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Damaged Escape Pod

This escape pod's systems have been damaged and will fail by the end time provided in the briefing. After this time the system will no longer be able to sustain the life of its occupant.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Avg sell price:
16,673 Cr
Max sell price:
17,500 Cr
Avg buy price:
0 Cr
Min buy price:
0 Cr

No location found...

Where to sell Damaged Escape Pod near Meene

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Schiltberger's Progress | MeeneL86 Ls---17116,886 Cr7 days ago
Felice Dock | Meene L98 Ls---76517,315 Cr4 hours ago
Mitchell Dock | Meene M461 Ls---38316,906 Cr14 days ago
Weber Dock | Meene M180 Ls---52517,255 Cr2 days ago
Gresley Gateway | HIP 29241 M150 Ls6.34 Ly46017,073 Cr12 days ago
Zhen Orbital | HIP 29241 M194 Ls6.34 Ly31212,923 Cr28 days ago
Rozhdestvensky Enterprise | HIP 29241 L6809 Ls6.34 Ly1,58817,170 Cr4 days ago
Stasheff Keep | HIP 29241L6793 Ls6.34 Ly28512,923 Cr30 days ago
Kirtley Horizons | NdoyerungaL193 Ls11.64 Ly42016,921 Cr10 days ago
Kelly Base | NdoyerungaL193 Ls11.64 Ly1116,879 Cr7 days ago
Tavernier Works | OshaM197 Ls14.03 Ly616,903 Cr12 days ago
Desargues Survey | Osha M151 Ls14.03 Ly816,858 Cr2 days ago
Abasheli's Inheritance | Osha L8316 Ls14.03 Ly1516,903 Cr12 days ago
Vasquez de Coronado Asylum | ChimeM264536 Ls16.21 Ly217,002 Cr15 days ago
Legendre Platform | OssiansM63311 Ls16.91 Ly716,921 Cr10 days ago
Perry Terminal | AusteL1094 Ls17.44 Ly26616,831 Cr7 days ago
Moriarty Landing | AusteL36 Ls17.44 Ly18716,831 Cr7 days ago
Al-Kashi Depot | HIP 27330L214 Ls20.51 Ly316,973 Cr12 days ago
Hadamard's Inheritance | HIP 26688L230 Ls21.75 Ly316,951 Cr24 days ago
Grego Freeport | Gerdan M15 Ls23.53 Ly416,939 Cr5 days ago
McMullen's Progress | Gerdan M25 Ls23.53 Ly413,137 Cr33 days ago
Pittendreigh Gateway | VotaL161 Ls23.64 Ly81617,147 Cr10 days ago
Eschbach Beacon | Valmiki M81 Ls24.24 Ly116,939 Cr12 days ago
Hamilton Enterprise | HIP 27417L481 Ls24.44 Ly1,61617,107 Cr4 hours ago
Weber Vision | HIP 27417L912 Ls24.44 Ly41316,750 Cr21 hours ago
Penn Enterprise | HIP 27417 L636 Ls24.44 Ly1,61617,107 Cr6 days ago
al-Khayyam Terminal | HIP 27417M341 Ls24.44 Ly1,98217,107 Cr6 days ago
Blair Port | HIP 27417L482 Ls24.44 Ly1,64917,107 Cr8 days ago
Dunning's Town | HIP 30001 -96816 Ls25.83 Ly716,973 Cr11 days ago
Walker's Claim | Wisas M1068 Ls25.96 Ly816,858 Cr4 days ago
Noriega Camp | Wisas M1076 Ls25.96 Ly616,858 Cr4 days ago
Littrow Stop | BuluujjaM269 Ls26.43 Ly116,996 Cr6 days ago
Crippen Terminal | Baijun M65 Ls26.61 Ly1,12217,147 Cr8 days ago
Al-Battani City | BaijunM48 Ls26.61 Ly2,92117,147 Cr7 days ago
Carey Station | BaijunL32 Ls26.61 Ly3,89917,147 Cr7 days ago
Hertz Terminal | BaijunL99 Ls26.61 Ly2,11717,147 Cr7 days ago
Hopkinson Vision | HIP 31187M1391 Ls26.67 Ly416,815 Cr21 days ago
Wingrove Port | KratakakM14 Ls27.1 Ly716,921 Cr1 day ago
Peirce Sanctuary | Rikbakara L941 Ls27.11 Ly1213,156 Cr34 days ago
Anthony Vista | HIP 29096L764 Ls27.29 Ly11216,926 Cr2 days ago
No location found...

Highest demand for Damaged Escape Pod

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Bennett Gateway | OkinuraL61 Ls138.34 Ly126,02916,981 Cr27 minutes ago
Irkutsk | Alioth L7783 Ls213.8 Ly40,68417,133 CrNow
Aachen Town | Alioth L4728 Ls213.8 Ly40,36117,133 Cr3 hours ago
Santos City | PraecipuaL2953 Ls189.12 Ly19,22216,981 Cr3 days ago
Melvill Hub | HR 8737 L18149 Ls221.89 Ly19,15816,981 Cr10 days ago
Cavendish Ring | LughL38 Ls153.64 Ly19,10016,981 Cr1 day ago
Hedley City | UelloskimaL437 Ls232.77 Ly18,79013,154 Cr39 days ago
Selye Hub | BD-02 5286 L328 Ls248.75 Ly18,74316,981 Cr7 days ago
Williams Terminal | YaricansL685 Ls93.96 Ly18,67616,981 Cr1 day ago
Lee Ring | Ratemere L655 Ls190.98 Ly18,38616,981 Cr3 days ago
Hamilton City | Jamuxa L997 Ls220.98 Ly18,00316,981 Cr8 days ago
den Berg Gateway | 37 Librae L3474 Ls235.24 Ly17,95016,981 Cr22 hours ago
Thorne Terminal | BD-02 5286 L426 Ls248.75 Ly17,88516,981 Cr3 days ago
Gagnan City | Lambda AraeL1837 Ls194.8 Ly17,75616,981 Cr20 days ago
Ross Orbital | Ciguri L470 Ls242.59 Ly17,71916,981 Cr1 day ago
Osterbrock Hub | Mula Wendes L217 Ls236.61 Ly17,44813,199 Cr35 days ago
Altman Ring | Tau CentauriL1219 Ls185.51 Ly16,64616,981 Cr4 days ago
Molina Gateway | Tago L44573 Ls243.68 Ly16,15516,981 Cr5 hours ago
Bering Ring | Ross 409L68 Ls135.25 Ly16,00416,981 Cr16 days ago
Grissom Dock | TiolceM91 Ls164.74 Ly15,99717,097 Cr6 days ago
Svavarsson Ring | 16 Lyrae M804 Ls278.86 Ly15,44116,981 Cr6 days ago
Teller Terminal | 78 Ursae Majoris M651 Ls215.08 Ly15,39716,981 Cr2 days ago
Arrhenius Orbital | 78 Ursae Majoris M652 Ls215.08 Ly15,39716,981 Cr1 day ago
Linenger Gateway | Xamen EkL241022 Ls298.83 Ly15,29716,981 Cr7 days ago
Thomas Station | Tau-2 Gruis A L203 Ls204.29 Ly15,07517,033 Cr7 days ago
Thompson Gateway | AchelousL2033 Ls235.85 Ly14,72616,981 Cr8 days ago
Kidinnu Gateway | Kamcha L29 Ls227.97 Ly14,65017,033 Cr7 days ago
Thuot Dock | TembalaL10 Ls277.59 Ly14,54617,097 Cr1 day ago
M.Gorbachev | Sol L491 Ls163.52 Ly14,53217,039 Cr3 hours ago
Abraham Lincoln | Sol L490 Ls163.52 Ly14,53217,039 Cr11 minutes ago
Resnik Dock | Rutu L156 Ls276.87 Ly14,38016,981 Cr19 days ago
Behring Terminal | HIP 82851 M404 Ls211.5 Ly14,29916,981 Cr22 days ago
Scully-Power Ring | 41 Lambda Hydrae M27045 Ls143.21 Ly14,27013,154 Cr41 days ago
Bounds Gateway | Kung TeM146569 Ls232.96 Ly14,05513,154 Cr38 days ago
Kafka Dock | HIP 59879 L30012 Ls246.66 Ly13,69416,981 Cr11 days ago
Gotham Park | Alioth L4536 Ls213.8 Ly13,59717,027 Cr4 hours ago
Battuta Hub | HR 2926 M32344 Ls138.4 Ly13,54216,936 Cr25 days ago
Matthewson High | AlkaidL14615 Ls238.59 Ly13,47016,981 Cr13 days ago
Merril Terminal | MadngelaL963 Ls194.46 Ly13,30917,033 Cr18 days ago
Parise Station | TembalaL18 Ls277.59 Ly13,23417,097 Cr23 hours ago
No location found...

Best sell prices for Damaged Escape Pod (Average sell price: 16673 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Roentgen Hub | LFT 37 L281 Ls154.41 Ly1,84317,500 Cr2 hours ago
Onnes Gateway | LFT 37 L281 Ls154.41 Ly3,12617,500 Cr2 hours ago
Tranquillity | Tarach TorL359 Ls154.65 Ly71517,434 Cr2 hours ago
Clauss Dock | UszaaL1810 Ls207.66 Ly4,92017,402 Cr7 hours ago
Patterson Dock | UszaaL1228 Ls207.66 Ly4,58017,402 Cr1 day ago
Crown Dock | Yen Di L240 Ls114.75 Ly58917,401 Cr1 day ago
Ramon Hub | G 41-14L8322 Ls155.25 Ly55817,401 Cr8 minutes ago
Gardner Horizons | KremataL1508 Ls69 Ly49317,401 Cr1 hour ago
Chwedyk Station | Bodedi L1739 Ls177.09 Ly59517,401 Cr1 hour ago
Trevithick Port | BelarshL6513 Ls223.89 Ly70517,401 Cr1 hour ago
Schlegel Enterprise | Madon L247 Ls211.29 Ly54217,401 Cr1 hour ago
Copernicus Observatory | Asterope L83 Ls321 Ly64717,393 Cr8 minutes ago
Agricola's Ascent | Pleiades Sector DL-Y d65 L789 Ls335.18 Ly64717,393 Cr2 hours ago
Dohler Depot | Tir M147 Ls22130.74 Ly87317,393 Cr4 hours ago
Vasquez de Coronado Dock | Muri L6 Ls274.44 Ly73617,389 Cr7 hours ago
Fozard Dock | HIP 19934L989 Ls149.97 Ly78817,389 Cr3 hours ago
White Ring | LHS 3802 L952 Ls166.93 Ly58417,389 Cr1 day ago
Clarke Dock | LP 1-52 L1131 Ls199.54 Ly56017,384 Cr9 hours ago
Bachman Dock | Lie Yupik L1211 Ls96.95 Ly48217,384 Cr3 days ago
Cassidy Orbital | Lulua L2712 Ls142.57 Ly47317,384 Cr3 days ago
Klimuk Terminal | Grabil L271 Ls261.34 Ly57417,384 Cr1 day ago
Ballard Ring | Bhumian KuL362 Ls171.33 Ly49517,384 Cr3 days ago
Williams Dock | HIP 14211 L446 Ls161.52 Ly52517,384 Cr55 minutes ago
Popper Terminal | Ross 591 L173901 Ls154.26 Ly53717,384 Cr4 days ago
Copernicus City | KungantjuL1868 Ls67.66 Ly58117,384 Cr17 minutes ago
Brunel Ring | LP 876-76L337 Ls202.61 Ly48317,384 Cr1 day ago
Noguchi Arsenal | G 99-49L1693 Ls148.15 Ly49817,380 Cr5 hours ago
Matheson Terminal | OlokuluL374 Ls105.35 Ly60617,380 Cr4 days ago
Schroeder Terminal | OlokuluL629 Ls105.35 Ly56417,380 Cr4 days ago
Grijalva Dock | KaritisL4606 Ls292.72 Ly43017,375 Cr3 days ago
Nachtigal City | Lan CaiheM184031 Ls146.96 Ly56117,370 Cr14 days ago
Young Enterprise | Ngauna L573 Ls156.3 Ly66417,370 Cr2 hours ago
Sharon Lee Free Market | Orrere L961 Ls209.31 Ly57717,366 Cr1 hour ago
Guest Installation | UszaaL4349 Ls207.66 Ly4,07117,364 Cr3 hours ago
Smith Port | KhowatsuL11499 Ls192.28 Ly78217,362 Cr1 day ago
Antonelli Horizons | Baiawa L1671 Ls163.57 Ly45817,362 Cr3 hours ago
Braun Enterprise | Samequit L846 Ls165.67 Ly48217,362 Cr2 days ago
Armstrong Hub | PitaniangL13548 Ls54.94 Ly47617,362 Cr2 hours ago
Aksyonov Installation | GendallaL193 Ls155.6 Ly54117,361 Cr56 minutes ago
Hughes Enterprise | KuntiL602 Ls97.93 Ly51617,356 Cr10 hours ago