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Building Fabricators

Produced by: Industrial
Consumed by: Colony (Surface), Extraction (Surface), High Tech (Surface), Military (Surface) and Tourist (Surface)

These are combined resources and manufacturing devices that are used to build surface structures.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Colony (Surface), Extraction (Surface), High Tech (Surface), Military (Surface), Tourism (Surface)
Avg sell price:
1,109 Cr
Max sell price:
2,190 Cr
Avg buy price:
977 Cr
Min buy price:
592 Cr

Where to buy Building Fabricators near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Walz Depot | Sol L165 Ls---41,414915 Cr1 day ago
Ehrlich City | Sol L162 Ls---112,443909 Cr10 hours ago
Furukawa Enterprise | Sol L164 Ls---44,636909 Cr1 day ago
Cayley Enterprise | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly13,760823 Cr15 hours ago
Tryggvason Installation | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly34,960823 Cr11 hours ago
Lomas Orbiter | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly277949 Cr5 minutes ago
Powell High | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly195954 Cr11 hours ago
Patterson Enterprise | SiriusL978 Ls8.59 Ly120,0621,210 Cr34 minutes ago
O'Brien Vision | Sirius M8815 Ls8.59 Ly201,6511,176 Cr3 hours ago
Parise Dock | WISE 1506+7027 M690 Ls10.52 Ly4,654911 Cr5 days ago
Borman Port | WISE 1506+7027 M891 Ls10.52 Ly2,744911 Cr6 hours ago
Dobrovolskiy Enterprise | WISE 1506+7027L215 Ls10.52 Ly11,751854 Cr7 hours ago
Weber Hub | 61 CygniL24 Ls11.37 Ly92,825858 Cr6 days ago
Broglie Terminal | 61 CygniL24 Ls11.37 Ly2,742865 Cr9 hours ago
Krylov Installation | Epsilon Indi L683 Ls11.8 Ly23,934884 Cr18 hours ago
Rowley Settlement | Epsilon Indi L683 Ls11.8 Ly32,467884 Cr3 days ago
Flade Enterprise | Epsilon Indi L143 Ls11.8 Ly59,145884 Cr2 hours ago
Ashby City | Luyten's StarL299 Ls12.39 Ly1,429,356864 Cr1 hour ago
McNair Gateway | Luyten's Star M1018 Ls12.39 Ly316,780889 Cr10 hours ago
Mastracchio Enterprise | LHS 380 M80591 Ls13.85 Ly158,599852 Cr2 days ago
Ray Enterprise | LHS 380 M80470 Ls13.85 Ly91,318852 Cr1 day ago
Qureshi Orbital | LHS 380L1473 Ls13.85 Ly730,499853 Cr4 hours ago
Pontes Terminal | Wolf 424 M3166 Ls14.01 Ly7,326990 Cr8 days ago
Readdy Gateway | Wolf 424 L3173 Ls14.01 Ly917,005884 Cr16 hours ago
Ramon Hub | G 41-14L8307 Ls14.55 Ly255,8951,081 Cr4 hours ago
Wheelock Terminal | Mildeptu M116459 Ls14.56 Ly6,305854 Cr10 hours ago
Buchli City | MildeptuL115803 Ls14.56 Ly20,258857 Cr1 hour ago
Singer Enterprise | Mildeptu M116459 Ls14.56 Ly13,019880 Cr7 days ago
Aristotle Gateway | Ross 780L105 Ls15.32 Ly25,025877 Cr35 minutes ago
Fossum Terminal | Ross 780M1753 Ls15.32 Ly18,279877 Cr2 days ago
Acton Ring | Ross 780M2116 Ls15.32 Ly11,490875 Cr3 days ago
Peary Dock | V1581 Cygni L17667 Ls15.39 Ly698,470860 Cr3 hours ago
Gagnan Terminal | IL Aquarii M2487 Ls15.45 Ly6,564994 Cr9 days ago
Patsayev Station | IL Aquarii L1835 Ls15.45 Ly799,890891 Cr1 hour ago
Kinsey Enterprise | IL Aquarii M12005 Ls15.45 Ly4,122992 Cr1 hour ago
Gidzenko Terminal | Kokary L51 Ls15.79 Ly1,002,244905 Cr2 hours ago
Treshchov Point | Kokary L95 Ls15.79 Ly19,9181,085 Cr7 days ago
Cori Gateway | Kokary M1705 Ls15.79 Ly3,7721,091 Cr16 hours ago
Faraday Enterprise | Kokary L95 Ls15.79 Ly837,727905 Cr17 hours ago
Franklin Ring | Groombridge 1618L931 Ls15.88 Ly74,196887 Cr1 hour ago

Where to sell Building Fabricators near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Walz Depot | Sol L165 Ls---0877 Cr1 day ago
Schottky Reformatory | Sol L2509 Ls---9521,673 Cr5 days ago
Durrance Camp | Sol L2502 Ls---5591,673 Cr6 days ago
Haberlandt Survey | Sol L2502 Ls---3,5761,651 Cr1 day ago
Ehrlich City | Sol L162 Ls---0871 Cr10 hours ago
Furukawa Enterprise | Sol L164 Ls---0871 Cr1 day ago
Haller City | Barnard's Star L37 Ls5.95 Ly7041,716 Cr1 hour ago
Kuttner's Pride | Barnard's StarL37 Ls5.95 Ly2251,603 Cr5 hours ago
Silves' Claim | Barnard's Star L61 Ls5.95 Ly1851,585 Cr5 days ago
Edison Hub | Luhman 16 L13 Ls6.57 Ly4,6261,764 Cr16 hours ago
Cayley Enterprise | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly0789 Cr15 hours ago
Tryggvason Installation | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly0789 Cr11 hours ago
Lomas Orbiter | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly0910 Cr5 minutes ago
Powell High | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly0914 Cr11 hours ago
O'Brien Vision | Sirius M8815 Ls8.59 Ly01,126 Cr3 hours ago
Patterson Enterprise | SiriusL978 Ls8.59 Ly01,158 Cr34 minutes ago
Comer Terminal | Sirius----8.59 Ly2411,068 Cr659 days ago
Qwent Research Base | SiriusL8815 Ls8.59 Ly4111,736 Cr38 minutes ago
Efremov Plant | SiriusL8791 Ls8.59 Ly7,5091,639 Cr1 day ago
Stuart Prospect | Duamta L314 Ls9.88 Ly2131,068 Cr5 days ago
Hurston Arsenal | Duamta L418 Ls9.88 Ly5,5401,670 Cr11 days ago
Amis Installation | DuamtaL314 Ls9.88 Ly1591,068 Cr32 minutes ago
Walz Base | Duamta L418 Ls9.88 Ly1,0081,670 Cr6 days ago
Galiano Depot | Epsilon Eridani L483 Ls10.52 Ly671,260 Cr14 hours ago
Linaweaver Landing | Epsilon Eridani L483 Ls10.52 Ly1101,259 Cr1 day ago
Betancourt Vision | Epsilon Eridani L280 Ls10.52 Ly1751,068 Cr1 day ago
Parise Dock | WISE 1506+7027 M690 Ls10.52 Ly0871 Cr5 days ago
Borman Port | WISE 1506+7027 M891 Ls10.52 Ly0871 Cr6 hours ago
Stafford Penal colony | WISE 1506+7027 L240 Ls10.52 Ly8,6351,671 Cr4 hours ago
Kirk Landing | Epsilon Eridani L280 Ls10.52 Ly461,232 Cr2 days ago
Dobrovolskiy Enterprise | WISE 1506+7027L215 Ls10.52 Ly0815 Cr7 hours ago
Sanger Settlement | EZ Aquarii L341 Ls11.1 Ly01,068 Cr1 hour ago
Broglie Terminal | 61 CygniL24 Ls11.37 Ly0822 Cr9 hours ago
Weber Hub | 61 CygniL24 Ls11.37 Ly0822 Cr6 days ago
Mallory Survey | ProcyonL9644 Ls11.41 Ly17820 Cr2 days ago
Sakers Enterprise | Procyon L777 Ls11.41 Ly1711,109 Cr1 day ago
Greenland's Folly | ProcyonL9618 Ls11.41 Ly2021,108 Cr1 day ago
Schade Horizons | Procyon L777 Ls11.41 Ly5833 Cr4 days ago
McCandless Colony | Groombridge 34 L75658 Ls11.73 Ly6001,677 Cr2 days ago
Sawyer's Pride | Groombridge 34 L10 Ls11.73 Ly8071,604 Cr2 days ago

Highest supply for Building Fabricators

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Shonin Station | ArangoriiL448895 Ls26.68 Ly11,532,208841 Cr4 days ago
Stewart Hub | CupisM463 Ls93.45 Ly10,959,829841 Cr20 days ago
He Port | Er LongsL33 Ls118.69 Ly8,504,833832 Cr8 days ago
Knight Dock | LughL92 Ls52.74 Ly6,876,518841 Cr1 day ago
Patsayev Dock | LTT 2322L138 Ls99.99 Ly6,778,032841 Cr5 days ago
Hinz Station | 37 GeminorumL159 Ls56.24 Ly6,575,047871 Cr22 hours ago
Rae Enterprise | Algorab M2374 Ls86.85 Ly6,534,453871 Cr3 days ago
Balandin Gateway | LughL52 Ls52.74 Ly6,519,135871 Cr12 days ago
Crown Terminal | DajoarL736 Ls106.65 Ly6,473,063871 Cr3 hours ago
Frechet Ring | 37 GeminorumL93 Ls56.24 Ly6,447,403871 Cr11 minutes ago
Kovalevskaya Dock | Musubia L700 Ls132.63 Ly6,332,674871 Cr6 hours ago
Xiaoguan Dock | CupisM275 Ls93.45 Ly6,322,500871 Cr14 days ago
Simonyi Enterprise | Mulachi M594454 Ls36.93 Ly6,303,494841 Cr13 days ago
Tshang Station | LusherthaL520 Ls21.31 Ly6,156,146841 Cr3 hours ago
Raleigh Port | CD-27 5409 L53022 Ls108.14 Ly6,108,268883 Cr16 days ago
Kratman Hub | GurabruL269 Ls127.45 Ly6,069,993871 Cr6 minutes ago
Marshall Ring | CupisL371 Ls93.45 Ly5,889,822871 Cr12 days ago
Kondratyev Dock | CupisM1630 Ls93.45 Ly5,889,822871 Cr15 days ago
Gooch Enterprise | JinicochL67 Ls77.67 Ly5,791,804871 Cr13 days ago
Grushin Port | ChenetiL262 Ls105.88 Ly5,784,103858 Cr18 days ago
Zander Dock | TepertsiL258 Ls124.35 Ly5,778,715858 Cr4 hours ago
Bering Ring | Ross 409L68 Ls121.3 Ly5,752,772841 Cr7 hours ago
Melotte Hub | ZelanoL2648 Ls89.1 Ly5,733,874858 Cr13 days ago
Zhu City | TepertsiL1106 Ls124.35 Ly5,666,639858 Cr13 hours ago
Bauschinger City | AmentaL256031 Ls177.73 Ly5,620,735858 Cr38 days ago
MacLean Enterprise | BeimechL126 Ls87.65 Ly5,596,625871 Cr13 days ago
Levy Hub | LHS 2310L16 Ls51.76 Ly5,512,576871 Cr2 days ago
Griffith Gateway | Manktas L8 Ls138.48 Ly5,164,339871 Cr2 days ago
Thesiger Port | GurabruL269 Ls127.45 Ly5,154,402871 Cr24 minutes ago
Waldrop Gateway | LHS 2310L25 Ls51.76 Ly5,092,075871 Cr3 days ago
Carpenter Hub | Thoth M376 Ls48.36 Ly4,973,883841 Cr12 days ago
Read Gateway | 78 Ursae Majoris M389 Ls82.98 Ly4,906,458871 Cr4 hours ago
Teller Terminal | 78 Ursae Majoris M652 Ls82.98 Ly4,906,458871 Cr4 hours ago
Evans Gateway | AtferoM326 Ls99.97 Ly4,899,877858 Cr27 days ago
Valigursky Station | Halbangaay L2756 Ls109.28 Ly4,805,297831 Cr10 days ago
Ostwald Terminal | Beetrix L434 Ls87.06 Ly4,466,693871 Cr4 days ago
Patrick Terminal | DajoarL392 Ls106.65 Ly4,142,378871 Cr6 hours ago
Brahe Gateway | CD-35 9019L109 Ls96.11 Ly4,120,829871 Cr13 hours ago
Davidson Gateway | YZ FornacisM123 Ls67.67 Ly3,885,525871 Cr4 days ago
Casper Ring | KoroviiL362 Ls49.95 Ly3,849,483841 Cr5 days ago

Highest demand for Building Fabricators

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Wheelock Ring | Zavijah L4039 Ls35.62 Ly1,137,2841,837 Cr3 days ago
Schirra Dock | Coriccha L384 Ls25.57 Ly612,4991,667 Cr6 hours ago
Kaiser Terminal | Wayutabal L433 Ls130.6 Ly488,3231,630 Cr1 day ago
Cartwright Terminal | OU Geminorum L135 Ls47.84 Ly482,4351,670 Cr7 hours ago
Resnik Dock | HIP 24046 L868 Ls130.58 Ly396,9301,667 Cr6 days ago
Metcalf Station | HIP 44811 L2324 Ls132.96 Ly372,1451,508 Cr18 minutes ago
Liwei Terminal | GD 140 L62 Ls51.55 Ly339,6371,600 Cr4 minutes ago
Hayashi Orbital | HIP 9141 L373949 Ls133.41 Ly289,1561,498 Cr23 days ago
Cassini City | HIP 8830 L2351 Ls128.62 Ly281,6011,631 Cr27 days ago
Jokester's Station | LTT 911 L154 Ls101.04 Ly276,5361,595 CrNow
Somerville Port | HIP 10492 L2610 Ls144.07 Ly276,1321,732 Cr21 days ago
Watanabe Station | HIP 10492 L2553 Ls144.07 Ly271,9501,732 Cr9 days ago
Maitz Port | HIP 10492 L2815 Ls144.07 Ly243,6111,731 Cr5 days ago
Franklin Ring | LP 734-32 L1955 Ls29.1 Ly222,6341,946 Cr26 minutes ago
Mendez Terminal | Jormbu L233 Ls142.29 Ly217,0811,734 Cr4 days ago
Lange Port | Tangua L4747 Ls145.16 Ly216,5661,471 Cr13 days ago
Baillaud Dock | Gliese 58 L2347 Ls130.16 Ly213,5841,598 Cr3 days ago
Comper Dock | Tangua L4990 Ls145.16 Ly211,4011,467 Cr14 days ago
Perrine Station | HIP 8830 L198 Ls128.62 Ly204,4541,687 Cr19 days ago
Miyasaka Port | HIP 8830 L113 Ls128.62 Ly204,4541,687 Cr23 days ago
Thome Gateway | HIP 16607 L2575 Ls163.76 Ly194,1601,623 Cr11 minutes ago
Roth Station | Gliese 58 L849 Ls130.16 Ly193,4901,598 Cr3 days ago
Davies City | Devane L1689 Ls126.23 Ly171,4971,590 Cr38 minutes ago
Karachkina Orbital | HIP 9141 L686 Ls133.41 Ly136,6921,068 Cr14 days ago
Garnier Station | Byeru Bese L629 Ls115.96 Ly135,6911,068 Cr26 days ago
Newton Hub | GD 140 L107 Ls51.55 Ly133,2681,653 Cr18 minutes ago
Truman Hub | Eskite L1558 Ls146.99 Ly122,1481,551 Cr16 days ago
Dilworth City | Orang L89 Ls131.87 Ly109,6541,068 Cr6 days ago
Kazantsev Dock | Dulerce L138775 Ls91.61 Ly108,7201,685 Cr9 days ago
Rigaux Gateway | HIP 12605 L383429 Ls142.88 Ly103,8321,640 Cr12 days ago
Brand Hub | HIP 24046 L120635 Ls130.58 Ly99,2311,549 Cr9 days ago
Baird Dock | HIP 24046 L120736 Ls130.58 Ly99,2311,549 Cr9 days ago
Bradfield Ring | HR 826 L2667 Ls156.67 Ly90,3291,429 Cr3 days ago
Froud Hub | HIP 17298 L2601 Ls131.52 Ly77,9681,072 Cr15 days ago
Schmidt Enterprise | KaliL6 Ls72.47 Ly76,1261,807 Cr1 day ago
Witt Settlement | Omagatae L7 Ls124.24 Ly74,7851,867 Cr11 days ago
Weyn Dock | 64 Arietis L1101 Ls208.05 Ly73,5131,724 Cr2 days ago
Abe Works | SifjarL41 Ls93.53 Ly72,5121,913 Cr19 hours ago
Zudov Hub | RMK 6 L1596 Ls103.42 Ly71,1711,653 Cr4 days ago
Otus Installation | AjokuL2645 Ls264.19 Ly68,2361,929 Cr2 days ago

Best buy prices for Building Fabricators (Average buy price: 977 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Pettit Terminal | BhaluwaM1219 Ls143.44 Ly8585 Cr1 hour ago
Morey Landing | BhaluwaM1646 Ls143.44 Ly6592 Cr1 day ago
Kapp Dock | DiabandaL6 Ls110.93 Ly3,402597 Cr3 hours ago
Hoffleit Enterprise | GwyddiL1423 Ls190.8 Ly29598 Cr20 days ago
Fremont Port | AmenniyaM466 Ls98.17 Ly1,344606 Cr30 days ago
Buchli Station | QQ Pegasi M1504 Ls83.59 Ly13621 Cr9 days ago
Balandin Ring | Yoruba M1482 Ls67.61 Ly295623 Cr9 days ago
Ibold Works | Thanatos L241 Ls110.3 Ly58624 Cr21 days ago
Roth Port | Ariku L1415 Ls183.57 Ly688626 Cr29 days ago
Whymper Horizons | YngvirM1548 Ls165.66 Ly5629 Cr188 days ago
Mendel Holdings | NN 3365M1097 Ls83.22 Ly7635 Cr7 days ago
Glashow Landing | G 98-44M498 Ls79.58 Ly466636 Cr3 days ago
Szilard Hub | LP 282-7L22 Ls70.93 Ly4,721637 Cr9 days ago
Mukai Gateway | LP 282-7L27 Ls70.93 Ly3,869637 Cr8 days ago
Hirn Dock | AluriatesL51 Ls233.5 Ly14,681638 Cr5 hours ago
Saha Orbital | AluriatesL73 Ls233.5 Ly14,695638 Cr5 hours ago
Meikle Enterprise | BidaL3061 Ls96.26 Ly13639 Cr6 hours ago
Shaver Gateway | BindjinaL2096 Ls226.94 Ly149640 Cr28 days ago
Rosseland Colony | NgolonaM906 Ls183.62 Ly5640 Cr22 hours ago
Marshall Terminal | HIP 79594M1573 Ls139.14 Ly9641 Cr21 days ago
Pelt Orbital | Gorengathi L579 Ls146.48 Ly7641 Cr25 days ago
Yeliseyev City | CamaM1577 Ls70.57 Ly3,895642 Cr21 days ago
Russell Station | Payayan L10349 Ls58.6 Ly15,922644 Cr10 days ago
Gibson City | Payayan M10424 Ls58.6 Ly16,602644 Cr11 days ago
Bierce Gateway | Payayan L9920 Ls58.6 Ly11,525645 Cr11 days ago
Ingstad Enterprise | 31 AquilaeM5430 Ls49.51 Ly7,559646 Cr12 days ago
Bolotov Horizons | HIP 79594M2295 Ls139.14 Ly7647 Cr19 days ago
Mikulin Hub | KamchaaL486 Ls118.39 Ly11648 Cr7 days ago
Biruni Ring | SifM1213 Ls186.91 Ly6649 Cr12 days ago
Dedman Port | LP 547-159M1504 Ls87.73 Ly7653 Cr19 days ago
Clark Hub | MulachiM594473 Ls36.93 Ly178659 Cr8 days ago
Wellman Dock | Bidiono L10 Ls122.97 Ly37664 Cr4 hours ago
Aldrin Colony | AegaeonM10538 Ls79.55 Ly7665 Cr17 days ago
Galvani Orbital | HIP 38129 M56692 Ls133.51 Ly121668 Cr5 days ago
Winne City | LHS 246M1712 Ls40.82 Ly4670 Cr3 days ago
Wankel Terminal | G 98-44M671 Ls79.58 Ly255671 Cr5 hours ago
Helms Enterprise | Athra M38820 Ls42.17 Ly56672 Cr9 days ago
Dobzhansky Orbital | Athra L38810 Ls42.17 Ly78672 Cr5 days ago
Sharman Port | Wolf 186M1056 Ls112.18 Ly13674 Cr4 days ago
Wang Legacy | Atagat L15 Ls31.37 Ly49675 Cr13 days ago

Best sell prices for Building Fabricators (Average sell price: 1109 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Guerrero Camp | IrandanL664 Ls152.5 Ly1,6162,190 Cr12 days ago
Krylov Horizons | LHS 2265 L340001 Ls102.51 Ly7122,183 Cr16 days ago
Maclaurin Survey | Moanza L964 Ls166.52 Ly7072,183 Cr16 days ago
Gidzenko Prospect | Ross 47L49911 Ls19.02 Ly2,6142,170 Cr39 minutes ago
Diophantus Arsenal | VasudeL1100 Ls104.52 Ly18,6532,170 Cr6 days ago
Lopez Oasis | Wuluang L531 Ls185.1 Ly1,3092,169 Cr2 hours ago
Kagan Vision | Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43 L122 Ls211.05 Ly34,8672,164 Cr2 days ago
Zebrowski Observatory | ReieniL1057 Ls154.71 Ly3,4842,158 Cr2 days ago
Gunn Laboratory | Khun L1805 Ls181.9 Ly2,0312,145 Cr6 hours ago
Gooch's Progress | AparctiasL312 Ls65.86 Ly6,4882,136 Cr17 days ago
Budarin Holdings | Lei LinL27 Ls150.44 Ly12,3442,128 Cr104 days ago
Tristan's Rest | Lux CaeliL1260 Ls21991.91 Ly16,8602,126 Cr6 hours ago
Finney Holdings | Chacobog L2388 Ls178.92 Ly20,8712,119 Cr2 days ago
Kahn Escape | MalaikudiL702 Ls117.69 Ly6,0572,079 Cr38 days ago
Krylov Base | HERZ 10688L64 Ls85.87 Ly1,0882,010 Cr2 days ago
Rond d'Alembert Holdings | Col 285 Sector BG-O d6-93 L1470 Ls187.99 Ly7162,004 Cr13 days ago
Wilkes Plant | Col 285 Sector WE-Q d5-90L635 Ls200.77 Ly2,5322,001 Cr27 days ago
Fowler Mines | Col 285 Sector HD-I c10-13 L6250 Ls202.88 Ly8881,999 Cr24 days ago
Chorel's Folly | HIP 66854 L2707 Ls143.55 Ly6151,998 Cr41 days ago
Henson Base | Col 285 Sector QZ-F c11-2L2145 Ls167.66 Ly9281,998 Cr16 days ago
Conrad Base | Vucub HuanL29633 Ls90.68 Ly3,0691,990 Cr12 hours ago
Hasse Laboratory | HIP 66854 L2697 Ls143.55 Ly1,6391,990 Cr30 days ago
Evason Landing | HIP 77282L1934 Ls152.74 Ly15,2951,990 Cr11 days ago
Hamilton Landing | HIP 23318L6246 Ls155.46 Ly1,2961,990 Cr34 days ago
Shiner Landing | Hyades Sector SO-E a13-2 L181 Ls160.39 Ly1,0941,990 Cr24 days ago
Haarsma Terminal | Col 285 Sector AG-O d6-83L403 Ls205.31 Ly9301,990 Cr27 days ago
Merle Settlement | HIP 10682 L46 Ls194.41 Ly5,1461,990 Cr41 days ago
Bailey Plant | Hyades Sector HI-R b5-0L2190 Ls183.66 Ly7621,990 Cr13 days ago
Neumann Horizons | HR 5098 L291 Ls164.79 Ly5,5081,990 Cr11 days ago
Waldrop Prospect | 102 Iota Tauri L6116 Ls172.76 Ly4821,990 Cr9 days ago
Levy Horizons | Pegasi Sector EW-M b7-2 L56 Ls167.14 Ly9981,990 Cr13 days ago
Lem Beacon | Hyades Sector RE-O b7-4 L8 Ls142.03 Ly6161,990 Cr29 days ago
Cooper Installation | Col 285 Sector YF-K b10-2L3882 Ls166.8 Ly1,0941,990 Cr50 minutes ago
Lem Mine | Col 285 Sector HS-I c10-6 L3714 Ls170.93 Ly7281,988 Cr2 hours ago
Sekowski Asylum | Maolang L2271 Ls200.97 Ly1,1621,987 Cr24 days ago
Anthony de la Roche Works | HIP 90810 L199 Ls203.46 Ly1,6701,987 Cr8 days ago
Thorne's Progress | HR 1354L1696 Ls157.61 Ly6041,987 Cr29 days ago
Rothfuss Prospect | 51 TauriL321 Ls176.34 Ly9531,987 Cr13 days ago
Dickson Refinery | Arietis Sector GG-Y d63 L1613 Ls182.47 Ly7,7291,987 Cr16 days ago
Sharipov Arsenal | Wolf 582L2032 Ls69.43 Ly10,3481,985 Cr23 hours ago