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Innocent Flower
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Name: Innocent Flower
Type: Asp Explorer

03 Sep 3302
Jemine Caesar /
Statistics & Backstory

Name:                         Jemine (Jem) Caesar
Gender:                       Female
Date of Birth:             23rd April 3273
Planet of Birth:          LHS 3447 - A5
Height:                        1.65m / 5' 5"
Weight:                       53kg / 116lb (8st 5lb)
Hair:                            Dark Brown
Eyes:                           Blue/Green
Bust/Waist/Hip:        86-59-86 / 34-23-34

My name is Jemine Caesar, but people call me Jem. I was born on the 23rd of April 3273 in the habitation module of an itinerant troupe of entertainers. My mother Ellie, a classically trained dancer, would put on shows for the farming communities we visited on my homeworld, LHS 3447-A5. My father Jed was somewhat less talented, but did his best to support the three of us by reciting popular extracts from the works of William Shakespeare. He would also sell bio-med packs to the more injury-prone farm workers. It wasn't until years later that I discovered the packs had no real medicinal value whatsoever.

We were a pathetic group, little more than common beggars, though the inhabitants of the towns we passed through described us in far less flattering terms; 'rogues', 'vagabonds' and 'ne-er-do-wells' were some of the more polite ones we heard.

Even so, men are men wherever you go, and when darkness fell my mother would often be visited by lonely farmhands looking for a little extra entertainment. At a reasonable price, of course.

Shortly after my 16th birthday we picked up a young man hitch-hiking his way across the continent. He said his name was Caz. He and I quickly became good friends. Caz was five years older than me, and told me he was going to the Sol system to make a name for himself on Earth. He was clever, confident and charming. I was in awe of him, but my mother regarded him with suspicion.

As it turned out, she had good reason to be wary. I was only 16. I was too young to fall in love, and Caz was too young to care. One thing led to another, and three months later I told Caz that I was expecting his child. The next morning I woke to find Caz had gone. I was well aware of my father's violent temper, so I kept the pregnancy a secret until it began to show. If Caz had still been travelling with us, my father would have killed him.

My daughter Bekka was born in the same habitation module as I had been, and quickly grew into the very image of her grandmother. Our simple life went on very much as it had before. Bekka's childhood was spent in grinding poverty, roaming around the country watching her mother and grandparents eking out an existence in the only way we knew.

Then, towards the end of the year 3300, two events happened that changed my life forever.

First, my beautiful Bekka fell victim to a mystery illness. Her deterioration was mercifully quick, for I could do little to ease the terrible pain she endured each day. When we finally managed to get her to a doctor it was already too late. Bekka died aged only ten. The doctor told me the disease was caused by a rare and particularly malevolent virus only passed down by the child's father..

The second event came like a bolt from the blue, in the form of a letter from Bekka's father, Caz. In the letter, Caz told me he had managed to carve out a comfortable life for himself on Earth, and wanted me to join him there. Whilst he had been unable to afford the fare for me on a passenger vessel, Caz had somehow arranged for a Sidewinder to be waiting for me at Trevithick Dock, together with a course of basic flying lessons. My parents encouraged me to accept the offer, insisting it was a golden opportunity to escape from a miserable life. So, with very mixed feelings, I made my way to Trevithick Dock, took possession of the Sidewinder, and set out on my journey to find Caz.
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02 Apr 3303
Jemine Caesar /
Personal Log 143 - 28 November, 3302

28 November, 3302 The final jump to Sol was one of the most nerve-wracking I had ever undertaken. Not because of witchspace, for I'd long since become accustomed to seeing its swirling chaos. Whilst I had never ceased to feel awe at its beauty, travelling through it didn't terrify me as it had done once. Nor was my discomfort due to the possibility of interdiction on dropping down into normal...

13 Mar 3303
Jemine Caesar /
Personal Log 142: 26 – 27 November, 3302

26 – 27 November, 3302 "Well, my love," said Sam by k-cast the next day. "How did your showdown with Kyla Emmerich go?" "How in the name of Gaia did you know about that?" I asked, taken aback. I'd booked myself into a subsidised apartment on Citi Gateway starport, having decided to delay my mission for Bactrimpox Gold Society by one more day in order to get...

22 Feb 3303
Jemine Caesar /
Personal Log 141: 25 November, 3302

Citi Gateway Inara 25 November 3302 I was dismayed to find Citi Gateway starport's entertainment district to be far busier than I'd expected. The area glowed with neon signs, each marking their respective bar, club, strip joint and various seedy establishments. Small posters advertising various events were crudely stuck to the walls. Various food vendors tried to sell their less-than-desirable...

Achievements history

26 Mar 2017
Pilot's Combat rank: Expert
11 Mar 2017
Pilot's Trade rank: Broker
11 Mar 2017
Pilot's Exploration rank: Trailblazer
02 Mar 2017
Sold ship Vulture
02 Mar 2017
Bought ship Asp Explorer
10 Jan 2017
Bought ship Vulture
10 Jan 2017
Sold ship Asp Scout
31 Dec 2016
Sold ship Viper Mk IV
31 Dec 2016
Bought ship Asp Scout
17 Dec 2016
Pilot's Combat rank: Competent
08 Nov 2016
Note: Allied rep with Black Omega
24 Oct 2016
Note: Friendly rep with Black Omega
14 Oct 2016
Joined wing: Inara Writers Guild
30 Sep 2016
Note: Cordial rep with Black Omega
19 Sep 2016
Note: Cordial rep with HR 4429 Coordinated


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E:D Horizons (PC)

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PvP only

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Freelancer / Mercenary

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