CMDR Stryker Aune
Mechanic / Pirate
Pranav Antal
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Black Omega
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Name: Freedom
Type: Diamondback Explorer
Role: Smuggling. Endurance Racing.

Name: Polaris
Type: Imperial Eagle
Role: Racing

Name: Swamp Donkey
Type: Cobra Mk III
Role: Asset realocation

Name: Broken Bow
Type: Federal Dropship
Role: Asset Realocation

Name: Vanguard
Type: Anaconda
Role: Enforcer

Name: Hoku'ai'aina
Type: Dolphin
Role: Smuggling

14 Jul 3302
Stryker Aune /
Stryker Aune's Dossier

CMDR Stryker Aune

Name: Sven Alvadr "Stryker" Aune
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Height: 6'3" (190.5 cm)
Weight: 353 lbs (160 kg)
Build: Extremely muscular; Bodybuilder's physique
Body Fat: 5%
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Brown, but keeps it shaved  
Occupation: Gear Head (Engineer), Caporegime for Black Omega
Place of Birth: Li Chong, Ostrander's Works
Marital Status: Single
Political Affiliation: None
Immediate Relatives:

  Father: Ahron Aune (Deceased)
  Mother: Ines Aune (Decesased)
  Twin Sister: Freyja Ichikawa (Married to Hideki Ichikawa)

Stryker, is a big dude. Standing at six foot, three inches and a dedicated bodybuilder has left him with quite the impressive physique and the intimidation that goes with it. His arms, chest and back are heavily tattooed with a variety of designs. His head is shaved and his eyes the blue of deep water and his ears are pierced His hands are calloused and rough, both from the sport, and from his occupation.

*Right hand and forearm, up to just below the elbow were replaced with a four digit cybernetic claw. The fingers are slightly elongated and trapezoidal in shape. Extremely sharp and durable. He modified the claw to emit a coronal discharge, the effect of which is a short range (a few hundred micrometers) plasma discharge around the claw capable of obtaining a temperature of 1500 K for a few seconds. (note that the discharge must be in contact with a surface for that temperature to be obtained as the temperature of the discharge rapidly decreases to ambient a millimeter away from the discharge.

*Cybernetic mircofiliments were installed in the muscle groups of his right arm, shoulder, trapezoids, back and into the right pectoral to augment his arm and assist in giving his cybernetic claw inhuman strength.

*Stryker is typically quiet. He doesn't talk much, and when he does, he usually has cause to. He is introspective and typically thinks through his given situations, rather then just acting. When he commits to a job or task, he sees it through. Thus his dedication to bodybuilding. He has a bit of trouble with authority, given his past and will sometimes be defiant just because he can.

*He is quite good at engineering. Capable of using what he has around him to fix or create solutions as needed.

*Stryker was raised by his parents until he was 12 years old. After their untimely deaths, the colony's overseer gave the Aune twins to his brother. Stryker endured physical, emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of this man. He typically bottles his anger and frustration. Working out helps him to vent.

*Through experiences with Black Omega, has left Stryker cynical. As a leader, he is fair, but not at all just. He has come to the point where actions speak louder and words, and a lack of action and failure demands action on his part.

*Ranged Combat. Stryker is, average at best with the use of fire-arms and rifles. He prefers the mini-gun for the shock and awe factor if given a choice.

*Hand to hand combat. Stryker prefers hand to hand combat if given the choice. He uses a mixture of Jiu Jistu, grappling and brawling. He is a fearsome opponent as his large muscular frame is able to mitigate incoming blows while he dishes it back out. Despite his size, and popular belief, he is flexible, and quick on his feet. He particularly enjoys reveling in his sheer brute strength as he cracks bones, snaps backs and breaks necks giving him a sense of power and domination over his victim.

Image Files

Stryker's Helmet

((Image found on Pintrest. Unfortunately I do not know the artist. Whomever they are, amazing job.))

Stryker's Heavy Engineering Armor

Art done by: 2-dpanda


These renders were done by the talented and amazing Beraug Roschke! Thanks Brohemian!

Story Arc's

Part 1: Frame Shift Drives and Cheap Shots.
Part 2: Squirrely SRV's and Wonkey Waveforms.
Part 3: Diamond Backs and Back Breaking Labor.
Part 4: Frankenship and the Twenty Sided Space Dice.
Part 5: What Shouldn't be But is.

Gems for Fools
Part 1: Crushing Anacondas and Eccentric Orcas
Part 2: Inky-Dinky and the Tea Party.
Part 3: Twelve Year Old's and their Silly Call Signs... Or, Death Death Deathity Death.
Part 4: Date Nights and Neck Lifts.
Part 5: Was that 'Roid Rage?
Part 6: All Part of the Experience
Part 7: Guns and Roses
Part 8: Adrift in Memory
Part 9: Home Soil

The Ballard of Black Rose
Part 1: Mixman
Part 2: Cosmic Waltz
Part 3: Shattered Bones
Part 4: The Value of a Man
Part 5: Descent
Part 6: Flesh and Steel

Family Affairs
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21 Apr 3303
Stryker Aune /
Family Affairs Part 2

Tjakiri, Clair Dock Marrakech Morgan, consigliere to Degginal DeVerre stood quietly with her hands folded behind her back and gazed out the large panoramic viewport at the young protostar, Tjakiri. She admired the roiling, boiling mass of plasmatic hydrogen, caught up in the beauty and the ferocity of it all. She was transfixed on a large and violent flare erupting from the corona when Apollonia...

20 Mar 3303
Stryker Aune /
Family Affiars

Amphisatsu, Wantanabe Terminal        A dark haired man of Japanese descent sat at a dark wooden table with his face in his hands. The flickering of muted light from an andon highlighted his sad features. The man looked up from his hands over to the source and took a moment to reflect on the delicate artwork, admire the smooth brush lines and the collage of colored inks.…        Things are...

09 Feb 3303
Stryker Aune /
Flesh and Steel

Part 6 of the Ballard of Black Rose Clair Dock, Tjakiri Part 5        The massive, muscled man twisted and writhed, his sweat-soaked body straining against the thick leather straps of the medical bed. His was only semi-conscious, in a state of delirium, and oblivious to his surroundings. The only part of him that wasn’t moving couldn’t rightly be called “him”- the bare-metal prosthetic...

Achievements history

21 Apr 2017
Sold ship Adder
21 Apr 2017
Sold ship Adder
21 Apr 2017
Bought ship Dolphin
20 Apr 2017
Bought ship Adder
20 Apr 2017
Sold ship Orca
20 Apr 2017
Sold ship Orca
20 Apr 2017
Bought ship Orca
20 Apr 2017
Bought ship Orca
20 Apr 2017
Sold ship Diamondback Scout
20 Apr 2017
Bought ship Diamondback Scout
20 Feb 2017
Engineer access: Felicity Farseer Unlocked (grade 4)
20 Feb 2017
Engineer access: Lei Cheung Invited
20 Feb 2017
Engineer access: The Dweller Unlocked (grade 3)
20 Feb 2017
Engineer access: Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn Unlocked (grade 4)
20 Feb 2017
Pledged power: Pranav Antal


Combat rank

Trade rank

Exploration rank

CQC rank
Rank: 20   Prestige: 0

Imperial Navy rank

Federal Navy rank
Petty Officer

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Pranav Antal
Rating 1

Commander info

Game version:
E:D Horizons (PC)

Preferred style:
PvE only

Preferred role:
Mechanic / Pirate

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