One in Yum Kabaci and the other in Aldebaran.

They're an interesting visit, may be worthwhile seeing if they will have any special work in the future. Word has come in that something interesting was found in the Formidine Rift earlier this week too, and two Asteroid Bases were reported in the area, one in each of the two Nebula near by.

On a more personal touch, we've moved around a lot over the last year. I've been based throughout the bubble, Katie has been based in Maia, and then together we were based in CD-57 102, Amphisatsu, Achenar, and now we have finally decided that we want to settle down. We want to set up a permanent camp, and we've chosen Fawaol as the system to do it in. Barnes and his family will come with us and his new Cobra will enhance the capabilities and abilities he can perform for whatever work he finds. We're based out of Sutter Hub, but we've also chosen to have multiple bases of operation. Delkar is of course where we do our mining for the most part, Ananda is now our hub for Exploration Ships, allowing us a boarding jump off into the galaxy, whilst we also have a combat base in Anukas, to allow us to get some combat rank from time to time.

We'll update further later, but the community goals are about to tick over, and we'll get to work on that shortly.

Commanders Mathew and Katie of Tegalus - 20 April 3303 14:48 GST
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