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Produced by: Mining only
Consumed by: High Tech and Industrial

Samarium, Sm, atomic number 62. Melting point 1345K. This element has remarkable magnetisation properties, far exceeding that of iron. It is also commonly used as a catalyst and chemical reagent.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
High Tech, Industrial
Avg sell price:
15,563 Cr
Max sell price:
28,439 Cr
Avg buy price:
0 Cr
Min buy price:
0 Cr

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Where to sell Samarium near LP 339-7

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Earth's Inheritance Wildlife Reserve | LP 339-7L4383 Ls---2,03114,876 Cr25 days ago
Chapman Hub | LP 339-7 M4382 Ls---365,08914,944 Cr4 days ago
Kerwin Gateway | LP 339-7 L14883 Ls---501,39914,944 Cr4 days ago
Gell-Mann Ring | LP 339-7L31 Ls---501,39914,944 Cr4 days ago
Zebrowski Hub | Epsilon CygniM2454 Ls10.9 Ly10,07614,987 Cr37 days ago
Grant Terminal | Epsilon CygniL2546 Ls10.9 Ly4,88414,987 Cr12 hours ago
Ivanov Terminal | LHS 3589M1586 Ls12.46 Ly97,27114,813 Cr1 day ago
Roosa Gateway | LHS 3589L1610 Ls12.46 Ly133,30814,813 Cr1 day ago
Appel Orbital | LHS 3589M2180 Ls12.46 Ly61,11614,813 Cr1 day ago
Mukai Gateway | LP 282-7L27 Ls13.43 Ly275,62021,033 Cr4 days ago
Szilard Hub | LP 282-7L22 Ls13.43 Ly335,75721,033 Cr19 days ago
Hedley City | UelloskimaL437 Ls14.87 Ly1,153,17920,921 Cr4 days ago
McCulley Gateway | Meticuli L3239 Ls15.05 Ly253,72814,837 Cr3 days ago
Mendeleev Point | Meticuli L3240 Ls15.05 Ly6,71414,909 Cr7 days ago
Thompson Gateway | AchelousL2047 Ls15.81 Ly838,25220,921 Cr3 days ago
Copernicus Dock | AchelousL928 Ls15.81 Ly425,77414,944 Cr18 hours ago
Hennen Enterprise | AchelousL1253 Ls15.81 Ly856,10720,921 Cr3 days ago
Mukai Hub | KammaitsL1614 Ls15.82 Ly12,26621,145 Cr2 days ago
Glenn Installation | KammaitsL1608 Ls15.82 Ly9,56314,976 Cr1 hour ago
Tarelkin City | Ross 163L668 Ls18.33 Ly28,19715,194 Cr14 hours ago
Barr City | Ch'uangaL3358 Ls19.88 Ly45,41215,061 Cr3 days ago
Benyovszky Ring | HR 7793L3651 Ls20.45 Ly61,30415,061 Cr14 days ago
Carleson Dock | Plendovii M1593 Ls20.71 Ly10,52415,167 Cr2 days ago
Steakley Dock | Plendovii M1102 Ls20.71 Ly17,19615,167 Cr33 days ago
Huxley Dock | Plendovii L860 Ls20.71 Ly24,53115,167 Cr2 days ago
Nusslein-Volhard Hub | Wolf 865M1528 Ls20.74 Ly55,99714,857 Cr37 days ago
McCulley Ring | Wolf 865L1549 Ls20.74 Ly108,37414,938 Cr12 hours ago
Henry Orbital | Liu Baja M169 Ls21.34 Ly6,50515,145 Cr2 days ago
Garcia Station | LO Pegasi L1744 Ls21.66 Ly79,69314,972 Cr1 day ago
Creamer Terminal | Chairhuhyus L5152 Ls21.73 Ly36,26415,194 Cr18 days ago
Dana Gateway | Ross 754 L8451 Ls22.01 Ly60,09014,938 Cr3 days ago
Northrop Orbital | Ross 754 M411723 Ls22.01 Ly41,92314,938 Cr37 days ago
Bardeen Platform | Ross 754 M413082 Ls22.01 Ly15,85714,938 Cr8 days ago
Garden Ring | Pareco M11749 Ls22.78 Ly226,82914,944 Cr4 days ago
Crown Orbital | Pareco L11751 Ls22.78 Ly259,05914,944 Cr1 day ago
Webb Station | Pareco L11751 Ls22.78 Ly502,14014,944 Cr1 day ago
Asire Dock | Pareco M11749 Ls22.78 Ly187,22714,944 Cr4 days ago
Neville Ring | Pareco L11751 Ls22.78 Ly226,82914,944 Cr18 hours ago
Furrer Gateway | Mu-1 CygniL2130 Ls22.84 Ly35,79615,236 Cr16 days ago
Pauli Orbital | LP 340-547 L18239 Ls23.14 Ly5,02115,066 Cr31 days ago
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Highest demand for Samarium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Ross Orbital | Ciguri L470 Ls113.3 Ly1,588,35420,921 Cr1 day ago
Bain Dock | Anlave M3263 Ls66.8 Ly1,544,20820,855 Cr40 days ago
Lister Port | Tau CentauriL1217 Ls187.4 Ly1,542,12820,921 Cr84 days ago
Bao Orbital | Eleu L460 Ls96.08 Ly1,512,52320,921 Cr15 hours ago
Elder Station | Eleu L558 Ls96.08 Ly1,449,39520,921 Cr4 hours ago
Sinisalo Ring | TsohaveL539 Ls187.75 Ly1,340,97320,921 Cr47 days ago
Suri Park | Anlave L464 Ls66.8 Ly1,234,30621,018 Cr3 days ago
Coke Port | NgalediL38 Ls80.21 Ly1,210,67820,921 Cr5 days ago
Santos City | PraecipuaL2848 Ls139.53 Ly1,181,13020,921 Cr52 days ago
Hinz Station | 37 GeminorumL159 Ls116.48 Ly1,180,60620,921 Cr5 days ago
Utley City | 37 GeminorumM275 Ls116.48 Ly1,180,60620,921 Cr14 hours ago
Marques Station | NovasL6250 Ls184.58 Ly1,180,43820,921 Cr39 days ago
Ramon Dock | LTT 9593 L290 Ls96.22 Ly1,179,03020,921 Cr14 days ago
Moore Enterprise | Gan L486 Ls87.11 Ly1,174,32920,921 Cr14 days ago
Grant Gateway | 37 GeminorumL881 Ls116.48 Ly1,166,72420,921 Cr18 days ago
Frechet Ring | 37 GeminorumL93 Ls116.48 Ly1,158,16820,921 Cr1 day ago
Hedley City | UelloskimaL437 Ls14.87 Ly1,153,17920,921 Cr4 days ago
Lyell Port | LHS 3317 L40 Ls86.92 Ly1,152,65020,921 Cr11 hours ago
Blackwell Station | Psi Tauri M454 Ls124.06 Ly1,149,20420,921 Cr42 days ago
Gamow City | TalithaL11173 Ls98.77 Ly1,144,47120,921 Cr4 days ago
Kobayashi City | Anlave L281 Ls66.8 Ly1,134,99421,018 Cr3 days ago
Arnold Schwassmann Station | Mula Wendes L364 Ls187.56 Ly1,110,72520,988 Cr37 days ago
Readdy City | 41 Lambda Hydrae L484 Ls182.66 Ly1,102,02420,921 Cr17 days ago
Spring Ring | GCRV 52424L3524 Ls129.81 Ly1,101,63120,921 Cr20 days ago
Irvin Gateway | Yoruba L501 Ls79.91 Ly1,100,50520,921 Cr10 days ago
den Berg Gateway | 37 Librae L3475 Ls109.91 Ly1,100,45820,921 Cr1 day ago
Faraday Ring | 7 Pi-1 Orionis L2447 Ls165.07 Ly1,089,05020,921 Cr39 days ago
Osterbrock Hub | Mula Wendes L217 Ls187.56 Ly1,069,01220,988 Cr37 days ago
Brady Hub | TalithaL11834 Ls98.77 Ly1,055,53220,921 Cr4 days ago
Hiraga Ring | UGP 120L10544 Ls176.76 Ly1,049,14620,921 Cr17 days ago
Panshin Orbital | HIP 19767 L174 Ls161.82 Ly1,039,79420,921 Cr5 days ago
Morukov Terminal | HIP 21559 L506 Ls159.87 Ly1,013,53620,921 Cr5 days ago
Klimuk City | HR 1254 L298 Ls154.59 Ly990,69320,921 Cr7 days ago
Jett Station | TalithaM11243 Ls98.77 Ly983,57620,921 Cr20 days ago
Payne City | Djiwal L8221 Ls201.91 Ly975,47714,782 Cr10 hours ago
Younghusband Orbital | KaniansL422 Ls158.92 Ly975,20520,921 Cr36 days ago
Garfinkle Terminal | HIP 59879 L1043 Ls118.24 Ly971,86120,921 Cr4 hours ago
Valdes Ring | BD-17 5832 M288 Ls75.88 Ly970,55020,921 Cr7 days ago
Homer Hub | 27 G. Caeli L209 Ls167.14 Ly966,72820,988 Cr1 day ago
Nakaya Hub | BD+49 1280 M22 Ls92.88 Ly960,90320,921 Cr6 days ago
No location found...

Best sell prices for Samarium (Average sell price: 15563 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Farmer Forum | Col 285 Sector TZ-O c6-22 L89 Ls136.87 Ly1,23128,439 Cr2 days ago
Hausdorff City | Qi LisuL731 Ls183.99 Ly135,67428,339 Cr9 hours ago
Walker Terminal | Baraswar L1428 Ls72.93 Ly152,01928,339 Cr1 day ago
Maler Colony | Muri M1096 Ls76.1 Ly89,49228,318 Cr2 days ago
Vasquez de Coronado Dock | Muri L6 Ls76.1 Ly201,16428,318 Cr32 minutes ago
John Irving Station | AsphodelL194 Ls161.57 Ly15,22328,290 Cr22 minutes ago
Curbeam Colony | BinjiaM626 Ls170.87 Ly30,05228,272 Cr2 days ago
Fort Forgie Starport | RasmussenL224 Ls97.99 Ly13,31228,262 Cr12 minutes ago
Thomas Kidd Ring | Proxima L161 Ls162.24 Ly5,51628,245 Cr4 days ago
Marius Orbital | NuM1756 Ls177.34 Ly127,38128,227 Cr13 days ago
Lienward | Dijkstra L274 Ls191.31 Ly14,58028,210 Cr6 minutes ago
Allen Platform | Dijkstra L277 Ls191.31 Ly7,85128,210 Cr6 hours ago
Weber Dock | Meene M165 Ls231.58 Ly143,72028,191 Cr3 days ago
Felice Dock | Meene L118 Ls231.58 Ly204,67728,191 Cr3 hours ago
Baird Station | UnktockL394 Ls100.91 Ly278,75928,191 Cr18 hours ago
Exodus Reach | Ratraii M901 Ls21941.34 Ly97,45828,184 Cr1 day ago
Colonia Dream | Ratraii L26 Ls21941.34 Ly22,73228,184 Cr37 minutes ago
Trinh Enterprise | Chacobog L2394 Ls140.36 Ly110,98528,131 Cr4 days ago
Leopold Heckmann Ring | MalaikudiL115 Ls188.33 Ly181,95128,072 Cr5 hours ago
Bolger Holdings | Dijkstra L277 Ls191.31 Ly18,63727,970 Cr1 day ago
Deb Market | 6 Zeta-1 LyraeL1465 Ls91.59 Ly52021,494 Cr4 days ago
Maybury Landing | Khamoori M3637 Ls186.5 Ly24,99921,469 Cr46 days ago
Salak Prospect | Arietis Sector DQ-Y c19 L658 Ls211.61 Ly88121,457 Cr13 hours ago
Canonn Institute | Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43 M24 Ls179.47 Ly6,30321,457 Cr4 days ago
Cadamosto Survey | Grabil L271 Ls120.23 Ly14,71621,447 Cr27 days ago
Lyell Dock | Hesa L572 Ls174.02 Ly131,42721,447 Cr1 day ago
Tshang Dock | CromoviiM648 Ls173.59 Ly46,02021,447 Cr13 days ago
Desargues Installation | CromoviiM509 Ls173.59 Ly55,80221,447 Cr13 days ago
Beltrami Settlement | ChiccanM3564 Ls176.57 Ly21,33821,447 Cr45 days ago
Chomsky Ring | Scordisci L1594 Ls90.12 Ly67,17421,447 Cr3 hours ago
Kondratyev City | QQ Pegasi L1032 Ls51.72 Ly77,72721,447 Cr5 hours ago
al-Haytham Dock | KitaeL2870 Ls106.82 Ly79,83521,447 Cr3 hours ago
Dall Horizons | CromoviiL396 Ls173.59 Ly64,10121,447 Cr12 minutes ago
Nelson Ring | TofanaL4586 Ls133.06 Ly77,96421,447 Cr3 days ago
Biggle Hub | NgunaL1866 Ls119.2 Ly88,33221,447 Cr1 day ago
Laird Legacy | KweleL15 Ls100.85 Ly14,52921,418 Cr1 day ago
Lazutkin Port | MoraL1615 Ls107.71 Ly17,51421,412 Cr3 days ago
Wyndham Installation | ArabariM1884 Ls154.31 Ly22,91821,412 Cr21 days ago
Wohler Horizons | CandraL475 Ls85.96 Ly26,25021,412 Cr2 days ago
Furrer City | Kuungunitou L84 Ls117.89 Ly37,40921,412 Cr19 days ago