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Produced by: Mining only
Consumed by: High Tech and Industrial

Samarium, Sm, atomic number 62. Melting point 1345K. This element has remarkable magnetisation properties, far exceeding that of iron. It is also commonly used as a catalyst and chemical reagent.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
High Tech, Industrial
Avg sell price:
15,527 Cr
Max sell price:
28,352 Cr
Avg buy price:
0 Cr
Min buy price:
0 Cr

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Where to sell Samarium near LP 339-7

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Lazarev Enterprise | LP 339-7 M6074 Ls---73315,051 Cr39 days ago
Chapman Hub | LP 339-7 M4383 Ls---365,08914,944 Cr11 days ago
Kerwin Gateway | LP 339-7 L14873 Ls---501,39914,944 Cr13 days ago
Earth's Inheritance Wildlife Reserve | LP 339-7L4383 Ls---1,45114,944 Cr1 day ago
Gell-Mann Ring | LP 339-7 L31 Ls---501,39914,944 Cr1 day ago
Grant Terminal | Epsilon CygniL2463 Ls10.9 Ly4,88414,987 Cr2 days ago
Rubruck Orbital | Epsilon CygniM2556 Ls10.9 Ly7,40314,987 Cr11 days ago
Ivanov Terminal | LHS 3589M1641 Ls12.46 Ly97,27114,813 Cr21 days ago
Appel Orbital | LHS 3589M2189 Ls12.46 Ly61,11614,813 Cr19 days ago
Roosa Gateway | LHS 3589L1608 Ls12.46 Ly133,30814,813 Cr4 days ago
Mukai Gateway | LP 282-7L27 Ls13.43 Ly118,12315,024 Cr13 days ago
Szilard Hub | LP 282-7L22 Ls13.43 Ly143,89615,024 Cr11 days ago
Herrington Dock | LP 282-7 M111 Ls13.43 Ly102,57215,024 Cr11 days ago
Hedley City | UelloskimaL437 Ls14.87 Ly494,22014,944 Cr11 days ago
Mendeleev Point | Meticuli L3243 Ls15.05 Ly7,28914,923 Cr5 days ago
McCulley Gateway | Meticuli L3242 Ls15.05 Ly176,19814,909 Cr21 hours ago
Copernicus Dock | AchelousL930 Ls15.81 Ly1,447,63020,921 Cr1 hour ago
Thompson Gateway | AchelousL1989 Ls15.81 Ly502,95214,832 Cr11 days ago
Hennen Enterprise | AchelousL1255 Ls15.81 Ly513,66414,832 Cr11 days ago
Glenn Installation | KammaitsL1598 Ls15.82 Ly9,56314,976 Cr132 days ago
Mukai Hub | KammaitsL1652 Ls15.82 Ly5,05114,977 Cr11 days ago
Tarelkin City | Ross 163L668 Ls18.33 Ly39,47615,059 Cr7 days ago
Barr City | Ch'uangaL3318 Ls19.88 Ly45,41215,061 Cr23 days ago
Benyovszky Ring | HR 7793L3653 Ls20.45 Ly85,82514,938 Cr10 hours ago
Huxley Dock | Plendovii L861 Ls20.71 Ly24,53115,167 Cr13 days ago
Nusslein-Volhard Hub | Wolf 865M1546 Ls20.74 Ly55,99714,857 Cr23 days ago
McCulley Ring | Wolf 865L1541 Ls20.74 Ly108,37414,938 Cr16 days ago
Reilly Settlement | Liu Baja M101 Ls21.34 Ly6,37314,938 Cr14 days ago
Henry Orbital | Liu Baja M169 Ls21.34 Ly8,67314,938 Cr9 days ago
Garcia Station | LO Pegasi L1725 Ls21.66 Ly193,54021,137 Cr7 hours ago
Dana Gateway | Ross 754 L8424 Ls22.01 Ly42,92115,061 Cr6 days ago
Bardeen Platform | Ross 754 M413132 Ls22.01 Ly15,85714,938 Cr42 days ago
Webb Station | Pareco L11724 Ls22.78 Ly502,14014,944 Cr15 hours ago
Crown Orbital | Pareco L11722 Ls22.78 Ly259,05914,944 Cr1 day ago
Garden Ring | Pareco M11723 Ls22.78 Ly226,82914,944 Cr3 days ago
Asire Dock | Pareco M11722 Ls22.78 Ly187,22714,944 Cr4 days ago
Neville Ring | Pareco L11724 Ls22.78 Ly226,82914,944 Cr9 hours ago
Furrer Gateway | Mu-1 CygniL2132 Ls22.84 Ly35,79615,236 Cr29 days ago
Pauli Orbital | LP 340-547 L18504 Ls23.14 Ly5,02115,066 Cr12 days ago
Bulleid Orbital | HR 7386 L2007 Ls23.63 Ly152,41814,991 Cr11 days ago
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Highest demand for Samarium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Grant Gateway | 37 GeminorumL881 Ls116.48 Ly2,583,12721,072 Cr5 days ago
Frechet Ring | 37 GeminorumL93 Ls116.48 Ly2,564,18121,072 Cr3 days ago
Fraley Station | Lambda AraeM1836 Ls98.64 Ly1,759,15321,072 Cr21 days ago
Lister Port | Tau CentauriL1218 Ls187.4 Ly1,542,12820,921 Cr29 days ago
Rominger Dock | 78 Ursae Majoris L255 Ls100.23 Ly1,487,84320,921 Cr1 hour ago
Copernicus Dock | AchelousL930 Ls15.81 Ly1,447,63020,921 Cr1 hour ago
Pullman Terminal | VZ CorviL41 Ls124.49 Ly1,421,33321,072 Cr3 days ago
Arrhenius Orbital | 78 Ursae Majoris M655 Ls100.23 Ly1,289,11620,921 Cr2 days ago
Read Gateway | 78 Ursae Majoris M389 Ls100.23 Ly1,289,11620,921 Cr3 days ago
Teller Terminal | 78 Ursae Majoris M654 Ls100.23 Ly1,289,11620,921 Cr2 hours ago
Hopkinson Station | ShernteniaiL290 Ls134.29 Ly1,178,79720,862 Cr7 days ago
Celsius Terminal | Kappa ReticuliM3808 Ls127.86 Ly1,169,15421,072 Cr3 days ago
Kazantsev Dock | Ra L94 Ls61 Ly1,168,47420,921 Cr1 day ago
Gamow City | TalithaL11481 Ls98.77 Ly1,144,47120,921 Cr7 days ago
LeConte Dock | Ra L55 Ls61 Ly1,115,27520,921 Cr1 day ago
Spring Ring | GCRV 52424L3564 Ls129.81 Ly1,101,63120,921 Cr31 days ago
Wrangell Orbital | Arnais L4417 Ls189.65 Ly1,099,30820,921 Cr18 days ago
Carrier Terminal | Tewi'xilak L28447 Ls93.43 Ly1,097,53920,921 Cr19 days ago
Timofeyevich Dock | PraecipuaM764 Ls139.53 Ly1,092,36821,072 Cr22 days ago
Melroy Terminal | LTT 779L184 Ls115.99 Ly1,071,68520,921 Cr10 days ago
Brady Hub | TalithaL11531 Ls98.77 Ly1,055,53220,921 Cr7 days ago
Hickman Terminal | HIP 115929L376 Ls220.3 Ly1,041,08420,988 Cr28 days ago
Panshin Orbital | HIP 19767 L174 Ls161.82 Ly1,039,79420,921 Cr3 hours ago
Seyfert Port | Ngakwites L311 Ls177.42 Ly1,039,35520,988 Cr2 days ago
Altman Ring | Tau CentauriL1217 Ls187.4 Ly1,024,39120,921 Cr13 days ago
Nowak Dock | 41 Lambda Hydrae L1633 Ls182.66 Ly1,015,14420,921 Cr1 day ago
Chilton Orbital | 41 Lambda Hydrae L627 Ls182.66 Ly1,015,14420,921 Cr3 days ago
Linteris Enterprise | HR 1254 M1685 Ls154.59 Ly1,003,03220,921 Cr42 days ago
Klimuk City | HR 1254 L298 Ls154.59 Ly990,69320,921 Cr4 days ago
Vinci City | MahlanjaL334 Ls205.85 Ly989,63420,921 Cr28 days ago
Kozin Port | HIP 19767 L317 Ls161.82 Ly980,32420,921 Cr17 days ago
Younghusband Orbital | KaniansL422 Ls158.92 Ly975,20520,921 Cr10 days ago
Asimov Gateway | 16 Lyrae L510 Ls62.84 Ly950,39220,921 Cr2 days ago
Couper Hub | KamadhenuL1073 Ls206.24 Ly927,32720,988 Cr2 hours ago
Meade Hub | BD+05 1146 M170 Ls162.39 Ly918,64220,921 Cr10 days ago
Gooch Terminal | Aiabiko L36 Ls45.11 Ly915,01420,921 Cr38 days ago
Kowal City | ZelanoL360 Ls123.62 Ly899,88414,813 Cr15 hours ago
Ivanishin City | HR 1254 L2162 Ls154.59 Ly893,26920,921 Cr43 days ago
Scully-Power Ring | 41 Lambda Hydrae M27174 Ls182.66 Ly878,47620,921 Cr17 days ago
Bierce Station | MadngelaL467 Ls242.99 Ly873,45520,988 Cr5 days ago
No location found...

Best sell prices for Samarium (Average sell price: 15527 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Canonn Institute | Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43 M24 Ls179.47 Ly8,34028,352 Cr28 days ago
Chamitoff Enterprise | Nivati L5 Ls233.16 Ly133,42628,339 Cr2 hours ago
Young Settlement | ImenhitM648 Ls63.02 Ly80,76828,339 Cr3 days ago
Yu Enterprise | SarughL48818 Ls165.81 Ly144,73728,339 Cr23 minutes ago
Carr Orbital | BinjiaL460 Ls170.87 Ly65,05028,339 Cr5 hours ago
Corrigan Terminal | Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-74 L796 Ls399.6 Ly88,42628,325 Cr12 hours ago
Maler Colony | Muri M1095 Ls76.1 Ly89,49228,318 Cr10 hours ago
Vasquez de Coronado Dock | Muri L6 Ls76.1 Ly201,16428,318 Cr2 hours ago
Lienward | Dijkstra L274 Ls191.31 Ly22,66028,290 Cr11 hours ago
Allen Platform | Dijkstra L272 Ls191.31 Ly12,19728,290 Cr9 hours ago
Finney Holdings | Chacobog L2392 Ls140.36 Ly14,57328,227 Cr13 days ago
Trinh Enterprise | Chacobog L2393 Ls140.36 Ly172,46928,227 Cr12 hours ago
Gooch Ring | AriatiaL2597 Ls186.36 Ly169,77928,227 Cr12 hours ago
Hughes Enterprise | KuntiL601 Ls169.85 Ly90,83228,175 Cr1 hour ago
Ceres Tarn | HR 1185L365 Ls384.97 Ly4,21828,114 Cr1 hour ago
The Indra | HR 1185L365 Ls384.97 Ly12,16928,114 Cr37 minutes ago
Caravanserai | Gandharvi L280 Ls15565.15 Ly39,29128,114 Cr2 days ago
Colonia Dream | Ratraii L26 Ls21941.34 Ly14,62928,079 Cr1 hour ago
Leopold Heckmann Ring | MalaikudiL115 Ls188.33 Ly181,95128,072 Cr11 hours ago
Blackmount Habitation | HIP 17692L169 Ls381.65 Ly50,66727,881 Cr59 minutes ago
Dove Enigma | Colonia L1539 Ls21944.69 Ly1,86121,485 Cr5 hours ago
Colonia Hub | Colonia L1011 Ls21944.69 Ly25,67021,485 Cr5 hours ago
Alexandria Hub | LHS 535L1921 Ls55.81 Ly107,94421,447 Cr1 hour ago
Cartmill City | LHS 3005L1357 Ls96.42 Ly79,61521,447 Cr7 days ago
Moore Terminal | Rang GuansL22923 Ls179.27 Ly86,03621,447 Cr7 hours ago
Offutt City | HIP 58315L632 Ls213.81 Ly57,79721,447 Cr7 hours ago
Menezes Dock | VelisL589 Ls84.2 Ly59,94621,447 Cr9 hours ago
Brendan Port | HIP 106707L2550 Ls123.84 Ly64,79021,447 Cr35 days ago
Thuot Hub | Tihtipihin L1341 Ls202.72 Ly57,02221,447 Cr1 day ago
Balmer Horizons | HIP 21066 M4134 Ls187.64 Ly19,81621,447 Cr1 day ago
Aldrin City | FenrichuaL619 Ls148.76 Ly87,12221,447 Cr12 hours ago
Cavalieri | Electra L925 Ls418.35 Ly65,32921,435 Cr6 hours ago
Ieyasu Dock | Pleiades Sector PD-S b4-0L654 Ls394.48 Ly39,19721,435 Cr3 hours ago
Swift Vision | Lu Pao L757 Ls104.14 Ly49,62721,429 Cr3 days ago
Zillig Dock | Lan CaiheL182618 Ls161.95 Ly103,50321,429 Cr16 hours ago
Nachtigal City | Lan CaiheM183710 Ls161.95 Ly46,93021,429 Cr17 hours ago
Scott Terminal | Tones L437 Ls102.05 Ly122,26721,429 Cr12 days ago
Selous Horizons | SanL3797 Ls205.5 Ly65,83021,418 Cr3 days ago
Scheerbart Colony | BD+22 2632 M1555 Ls116.74 Ly37,76021,417 Cr33 days ago
Furrer City | Kuungunitou L83 Ls117.89 Ly25,67321,412 Cr5 hours ago