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Thargoid Probe

Originally known as 'Unknown Probes', these strange objects are of Thargoid origin. They are capable of emitting an electro-magnetic pulse that can temporarily incapacitate a starship. Since they have not been given a designation by intergalactic trade authorities, it is impossible to buy or sell them legally.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Avg sell price:
435,760 Cr
Max sell price:
442,721 Cr
Avg buy price:
0 Cr
Min buy price:
0 Cr

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Where to sell Thargoid Probe near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Ferguson Landing | MinmarM14 Ls26.72 Ly8437,524 Cr29 days ago
Clapperton Landing | Guy L200 Ls31.17 Ly27436,233 Cr36 days ago
Eudoxus City | Tiapalan L375 Ls33.1 Ly48436,453 Cr27 days ago
Carver Station | Sekhenses M259 Ls35.98 Ly104436,865 Cr51 days ago
Lockhart Holdings | L 190-21 L1332 Ls36.21 Ly27436,014 Cr37 days ago
Zelazny's Progress | Carnoeck L125 Ls36.36 Ly15436,986 Cr35 days ago
Eisenstein Plant | MulachiL594505 Ls36.93 Ly47436,233 Cr33 days ago
Tsibliyev Orbital | LHS 2037M985 Ls37.47 Ly140437,030 Cr40 days ago
Vinogradov Station | Benoit M10 Ls38.03 Ly17437,359 Cr34 days ago
Al-Khalili Plant | PlutarchL164 Ls38.49 Ly25436,233 Cr28 days ago
Bohr Dock | LHS 6427M16 Ls39.85 Ly126436,453 Cr34 days ago
Whitney Station | OduduroM375 Ls40.11 Ly1,224438,297 Cr29 days ago
Malaspina Bastion | Hambula L6198 Ls40.2 Ly21436,673 Cr27 days ago
Schilling Terminal | Edenapel L2490 Ls40.38 Ly14436,480 Cr37 days ago
Hennepin Station | EdenapelM2399 Ls40.38 Ly654438,297 Cr26 days ago
Williams Prospect | EdenapelL2452 Ls40.38 Ly15436,480 Cr37 days ago
Ford Installation | G 97-54L31369 Ls40.42 Ly30437,524 Cr27 days ago
Davis Beacon | LHS 22L8 Ls40.79 Ly66436,837 Cr26 days ago
Muhammad Ibn Battuta Prospect | LHS 22L11 Ls40.79 Ly18436,837 Cr34 days ago
Lethem Base | LHS 112 L978 Ls40.86 Ly24436,233 Cr34 days ago
Polansky Orbital | LHS 112M951 Ls40.86 Ly817437,968 Cr41 days ago
Babbage Keep | LHS 145 L2802 Ls41.28 Ly10437,425 Cr89 days ago
Low Horizons | DagdhangjelL1452 Ls41.41 Ly14437,524 Cr27 days ago
Agassiz Plant | CharunderL3788 Ls41.5 Ly23436,480 Cr38 days ago
Griffith Prospect | LHS 250 L668 Ls42.81 Ly16437,222 Cr29 days ago
Shinn's Inheritance | Isleta L170719 Ls42.85 Ly27436,837 Cr37 days ago
White Relay | LHS 1197 L585 Ls42.92 Ly14437,030 Cr40 days ago
Merchiston Mine | Theta Ursae MajorisL15370 Ls43.96 Ly6437,167 Cr27 days ago
Fidalgo Station | Upsilon Andromedae M13392 Ls44.03 Ly196436,453 Cr27 days ago
Carey Terminal | LFT 709L1043 Ls44.46 Ly18436,233 Cr37 days ago
Soddy Terminal | LHS 274 M2208 Ls44.72 Ly426437,968 Cr32 days ago
Carrier Enterprise | LHS 274 M2225 Ls44.72 Ly426437,968 Cr32 days ago
Shelley Base | LHS 3593 L1426 Ls45.18 Ly24436,673 Cr27 days ago
Carrasco's Claim | 18 Scorpii L7009 Ls45.32 Ly27436,233 Cr31 days ago
Coulomb Platform | TrocnadesM1496 Ls46.49 Ly743,795 Cr66 days ago
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Highest demand for Thargoid Probe

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Sharma Port | Xamen EkL971 Ls135.51 Ly3,229437,968 Cr82 days ago
Beg Ring | HIP 23641L276 Ls133.39 Ly2,807438,297 Cr33 days ago
Vetulani Dock | MahlanjaL182 Ls130.55 Ly2,499437,968 Cr36 days ago
Curbeam Dock | 62 Ursae MajorisM340 Ls134.21 Ly1,885438,297 Cr42 days ago
Grover Terminal | VeneganaM498 Ls87.86 Ly1,838438,517 Cr35 days ago
Kier Station | Hu Jing TeM50 Ls136.47 Ly1,691438,590 Cr38 days ago
Bluford Gateway | HIP 17022L8113 Ls131.64 Ly1,683438,517 Cr38 days ago
Zoline Enterprise | Gliese 384L775 Ls129.71 Ly1,644437,968 Cr33 days ago
Leibniz Dock | 19 Phi-2 CetiM10274 Ls51.41 Ly1,639438,707 Cr42 days ago
Smith Station | HIP 47468L603 Ls132.15 Ly1,605437,968 Cr67 days ago
Andreas Gateway | IntiM3297 Ls55.3 Ly1,602437,968 Cr32 days ago
Drake Orbital | HIP 2422 L325 Ls125.62 Ly1,595437,968 Cr31 days ago
Alexander Port | ArekL311 Ls130.62 Ly1,580438,773 Cr34 days ago
Reilly Gateway | V371 NormaeL3023 Ls88.6 Ly1,565437,968 Cr31 days ago
Noon Enterprise | Pisaly L81 Ls122.3 Ly1,565437,968 Cr36 days ago
Thuot City | HIP 114702 M1206 Ls127.41 Ly1,555437,968 Cr31 days ago
Treshchov Dock | AntobriL54 Ls97.24 Ly1,525437,968 Cr26 days ago
Oltion City | Catucandit L80 Ls141.21 Ly1,512437,968 Cr70 days ago
Simmons Orbital | Ross 409L100 Ls121.3 Ly1,508437,968 Cr30 days ago
Quimper Station | Hu Jing TeM123 Ls136.47 Ly1,479438,590 Cr38 days ago
Kanwar City | YamM546 Ls76.88 Ly1,476438,707 Cr93 days ago
Baturin Orbital | HIP 8859L930 Ls135.25 Ly1,462438,261 Cr40 days ago
Shepard Ring | Tatil L43 Ls84.31 Ly1,443437,968 Cr48 days ago
Goeschke Station | Eta-1 PictorisM172 Ls85.05 Ly1,380437,968 Cr26 days ago
Sladek Terminal | HIP 70253L49931 Ls134.35 Ly1,374437,968 Cr39 days ago
Blackwell Orbital | Kalb L115229 Ls92.5 Ly1,371438,297 Cr41 days ago
Jett City | Elivagar L993 Ls101.63 Ly1,363437,968 Cr45 days ago
Makarov Ring | HR 6189 L927 Ls130.65 Ly1,352438,773 Cr34 days ago
Kennan Orbital | Benapus L853 Ls124.95 Ly1,344438,297 Cr31 days ago
Detmer Ring | HIP 114702 L872 Ls127.41 Ly1,333437,962 Cr32 days ago
Dalton Orbital | TetonangL29 Ls136.09 Ly1,325438,847 Cr29 days ago
Ham Hub | Slatus L545 Ls86.51 Ly1,320438,590 Cr43 days ago
Selous Orbital | HR 5451 M2305 Ls95.57 Ly1,310438,297 Cr54 days ago
Davidson Station | VZ CorviM373 Ls69.09 Ly1,294437,968 Cr37 days ago
Illy Enterprise | CybeleL1369 Ls68.49 Ly1,290437,968 Cr39 days ago
Bennett Orbital | HIP 117288L363 Ls142.49 Ly1,289438,554 Cr113 days ago
Knight Hub | SilurorL110 Ls120.13 Ly1,284438,847 Cr48 days ago
Marshburn Port | Sala L352 Ls128.04 Ly1,266438,261 Cr33 days ago
Valz Dock | AsviensesL1171 Ls122.71 Ly1,264438,297 Cr28 days ago
No location found...

Best sell prices for Thargoid Probe (Average sell price: 435760 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Thompson Station | OngkampanM155 Ls85.31 Ly913442,721 Cr29 days ago
Nye Station | WariciM648 Ls152.82 Ly9442,698 Cr37 days ago
Bradley Survey | LTT 9663M677 Ls113.43 Ly15442,324 Cr33 days ago
Hamilton Base | Jok IsleseL2260 Ls87.58 Ly9442,316 Cr34 days ago
Fox Orbital | Jok IsleseM3257 Ls87.58 Ly8442,316 Cr31 days ago
Bushnell Relay | LTT 5259 L673 Ls67.92 Ly14442,174 Cr56 days ago
Robinson Orbital | EulexiaM23 Ls60.6 Ly8442,149 Cr26 days ago
Watts Colony | Jalabon L23 Ls180.88 Ly10441,949 Cr27 days ago
Forward Observatory | YakaeriateL939 Ls130.69 Ly16441,599 Cr43 days ago
Tiedemann Port | Hai NorshM87 Ls102.22 Ly63441,599 Cr41 days ago
Dashiell Terminal | LO Pegasi L1078 Ls80.9 Ly30441,599 Cr55 days ago
Bullialdus Palace | AfliL37 Ls93.96 Ly26441,075 Cr39 days ago
Beer Station | JeirretesM1810 Ls165.99 Ly164440,451 Cr33 days ago
Apt Ring | AbormotwaL239 Ls137.99 Ly791439,506 Cr36 days ago
Lefschetz Dock | HIP 72423L5109 Ls145.14 Ly569439,506 Cr34 days ago
Sutter Port | HIP 111755 L33497 Ls137.63 Ly651439,506 Cr29 days ago
Pu Station | HIP 113100 L546 Ls159.65 Ly1,103439,506 Cr33 days ago
Angstrom Gateway | JupanisageM449 Ls209.93 Ly674439,506 Cr38 days ago
Hay Port | HIP 11263L4226 Ls199 Ly614439,506 Cr38 days ago
Debye Market | Zvoruna L42 Ls133.4 Ly565439,396 Cr33 days ago
Mayr Station | HIP 67031L418 Ls127.53 Ly1,019439,396 Cr34 days ago
Perlmutter Dock | Kondoquit L63 Ls244.62 Ly551439,396 Cr28 days ago
Stefanyshyn-Piper Station | HIP 10175 L4807 Ls133.71 Ly822439,396 Cr33 days ago
Litke Station | RajgontaL497 Ls107.01 Ly703439,323 Cr32 days ago
Whittle Vision | MiromanM390 Ls143.05 Ly514439,286 Cr29 days ago
Hamilton Terminal | MiromiL133 Ls129.85 Ly772439,213 Cr32 days ago
Nomura Vision | ShambhalaL504 Ls143.64 Ly732439,213 Cr33 days ago
Blenkinsop Port | HR 784 M2980 Ls70.98 Ly811439,206 Cr49 days ago
Bauman Dock | Glusargiz L404 Ls122.62 Ly406439,103 Cr30 days ago
Jordan Station | BamaniL269 Ls135.98 Ly444439,066 Cr28 days ago
Carver Enterprise | GitxsanlugaM3591 Ls140.83 Ly626439,030 Cr32 days ago
Matteucci Enterprise | Ngaliep L429 Ls100.74 Ly991438,883 Cr31 days ago
al-Kashi Hub | Ao Ch'anL175 Ls184.88 Ly978438,883 Cr46 days ago
Reightler Terminal | NgamL6911 Ls115.47 Ly899438,883 Cr36 days ago
Resnick Market | CrathiganitL78 Ls107.21 Ly1,055438,883 Cr41 days ago
Bosch Orbital | Bandua L1464 Ls98.49 Ly716438,883 Cr42 days ago
Rigaux Station | HIP 9316M1410 Ls234.67 Ly1,035438,883 Cr30 days ago
Trimble Vision | HIP 9316M1907 Ls234.67 Ly1,035438,883 Cr30 days ago
Roche Orbital | HIP 114709 M10228 Ls220.38 Ly709438,883 Cr35 days ago
Poyser Hub | DjaghireL267 Ls225.29 Ly488438,883 Cr40 days ago