CMDR WolfLordDrakarn
Bounty hunter / Trader
Arissa Lavigny-Duval
Credit Balance
12,347,329 Cr
Registered ship name
The ISS Bardawulf
48th E.R.R.C
Overall assets
98,828,771 Cr

Credits and assets

22 Apr 2017
Credits: 12,347,329 Cr / Assets: 98,828,771 Cr
17 Apr 2017
Credits: 44,957,132 Cr / Assets: 45,395,062 Cr


Name: The ISS Bardawulf
Type: Python
Role: Multi-purpose, combat focused

Name: The Bardawulf Broker
Type: Viper Mk IV
Role: Combat

Name: The ISS Archer
Type: Imperial Eagle
Role: Combat

Name: The ISS B.Eclipse
Type: Anaconda
Role: Multi-purpose, combat focused

Name: The Wandering Bard
Type: Dolphin
Role: Passanger transporation

Name: The ISS Hammer
Type: Imperial Courier
Role: Combat

18 Apr 3303
WolfLordDrakarn /
The Histroy Behind the Name

Like those before and after me... I started in a sidewinder, making a small living in the world of trade. Started off small but the credits came quick enough to soon land myself within the cockpit of a Viper MKIII. By now, I had dropped the trade business but not entirely, made most of my earnings by eliminating the lawless and executing the wanted, a few trade runs of illicit cargo on the side of course. Can't be all honest now huh.
Soon after my dealings within the Federation, I took my first steps past the boarder and crossed my way through into Imperial space, quickly taking to what I did best... claiming the credits on others: wanted. I then found myself behind the glass of a Viper MKIV: The Bardawulf Broker, I called it. With my new ship, I decided to drop the trade business altogether, committing myself to bounty hunting. Not too long after however, I joined up with the Empire officially, under the influence of Alissa Lavigny-Duval.

Many a time later and I had begun trading once more, first acquiring myself a Cobra MKIII and fitting it correctly for it's new purpose. I soon however swapped it out for a Type-7 Transporter, making myself a place in the world of trade. Later on still, I had purchased a Dolphin: The Hellion, I named it. Transporting passengers on the side. The ship that made me countless millions, the ship that dug my feet into the galaxy, the ship that seated me into the cockpit of a Python. Named: The Bardawulf, after selling the Name's previous ship, the Viper MKIV. Now I sit between the worlds of combat and trade, making my living from the both, making my name in the coping.

My allegiance is with the Empire, I've been through too much to change that. But my leader is myself... I've known too much to change that.

And now... I can begin, regardless.
Do you like it?


25 Apr 3303
WolfLordDrakarn /
To the Heart: Preperations

After weeks of denying and refusing, the growing choir of curiosity within my head had finally taken hold and I at last, made my preparations for the heart of our galaxy - Sagittarius A*. The topic was brought many times before by my friend and fellow CMDR, SBK, whom had attempted persuading me several times before to make the voyage to Colonia, but many times had I disregarded the idea, not willing...

23 Apr 3303
WolfLordDrakarn /

Several days after returning to the Bubble, I had refitting my Python to it's former combat glory and took to the system: Decait, my goal painted on the heads of the wanted. I had, had many encounters with the engineer there - Felicity Farseer before but this time I was there for those her work attracted. Many CMDRs from both the Empire and the Federation, some wanted, some clean, all gathering 'round...

21 Apr 3303
WolfLordDrakarn /
A visit to Bernard

After several days of trading, one of my friend's and fellow CMDR, suggested we travelled to Bernard's Loop, agreeing to this I soon fitted my Dolphin - The ISS Hellion, capping almost 30ly with the required scanners and single planetary vehicle hanger. Another of our friends decided to join us, flying out from the heart of Federation space before meeting up with us and after several minor delays,...

Achievements history

23 Apr 2017
Bought ship Type-6 Transporter
23 Apr 2017
Bought ship Imperial Courier
23 Apr 2017
Participated in community goal: Expanding Maia - Empire
22 Apr 2017
Bought ship Orca
22 Apr 2017
Sold ship Orca
22 Apr 2017
Engineer access: Elvira Martuuk Unlocked (grade 5)
22 Apr 2017
Engineer access: Felicity Farseer Unlocked (grade 4)
22 Apr 2017
Engineer access: Liz Ryder Invited
22 Apr 2017
Engineer access: Marco Qwent Invited
22 Apr 2017
Engineer access: The Dweller Unlocked (grade 2)
22 Apr 2017
Engineer access: Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn Unlocked (grade 3)
22 Apr 2017
Engineer access: Zacariah Nemo Invited
21 Apr 2017
Bought ship Anaconda
19 Apr 2017
Pilot's Exploration rank: Pathfinder
18 Apr 2017
Bought ship Imperial Eagle


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Trade rank

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CQC rank
Rank: 1   Prestige: 0

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Arissa Lavigny-Duval
Rating 3

Commander info

Game version:
E:D Horizons (Xbox One)

Preferred style:
PvE and PvP only

Preferred role:
Bounty hunter / Trader

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