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Synthetic Meat

Produced by: High Tech
Consumed by: All except High Tech and Agricultural

Meat that is synthesised on an industrial scale. The process relies on DNA from species from old Earth. The DNA is adjusted so muscle tissue is grown in huge quantities without the rest of the animal.

Produced by:
High Tech
Consumed by:
Extraction, Industrial, High Tech, Military, Refinery, Service, Tourism, Terraforming, Colony
Avg sell price:
703 Cr
Max sell price:
2,460 Cr
Avg buy price:
234 Cr
Min buy price:
95 Cr

Where to buy Synthetic Meat near Chamas

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Cavalieri City | Ngandins L9 Ls35.59 Ly24,469394 Cr1 day ago
Pinto City | Ngandins M32 Ls35.59 Ly8,591255 Cr21 days ago
Baffin Horizons | Ngandins M18 Ls35.59 Ly18,284253 Cr2 days ago
Onnes Horizons | Scorpii Sector ON-T b3-6L2223 Ls42.76 Ly174230 Cr16 days ago
Melvin Terminal | AsturindjinL873 Ls43.03 Ly17,643290 Cr3 days ago
Scheutz Enterprise | Asturindjin M864 Ls43.03 Ly15,507373 Cr7 days ago
Cayley Station | HIP 80065 L1175 Ls43.98 Ly21,020223 Cr5 days ago
Card Station | HIP 80065 M1173 Ls43.98 Ly15,662240 Cr5 days ago
Williams Vision | Nahuaru L926 Ls47.42 Ly85,148154 Cr10 days ago
Collins Gateway | Nahuaru M1312 Ls47.42 Ly21,951350 Cr23 hours ago
Sladek Ring | Hai ChanL584 Ls58.78 Ly131,418160 Cr1 day ago
Rustah Hub | Kitchang MuM1416 Ls59.88 Ly5,653427 Cr12 days ago
Stefansson Station | Kitchang MuL1109 Ls59.88 Ly131,072158 Cr1 day ago
Herschel Horizons | CD-44 10336 M1473 Ls61.64 Ly15,617302 Cr21 days ago
Margulis Station | CD-44 10336L1500 Ls61.64 Ly20,538291 Cr5 days ago
Alpers City | Khan GubiiL2151 Ls61.91 Ly68,254142 Cr1 day ago
Shaikh Hub | Arro KopM1663 Ls62.71 Ly9,540299 Cr1 day ago
Svavarsson City | Arro KopL232 Ls62.71 Ly23,760283 Cr2 days ago
Gubarev Landing | Grafias L1130 Ls63.27 Ly9,551413 Cr11 days ago
Fraley Ring | Grafias M1380 Ls63.27 Ly7,216421 Cr11 days ago
Ciferri Holdings | BhutasM5656 Ls63.39 Ly50,535168 Cr7 days ago
Feynman Terminal | BhutasL3317 Ls63.39 Ly554,734158 Cr3 hours ago
Nakamura City | HIP 79636L1251 Ls64.4 Ly35,105179 Cr7 hours ago
Zubrin Vision | HIP 79636M2237 Ls64.4 Ly52,417178 Cr5 days ago
Bisson Gateway | KeiadabikoL534 Ls64.96 Ly15,600269 Cr7 days ago
MacLean Vision | KeiadabikoM674 Ls64.96 Ly11,878287 Cr11 days ago
Bester Enterprise | Medungni L287 Ls66.95 Ly156,090169 Cr4 days ago
He Hub | MedungniM382 Ls66.95 Ly15,545308 Cr66 days ago
Csoma Ring | HIP 80242L57 Ls66.96 Ly1,188,678231 Cr9 hours ago
Cousin Settlement | Epomana L374 Ls70.64 Ly16,318332 Cr136 days ago
Leestma Lab | EpomanaL374 Ls70.64 Ly707370 Cr9 days ago
Przhevalsky Terminal | Col 285 Sector QE-M b22-3 L544 Ls72.48 Ly155230 Cr18 days ago
Revin Survey | Wiljanherbi L29 Ls72.72 Ly19,520287 Cr11 days ago
Lunan Station | LTT 6714 L607 Ls73.87 Ly526,204158 Cr4 days ago
Frobenius Terminal | LTT 6714 M1106 Ls73.87 Ly79,938368 Cr11 days ago
Janes Horizons | Arexe L2286 Ls75.73 Ly77,88388 Cr34 minutes ago
Bullialdus City | Hurukuntak M170035 Ls78.49 Ly22,982224 Cr20 days ago
Bauschinger Terminal | HurukuntakL17 Ls78.49 Ly48,914179 Cr3 days ago

Where to sell Synthetic Meat near Chamas

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Harrison Dock | Chamas M14503 Ls---51,364811 Cr21 days ago
Denton Dock | Chamas L1285 Ls---59,708811 Cr21 days ago
Hustler's Ambition | Chamas L14855 Ls---84,436811 Cr21 days ago
Willis Oasis | HR 5751 M1218 Ls6.79 Ly2,088859 Cr21 days ago
Lander Survey | HR 5751 M690 Ls6.79 Ly1,145859 Cr21 days ago
Atwood Settlement | Scorpii Sector KX-T b3-6 L78 Ls9.31 Ly216708 Cr5 days ago
Bolger Enterprise | Scorpii Sector KX-T b3-6 L24 Ls9.31 Ly2,168859 Cr5 days ago
Reynolds Penal colony | Col 285 Sector ZK-O d6-87 L1974 Ls10.28 Ly227708 Cr13 days ago
Rzeppa Beacon | Col 285 Sector ZK-O d6-87 L1986 Ls10.28 Ly1,611859 Cr13 days ago
Barnaby Point | Tharuwa M931 Ls12.86 Ly64705 Cr19 days ago
Crown Hub | Tharuwa L925 Ls12.86 Ly201705 Cr19 days ago
Narvaez Arena | Mehita L4456 Ls13.1 Ly122715 Cr5 days ago
Heyerdahl Depot | Mehita M371 Ls13.1 Ly39715 Cr5 days ago
Carstensz Port | Silurion M2217 Ls13.18 Ly503841 Cr3 days ago
King Observatory | SilurionL2216 Ls13.18 Ly669841 Cr3 days ago
Wrangell Keep | Cashis L4328 Ls13.58 Ly2,586819 Cr14 days ago
Hahn Dock | Cashis M4361 Ls13.58 Ly2,500819 Cr14 days ago
Beltrami Enterprise | Cashis L4377 Ls13.58 Ly1,125819 Cr13 days ago
Grunsfeld Horizons | Cashis L4327 Ls13.58 Ly2,976819 Cr5 days ago
Al-Farabi Colony | Cashis M4383 Ls13.58 Ly2,042819 Cr14 days ago
Bergerac Mine | Angirasa M22 Ls15.6 Ly143718 Cr21 days ago
Collins Terminal | Juipeduwona M36 Ls16.01 Ly117718 Cr3 days ago
Koontz Settlement | Juipeduwona M13976 Ls16.01 Ly148718 Cr3 days ago
Remek's Inheritance | Scorpii Sector DL-Y d157 L12221 Ls16.19 Ly506862 Cr14 days ago
Dzhanibekov Station | Saya M59 Ls17.38 Ly484841 Cr2 days ago
Hale Point | Saya M2382 Ls17.38 Ly219694 Cr21 days ago
Pinzon Beacon | Kakan L129066 Ls18.89 Ly668802 Cr13 days ago
Clebsch Vision | Kakan M585 Ls18.89 Ly255679 Cr13 days ago
Phillifent Depot | Col 285 Sector LE-L b23-4L300 Ls19.55 Ly58684 Cr5 days ago
Heceta City | Daina M77956 Ls19.59 Ly547791 Cr13 days ago
Block Landing | Daina M1732 Ls19.59 Ly173696 Cr2 days ago
Due Mine | Rusattra M1560 Ls19.97 Ly39718 Cr21 days ago
Paulo da Gama Asylum | Rusattra L1574 Ls19.97 Ly134718 Cr5 days ago
Jordan Terminal | HIP 76435M1200 Ls20.37 Ly167718 Cr13 days ago
Grant Installation | HIP 76435L893 Ls20.37 Ly576873 Cr17 days ago
Ford Mines | HIP 73650 M2425 Ls20.41 Ly460849 Cr3 days ago
la Cosa Relay | HIP 73205 M675 Ls20.55 Ly91718 Cr3 days ago
d'Eyncourt Port | HIP 73814M166 Ls20.82 Ly786854 Cr12 hours ago
Judson Mine | AtesM195 Ls20.85 Ly152718 Cr1 day ago
Redi Base | Sietynas M382 Ls20.99 Ly145705 Cr17 days ago

Highest supply for Synthetic Meat

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Bain Dock | Anlave M3261 Ls206.76 Ly0177 Cr18318 days ago
Durrance Dock | Xi Ursae MajorisL3587 Ls180.65 Ly0156 Cr18318 days ago
Csoma Ring | HIP 80242L57 Ls66.96 Ly0205 Cr18318 days ago
Hevelius Terminal | Hatmehing L329 Ls225.86 Ly0176 Cr18318 days ago
Scully-Power Station | IxL98 Ls302.84 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago
Karl Diesel City | Zeaex M135 Ls142.06 Ly0145 Cr18318 days ago
George Lucas | Leesti L254 Ls85.55 Ly0171 Cr18318 days ago
Hanke-Woods Orbital | IxbakaldL3085 Ls234.12 Ly0148 Cr18318 days ago
Windt Terminal | q1 Eridani L1092 Ls179.63 Ly0156 Cr18318 days ago
Snodgrass Orbital | DisciL1137 Ls201.68 Ly0200 Cr18318 days ago
Ashman Dock | LampadeL144635 Ls181.7 Ly0165 Cr18318 days ago
Porges Horizons | G 250-34 L36 Ls224.98 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago
Alvarado Ring | LHS 3885L723 Ls180.04 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago
Lundwall City | LTT 1349L127 Ls220.54 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago
Wheeler Horizons | Asgaa L858 Ls122 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago
Kimberlin Orbital | LTT 17156L3346 Ls242.85 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago
Valigursky Orbital | VotatiniL3252 Ls235.15 Ly0148 Cr18318 days ago
Kessel Port | LHS 2936 M21 Ls189.32 Ly0109 Cr18318 days ago
Artyukhin Terminal | LP 861-12L1256 Ls115.06 Ly0164 Cr18318 days ago
Hassanein Hub | HERZ 13422L1189 Ls182.91 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago
Israel Station | Chick BaraL17610 Ls213.31 Ly0148 Cr18318 days ago
Brin Vision | q1 Eridani M2864 Ls179.63 Ly0145 Cr18318 days ago
Coney Gateway | LHS 1832 L10 Ls168.84 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago
Baliunas Hub | GendeL926 Ls221.49 Ly0166 Cr18318 days ago
Flagg Dock | Aakushu L1244 Ls126.59 Ly0148 Cr18318 days ago
Aleksandrov Gateway | LHS 115 L117 Ls204.63 Ly0266 Cr18318 days ago
Levchenko City | Ross 145 L2648 Ls177.91 Ly0164 Cr18318 days ago
Jameson Memorial | Shinrarta DezhraL323 Ls130.14 Ly0154 Cr18318 days ago
Whitelaw Enterprise | Tote L1070 Ls270.5 Ly0151 Cr18318 days ago
Macan Hub | G 250-34 M36 Ls224.98 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago
Hadid City | LTT 1873L227 Ls263.82 Ly0165 Cr18318 days ago
Sharp Enterprise | ZosiaL3290 Ls234.73 Ly0151 Cr18318 days ago
Goldstein Port | LembavaL280 Ls281.47 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago
Feynman Terminal | BhutasL3317 Ls63.39 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago
Chernykh Port | Tsim BinbaM18 Ls206.37 Ly0148 Cr18318 days ago
Fowler Orbital | DvorsiL17 Ls199.95 Ly0165 Cr18318 days ago
Bradfield Ring | HR 826L2781 Ls285.35 Ly0160 Cr18318 days ago
Celsius Hub | HR 6828L1983 Ls122.77 Ly0164 Cr18318 days ago
Lunan Station | LTT 6714 L607 Ls73.87 Ly0141 Cr18318 days ago

Highest demand for Synthetic Meat

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Fisher Terminal | OkinuraL343 Ls199.4 Ly3,583,858729 Cr18318 days ago
Ludwig Struve Hub | SiddhaL21 Ls223.53 Ly3,344,5502,166 Cr18318 days ago
Meuron Station | SiddhaL26 Ls223.53 Ly3,053,1502,166 Cr18318 days ago
Siddha Port | SiddhaM38 Ls223.53 Ly2,730,8252,166 Cr18318 days ago
Blaauw Orbital | SiddhaL38 Ls223.53 Ly2,730,8252,166 Cr18318 days ago
Bova Orbital | HR 8208 L8873 Ls247.91 Ly2,397,6002,196 Cr18318 days ago
Wallerstein Terminal | SiddhaM1703 Ls223.53 Ly2,364,9502,166 Cr18318 days ago
Barton Dock | Daras L378 Ls259.51 Ly2,132,3251,659 Cr18318 days ago
Langley Dock | SiddhaM1670 Ls223.53 Ly1,930,9752,166 Cr18318 days ago
West Gateway | LFT 1442L1227 Ls143.81 Ly989,3541,594 Cr18318 days ago
Bennett Gateway | OkinuraL61 Ls199.4 Ly982,644729 Cr18318 days ago
Hodgkinson Dock | Ti WaL61 Ls272.2 Ly811,267791 Cr18318 days ago
Vlaicu Terminal | HIP 115917 L1044 Ls226.36 Ly751,102762 Cr18318 days ago
Miner Prospects | LP 339-7L4381 Ls200.84 Ly739,071745 Cr18318 days ago
Lukyanenko Dock | HIP 98211L1328 Ls127.72 Ly676,9001,712 Cr18318 days ago
Bobko Orbital | UgrashtrimM379 Ls203.38 Ly603,033745 Cr18318 days ago
Fabricius Vision | HIP 20199L480 Ls244.18 Ly561,228806 Cr18318 days ago
Gamow Terminal | 41 Lambda Hydrae M3738 Ls180.86 Ly552,797745 Cr18318 days ago
Vonarburg City | Kung TeL1048 Ls245.43 Ly542,093745 Cr18318 days ago
Celsius Station | HIP 7304L225 Ls313.19 Ly541,3002,273 Cr18318 days ago
Swift Station | ContikuM124 Ls227.07 Ly526,9751,581 Cr18318 days ago
Melnick Station | CapukangaL410 Ls248.68 Ly516,9252,217 Cr18318 days ago
Houtman Terminal | Kung TeL1412 Ls245.43 Ly481,662745 Cr18318 days ago
Ridley Scott | Zaonce L390 Ls84.32 Ly470,358745 Cr18318 days ago
Thompson Gateway | AchelousL2107 Ls208.53 Ly458,805745 Cr18318 days ago
Scheutz Terminal | CapukangaM571 Ls248.68 Ly444,6752,217 Cr18318 days ago
Ampere Station | Shana Bei L415 Ls283.6 Ly443,812672 Cr18318 days ago
Abe Gateway | CadubiiL122 Ls261.42 Ly431,0501,654 Cr18318 days ago
Columbus | Sol L2544 Ls177.07 Ly429,532487 Cr18318 days ago
Burnell Station | Sol M362 Ls177.07 Ly426,395761 Cr18318 days ago
Lagrange Enterprise | LTT 700L586 Ls164.52 Ly403,127745 Cr18318 days ago
Ampere Dock | 1 i Centauri L1502 Ls120.28 Ly399,383796 Cr18318 days ago
Gagnan City | Lambda AraeL1836 Ls117.73 Ly396,895745 Cr18318 days ago
Wisdom Vision | KhamatamanL1114 Ls338.03 Ly396,5321,603 Cr18318 days ago
den Berg Gateway | 37 Librae L3475 Ls106.82 Ly392,175745 Cr18318 days ago
Matthews Gateway | UGP 120L441 Ls234.31 Ly390,939777 Cr18318 days ago
Watts Dock | 234 G. CarinaeL5384 Ls128.72 Ly390,443808 Cr18318 days ago
Borel Enterprise | Nevermore L5190 Ls180.43 Ly390,319601 Cr18318 days ago
Morgan Terminal | MaungguM246 Ls208.5 Ly387,745703 Cr18318 days ago
Ferguson Orbital | HIP 95350L195 Ls116.92 Ly386,439803 Cr18318 days ago

Best buy prices for Synthetic Meat (Average buy price: 234 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Janes Horizons | Arexe L2286 Ls75.73 Ly77,88388 Cr34 minutes ago
Alexander Dock | Omicron ColumbaeL904 Ls222.26 Ly102,45690 Cr4 hours ago
Hornby Station | CD-58 538L416 Ls177.04 Ly160,728104 Cr2 hours ago
Ohm City | LHS 20 L1134 Ls211.84 Ly51,559105 Cr2 hours ago
Ali Ring | Kokojina L598 Ls136.75 Ly4,945109 Cr2 hours ago
Meredith City | LFT 926 L374 Ls128.11 Ly356,952113 Cr48 minutes ago
Lazutkin Terminal | LHS 20 M1138 Ls211.84 Ly37,312117 Cr14 hours ago
Zebrowski Orbital | LHS 2936 M1580 Ls189.32 Ly287,851122 Cr1 day ago
Fraser Orbital | LHS 2936 L21 Ls189.32 Ly200,657123 Cr9 hours ago
Kessel Port | LHS 2936 M21 Ls189.32 Ly725,780123 Cr10 minutes ago
Jones Dock | Caelottixa L56 Ls111.37 Ly2,281133 Cr1 day ago
Bachman Platform | Caelottixa M913 Ls111.37 Ly5,967133 Cr9 minutes ago
Holloway Biology Centre | ColoniaL3651 Ls21899.07 Ly37,433133 Cr8 hours ago
Leinster Holdings | SurtiL344 Ls255.44 Ly20,712137 Cr5 days ago
Maine Hub | LHS 3564 M63 Ls187.15 Ly23,295140 Cr4 days ago
Jimmy's Leap | HIP 54407 L235 Ls291.74 Ly3,053141 Cr4 days ago
Morris Dock | Khernidjal M585 Ls200.11 Ly156,230142 Cr2 days ago
Coye Horizons | BaeduleL166 Ls180.47 Ly37,073142 Cr2 days ago
Alpers City | Khan GubiiL2151 Ls61.91 Ly68,254142 Cr1 day ago
Bear Laboratory | Masses L205 Ls304.81 Ly16,867143 Cr5 days ago
Kremmen's Respite | Kioti 368 L366 Ls21870.73 Ly2,566144 Cr7 hours ago
Tsiolkovskiy Horizon | Pyrrha L17 Ls21914.75 Ly12,903144 Cr2 days ago
Hipparque - Cartographers' University | PytheasL140 Ls21883.12 Ly12,903144 Cr7 hours ago
Spassky's Prospect | MacrathM683 Ls21915.28 Ly4,444144 Cr4 hours ago
Tartarus Point | Momus Reach L414 Ls270.71 Ly4,267146 Cr22 minutes ago
Ralphus | Momus Reach L414 Ls270.71 Ly5,951146 Cr5 hours ago
Pride's Landing | AlmagestL2780 Ls555.03 Ly28,921146 Cr3 days ago
Syromyatnikov Horizons | NuL1614 Ls207.52 Ly38,788147 Cr7 hours ago
Marius Orbital | NuM1873 Ls207.52 Ly33,371147 Cr2 days ago
Vasilyev Port | Aganippe M244 Ls168.19 Ly33,841147 Cr5 hours ago
Smith Observatory | HIP 90055 L3911 Ls123.2 Ly6,258147 Cr20 hours ago
Morgan Settlement | MjolnirL397 Ls152.92 Ly1,330148 Cr6 days ago
Stuart Hub | Nuakea M2150 Ls147.17 Ly67,668148 Cr4 days ago
Jones Estate | Groombridge 34 L9 Ls186.86 Ly23,925150 Cr1 hour ago
Matthews City | Groombridge 34 L75525 Ls186.86 Ly45,321150 Cr22 hours ago
Proteus Orbital | BD+24 543L281 Ls238.62 Ly8,831150 Cr17 hours ago
Lewis Orbital | NLTT 13249 L369 Ls246.07 Ly248,378150 Cr2 hours ago
Denton Installation | Wolf 1301M852 Ls262.03 Ly11,325150 Cr4 days ago
McMullen Ring | Millese L647 Ls118.01 Ly319,609150 Cr9 hours ago
Lee Gateway | Millese M1181 Ls118.01 Ly219,495150 Cr6 days ago

Best sell prices for Synthetic Meat (Average sell price: 703 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Steinmuller Prospect | Wolf 497 L413 Ls161.84 Ly7,0502,460 Cr1 day ago
Converse Platform | Orulas M1775 Ls328.32 Ly1,5752,452 Cr3 days ago
Hackworth Mine | Sienses M453 Ls274.18 Ly11,7002,452 Cr3 days ago
Stott Enterprise | LafqueelaL735 Ls181.99 Ly5,8002,443 Cr2 days ago
Elion Platform | Kamahu M350 Ls347.21 Ly9752,443 Cr15 hours ago
Whitson Colony | Naita M273 Ls103.34 Ly16,1002,416 Cr2 days ago
Nolan Landing | BD+29 3029 M11881 Ls174.47 Ly10,3502,416 Cr4 days ago
Langley Point | MbetatikaM434 Ls226.05 Ly2,0002,412 Cr7 hours ago
Chertovsky Arena | KitesM996 Ls319.91 Ly7,6252,408 Cr2 days ago
Lerman Port | Wolf 1316 M220709 Ls291.81 Ly42,8252,380 Cr4 hours ago
Leoniceno Survey | PerketL1351 Ls244.43 Ly54,5002,376 Cr2 days ago
Pinto Settlement | AngawalM7 Ls281.89 Ly10,8752,376 Cr1 day ago
Poisson Dock | Minung Po L1285 Ls258.71 Ly297,9502,368 Cr2 days ago
Forstchen Horizons | Biko M2016 Ls265.24 Ly163,6002,363 Cr2 days ago
Ohain Platform | FintiaL470 Ls210.33 Ly155,5252,360 Cr2 days ago
SDM Galactic Starpost | LHS 1650 L878 Ls179.05 Ly13,0002,352 Cr1 hour ago
Popper Keep | HollatjaL424 Ls148.05 Ly20,6502,332 Cr2 days ago
Fadlan Barracks | Irukama L816 Ls172.88 Ly27,5752,302 Cr2 days ago
Celsius Station | HIP 7304L225 Ls313.19 Ly541,3002,273 Cr7 hours ago
Gidzenko Enterprise | OleleutsL1248 Ls158.27 Ly370,2002,249 Cr6 hours ago
Scheutz Terminal | CapukangaM571 Ls248.68 Ly444,6752,217 Cr2 days ago
Melnick Station | CapukangaL410 Ls248.68 Ly516,9252,217 Cr7 hours ago
Gromov Dock | PiritiM1237 Ls292.24 Ly276,9002,182 Cr1 day ago
Gaensler Prospect | SiddhaL21 Ls223.53 Ly41,1002,166 Cr1 hour ago
Langley Dock | SiddhaM1670 Ls223.53 Ly1,930,9752,166 Cr5 days ago
Wallerstein Terminal | SiddhaM1703 Ls223.53 Ly2,364,9502,166 Cr5 days ago
Siddha Port | SiddhaM38 Ls223.53 Ly2,730,8252,166 Cr5 days ago
Blaauw Orbital | SiddhaL38 Ls223.53 Ly2,730,8252,166 Cr4 hours ago
Meuron Station | SiddhaL26 Ls223.53 Ly3,053,1502,166 Cr11 hours ago
Ludwig Struve Hub | SiddhaL21 Ls223.53 Ly3,344,5502,166 Cr43 minutes ago
Nicollier Vision | Indjigan M1328 Ls98.62 Ly1,8001,758 Cr2 days ago
North Dock | Amaunet M340 Ls296.02 Ly9,7501,756 Cr2 hours ago
Clerk Vision | Synuefe YK-N c23-8L902 Ls322.62 Ly2,9251,751 Cr13 hours ago
Fernandes Port | Koyeris L114 Ls241.91 Ly8,5001,748 Cr1 day ago
Jones Dock | Parezmia M197 Ls345.77 Ly4,8751,745 Cr4 days ago
Feynman Dock | Guruku Yi M435 Ls274.14 Ly18,7251,726 Cr7 hours ago
Vishweswarayya Beacon | Chothe M1697 Ls260.03 Ly32,4501,726 Cr3 days ago
Herbig Reformatory | LadagaoM53 Ls299.56 Ly1,7001,723 Cr5 days ago
Baker Colony | ShapalamL634 Ls216.2 Ly91,3501,717 Cr1 day ago
Hippalus Observatory | Cileut L1697 Ls290.89 Ly193,0861,712 Cr6 days ago