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Hardware Diagnostic Sensor

Produced by: Industrial/Refinery near Lei Jing
Consumed by: High Tech and Military

Diagnostic sensors that provide hardware monitoring and telemetry for a variety of systems.

These can be found at Kanwar Gateway in the Xiripa system.

Produced by:
Industrial/Refinery near Lei Jing
Consumed by:
High Tech, Military
Avg sell price:
7,590 Cr
Max sell price:
7,851 Cr
Avg buy price:
6,254 Cr
Min buy price:
5,836 Cr

Where to buy Hardware Diagnostic Sensor near Rakapila

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Kanwar Gateway | Xiripa L27 Ls157.83 Ly3506,519 Cr3 hours ago
Hedin Station | BwgcolmasciL102 Ls179.87 Ly4,0246,362 Cr2 minutes ago
Acaba Hub | Yum CimilM295 Ls190.05 Ly11,3295,836 Cr11 hours ago

Where to sell Hardware Diagnostic Sensor near Rakapila

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Kuo City | Aulin M59 Ls6.55 Ly3,6307,498 Cr8 hours ago
Aulin Enterprise | Aulin L111 Ls6.55 Ly7,5477,499 Cr57 minutes ago
Edwards Ring | AulinM333 Ls6.55 Ly8,2737,386 Cr16 hours ago
Moxon's Mojo | Bolg L925 Ls9.96 Ly6747,747 Cr2 hours ago
Mastracchio Park | Bolg M1813 Ls9.96 Ly9467,747 Cr1 hour ago
Hedley Relay | StyxL202 Ls10.73 Ly7897,581 Cr13 hours ago
Vasilyev Port | Aganippe M244 Ls11.01 Ly6,2667,582 Cr17 hours ago
Asher Gateway | CE BootisM480 Ls12.74 Ly7,5367,516 Cr7 hours ago
Hovell Terminal | CE BootisM1405 Ls12.74 Ly4,0607,516 Cr6 hours ago
Black Hide | WyrdL9 Ls13.63 Ly567,370 Cr3 minutes ago
Shriver Platform | Ovid L370 Ls14.41 Ly6457,720 Cr1 day ago
Bradfield Orbital | OvidL370 Ls14.41 Ly7537,720 Cr12 hours ago
Abe Works | Ovid L370 Ls14.41 Ly6297,615 CrNow
Beaumont Base | Sigma Bootis L13567 Ls14.79 Ly1,1467,499 Cr18 days ago
Robinson Keep | G 181-6L810 Ls15.19 Ly1,5507,594 Cr7 days ago
Heaviside Hub | LHS 6282 L218 Ls15.37 Ly5547,784 Cr14 hours ago
Kube-McDowell Relay | Beta Comae BerenicesL4650 Ls15.52 Ly5,4877,631 Cr12 days ago
Beagle 2 Landing | Asellus PrimusL1635 Ls15.61 Ly2577,239 Cr1 hour ago
Foster Research Lab | Asellus PrimusM171 Ls15.61 Ly2587,199 Cr8 hours ago
Roddenberry Relay | LHS 391L1148 Ls16.85 Ly1,3987,460 Cr16 days ago
Landsteiner Point | Ross 130L1652 Ls16.98 Ly1,4707,651 Cr13 days ago
al-Haytham Enterprise | LHS 350 L2210 Ls17.67 Ly23,9197,709 Cr5 hours ago
Oltion Dock | LHS 350 M1055 Ls17.67 Ly8,7357,709 Cr12 days ago
Shumil Base | LHS 350 L2210 Ls17.67 Ly2,8137,709 Cr42 days ago
Sy Base | LHS 3262L39 Ls17.92 Ly4,3567,664 Cr13 hours ago
Lacaille Prospect | LHS 3262L39 Ls17.92 Ly6,0677,664 Cr22 minutes ago
Whitworth Park | LHS 3262L39 Ls17.92 Ly5,6117,709 Cr16 days ago
Jacquard Hub | LHS 3262M426 Ls17.92 Ly8,6417,664 Cr13 hours ago
Rennie Arsenal | Ross 860 L14 Ls18.18 Ly1,6337,458 Cr14 hours ago
Watt-Evans Depot | Hepa L1017 Ls19.13 Ly1,0347,703 Cr13 hours ago
Good Keep | MagecL4803 Ls19.23 Ly8167,697 Cr3 days ago
Gantt Arsenal | G 203-47L1606 Ls19.78 Ly8907,580 Cr4 days ago
Tito Enterprise | LHS 355 M22 Ls20.33 Ly8,2507,612 Cr17 hours ago
Crown Terminal | LHS 355 M30 Ls20.33 Ly13,0497,612 Cr45 minutes ago
Ramelli City | LHS 355L16 Ls20.33 Ly30,0857,612 Cr4 hours ago
Barreiros Keep | BelobogL304 Ls20.51 Ly1,4907,653 Cr16 days ago
Citi Dock | Ross 490M573 Ls21.15 Ly6,0867,690 Cr10 hours ago
Dunyach Enterprise | Ross 490L592 Ls21.15 Ly21,3317,690 Cr1 hour ago
Kirk Ring | LFT 1103L6 Ls21.82 Ly31,5587,690 Cr1 hour ago
Sawyer Port | LFT 1103M1501 Ls21.82 Ly4,7167,690 Cr13 days ago

Highest supply for Hardware Diagnostic Sensor

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Acaba Hub | Yum CimilM295 Ls190.05 Ly11,3295,756 Cr11 hours ago
Hedin Station | BwgcolmasciL102 Ls179.87 Ly4,0246,253 Cr2 minutes ago
Kanwar Gateway | Xiripa L27 Ls157.83 Ly3506,410 Cr3 hours ago

Highest demand for Hardware Diagnostic Sensor

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
George Lucas | Leesti L258 Ls106.81 Ly118,3667,499 Cr47 minutes ago
Irkutsk | Alioth L7782 Ls52.41 Ly112,7467,442 Cr2 hours ago
Flagg Dock | Aakushu L1248 Ls180.42 Ly109,8847,653 Cr6 days ago
Snyder Enterprise | TZ ArietisL815 Ls48.55 Ly108,9797,612 Cr5 hours ago
Bain Dock | Anlave M3259 Ls45.43 Ly107,4267,382 Cr2 days ago
Thome Gateway | HIP 16607 L2467 Ls199.27 Ly103,0087,653 Cr6 hours ago
Hadid City | LTT 1873 L228 Ls208.5 Ly100,3127,442 Cr11 days ago
Karl Diesel City | Zeaex M135 Ls56.49 Ly96,0787,615 Cr32 minutes ago
Vonarburg Port | Maridal L505 Ls74.47 Ly90,1987,667 Cr2 hours ago
Snodgrass Orbital | DisciL1136 Ls80.92 Ly85,1857,670 Cr2 hours ago
Hynek Terminal | HIP 101587 L1958 Ls174.64 Ly82,8347,653 Cr15 hours ago
Suri Park | Anlave L463 Ls45.43 Ly82,4497,382 Cr12 minutes ago
Schwann Dock | MehetL287 Ls82.64 Ly81,7447,690 Cr12 hours ago
Melbourne Park | Alioth L7773 Ls52.41 Ly80,9187,530 Cr2 days ago
Hogg City | Anlave L1075 Ls45.43 Ly79,2867,382 Cr1 hour ago
Kobayashi City | Anlave L281 Ls45.43 Ly75,1997,382 Cr3 hours ago
Oikawa City | CD-28 18350L42 Ls146.44 Ly67,3057,561 Cr2 days ago
Hopkins Port | Wolf 562L34 Ls27.23 Ly66,7587,612 Cr5 hours ago
Wheelock Settlement | Zeaex L299 Ls56.49 Ly66,4567,615 Cr23 minutes ago
Hevelius Terminal | Hatmehing L330 Ls156.79 Ly65,4627,386 Cr8 days ago
Charlois City | HIP 21991L1196 Ls192.98 Ly65,2987,653 Cr2 hours ago
Tryggvason Orbital | Zeaex L321 Ls56.49 Ly64,6117,615 Cr2 hours ago
Liwei Terminal | GD 140L62 Ls33.87 Ly64,5347,377 Cr9 hours ago
Otiman Dock | LFT 1748 L18 Ls49.63 Ly63,4007,612 Cr11 hours ago
Suzuki Terminal | LumastyaL254 Ls218.36 Ly60,9077,692 Cr20 hours ago
Hornby Station | CD-58 538L388 Ls91.13 Ly60,1047,542 Cr11 days ago
Ohm Horizons | HIP 29312L652 Ls156.66 Ly58,8647,690 Cr3 hours ago
Pellegrino Station | Bragurom DuL1158 Ls45.29 Ly58,0407,634 Cr1 day ago
Bell Orbital | Gilya L463 Ls65.5 Ly57,5857,690 Cr1 day ago
Zacuto Ring | HIP 18527L529 Ls156.81 Ly56,2087,670 Cr10 days ago
Berners-Lee Terminal | Wolf 562L112 Ls27.23 Ly56,0037,612 Cr1 hour ago
Grover Terminal | BorrL73152 Ls83.89 Ly55,8807,612 Cr4 days ago
Hahn Dock | BD+40 2903L1436 Ls36.14 Ly55,5757,670 Cr4 days ago
Weston Terminal | EGGR 431L2148 Ls59.91 Ly55,4877,634 Cr8 hours ago
Curie Gateway | Hill Pa HsiL23 Ls58.99 Ly55,3717,468 Cr5 hours ago
Patrick Depot | FaceceL1297 Ls166.05 Ly53,9217,414 Cr9 days ago
Perez Ring | LHS 2637L397 Ls48.5 Ly52,5477,578 Cr10 hours ago
Csoma Ring | HIP 80242L57 Ls114.69 Ly52,4207,690 Cr54 minutes ago
Aleksandrov Gateway | LHS 115 L106 Ls42.6 Ly51,8867,634 Cr5 days ago

Best buy prices for Hardware Diagnostic Sensor (Average buy price: 6254 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Acaba Hub | Yum CimilM295 Ls190.05 Ly11,3295,836 Cr11 hours ago
Hedin Station | BwgcolmasciL102 Ls179.87 Ly4,0246,362 Cr2 minutes ago
Kanwar Gateway | Xiripa L27 Ls157.83 Ly3506,519 Cr3 hours ago

Best sell prices for Hardware Diagnostic Sensor (Average sell price: 7590 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Fraser Orbital | LHS 2936 L21 Ls28.94 Ly40,5547,851 Cr10 minutes ago
Landis Settlement | Lansbury L334 Ls113.75 Ly2,7587,851 Cr1 hour ago
Thomson Orbital | Lansbury L449 Ls113.75 Ly1,9807,851 Cr20 hours ago
Vanessa's Paradise | LFT 37 L375 Ls100.18 Ly3,4397,851 Cr27 days ago
Henson Laboratory | Lansbury M1725 Ls113.75 Ly2,5717,848 Cr12 days ago
Crevie's Salvo | KinesiL215 Ls21970.45 Ly7,6577,834 Cr6 hours ago
Menezes Installation | Wolf 1301 M1443 Ls111.82 Ly1,5767,821 Cr8 days ago
Kondratyev Barracks | Turberamoan L407 Ls135.26 Ly5507,818 Cr27 days ago
Fourier Penal colony | MenambeL4130 Ls69.69 Ly7317,818 Cr15 days ago
Carpenter Point | Alkadjar L1655 Ls170.65 Ly6337,818 Cr32 days ago
Diophantus Arsenal | VasudeL1101 Ls120.99 Ly1,0027,818 Cr43 days ago
Marlowe Base | Ageno L45174 Ls140.92 Ly5867,818 Cr5 days ago
Behnken Penal colony | Hanung Tzu L100 Ls79.51 Ly5417,818 Cr18 days ago
Saunders's Dive | Wolf 1301 L391 Ls111.82 Ly1,6327,813 Cr18 hours ago
Dunbar Survey | ChakpaL363 Ls129.76 Ly8387,809 Cr11 days ago
Russell Prospect | Tarach TorM2362 Ls118.35 Ly8,7357,807 Cr10 days ago
Carter's Haven | Tarach TorL1316 Ls118.35 Ly4,0057,807 Cr2 days ago
Dionysus | HIP 17044L1922 Ls339.96 Ly3,7417,807 Cr8 hours ago
Conway Survey | Teorge L1536 Ls117.82 Ly8057,804 Cr31 days ago
Jones Dock | CaelottixaL56 Ls78.54 Ly6177,801 Cr1 day ago
Khrenov Hub | Alexandrinus L2418 Ls110.33 Ly4947,801 Cr22 days ago
Sharipov Arsenal | Wolf 582L2038 Ls45.06 Ly6237,800 Cr21 days ago
Beadle Relay | LP 387-31 L417 Ls53.64 Ly5947,800 Cr6 days ago
Silva Installation | Igorisa L3865 Ls168.23 Ly7507,800 Cr6 days ago
Northrop Survey | Pirawoyn L4249 Ls116.26 Ly7557,800 Cr41 days ago
Ramsbottom Depot | Nican L55 Ls174.57 Ly9907,800 Cr5 days ago
Song Point | LHS 17L29992 Ls88.22 Ly7237,800 Cr5 days ago
Tranquillity | Tarach TorL359 Ls118.35 Ly4,0747,797 Cr1 day ago
Carr Bastion | Jarojinanh L1611 Ls225.97 Ly5257,796 Cr6 days ago
Dyr Barracks | Jupalo L383 Ls225.85 Ly4957,796 Cr6 days ago
Alvares Penal colony | Uluri L912 Ls51.63 Ly1,4647,793 Cr9 days ago
Caryanda Point | NLTT 55164L641 Ls55.36 Ly2,2917,793 Cr20 days ago
Swanwick Barracks | BD+33 2990 L615 Ls57.54 Ly2,6607,793 Cr2 days ago
Ryman Bastion | LTT 4560 L2029 Ls125.15 Ly5197,793 Cr21 days ago
Cogswell Depot | Maidareldi L868 Ls161.67 Ly1,4987,793 Cr5 days ago
Stuart Base | MebechL6006 Ls110.41 Ly7787,793 Cr2 days ago
Butler Penal colony | LHS 3163 L1264 Ls31.55 Ly1,5107,793 Cr2 days ago
Moskowitz Barracks | T'anL4138 Ls155.75 Ly4237,793 Cr25 days ago