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Produced by: Mining only
Consumed by: High Tech

Bromellite, BeO, is a white oxide mineral with a wide range of uses, such as ceramic based electronics, and enhancing material properties of mechanical strength and thermal conductivity.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
High Tech
Avg sell price:
8,300 Cr
Max sell price:
8,853 Cr
Avg buy price:
0 Cr
Min buy price:
0 Cr

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Where to sell Bromellite near Cemiess

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Fortune's Loss | AchenarL5828 Ls14.38 Ly9478,510 Cr2 hours ago
Marius Orbital | NuM1664 Ls16 Ly69,2498,489 Cr3 hours ago
Syromyatnikov Horizons | NuL1463 Ls16 Ly106,8908,736 Cr6 hours ago
Ayers Orbital | FotlaM2748 Ls16.12 Ly81,8198,645 Cr1 day ago
Penzias Dock | FotlaL1998 Ls16.12 Ly285,5568,645 Cr9 hours ago
Happis | MiphifaL189 Ls18.39 Ly18,2708,646 Cr3 hours ago
Adams Orbital | Beta-1 TucanaeL3424 Ls20.29 Ly543,5168,663 Cr23 hours ago
Tomita Port | NehetM2566 Ls21.47 Ly158,4928,645 Cr5 days ago
Xuesen Orbital | NehetL2581 Ls21.47 Ly217,3338,645 Cr6 hours ago
van der Riet Woolley Ring | GongalungulM60 Ls22.45 Ly53,6018,614 Cr5 hours ago
Andoyer Station | GongalungulL60 Ls22.45 Ly152,6558,391 Cr7 hours ago
Dean Hub | YawaL87 Ls22.65 Ly241,1498,721 Cr6 days ago
Binney Dock | CaspatsuriaL369 Ls24.16 Ly211,2118,663 Cr33 minutes ago
Apianus Orbital | CaspatsuriaM369 Ls24.16 Ly64,5288,475 Cr20 days ago
Meinel Orbital | CaspatsuriaM531 Ls24.16 Ly35,5498,663 Cr4 days ago
Ayers City | AtlantisM5193 Ls24.18 Ly268,6448,645 Cr7 days ago
Kimura Terminal | AtlantisL5289 Ls24.18 Ly368,0908,645 Cr4 days ago
Dolgov Port | SegoveduwaM403 Ls24.52 Ly78,6068,645 Cr15 days ago
Mason Hub | SegoveduwaL333 Ls24.52 Ly274,7938,645 Cr16 hours ago
Chernykh Ring | DvorsiL30 Ls24.52 Ly343,2298,622 Cr33 minutes ago
Fowler Orbital | DvorsiL17 Ls24.52 Ly409,8978,622 Cr4 minutes ago
Qureshi Vision | DvorsiM74651 Ls24.52 Ly49,2638,622 Cr1 day ago
Slipher Hub | FAUST 68L1710 Ls25.65 Ly467,2168,645 Cr3 hours ago
Parkinson Dock | EotiensesL41 Ls26.61 Ly472,0438,648 Cr2 hours ago
Barlowe Station | KaiakulL582 Ls28.02 Ly185,0528,663 Cr32 minutes ago
Grant Terminal | NjiriM191 Ls29.88 Ly69,8008,663 Cr2 days ago
Korolyov Vision | NjiriM277 Ls29.88 Ly108,9718,663 Cr3 hours ago
Helin Dock | NjiriL150 Ls29.88 Ly253,7928,663 Cr3 hours ago
Norton Survey | EriviaL300791 Ls29.96 Ly14,7818,645 Cr1 day ago
Cottenot Hub | EriviaL300791 Ls29.96 Ly296,7928,645 Cr1 day ago
Stevenson City | EriviaM300861 Ls29.96 Ly216,8618,645 Cr1 day ago
Sandage Terminal | Delta PhoenicisM2145 Ls30.74 Ly78,7538,642 Cr10 hours ago
Bartini Enterprise | CF 464L523 Ls31.35 Ly227,1888,721 Cr22 hours ago
Westphal Dock | CD-62 1454M426 Ls32.89 Ly54,9508,487 Cr44 days ago
Baille City | CD-62 1454L306 Ls32.89 Ly249,7298,605 Cr1 hour ago
McDermott Enterprise | CD-51 102L2598 Ls33.02 Ly239,1098,462 Cr1 day ago
Akiyama Vision | AvalonM3390 Ls33.13 Ly27,9788,431 Cr44 days ago
Persephone | AvalonL476 Ls33.13 Ly19,0778,525 Cr20 hours ago
Noctilux | AvalonL153 Ls33.13 Ly69,1478,628 Cr2 days ago
Osterbrock Terminal | AmphisatsuM93 Ls33.48 Ly41,3798,622 Cr1 day ago
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Highest demand for Bromellite

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Irkutsk | AliothL7776 Ls209.38 Ly1,746,4998,516 Cr1 hour ago
Judson Station | MizarL160582 Ls209.81 Ly1,448,6398,575 Cr2 hours ago
Suri Park | AnlaveL464 Ls148.31 Ly1,140,9568,492 Cr41 minutes ago
Ashman Dock | LampadeL144467 Ls43.29 Ly1,081,0598,622 Cr3 hours ago
Kobayashi City | AnlaveL281 Ls148.31 Ly1,049,1528,492 Cr39 minutes ago
Durrance Dock | Xi Ursae MajorisL2667 Ls151.43 Ly1,048,5058,601 Cr3 days ago
George Lucas | LeestiL270 Ls159.64 Ly1,018,3528,599 Cr28 minutes ago
Snyder Enterprise | TZ ArietisL817 Ls123.89 Ly1,016,7698,601 Cr54 minutes ago
Milne Orbital | SowatharaL176 Ls44.58 Ly1,002,6188,663 Cr8 hours ago
Liwei Terminal | GD 140L62 Ls171.4 Ly958,5648,601 Cr1 hour ago
Hornby Station | CD-58 538L288 Ls73.27 Ly857,4578,601 Cr1 day ago
Litke Dock | IV Comae BerenicesL2162 Ls203.16 Ly814,0008,683 Cr49 minutes ago
Melbourne Park | AliothL7769 Ls209.38 Ly751,1368,516 Cr21 hours ago
Bulychev Hub | LP 128-32L1559 Ls204.26 Ly714,7778,663 Cr1 day ago
Bain Dock | AnlaveM3274 Ls148.31 Ly713,7098,447 Cr16 hours ago
Windt Terminal | q1 EridaniL1063 Ls71.13 Ly669,5658,663 Cr6 days ago
Hadid City | LTT 1873L228 Ls88.1 Ly666,8268,516 Cr6 hours ago
West Gateway | KhernidjalL405 Ls206.29 Ly658,7068,686 Cr1 hour ago
Binney Horizons | HIP 105408L2965 Ls134.58 Ly654,3718,686 Cr2 days ago
Hopkins Port | Wolf 562L38 Ls135.18 Ly622,9138,601 Cr27 minutes ago
Melotte Terminal | HIP 19758L3224 Ls66.54 Ly604,8318,645 Cr5 days ago
Otiman Dock | LFT 1748L18 Ls158.33 Ly591,5928,601 Cr31 minutes ago
Sutter Hub | FawaolL1050 Ls39.34 Ly576,1278,663 Cr6 hours ago
Herodotus Dock | 32 Mu SerpentisL1484 Ls245.99 Ly575,5958,683 Cr30 minutes ago
Hamilton Gateway | Wolf 406L3272 Ls182.13 Ly570,5958,663 Cr1 hour ago
Bloch Vision | LoperadaL9 Ls265.68 Ly566,4498,683 Cr1 day ago
Qureshi Enterprise | Wolf 1431L1497 Ls237.91 Ly564,2938,683 Cr1 day ago
Glashow City | AtagatL15 Ls128.94 Ly553,2048,601 Cr1 hour ago
Kroehl Orbital | UdegociL7 Ls223.25 Ly550,3218,683 Cr5 days ago
Fabian Terminal | BadbadzistL68 Ls113.13 Ly545,6808,645 Cr5 days ago
Adams Orbital | Beta-1 TucanaeL3424 Ls20.29 Ly543,5168,663 Cr23 hours ago
Pellegrino Station | Bragurom DuL1161 Ls176.71 Ly541,5808,625 Cr1 day ago
Hogg City | AnlaveL1075 Ls148.31 Ly526,1418,447 Cr1 day ago
Vonarburg Port | MaridalL504 Ls146.25 Ly522,8238,683 Cr1 hour ago
Berners-Lee Terminal | Wolf 562L112 Ls135.18 Ly522,5758,601 Cr5 hours ago
Grover Terminal | BorrL73114 Ls115.48 Ly521,4118,601 Cr19 hours ago
Svavarsson City | Arro KopL322 Ls162.52 Ly518,9638,704 Cr1 day ago
Hahn Dock | BD+40 2903L1400 Ls194.9 Ly518,5658,663 Cr20 hours ago
Tyurin Orbital | PendillaL1583 Ls244.37 Ly518,0208,683 Cr4 hours ago
Weston Terminal | EGGR 431L2148 Ls156.37 Ly517,7578,625 Cr9 hours ago
No location within 200 Ly range found...

Best sell prices for Bromellite (Average sell price: 8300 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Kessel Port | LHS 2936M21 Ls190.14 Ly275,8718,853 Cr1 day ago
Fraser Orbital | LHS 2936L21 Ls190.14 Ly378,4108,853 Cr2 hours ago
Henson Laboratory | LansburyM1728 Ls171.1 Ly23,9668,850 Cr9 hours ago
Landis Settlement | LansburyL334 Ls171.1 Ly16,8238,850 Cr1 hour ago
Thomson Orbital | LansburyL448 Ls171.1 Ly12,0758,850 Cr23 hours ago
Canonn Institute | Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43M24 Ls322.98 Ly20,3618,809 Cr18 hours ago
Carter's Haven | Tarach TorL1321 Ls95.43 Ly17,1468,806 Cr7 hours ago
Russell Prospect | Tarach TorM2362 Ls95.43 Ly37,4318,806 Cr2 days ago
Tranquillity | Tarach TorL359 Ls95.43 Ly34,1248,806 Cr8 hours ago
Dionysus | HIP 17044L1922 Ls341.36 Ly16,0268,806 Cr3 hours ago
Saunders's Dive | Wolf 1301L398 Ls151.58 Ly11,9518,803 Cr1 hour ago
Menezes Installation | Wolf 1301M1482 Ls151.58 Ly4,4098,803 Cr4 hours ago
Denton Installation | Wolf 1301M851 Ls151.58 Ly24,7098,803 Cr1 day ago
Jones Dock | CaelottixaL56 Ls132.75 Ly5,7228,800 Cr5 hours ago
The Midas | ZeusL8 Ls86.83 Ly2,1418,800 Cr4 hours ago
Wollheim Platform | ShasilL35 Ls82.88 Ly10,5658,792 Cr5 days ago
Gupta City | Lacaille 9352L74 Ls118.61 Ly1,7618,783 Cr2 hours ago
O'Leary Lab | CoastinL369 Ls184.63 Ly2,7278,783 Cr1 day ago
Gernsback Settlement | Psi OctantisL1438 Ls51.11 Ly2,8908,783 Cr2 days ago
Bisson Landing | 11 CepheiL849 Ls289.79 Ly15,1828,783 Cr55 minutes ago
Leinster Holdings | SurtiL345 Ls146.45 Ly18,8198,783 Cr1 day ago
Nicolet Orbital | MunfaylM1481 Ls95.45 Ly83,2428,777 Cr5 days ago
Bondarek Orbital | MunfaylL548 Ls95.45 Ly75,9548,777 Cr5 days ago
Stoertebeker Dock | HelgolandL1833 Ls21969.93 Ly13,0438,777 Cr3 hours ago
Bolden's Enterprise | TirL354 Ls21994.14 Ly39,6518,777 Cr3 hours ago
Surly's Nest | RodentiaL35 Ls21981.98 Ly13,0438,777 Cr1 hour ago
Eavesdown Docks | White SunL1913 Ls22037.32 Ly13,0438,777 Cr4 hours ago
Leinster Landing | Ross 788L96 Ls146.45 Ly10,9628,774 Cr11 days ago
Nelson Terminal | LHS 531L145 Ls101.4 Ly157,1818,768 Cr1 hour ago
Abe Works | OvidL383 Ls169.56 Ly7,6828,765 Cr5 hours ago
Shuttleworth Holdings | Luyten 205-128L75 Ls116.65 Ly12,6958,762 Cr1 day ago
Robins High | Luyten 205-128L75 Ls116.65 Ly4,4498,762 Cr6 hours ago
H. G. Wells Hub | Luyten 205-128L32 Ls116.65 Ly3,1948,762 Cr4 hours ago
Morgan Settlement | MjolnirL383 Ls186.43 Ly6,9758,762 Cr2 days ago
Gibson Hub | BohmshohmL127 Ls169.4 Ly3,6888,762 Cr2 days ago
Putzi OPK's Heaven | BohmshohmL126 Ls169.4 Ly1,8188,762 Cr5 days ago
Huberath Settlement | BohmshohmL125 Ls169.4 Ly4,9178,762 Cr1 hour ago
Noon Survey | Zeta TucanaeL290 Ls99.79 Ly19,7668,762 Cr12 days ago
The Jet's Hole | KuwemakiL41 Ls143.88 Ly7688,762 Cr8 minutes ago
Gagarin Landing | LHS 1650L861 Ls89.39 Ly5,1678,762 Cr3 days ago