Produced by: Agricultural
Consumed by: All except Agricultural

Used ceremonially as well as for its stimulant effects. Tea remains a beverage with historic roots and there is great rivalry between those who drink tea and those who drink coffee.
Produced by:
Consumed by:
Extraction, Industrial, High Tech, Military, Refinery, Service, Tourism, Terraforming, Colony
Avg sell price:
1,705 Cr
Max sell price:
2,316 Cr
Avg buy price:
1,276 Cr
Min buy price:
931 Cr

Where to buy Tea near Sol

LocationPadStation distDistancebuy price    
Davis Terminal | DuamtaL546 Ls9.88 Ly1,221 Cr
Davies Station | Epsilon EridaniL280 Ls10.52 Ly1,399 Cr
Fortress Cousens | Epsilon EridaniL296 Ls10.52 Ly1,399 Cr
Darkes High | Epsilon EridaniL483 Ls10.52 Ly1,398 Cr
Hardwick Station | ProcyonL10431 Ls11.41 Ly1,461 Cr
Davy dock | ProcyonL10362 Ls11.41 Ly1,317 Cr
Cormack Hub | ProcyonL9823 Ls11.41 Ly1,317 Cr
Pontes Gateway | ProcyonL10432 Ls11.41 Ly1,464 Cr
Perry Depot | Epsilon IndiL192 Ls11.8 Ly1,106 Cr
Mansfield Orbiter | Epsilon IndiL143 Ls11.8 Ly1,264 Cr
Schneider Relay | Epsilon IndiL260 Ls11.8 Ly1,282 Cr
London Relay | Epsilon IndiL683 Ls11.8 Ly1,106 Cr
Gilmour Orbiter | Tau CetiL394 Ls11.94 Ly1,402 Cr
Cady Market | Groombridge 1618L169 Ls15.88 Ly1,286 Cr
Martinez Market | Groombridge 1618M170 Ls15.88 Ly1,220 Cr
Akers Gateway | Wolf 1453L3827 Ls18.46 Ly1,417 Cr
J.F.Kennedy | Eta CassiopeiaeL920 Ls19.45 Ly1,190 Cr
Morgue's Mortuary | Eta CassiopeiaeL2531 Ls19.45 Ly1,189 Cr
Angus Manwaring | Eta CassiopeiaeL808 Ls19.45 Ly1,106 Cr
Waldeck Terminal | Lalande 18115L162 Ls20.45 Ly1,283 Cr

Where to sell Tea near Sol

LocationPadStation distDistancesell price    
Furukawa Enterprise | SolL155 Ls---1,459 Cr
Haberlandt Survey | SolL2601 Ls---1,556 Cr
Daedalus | SolL155 Ls---1,789 Cr
M.Gorbachev | SolL501 Ls---1,787 Cr
Schottky Reformatory | SolL2607 Ls---1,459 Cr
Durrance Camp | SolL2601 Ls---1,459 Cr
Ehrlich City | SolL156 Ls---1,459 Cr
Galileo | SolL501 Ls---1,792 Cr
Walz Depot | SolL156 Ls---1,459 Cr
Titan City | SolL4728 Ls---1,802 Cr
Burnell Station | SolM361 Ls---1,806 Cr
Abraham Lincoln | SolL501 Ls---1,787 Cr
Li Qing Jao | SolL501 Ls---1,794 Cr
Columbus | SolL2604 Ls---1,806 Cr
Mars High | SolL830 Ls---1,799 Cr
Galileo | Alpha Centauri------4.38 Ly1,792 Cr
Hutton Orbital | Alpha CentauriM6783848 Ls4.38 Ly1,962 Cr
Boston Base | Barnard's StarL61 Ls5.95 Ly1,974 Cr
Haller City | Barnard's StarL37 Ls5.95 Ly1,974 Cr
Kuttner's Pride | Barnard's StarL37 Ls5.95 Ly1,974 Cr

Best buy prices for Tea

Average buy price: 1276 Cr

LocationPadStation distDistancebuy price    
Roentgen Hub | LFT 37L281 Ls65.64 Ly931 Cr
McDonald Platform | Hamlet's Harmony---1615 Ls21997.64 Ly991 Cr
Melnick Market | ChankunL557 Ls82.68 Ly1,003 Cr
Jenkins Dock | NantariatesL159 Ls227.01 Ly1,015 Cr
Szameit Ring | BPM 89444L93 Ls90.39 Ly1,020 Cr
Mil City | MapodL102 Ls206.62 Ly1,024 Cr
Cooper Orbital | SalibalaL84 Ls135.72 Ly1,029 Cr
Blaauw City | IrukamaL325 Ls183.85 Ly1,029 Cr
Esclangon City | LoveriL117 Ls230.31 Ly1,029 Cr
Kirk Dock | CD-75 661L339 Ls87.67 Ly1,034 Cr
Hawking Station | Arbuda---2503 Ls43.36 Ly1,040 Cr
Libby Orbital | Any NaL580 Ls126.46 Ly1,041 Cr
Collins Station | V711 TauriL1254 Ls100.11 Ly1,041 Cr
McCool City | JarouaL142 Ls194.5 Ly1,041 Cr
Smeaton Market | SotukiL282 Ls92.49 Ly1,041 Cr
Dozois Orbital | ZombaL124 Ls104.57 Ly1,041 Cr
Scortia Port | BD+34 1378L4887 Ls95.97 Ly1,041 Cr
Hernandez Market | KuruagesL61 Ls82.82 Ly1,041 Cr
Smith Orbital | UterukuL153 Ls122.48 Ly1,041 Cr
AdelaidePoonToon | LakaL1100 Ls283.62 Ly1,042 Cr

Best sell prices for Tea

Average sell price: 1705 Cr

LocationPadStation distDistancesell price    
Ivens Landing | LansburyL334 Ls117.11 Ly2,316 Cr
Richards Settlement | ChapoyoM2297 Ls113.45 Ly2,272 Cr
Wiener Estate | GunwithhoggM250093 Ls126.87 Ly2,256 Cr
Garcia Refinery | HIP 71165M3640 Ls138.32 Ly2,256 Cr
Stefansson Vision | Tsuki YomiM64 Ls154.66 Ly2,253 Cr
Cook Orbital | Tsuki YomiM36 Ls154.66 Ly2,253 Cr
Henson Laboratory | LansburyM1387 Ls117.11 Ly2,246 Cr
Landis Settlement | LansburyL334 Ls117.11 Ly2,246 Cr
Appel Horizons | KaretiiM1396 Ls154.47 Ly2,246 Cr
Vesalius Colony | Hun Nal YehM9422 Ls113.33 Ly2,244 Cr
Silves Prospect | BD+07 1919M730 Ls114.37 Ly2,244 Cr
Carlisle Dock | LHS 295M1613 Ls38.94 Ly2,244 Cr
Powell Outpost | AureaM1185 Ls91.47 Ly2,244 Cr
Singer Dock | HIP 91479M654 Ls146.66 Ly2,244 Cr
Bresnik Settlement | Wolf 279M1332 Ls156.81 Ly2,244 Cr
Bogdanov Stop | HIP 91479L1568 Ls146.66 Ly2,244 Cr
Fibonacci Camp | WilleM826 Ls112.4 Ly2,244 Cr
Taylor Horizons | Wolf 279L710 Ls156.81 Ly2,244 Cr
Barnaby Survey | YebayoL13812 Ls112.34 Ly2,244 Cr
Carpenter Point | JingonesM3917 Ls149.34 Ly2,244 Cr

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