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Political Prisoner

Political prisoners are sometimes transported in cargo pods to help disguise their movement.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Avg sell price:
6,206 Cr
Max sell price:
6,448 Cr
Avg buy price:
0 Cr
Min buy price:
0 Cr

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Where to sell Political Prisoner near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
McKay Prospect | LHS 450L56 Ls14.78 Ly596,143 Cr36 days ago
Rashid Vision | Beta Hydri L244 Ls24.31 Ly456,076 Cr29 days ago
Lenoir Port | Beta Hydri L446 Ls24.31 Ly606,076 Cr29 days ago
Tarelkin Keep | Vega L3757 Ls25.04 Ly506,149 Cr28 days ago
Mendez Horizons | VegaL3757 Ls25.04 Ly576,149 Cr28 days ago
Quimby Horizons | SosolingatiL3524 Ls25.52 Ly1086,175 Cr31 days ago
Antonio de Andrade Station | LHS 4003 M1894 Ls26.53 Ly356,234 Cr32 days ago
Womack Holdings | LHS 4003 L2534 Ls26.53 Ly426,234 Cr36 days ago
Houtman Exchange | Arangorii L448769 Ls26.68 Ly966,034 Cr32 days ago
Brunner Observatory | Ross 695 L1714 Ls28.85 Ly1476,106 Cr37 days ago
Marshall's Claim | LHS 2429L469 Ls28.93 Ly1406,121 Cr29 days ago
Bakewell Station | LHS 2429M688 Ls28.93 Ly7146,310 Cr34 days ago
Creamer Ring | V374 PegasiM3102 Ls29.05 Ly4456,381 Cr37 days ago
Krusvar Installation | Hyroks L739 Ls29.87 Ly906,111 Cr32 days ago
Kuhn Hub | Trepin M118113 Ls30.05 Ly2,7966,310 Cr34 days ago
Roentgen Silo | LFT 367L187273 Ls31.07 Ly696,124 Cr56 days ago
Carrier Ring | Ditibi M475 Ls31.34 Ly3,0456,253 Cr30 days ago
Barcelo Keep | Korwei L640 Ls32.28 Ly2506,055 Cr58 days ago
Hartsfield Landing | Korwei L640 Ls32.28 Ly583,028 Cr27 days ago
Parise Laboratory | LFT 69 L2511 Ls32.3 Ly826,111 Cr34 days ago
Al-Khalili Port | LB 3303M974 Ls33.1 Ly3376,143 Cr34 days ago
Pasteur Beacon | Tiapalan L1330 Ls33.1 Ly1716,055 Cr28 days ago
Jacobi Vision | Wolf 124 L2313 Ls33.98 Ly1506,121 Cr29 days ago
Rushd Terminal | 54 PisciumM2562 Ls36.08 Ly1,1256,370 Cr35 days ago
Stewart Landing | Hazel L37 Ls36.26 Ly436,183 Cr98 days ago
Fermi Landing | Corbenic M2687 Ls36.33 Ly2086,095 Cr30 days ago
Willis Point | G 141-21 L41 Ls36.64 Ly496,101 Cr33 days ago
Behring Base | Llwyddi Di L30742 Ls36.9 Ly756,159 Cr38 days ago
Mukai Depot | CorbinL8865 Ls36.92 Ly1096,058 Cr38 days ago
Hopkins Dock | CorbinM8676 Ls36.92 Ly1,8136,285 Cr35 days ago
Bulgakov Point | LHS 2037 L1401 Ls37.47 Ly1306,111 Cr27 days ago
Haller Prospect | LHS 1918 L1955 Ls37.92 Ly666,092 Cr31 days ago
Atwater Outpost | LP 525-39 M2300 Ls37.95 Ly176,210 Cr36 days ago
Moffitt Town | Zeaex L320 Ls38.46 Ly396,092 Cr27 days ago
King Arsenal | PlutarchL637 Ls38.49 Ly836,034 Cr31 days ago
No location found...

Highest demand for Political Prisoner

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Hedley City | UelloskimaL437 Ls78.1 Ly18,7906,253 Cr39 days ago
Osterbrock Hub | Mula Wendes L217 Ls186.45 Ly17,4486,285 Cr34 days ago
Scully-Power Ring | 41 Lambda Hydrae M27045 Ls112.52 Ly14,2706,253 Cr40 days ago
Bounds Gateway | Kung TeM146569 Ls100.78 Ly14,0556,253 Cr37 days ago
Capek Enterprise | Manktas M27 Ls138.48 Ly12,8526,253 Cr77 days ago
Harding Ring | VZ CorviM1703 Ls69.09 Ly11,3816,253 Cr30 days ago
Durrance City | 55 VirginisL439 Ls127.07 Ly10,6636,285 Cr31 days ago
Crook City | Yun DunL811 Ls129.76 Ly10,4926,306 Cr34 days ago
Key Terminal | YaricansL417440 Ls108.07 Ly10,3466,253 Cr35 days ago
Altuna City | CD-31 2366M41639 Ls118.39 Ly9,9956,285 Cr27 days ago
Zamka Dock | HIP 21280 L1863 Ls135.82 Ly8,3836,281 Cr39 days ago
Lindemann Dock | NjokujilL9886 Ls114.34 Ly8,2866,285 Cr40 days ago
Bauschinger City | AmentaL256031 Ls177.73 Ly8,2466,285 Cr31 days ago
Wiener Port | ApuraM2044 Ls71.17 Ly8,2396,253 Cr36 days ago
Kornbluth Gateway | BilfrostL5885 Ls101.43 Ly8,2386,224 Cr33 days ago
Lowry City | NovasL5575 Ls130.57 Ly8,2366,253 Cr36 days ago
Linenger Station | 101 TauriL1175 Ls133.13 Ly8,2366,253 Cr26 days ago
Bear Hub | Bilfrost L5911 Ls101.43 Ly8,2276,224 Cr30 days ago
Kaleri Gateway | MahlanjaL1193 Ls130.55 Ly8,2236,253 Cr26 days ago
Utley Terminal | RabayM169 Ls93.34 Ly8,1946,253 Cr35 days ago
Berners-Lee Ring | Drevlyada L52661 Ls101.9 Ly8,1886,253 Cr43 days ago
Whitworth Station | Rho GeminorumL11957 Ls58.88 Ly8,1466,253 Cr27 days ago
Khayyam Hub | HIP 21559L307 Ls136.37 Ly8,0606,253 Cr39 days ago
Salam Station | DrevlyadaL52490 Ls101.9 Ly8,0086,253 Cr43 days ago
Bond Terminal | HR 4062L2540 Ls132.55 Ly7,9436,253 Cr29 days ago
Poleshchuk Hub | Lalande 37120 L825 Ls104.12 Ly7,9396,253 Cr27 days ago
Davidson Hub | 37 GeminorumM2710 Ls56.24 Ly7,8906,253 Cr28 days ago
Garan Ring | NLTT 53690L1500 Ls70.94 Ly7,8426,253 Cr39 days ago
Klein Station | HIP 47468L774 Ls132.15 Ly7,7446,253 Cr29 days ago
Stiegler Orbital | TjapaiL403 Ls134.95 Ly7,7016,253 Cr34 days ago
Dietz Dock | HIP 40140 L142 Ls135.66 Ly7,6646,281 Cr27 days ago
Binnie Enterprise | Balmus L4562 Ls103.53 Ly7,5816,253 Cr60 days ago
Burstein Enterprise | HIP 68160 L42 Ls122.54 Ly7,4476,224 Cr28 days ago
Lewitt Enterprise | IdununnM203 Ls95.22 Ly7,3656,253 Cr29 days ago
Antoniadi Port | NunusL95 Ls223.89 Ly7,2266,285 Cr32 days ago
Faraday Enterprise | Xamen EkL763 Ls135.51 Ly7,2216,253 Cr49 days ago
Addams Orbital | HIP 115929M499 Ls208.56 Ly7,2056,285 Cr36 days ago
Rayhan al-Biruni City | HIP 81186L188 Ls124.96 Ly7,1776,285 Cr36 days ago
Fox Terminal | HIP 117865L35 Ls143.24 Ly7,1636,285 Cr37 days ago
Roskam Hub | HIP 117865L105 Ls143.24 Ly7,1636,285 Cr38 days ago
No location found...

Best sell prices for Political Prisoner (Average sell price: 6206 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Buckell Installation | HR 7766L404 Ls101.17 Ly8718,099 Cr195 days ago
Staden Dock | Cornengu M159 Ls189.63 Ly4336,488 Cr82 days ago
Ray Port | ShesmuL296 Ls106.86 Ly8236,477 Cr35 days ago
Wolf Horizons | Zmeyang L891 Ls127.67 Ly6726,477 Cr35 days ago
Payton Port | Long MuL19975 Ls127.09 Ly8896,477 Cr33 days ago
Potagos Horizons | Chao GuL215 Ls156.62 Ly3836,477 Cr35 days ago
Rothman Station | HIP 94926L1564 Ls179.71 Ly7846,477 Cr41 days ago
Dampier Dock | SukreeL518 Ls129.67 Ly8676,477 Cr36 days ago
Bachman Dock | HIP 81862L14626 Ls124.64 Ly6396,477 Cr30 days ago
Roberts Ring | HIP 107618 L1969 Ls161.86 Ly5176,477 Cr30 days ago
Stevens Dock | SilurubaL915 Ls142.32 Ly5376,466 Cr42 days ago
McKee Station | Yu TikuL9701 Ls96.01 Ly1,2466,466 Cr39 days ago
Atkov Enterprise | UalangurL132 Ls89.16 Ly4976,466 Cr31 days ago
Watts Horizons | Ancanec L376 Ls113.99 Ly4956,466 Cr37 days ago
Cayley Orbital | HIP 61224L267 Ls144.37 Ly1,0686,448 Cr28 days ago
Hooke Hub | Tepech L52 Ls161.58 Ly3946,448 Cr28 days ago
Hudson Orbital | Dhanka M150 Ls134.07 Ly9406,448 Cr31 days ago
Reis Port | AnumalanL30191 Ls102.77 Ly7106,444 Cr33 days ago
Bombelli Horizons | LogonL624 Ls155.78 Ly8916,441 Cr41 days ago
Wiener Gateway | HIP 49080L2875 Ls164.37 Ly5466,438 Cr32 days ago
Svavarsson Orbital | Nogambe M229 Ls143.54 Ly3996,438 Cr35 days ago
Young Port | Kambarci L38208 Ls167.16 Ly6006,438 Cr43 days ago
Haipeng Ring | Futeno L668 Ls169.58 Ly5076,438 Cr39 days ago
Sandage Station | Cupiaci L283497 Ls181.56 Ly4676,438 Cr26 days ago
Borrego Gateway | Aholetondal L11442 Ls154.66 Ly4496,438 Cr27 days ago
Inoda Ring | Sokatines L250 Ls182.82 Ly4396,438 Cr30 days ago
Iqbal Dock | HIP 85960M141334 Ls120.1 Ly4736,438 Cr35 days ago
Bowen Terminal | NauanaL8904 Ls155.4 Ly4626,438 Cr36 days ago
Snyder Terminal | RajukruL117 Ls173.18 Ly4976,438 Cr26 days ago
Cabana Hub | NareL163 Ls162.48 Ly4406,438 Cr38 days ago
Maclaurin Vision | Nagii L1508 Ls172.42 Ly4736,438 Cr33 days ago
Jolliet Enterprise | NamnetesL544 Ls112.91 Ly4426,438 Cr26 days ago
Albategnius City | Damontae L7520 Ls138.87 Ly3926,438 Cr36 days ago
Matthews Terminal | Okua'gsaM405 Ls179.67 Ly1,4126,428 Cr104 days ago
Barentsz Dock | ImsetL54 Ls161.71 Ly7686,427 Cr39 days ago
Gustav Sporer Station | ShebkauluwaL585 Ls198.15 Ly2,5486,427 Cr41 days ago
Bradfield Orbital | ShebkauluwaM743 Ls198.15 Ly2,4626,427 Cr41 days ago
Siegel Station | Mu GongL104 Ls217.86 Ly3,3396,427 Cr29 days ago
Womack Dock | HR 8031 M1516 Ls131.29 Ly5406,427 Cr40 days ago