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Produced by: Refinery (Surface)
Consumed by: High Tech

Thallium, Tl, atomic number 81. Melting point 577K. It is a post-transition metal. It has a number of technological uses including medical imaging, infra-red optics and high temperature super conductivity.

Produced by:
Refinery (Surface)
Consumed by:
High Tech
Avg sell price:
3,680 Cr
Max sell price:
4,962 Cr
Avg buy price:
3,174 Cr
Min buy price:
2,934 Cr

Where to buy Thallium near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Comer Terminal | Sirius----8.59 Ly37,1533,151 Cr595 days ago
Efremov Plant | SiriusL8935 Ls8.59 Ly42,9213,620 Cr21 hours ago
Sanger Settlement | EZ Aquarii L484 Ls11.1 Ly18,1713,357 Cr19 days ago
Webb Holdings | Wolf 424 L3162 Ls14.01 Ly140,3743,137 Cr3 days ago
McAllaster's Folly | Lung L91 Ls15.48 Ly78,4703,005 Cr5 days ago
Piccard Plant | Lung L91 Ls15.48 Ly36,0723,005 Cr3 days ago
Foda's Inheritance | Kokary L51 Ls15.79 Ly32,1133,125 Cr2 days ago
Back Holdings | GendallaL91 Ls16.55 Ly30,3923,024 Cr3 days ago
Slade Base | FlousopL13 Ls17.36 Ly20,2623,154 Cr7 days ago
Yolen Works | 36 Ophiuchi L593 Ls19.34 Ly62,3083,038 Cr17 hours ago
Fuchs Base | EQ Pegasi L24 Ls20.19 Ly83,8573,123 Cr2 days ago
King's Inheritance | Wolf 562L91 Ls20.23 Ly94,4003,339 Cr4 days ago
Steiner Installation | Lalande 18115 L24 Ls20.45 Ly29,0873,192 Cr6 days ago
Piserchia Beacon | Midgcut L4371 Ls22.23 Ly30,2383,074 Cr8 hours ago
Napier Installation | Ross 671 L384 Ls22.35 Ly57,6563,471 Cr12 days ago
Phillips Works | Ross 671 L16 Ls22.35 Ly13,2153,470 Cr15 days ago
Salk Settlement | Zhi L392 Ls22.51 Ly20,7133,058 Cr22 hours ago
Vishweswarayya Vision | Colanja L9040 Ls23.63 Ly97,3903,024 Cr1 day ago
Bloch Plant | Wolf 718 L27 Ls25.09 Ly46,5663,101 Cr9 days ago
Weber Settlement | LHS 452L216371 Ls26.35 Ly26,5733,152 Cr11 days ago
Zamyatin's Progress | LHS 452L216363 Ls26.35 Ly59,8283,152 Cr5 days ago
Ledyard Enterprise | Bugas L1530 Ls27.56 Ly37,0803,192 Cr2 days ago
Margulis Depot | 61 Virginis L113 Ls27.89 Ly46,5733,154 Cr8 hours ago
Butz Installation | FK Aquarii L557 Ls28.37 Ly17,8083,429 Cr15 days ago
Hopkins' Inheritance | WISE 1800+0134L4 Ls28.69 Ly100,8063,089 Cr6 days ago
Moore Beacon | 5 G. Capricorni L193 Ls29.06 Ly40,0233,152 Cr5 days ago
Menzies' Inheritance | Trepin L297 Ls30.05 Ly175,3423,152 Cr12 days ago
Alvarado Prospect | LHS 3549L384 Ls30.31 Ly29,3413,439 Cr11 days ago
Dunn Works | LHS 3549L17 Ls30.31 Ly29,8003,325 Cr23 hours ago
Clapperton Landing | Guy L200 Ls31.17 Ly48,2473,141 Cr12 days ago
Crown Refinery | Ditibi L25641 Ls31.34 Ly17,7343,470 Cr21 days ago
Janszoon Depot | Teng Yeh L49973 Ls31.68 Ly43,9083,170 Cr16 days ago
Evans Terminal | SilvanitouL3584 Ls32.21 Ly35,2643,097 Cr29 days ago
Helmholtz's Folly | LHS 134L822 Ls32.64 Ly56,6653,130 Cr29 days ago
Piercy Terminal | RBS 1843 L24 Ls33.27 Ly51,1973,101 Cr8 days ago
Hamilton Holdings | Ross 860 L20 Ls33.73 Ly1283,032 Cr13 days ago
Hadamard Terminal | Ross 860 L26 Ls33.73 Ly53,6553,107 Cr58 minutes ago
Atiyah Plant | EP Eridani L1549 Ls33.77 Ly23,6153,271 Cr19 hours ago
Scobee Enterprise | LFT 859L26 Ls33.93 Ly54,5713,074 Cr5 days ago
Tanner Holdings | PwyllL9274 Ls34.12 Ly15,4823,229 Cr12 days ago

Where to sell Thallium near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Comer Terminal | Sirius----8.59 Ly03,115 Cr595 days ago
Efremov Plant | SiriusL8935 Ls8.59 Ly03,532 Cr21 hours ago
Qwent Research Base | SiriusL8918 Ls8.59 Ly3,0694,512 Cr6 minutes ago
Gupta City | Lacaille 9352L74 Ls10.69 Ly2,5894,843 Cr48 minutes ago
Sanger Settlement | EZ Aquarii L484 Ls11.1 Ly03,275 Cr19 days ago
Magnus Gateway | EZ Aquarii L440 Ls11.1 Ly346,3744,260 CrNow
Matthews City | Groombridge 34 L75561 Ls11.73 Ly163,0634,395 Cr21 hours ago
Jones Estate | Groombridge 34 L10 Ls11.73 Ly41,7454,296 Cr12 hours ago
Ford City | Groombridge 34 L75476 Ls11.73 Ly158,7674,394 Cr21 hours ago
Clement Orbital | YZ CetiL1221 Ls12.07 Ly328,8594,400 Cr52 minutes ago
Kepler Gateway | Kruger 60 L5729 Ls13.08 Ly232,3504,259 Cr20 hours ago
Crook Hub | ToolfaL12 Ls14.01 Ly371,3854,170 Cr10 hours ago
Kelleam Orbital | ToolfaM33 Ls14.01 Ly131,1363,987 Cr22 hours ago
Webb Holdings | Wolf 424 L3162 Ls14.01 Ly03,060 Cr3 days ago
Snyder Enterprise | TZ ArietisL826 Ls14.61 Ly1,095,8384,285 Cr6 minutes ago
McAllaster's Folly | Lung L91 Ls15.48 Ly02,932 Cr5 days ago
Piccard Plant | Lung L91 Ls15.48 Ly02,932 Cr3 days ago
Foda's Inheritance | Kokary L51 Ls15.79 Ly03,049 Cr2 days ago
Back Holdings | GendallaL91 Ls16.55 Ly02,950 Cr3 days ago
Slade Base | FlousopL13 Ls17.36 Ly03,077 Cr7 days ago
Shuttleworth Holdings | Luyten 205-128 L75 Ls19.01 Ly19,2814,475 Cr9 days ago
Robins High | Luyten 205-128 L75 Ls19.01 Ly3,3714,475 Cr22 hours ago
H. G. Wells Hub | Luyten 205-128 L31 Ls19.01 Ly2,4194,475 Cr13 hours ago
Dalton City | Bhritzameno M1917 Ls19.09 Ly218,7904,168 Cr20 hours ago
Feynman Terminal | Bhritzameno L1373 Ls19.09 Ly647,3724,277 Cr4 hours ago
Yolen Works | 36 Ophiuchi L593 Ls19.34 Ly02,964 Cr17 hours ago
Zindell Vista | EQ Pegasi L10 Ls20.19 Ly114,6814,766 Cr33 days ago
Fuchs Base | EQ Pegasi L24 Ls20.19 Ly03,047 Cr2 days ago
Merbold Ring | EQ Pegasi L10 Ls20.19 Ly187,4813,819 Cr23 minutes ago
Blaha Enterprise | EQ Pegasi M33 Ls20.19 Ly6,2343,612 Cr13 days ago
Napier Hub | EQ Pegasi M24 Ls20.19 Ly304,7974,401 Cr8 days ago
King's Inheritance | Wolf 562L91 Ls20.23 Ly03,257 Cr4 days ago
Hopkins Port | Wolf 562L36 Ls20.23 Ly497,3024,032 Cr2 hours ago
Nagel Enterprise | Wolf 562M19 Ls20.23 Ly185,3763,811 Cr2 hours ago
Berners-Lee Terminal | Wolf 562L103 Ls20.23 Ly389,1633,983 Cr2 hours ago
Faris Gateway | Wolf 562M3208 Ls20.23 Ly16,3263,576 Cr2 days ago
Steiner Installation | Lalande 18115 L24 Ls20.45 Ly03,114 Cr6 days ago
Bursch Enterprise | Saktsak L2192 Ls20.62 Ly409,7444,344 Cr1 hour ago
Tarelkin Orbital | Saktsak M4101 Ls20.62 Ly142,5204,474 Cr6 days ago
Stephenson Hub | Saktsak M2913 Ls20.62 Ly226,9094,474 Cr4 days ago

Highest supply for Thallium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Bates Base | Obambojas L55 Ls118.71 Ly273,1053,021 Cr9 days ago
Haller Depot | AlinoL24 Ls93.78 Ly236,4083,021 Cr15 days ago
Evangelisti Base | KunahpuL328 Ls88.48 Ly208,5142,942 Cr3 days ago
Lind Base | HambulaL811 Ls40.2 Ly188,6853,075 Cr9 days ago
Hausdorff Prospect | HIP 33654L26 Ls150.5 Ly185,0973,060 Cr21 days ago
van de Hulst's Progress | CaspatsuriaL369 Ls141.49 Ly175,8053,021 Cr8 hours ago
Menzies' Inheritance | Trepin L297 Ls30.05 Ly175,3423,075 Cr12 days ago
Dozois Beacon | NamakaL57 Ls89.71 Ly163,9303,040 Cr4 days ago
Davis Beacon | LHS 22L8 Ls40.79 Ly161,0403,060 Cr12 days ago
Wollheim's Inheritance | Chemaluk L352 Ls111.49 Ly158,9843,075 Cr2 days ago
Fisher's Progress | LP 486-49L537 Ls65.21 Ly150,4363,114 Cr18 days ago
Schmidt Enterprise | KaliL6 Ls72.47 Ly146,7683,107 Cr23 hours ago
Carlisle Works | ChiniL177 Ls75.36 Ly145,1053,107 Cr5 days ago
Sarafanov Settlement | Wari L1625 Ls145.45 Ly143,9503,350 Cr16 minutes ago
Filippenko Settlement | TialocanL86644 Ls159.66 Ly141,2553,054 Cr50 days ago
Kozin Beacon | G 250-34 L36 Ls58.27 Ly140,3813,007 Cr5 days ago
Webb Holdings | Wolf 424 L3162 Ls14.01 Ly140,3743,060 Cr3 days ago
Reiter Vision | TaexalkL69 Ls132.36 Ly138,9962,998 Cr10 days ago
Nicolet Installation | Maiden L23 Ls111.2 Ly132,4423,060 Cr6 hours ago
Gerst Works | LHS 1163 L82932 Ls46.25 Ly131,2843,060 Cr16 days ago
Wilmore Depot | 23 ArietisL198 Ls104.43 Ly130,5353,023 Cr15 hours ago
Vasyutin's Progress | BasusL7176 Ls103.83 Ly130,5013,026 Cr36 days ago
Ahmed Enterprise | Kadu mistL636 Ls98.38 Ly129,2613,095 Cr1 day ago
Kronecker Terminal | LP 322-836L44913 Ls51.75 Ly129,0793,026 Cr5 days ago
Ricardo Works | LTT 9104L16602 Ls97.83 Ly128,6923,060 Cr9 days ago
McKay Enterprise | MentiensL513 Ls90.5 Ly128,1593,006 Cr61 days ago
Gustafsson's Folly | Iama KhephL7351 Ls217.29 Ly127,6953,124 Cr8 hours ago
Faber Works | NariansanL9 Ls130.61 Ly126,1463,156 Cr27 days ago
Wheelock Terminal | Fong WangL100 Ls68.99 Ly124,4203,033 Cr23 hours ago
Hevelius' Inheritance | Kureserians L17 Ls268.25 Ly123,3353,043 Cr40 days ago
Penrose Works | KanagotoL58 Ls190.26 Ly122,2533,072 Cr14 hours ago
Reamy Refinery | AgatavunL37 Ls91.48 Ly122,1042,950 Cr4 days ago
Legendre Vision | HavansL977 Ls259.6 Ly122,0463,098 Cr42 days ago
Efremov Beacon | SawahinnL37 Ls173.81 Ly121,4403,307 Cr2 days ago
Clerk Terminal | LHS 6197L12004 Ls91.95 Ly119,4783,026 Cr5 days ago
Blodgett's Folly | KokollerL167 Ls106.63 Ly119,3893,033 Cr8 days ago
Lawhead's Progress | CariniL57247 Ls88.66 Ly118,4203,055 Cr3 days ago
Lorrah's Folly | MenguruL13 Ls146.03 Ly116,6993,043 Cr9 days ago
Fujimori Terminal | PoqomawiL146 Ls100.29 Ly115,1622,971 Cr27 days ago
Siodmak Holdings | AnukamL29 Ls82.28 Ly112,6542,984 Cr11 days ago

Highest demand for Thallium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Suri Park | Anlave L464 Ls32.86 Ly4,443,7324,405 Cr9 hours ago
Hogg City | Anlave L1075 Ls32.86 Ly4,302,3444,405 Cr8 hours ago
Stewart Gateway | AtagatL27633 Ls31.37 Ly2,572,9214,498 Cr2 days ago
Hadid City | LTT 1873 L228 Ls171.68 Ly2,310,1794,394 Cr10 days ago
Oikawa City | CD-28 18350L42 Ls115.21 Ly2,172,8734,483 Cr2 days ago
Maskelyne Vision | HR 8444 L1506 Ls206.72 Ly1,743,1904,551 Cr8 hours ago
Kobayashi City | Anlave L280 Ls32.86 Ly1,733,0574,344 Cr2 days ago
Bain Dock | Anlave M3264 Ls32.86 Ly1,684,2154,264 Cr20 days ago
Asprin Orbital | BugayamanL2268 Ls117.79 Ly1,414,0854,568 Cr8 hours ago
Cugnot Station | HR 2798L2425 Ls118.47 Ly1,408,1944,568 Cr22 hours ago
Glashow City | AtagatL15 Ls31.37 Ly1,329,8504,375 Cr1 hour ago
Bell Orbital | Gilya L457 Ls94.72 Ly1,329,4984,568 Cr1 day ago
Melbourne Park | Alioth L7794 Ls82.53 Ly1,322,2474,414 Cr6 days ago
Irkutsk | Alioth L7778 Ls82.53 Ly1,317,6064,414 Cr1 hour ago
Schwann Dock | MehetL287 Ls80.92 Ly1,292,9704,523 Cr1 day ago
Franklin Vision | LTT 14850L539 Ls84.93 Ly1,231,5924,523 Cr3 days ago
Cori City | BD+41 1865L10 Ls47.58 Ly1,208,5794,518 Cr6 hours ago
Carey Terminal | Chi OrionisL355 Ls28.26 Ly1,197,3884,518 Cr18 hours ago
Flagg Dock | Aakushu L1247 Ls160.01 Ly1,172,7814,483 Cr5 days ago
Molchanov Terminal | LTT 1873 M456 Ls171.68 Ly1,150,5894,375 Cr15 days ago
Durrance Dock | Xi Ursae Majoris L2688 Ls28.98 Ly1,130,0394,285 Cr23 hours ago
Vonarburg Port | Maridal L504 Ls70.15 Ly1,126,1234,337 Cr26 minutes ago
Binney Horizons | HIP 105408L2961 Ls208.14 Ly1,109,2064,526 Cr7 days ago
Snyder Enterprise | TZ ArietisL826 Ls14.61 Ly1,095,8384,285 Cr6 minutes ago
Daimler Station | 16 c Ursae Majoris L2552 Ls63.84 Ly1,059,5334,518 Cr2 days ago
Bertin City | BD+56 1773L3042 Ls116.35 Ly1,050,3664,583 Cr21 hours ago
Naubakht Station | HR 6565L280 Ls141.56 Ly1,046,9714,483 Cr7 days ago
Midgeley Dock | ArthL188 Ls51.43 Ly1,042,7914,523 Cr3 hours ago
Bradfield Ring | HR 826L2731 Ls156.67 Ly1,029,3964,483 Cr1 hour ago
Shirazi Station | KarbudjL370 Ls153.9 Ly1,026,6264,526 Cr11 days ago
Snodgrass Orbital | DisciL1135 Ls103.23 Ly1,005,7184,551 Cr3 hours ago
Kendrick Enterprise | Gilya M778 Ls94.72 Ly998,7904,568 Cr1 day ago
Dobrovolskiy City | Ross 835L1025 Ls68.33 Ly971,1834,461 Cr2 days ago
Katzenstein Terminal | BorasetaniL229 Ls119.12 Ly964,5344,502 Cr1 day ago
Lopez de Legazpi Ring | BD-12 5409L66 Ls119.44 Ly957,8464,523 Cr1 day ago
Baliunas Hub | GendeL926 Ls150.23 Ly947,7684,250 Cr3 hours ago
Hackworth Orbital | STF 2841 L9520 Ls90.76 Ly926,3194,523 Cr13 days ago
Ohm Horizons | HIP 29312L652 Ls143.13 Ly926,0814,523 Cr10 hours ago
Thome Gateway | HIP 16607 L2501 Ls163.76 Ly921,5704,280 Cr13 hours ago
Bean Station | Nu KuangL41641 Ls161.74 Ly906,1444,568 Cr2 days ago

Best buy prices for Thallium (Average buy price: 3174 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Brahe Enterprise | Gamma Mensae L2461 Ls102.27 Ly2292,934 Cr3 days ago
Byrd Installation | HIP 20541L266 Ls209.77 Ly6142,962 Cr5 days ago
Berezin Terminal | HR 4673 L313 Ls179.19 Ly1,0982,962 Cr59 minutes ago
Goldstein's Folly | Col 285 Sector UZ-P d5-60L33227 Ls187.52 Ly8472,962 Cr18 days ago
Baxter Base | Theta Ursae MajorisL15299 Ls43.96 Ly1752,966 Cr14 days ago
Robinson Installation | Dakondunii L116 Ls166.81 Ly2,2152,970 Cr25 days ago
Alexander Vision | Col 285 Sector YV-L c8-6 L3959 Ls165.76 Ly8,2962,978 Cr31 days ago
Thornycroft Terminal | Synuefai LC-C b46-1L6227 Ls326.19 Ly2,6212,978 Cr30 days ago
Baker Depot | Col 285 Sector KS-T d3-124 L180 Ls199.99 Ly4,5532,980 Cr37 days ago
Bering's Inheritance | Pegasi Sector BQ-Y d94 L365 Ls194.9 Ly5082,980 Cr5 days ago
Nakaya Vision | Addovices L8426 Ls68.49 Ly102,981 Cr21 days ago
Allen Plant | 68 Upsilon Pegasi L716 Ls170.42 Ly14,3932,985 Cr38 days ago
Pryor Base | Antliae Sector IM-W d1-96 L909 Ls176.78 Ly8,0942,985 Cr47 days ago
Nikolayev Terminal | Scorpii Sector CQ-Y c24 L403 Ls134.8 Ly9,5642,985 Cr27 days ago
Liouville Prospect | HIP 22524 L2567 Ls168.33 Ly28,4812,985 Cr6 hours ago
Brothers Plant | Arietis Sector GW-W c1-8L1936 Ls163.38 Ly18,6532,985 Cr10 days ago
Mitchell Beacon | Sigma Puppis L17663 Ls183.86 Ly11,3792,985 Cr12 days ago
Phillips Holdings | Arietis Sector ON-T b3-3L83 Ls177.86 Ly15,3642,985 Cr9 days ago
Penn Settlement | Arietis Sector JR-W c1-13 L60 Ls191.08 Ly6,3612,985 Cr24 days ago
Brule Base | Capricorni Sector EG-Y d108 L66 Ls187.2 Ly7,4332,985 Cr35 days ago
Fawcett's Folly | HIP 31639L74 Ls186.91 Ly3,3892,985 Cr30 days ago
Terry's Inheritance | HIP 85038L268 Ls203.09 Ly1,5062,985 Cr3 days ago
Rowley Depot | Col 285 Sector ZF-E c12-20 L38 Ls198.41 Ly5692,985 Cr4 days ago
Pratchett Enterprise | Scorpii Sector IR-W c1-22 L311 Ls180.06 Ly10,7682,985 Cr13 days ago
Lundwall Prospect | Col 285 Sector AY-N b21-4 L33 Ls164.37 Ly6,8032,985 Cr35 days ago
Clarke Terminal | Col 285 Sector RJ-Q d5-90 L9914 Ls169.62 Ly10,7792,985 Cr1 day ago
Aldiss Terminal | Col 285 Sector MA-J b24-3L22 Ls171.34 Ly6,0202,985 Cr27 days ago
Duke Terminal | HIP 62277 L23030 Ls162.42 Ly1,3222,988 Cr30 days ago
Rae Terminal | Larrid L551 Ls130.3 Ly2,6162,988 Cr19 days ago
Linaweaver's Folly | Parinta L42 Ls168.86 Ly2,2722,988 Cr4 days ago
Marley Works | Nyore L9 Ls167.84 Ly4,3452,988 Cr23 days ago
Cremona's Inheritance | Capricorni Sector DL-Y c16 L45885 Ls187.2 Ly7,2922,988 Cr24 days ago
Quimper Vision | Carang Hut L2441 Ls121.12 Ly6,6102,990 Cr5 days ago
Rubin Prospect | Sun Picts L1051 Ls151.78 Ly12,5072,992 Cr10 days ago
Longyear Landing | HIP 22858 L545 Ls194.17 Ly9752,993 Cr3 days ago
Hieb Settlement | BD+47 2112 L216 Ls36.59 Ly9,0092,996 Cr3 days ago
Brunner's Inheritance | WangkathaaL152 Ls121.29 Ly33,5562,996 Cr15 days ago
Wnuk-Lipinski Vision | Col 285 Sector XF-N c7-20 L34 Ls175.94 Ly17,5592,998 Cr10 days ago
Ponce de Leon Terminal | Arietis Sector KC-V c2-20L78 Ls148.64 Ly22,0282,998 Cr4 days ago
Desargues' Folly | Col 285 Sector RE-P c6-8L135 Ls201.72 Ly5,5452,998 Cr38 days ago

Best sell prices for Thallium (Average sell price: 3680 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Dionysus | HIP 17044L1934 Ls320.11 Ly58,5154,962 Cr15 hours ago
Henson Laboratory | Lansbury M1717 Ls117.11 Ly123,3264,950 Cr3 days ago
Thomson Orbital | Lansbury L448 Ls117.11 Ly30,9994,950 Cr2 days ago
Landis Settlement | Lansbury L334 Ls117.11 Ly43,1854,950 Cr2 days ago
Barry's Centre | HIP 52285-93980 Ls172.56 Ly9954,950 Cr18 days ago
Gernsback Settlement | Psi OctantisL1438 Ls125.52 Ly10,5604,942 Cr7 hours ago
Stoertebeker Dock | Helgoland L1833 Ls21969.72 Ly90,1914,937 Cr2 minutes ago
Saunders's Dive | Wolf 1301 L391 Ls88.02 Ly30,0044,924 Cr2 days ago
Tranquillity | Tarach TorL359 Ls84.53 Ly57,2514,912 Cr22 hours ago
Huberath Settlement | BohmshohmL122 Ls60.54 Ly11,6994,899 Cr2 hours ago
Pribylov Port | JonaiL340 Ls133.25 Ly543,1894,890 Cr2 hours ago
Kipling Orbital | Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-11 L322 Ls379.77 Ly116,7774,888 Cr8 hours ago
Bolden's Enterprise | Tir L353 Ls21993.95 Ly33,4224,888 Cr6 minutes ago
Tsiolkovskiy Horizon | Pyrrha L17 Ls22016.2 Ly58,7254,878 Cr1 day ago
Wafer Landing | IndaolL43 Ls80.53 Ly70,7084,877 Cr10 days ago
Gantt Enterprise | EuryaleM14954 Ls81.39 Ly45,3484,867 Cr55 days ago
EG Main HQ | EuryaleL888 Ls81.39 Ly25,1564,867 Cr8 hours ago
The Indra | HR 1185L367 Ls368.15 Ly64,3034,867 Cr1 hour ago
Ralphus | Momus Reach L414 Ls95.67 Ly54,9874,858 Cr1 day ago
Tartarus Point | Momus Reach L414 Ls95.67 Ly39,4684,858 Cr4 hours ago
Henricks Dock | Kui Xing M568 Ls105.51 Ly105,6744,855 Cr41 days ago
Aragon Silo | Carcosa M1790 Ls22017.68 Ly167,5474,845 Cr4 days ago
Gupta City | Lacaille 9352L74 Ls10.69 Ly2,5894,843 Cr48 minutes ago
Phillifent Vision | ShaplintinL7321 Ls147.34 Ly117,8144,841 Cr2 days ago
Mic Turner Base | California Sector BA-A e6L46 Ls991.81 Ly11,4214,841 Cr2 days ago
Ford Research Laboratory | California Sector HR-W d1-28L259 Ls977.28 Ly11,4214,841 Cr9 days ago
Viridian Orbital | Mel 22 Sector GM-V c2-8L249 Ls545.33 Ly11,4254,832 Cr5 days ago
Bursch Dock | PLX 695 M392 Ls76.2 Ly52,0464,830 Cr38 days ago
Wiberg Hub | StKM 1-616M432 Ls76.06 Ly383,8384,830 Cr37 days ago
Bykovsky Port | StKM 1-616M805 Ls76.06 Ly201,4714,830 Cr62 days ago
Pride's Landing | AlmagestL2780 Ls386.24 Ly159,2614,828 Cr2 days ago
Smith Observatory | HIP 90055 L3920 Ls134.17 Ly38,4304,824 Cr36 days ago
Admiral Thirsk | Nuakea L980 Ls53.3 Ly163,8234,821 Cr10 hours ago
Oblivion | Nuakea L980 Ls53.3 Ly228,1734,821 Cr10 hours ago
Stuart Hub | Nuakea M2150 Ls53.3 Ly162,0654,821 Cr3 days ago
Jendrassik Vision | Koljankirna L981 Ls122.46 Ly361,7914,819 Cr40 days ago
Alvares Ring | Oisi M415 Ls113.42 Ly336,7144,819 Cr40 days ago
Charnas Dock | Antal M122 Ls181.7 Ly639,9834,819 Cr40 days ago
Glenn Installation | KammaitsL1641 Ls82.52 Ly116,0114,815 Cr68 days ago
Moffat Hub | Can QingM1629 Ls220.54 Ly156,2054,815 Cr47 days ago