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Produced by: Refinery
Consumed by: High Tech and Industrial

Indium, In, atomic number 49. Melting point 429K. Used industrially and in high tech for a wide range of alloys, including superconductors, sensors and holo projectors.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Industrial, High Tech
Avg sell price:
5,708 Cr
Max sell price:
7,252 Cr
Avg buy price:
5,180 Cr
Min buy price:
4,860 Cr

Where to buy Indium near Nahuaru

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
MacLeod Penal colony | Formod M301 Ls11.48 Ly2,5664,932 Cr9 days ago
Creighton Works | Kilinigua M104016 Ls11.79 Ly1,0985,003 Cr10 days ago
Napier Dock | Kilinigua M104199 Ls11.79 Ly6665,662 Cr15 days ago
Malchiodi Prospect | Chersem L692 Ls11.83 Ly6,0844,995 Cr23 days ago
Bruce Colony | Chersem M407 Ls11.83 Ly2925,258 Cr26 days ago
Lee Platform | Canty M263 Ls11.91 Ly9815,739 Cr17 days ago
Leckie Enterprise | Monjadi L17257 Ls12.57 Ly15,8855,258 Cr33 days ago
Rochon Installation | MonjadiL17275 Ls12.57 Ly17,2855,304 Cr37 days ago
Noriega Port | Monjadi L17262 Ls12.57 Ly49,1855,665 Cr2 days ago
Solovyov Plant | MonjadiM17232 Ls12.57 Ly26,8055,296 Cr2 days ago
Howe Park | Yulandh M3620 Ls12.66 Ly28,0085,340 Cr31 days ago
Barr Plant | Vinab M3635 Ls16.5 Ly3,4715,738 Cr15 days ago
Read Depot | Senti M627 Ls16.64 Ly2,7294,968 Cr35 days ago
Dorsey Refinery | NangandhM353 Ls17.77 Ly3,3364,960 Cr14 days ago
Stevin Platform | Nangandh M261 Ls17.77 Ly5,2104,960 Cr11 days ago
Zamka Dock | HIP 79419M74021 Ls19.39 Ly1,8814,932 Cr34 days ago
Bertin Platform | Washa M1383 Ls21.42 Ly7,4284,960 Cr38 days ago
Jeschke Installation | MedungniL287 Ls22.66 Ly15,9745,426 Cr15 hours ago
Elvstrom Legacy | Venda Kono M362 Ls22.76 Ly1,9285,124 Cr2 days ago
Rond d'Alembert Port | Venda KonoM1682 Ls22.76 Ly1,1985,125 Cr6 days ago
Shipton Plant | AsturindjinL798 Ls23.53 Ly71,4315,250 Cr7 hours ago
Daimler Survey | MonsuM11 Ls23.62 Ly9264,972 Cr33 days ago
Ramelli Terminal | GaruttiiM20 Ls25.06 Ly2,7165,114 Cr22 days ago
Webb Dock | Rikba AtiusM323 Ls25.56 Ly2,4645,320 Cr13 days ago
Watts Plant | Rikba Atius M186 Ls25.56 Ly6,3375,523 Cr9 days ago
Evason Landing | HIP 77282L1934 Ls25.96 Ly6,1894,910 Cr13 days ago
Sharman Station | Clee M1042 Ls26.39 Ly267,6125,800 Cr15 days ago
Goeschke City | Clee L1053 Ls26.39 Ly267,6125,239 Cr5 days ago
Babcock Orbital | Clee L1055 Ls26.39 Ly425,5325,165 Cr1 day ago
Serre Installation | BormoM1053 Ls27.05 Ly3,4165,114 Cr11 days ago
Beatty Colony | BormoM45 Ls27.05 Ly5,4105,114 Cr3 days ago
Bergerac Settlement | BormoL45 Ls27.05 Ly10,1115,067 Cr11 days ago
Darnielle Plant | AvaneM1233 Ls28.54 Ly3,2784,960 Cr5 days ago
Prunariu Port | HIP 78716M7183 Ls28.96 Ly1,1955,219 Cr23 days ago
Yang Gateway | Tsao Wang M1494 Ls30.42 Ly28,7435,405 Cr10 days ago
Garriott Point | San XiangM341 Ls30.8 Ly6965,117 Cr13 days ago
Crown Landing | San XiangM275 Ls30.8 Ly5195,116 Cr10 days ago
Clark Plant | Bokitoke L34 Ls31.72 Ly10,5225,214 Cr26 days ago
Wylie Landing | Bokitoke M14 Ls31.72 Ly9375,003 Cr27 days ago
Key Platform | Bokitoke M21 Ls31.72 Ly8625,215 Cr27 days ago

Where to sell Indium near Nahuaru

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Williams Vision | Nahuaru L926 Ls---234,4126,240 Cr9 hours ago
Collins Gateway | Nahuaru M1310 Ls---101,1856,395 Cr13 days ago
MacLeod Penal colony | Formod M301 Ls11.48 Ly04,873 Cr9 days ago
Creighton Works | Kilinigua M104016 Ls11.79 Ly04,944 Cr10 days ago
Napier Dock | Kilinigua M104199 Ls11.79 Ly05,595 Cr15 days ago
Malchiodi Prospect | Chersem L692 Ls11.83 Ly04,936 Cr23 days ago
Bruce Colony | Chersem M407 Ls11.83 Ly05,196 Cr26 days ago
Lee Platform | Canty M263 Ls11.91 Ly05,671 Cr17 days ago
Mastracchio Hub | Eitha L24 Ls12.32 Ly175,3596,723 Cr3 days ago
Leckie Enterprise | Monjadi L17257 Ls12.57 Ly05,196 Cr33 days ago
Rochon Installation | MonjadiL17275 Ls12.57 Ly05,241 Cr37 days ago
Noriega Port | Monjadi L17262 Ls12.57 Ly05,595 Cr2 days ago
Solovyov Plant | MonjadiM17232 Ls12.57 Ly05,233 Cr2 days ago
Howe Park | Yulandh M3620 Ls12.66 Ly05,275 Cr31 days ago
Berners-Lee City | Yulandh L2154 Ls12.66 Ly8,1615,743 Cr8 hours ago
Cayley Station | HIP 80065 L1183 Ls14.38 Ly37,3625,919 Cr11 days ago
Crook Station | EskimoriL20 Ls15.1 Ly28,0725,788 Cr6 days ago
Maclaurin Enterprise | HIP 79888 L14192 Ls15.19 Ly52,7816,813 Cr28 days ago
Kennicott City | Pa Pa PoleL31 Ls15.6 Ly18,0855,743 Cr25 days ago
Hahn Ring | Pa Pa PoleM43 Ls15.6 Ly2,4605,743 Cr42 days ago
Barr Plant | Vinab M3635 Ls16.5 Ly05,670 Cr15 days ago
Read Depot | Senti M627 Ls16.64 Ly04,910 Cr35 days ago
Stevens Town | Scorpii Sector FW-W c1-15 L2266 Ls16.98 Ly1956,100 Cr39 days ago
Dorsey Refinery | NangandhM353 Ls17.77 Ly04,901 Cr14 days ago
Stevin Platform | Nangandh M261 Ls17.77 Ly04,901 Cr11 days ago
Zamka Dock | HIP 79419M74021 Ls19.39 Ly04,873 Cr34 days ago
Pike Landing | Shany M1472 Ls19.58 Ly2,4236,209 Cr35 days ago
White Colony | SerdaM608 Ls19.7 Ly10,8176,145 Cr23 days ago
Manarov City | Serda L448 Ls19.7 Ly12,8525,897 Cr7 hours ago
Hart Orbital | SerdaM1136 Ls19.7 Ly11,8046,239 Cr44 days ago
Fraley Ring | Grafias M1088 Ls20.14 Ly72,8996,685 Cr2 days ago
Gubarev Landing | Grafias L1339 Ls20.14 Ly86,9066,288 Cr7 hours ago
Bertin Platform | Washa M1383 Ls21.42 Ly04,901 Cr38 days ago
Jeschke Installation | MedungniL287 Ls22.66 Ly05,362 Cr15 hours ago
He Hub | MedungniM382 Ls22.66 Ly26,9805,743 Cr10 days ago
Bester Enterprise | Medungni L287 Ls22.66 Ly11,4825,743 Cr15 hours ago
Rond d'Alembert Port | Venda KonoM1682 Ls22.76 Ly05,064 Cr6 days ago
Elvstrom Legacy | Venda Kono M362 Ls22.76 Ly05,064 Cr2 days ago
Hovgaard Orbital | Birhepri L81 Ls23.41 Ly5,9695,883 Cr35 days ago
Shipton Plant | AsturindjinL798 Ls23.53 Ly05,187 Cr7 hours ago

Highest supply for Indium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Belyanin Orbital | G 87-16L22028 Ls205.28 Ly3,762,2525,019 Cr1 day ago
Shepard Port | Metzili L146 Ls214.4 Ly3,520,8545,019 Cr5 days ago
Peters City | AchenarM42367 Ls175.13 Ly3,035,9755,155 Cr68 days ago
Brackett Station | STF 1774M110222 Ls184.52 Ly2,818,5355,019 Cr3 days ago
Tikhonravov City | CD-37 641L74 Ls193.57 Ly2,618,0404,999 Cr8 days ago
Conrad Hub | OduduroL114 Ls186.01 Ly2,591,9065,075 Cr12 hours ago
Laumer City | LaksakM339530 Ls74.55 Ly2,472,1335,075 Cr9 days ago
Titius Station | CemiessL584 Ls163.39 Ly2,431,7275,063 Cr2 hours ago
Koontz Port | Inara L28906 Ls271.05 Ly2,394,0755,019 Cr2 days ago
vo Dock | LHS 142L7 Ls173.85 Ly2,377,5224,947 Cr35 minutes ago
Priest Orbital | Teaka M1865 Ls133.31 Ly2,334,8325,401 Cr29 days ago
Shoemaker City | CemiessL378 Ls163.39 Ly2,329,0455,063 Cr1 day ago
Harvey City | Kutkha M578 Ls128.55 Ly2,273,9085,075 Cr2 days ago
Wellman Port | BD+22 2742L456 Ls144.61 Ly2,240,3655,075 Cr1 day ago
Hill Hub | STF 1774L458 Ls184.52 Ly2,155,7745,019 Cr15 hours ago
Wallace Hub | LHS 1547L82757 Ls190.88 Ly2,054,5485,075 Cr20 hours ago
Vizcaino City | STF 1774L457 Ls184.52 Ly2,053,1185,075 Cr1 hour ago
Meech Dock | CemiessL87 Ls163.39 Ly2,036,7305,063 Cr1 day ago
Lee Orbital | Kehperagwe L31 Ls254.98 Ly2,015,5835,019 Cr1 day ago
Henry Orbital | Chimba M9412 Ls149.13 Ly1,940,7955,075 Cr2 days ago
Hurley Port | Chimba L9412 Ls149.13 Ly1,940,7955,075 Cr2 days ago
Thornton Hub | Chimba L9407 Ls149.13 Ly1,940,7955,075 Cr2 days ago
Paulo da Gama Hub | Inara M1433 Ls271.05 Ly1,924,2345,019 Cr2 days ago
Haller Port | LHS 1541 L70 Ls199.74 Ly1,865,8865,019 Cr2 days ago
West City | LaksakM340056 Ls74.55 Ly1,845,4945,075 Cr14 days ago
Wyeth City | Theta IndiL2200 Ls110.14 Ly1,749,5825,075 Cr6 days ago
Kimbrough Orbital | Epsilon SerpentisL581 Ls115.75 Ly1,735,2075,075 Cr1 hour ago
O'Leary City | MandhritharL1119 Ls87.38 Ly1,726,7455,075 Cr5 hours ago
Polyakov Station | DuamtaL232 Ls156.94 Ly1,700,9735,075 Cr13 hours ago
Ford Dock | NLTT 19808 L59 Ls188.3 Ly1,686,6175,075 Cr7 hours ago
Bardeen Dock | NLTT 19808 L204 Ls188.3 Ly1,686,6175,075 Cr14 hours ago
Maury Dock | KeltimL93 Ls200.41 Ly1,684,5925,419 Cr16 days ago
Deluc Orbital | 80 e PisciumM1484 Ls234.14 Ly1,680,7205,075 Cr14 days ago
Suydam Hub | SecoyaL29 Ls109.44 Ly1,656,8484,999 Cr1 hour ago
Landsteiner Terminal | 59 Virginis L3818 Ls141.06 Ly1,645,5215,075 Cr8 days ago
Behnken Orbital | CharunderM3790 Ls133.37 Ly1,636,9205,075 Cr6 days ago
vo Dock | Teng YehM49942 Ls162.48 Ly1,628,1865,019 Cr24 days ago
Nikolayev Hub | Chimba L9395 Ls149.13 Ly1,617,6235,075 Cr5 days ago
Blackwell Orbital | Kalb L115229 Ls86.43 Ly1,608,9475,075 Cr12 days ago
Bagian Station | Kalb L115157 Ls86.43 Ly1,608,9475,075 Cr4 days ago

Highest demand for Indium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
RenenBellot Gateway | LTT 700M233 Ls134.92 Ly5,970,6926,643 Cr4 days ago
Lagrange Enterprise | LTT 700L586 Ls134.92 Ly5,773,2476,643 Cr5 days ago
Sharma Port | Xamen EkL971 Ls158.86 Ly5,735,6006,643 Cr53 days ago
Gooch Terminal | Aiabiko L36 Ls203.71 Ly5,311,8316,643 Cr14 hours ago
O'Leary Terminal | Algorab M51110 Ls129.16 Ly4,890,2116,643 Cr30 days ago
Fleming City | Mulachi L594474 Ls115.65 Ly4,789,4196,643 Cr8 hours ago
Mullane Hub | RanaL3748 Ls170.44 Ly4,480,2096,643 Cr1 day ago
Borman Terminal | Drevlyada M52477 Ls112.84 Ly4,294,5156,643 Cr38 days ago
Shapiro Dock | LTT 700L9230 Ls134.92 Ly3,816,3356,643 Cr5 days ago
Check Ring | XuandunaL1399 Ls147.07 Ly3,469,8336,570 Cr13 hours ago
Higginbotham City | Selebegua M1055 Ls130.21 Ly3,389,8266,643 Cr21 days ago
Wyndham Ring | V2689 OrionisL60 Ls182.96 Ly3,286,1116,643 Cr15 hours ago
Laval Port | Lalande 22701 L54 Ls157 Ly2,925,0606,643 Cr6 days ago
Jones Port | Beetrix L783 Ls234.97 Ly2,914,8746,640 Cr9 days ago
Whitney Station | Osermians L295 Ls219.4 Ly2,909,0426,635 Cr30 days ago
Kerwin Gateway | LP 339-7 L14842 Ls164.87 Ly2,903,3226,639 Cr23 hours ago
Gell-Mann Ring | LP 339-7L31 Ls164.87 Ly2,903,3226,639 Cr1 day ago
Berners-Lee Ring | Drevlyada L52661 Ls112.84 Ly2,898,9706,633 Cr13 days ago
Forward Orbital | SPOCS 615L309714 Ls81.13 Ly2,876,3876,636 Cr24 days ago
Smith Station | HIP 47468L603 Ls231.61 Ly2,862,2996,642 Cr38 days ago
Salam Station | Drevlyada L52717 Ls112.84 Ly2,835,9136,633 Cr13 days ago
Sauma Orbital | TepehuacocL88 Ls117.84 Ly2,819,0806,637 Cr11 days ago
Collins Gateway | Sigma BootisL13950 Ls148.27 Ly2,782,2486,643 Cr18 hours ago
Klein Station | HIP 47468L774 Ls231.61 Ly2,764,6796,642 Cr3 hours ago
McDaniel Dock | Ededleen L1303 Ls84.2 Ly2,737,7506,641 Cr3 days ago
Brandenstein Terminal | 27 Kappa Persei L468836 Ls261.13 Ly2,734,3656,626 Cr20 days ago
Dietz Dock | HIP 40140 L143 Ls266.85 Ly2,732,5606,670 Cr32 days ago
Bellamy Enterprise | Kung TeL442 Ls207.43 Ly2,714,9376,643 Cr13 days ago
Nixon Gateway | HIP 70253L495 Ls221.72 Ly2,673,5696,639 Cr29 days ago
Cernan Dock | GCRV 1568 L1693 Ls250.4 Ly2,646,4166,672 Cr3 hours ago
Vetulani City | Sigma BootisL14364 Ls148.27 Ly2,625,6716,643 Cr8 days ago
Melvin Dock | BD+05 1146L70 Ls234.78 Ly2,618,0416,642 Cr5 days ago
Dreyer Gateway | Asase YaM150 Ls187.87 Ly2,579,8856,670 Cr3 days ago
Hughes Station | NukamaL458 Ls157.14 Ly2,562,4666,675 Cr2 days ago
Faraday Enterprise | Xamen EkL763 Ls158.86 Ly2,548,1136,628 Cr20 days ago
Gutierrez Orbital | NukamaL456 Ls157.14 Ly2,536,8826,675 Cr19 days ago
Kerimov Dock | LTT 9810L60 Ls140.8 Ly2,508,9756,660 Cr4 days ago
Sabine Gateway | LTT 700M8664 Ls134.92 Ly2,489,6106,457 Cr8 days ago
Tiedemann Station | KuligansL45195 Ls227.18 Ly2,429,6816,609 Cr21 days ago
O'Connor Station | LopocaresL329 Ls156.58 Ly2,428,1266,596 Cr7 days ago

Best buy prices for Indium (Average buy price: 5180 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Nansen Colony | FengalufonM424 Ls112.7 Ly6,1174,860 Cr1 day ago
Thornycroft Penal colony | MannonaM391 Ls168.02 Ly13,4174,860 Cr1 hour ago
Werber Orbital | FrengM1405 Ls151.84 Ly60,8144,882 Cr6 days ago
Hopkins Settlement | FetillM2234 Ls160.55 Ly31,4224,882 Cr31 days ago
Birdseye Platform | Sak Nicopa M385 Ls114.31 Ly38,4574,882 Cr24 days ago
Berezin Terminal | HR 4673 L313 Ls240.1 Ly7664,882 Cr21 days ago
Clerk Plant | HIP 72797 L82 Ls71.99 Ly6884,882 Cr10 days ago
Goldstein's Folly | Col 285 Sector UZ-P d5-60L33227 Ls233.71 Ly5914,882 Cr47 days ago
MacLean Horizons | Tollan M1326 Ls176.93 Ly60,8854,883 Cr7 days ago
Alas Landing | Wolf 1373 M1481 Ls155.74 Ly54,8664,883 Cr3 days ago
Libby Hub | Wolf 1373 M17297 Ls155.74 Ly39,1234,883 Cr9 days ago
Wakata City | LHS 3836M662 Ls138.58 Ly130,4434,883 Cr1 day ago
Ordway Horizons | ShaplintinM1922 Ls216.72 Ly57,6064,883 Cr1 day ago
Plater's Tyranny | HillaL525 Ls119.37 Ly50,3364,883 Cr2 hours ago
Vaucanson Platform | Kairos M2522 Ls94.84 Ly47,2154,883 Cr14 days ago
Marshall City | LB 3303M1206 Ls142.31 Ly68,7894,883 Cr24 days ago
McCoy City | L 26-27 L410 Ls134.64 Ly62,2744,883 Cr3 days ago
Andreas Hangar | G 5-32 M1240 Ls202.86 Ly49,1354,883 Cr11 days ago
Rond d'Alembert Port | LP 638-58M3408 Ls153.64 Ly69,0164,883 Cr16 days ago
Pythagoras Landing | Tollan M700 Ls176.93 Ly86,9624,884 Cr1 day ago
Gordon Plant | Tollan L530 Ls176.93 Ly109,9104,884 Cr3 hours ago
Garnier Platform | KomovoyM1475 Ls104.78 Ly126,8894,884 Cr2 hours ago
Hoard Holdings | OresquM54007 Ls104.65 Ly152,1564,884 Cr4 days ago
Papin Terminal | Calor M36 Ls135.88 Ly83,8584,884 Cr2 days ago
Faraday Settlement | LHS 3836M463 Ls138.58 Ly245,1114,884 Cr3 days ago
Robinson Installation | LTT 14019 M136110 Ls187.46 Ly100,5784,884 Cr2 days ago
Song Installation | HIP 43310 M1169 Ls187 Ly79,6124,884 Cr5 days ago
Bunch Settlement | HIP 71682 M2068 Ls72.81 Ly41,7434,884 Cr1 day ago
Nelson Terminal | EdanditisM721 Ls86.13 Ly58,1604,884 Cr7 days ago
Finch Enterprise | Bwgcolmasci M4073 Ls301.06 Ly43,7494,884 Cr25 days ago
Fullerton Terminal | Corbenic M1932 Ls150.53 Ly57,6174,884 Cr4 hours ago
Al-Khalili Port | LB 3303M974 Ls142.31 Ly101,2944,884 Cr5 days ago
Veblen Colony | LHS 184 M3941 Ls173.89 Ly41,3634,884 Cr10 days ago
Harrison Settlement | LP 638-58 L709 Ls153.64 Ly126,2754,884 Cr4 days ago
Klimuk Terminal | NLTT 52560 M2785 Ls209.14 Ly99,0094,885 Cr33 days ago
Houtman Colony | GladyakM39 Ls162.86 Ly53,6424,885 Cr2 days ago
MacKellar Dock | HIP 43310 L971 Ls187 Ly109,2114,885 Cr2 days ago
Stableford Refinery | SkandiniL464 Ls168.34 Ly70,3924,885 Cr4 days ago
Steiner Platform | Aasgaa L117 Ls106.2 Ly136,1874,885 Cr7 hours ago

Best sell prices for Indium (Average sell price: 5708 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Thomson Orbital | Lansbury L449 Ls129.36 Ly22,0177,252 Cr17 hours ago
Henson Laboratory | Lansbury M1707 Ls129.36 Ly87,3867,252 Cr10 hours ago
Landis Settlement | Lansbury L334 Ls129.36 Ly30,6707,252 Cr8 hours ago
Ivens Landing | Lansbury L334 Ls129.36 Ly12,9317,252 Cr1 day ago
Barry's Centre | HIP 52285-93980 Ls233.37 Ly6967,252 Cr46 days ago
Hennepin Prospect | Assinda L219783 Ls308.19 Ly999,9997,239 Cr39 days ago
Dionysus | HIP 17044L1954 Ls464.15 Ly19,0937,209 Cr51 minutes ago
Crown Dock | Yen Di L240 Ls245.54 Ly137,5767,187 Cr2 days ago
Asaro Port | VaccaeL1435 Ls208.19 Ly25,7727,187 Cr33 minutes ago
Lander Enterprise | VaccaeM1752 Ls208.19 Ly22,0017,187 Cr5 days ago
Ellis Gateway | Daesitiates L516 Ls125.79 Ly216,3827,187 Cr11 hours ago
Stephenson Hub | Daesitiates M1123 Ls125.79 Ly185,3197,187 Cr12 hours ago
McNair Gateway | Sun TakushL1394 Ls134.84 Ly30,0487,187 Cr1 hour ago
Gabriel Dock | Haroingori L33 Ls63.25 Ly130,3587,187 Cr1 hour ago
Holberg Vision | KZ Andromedae M1853 Ls204.66 Ly48,0977,187 Cr4 days ago
Linaweaver Terminal | KZ Andromedae L1357 Ls204.66 Ly55,8957,187 Cr14 hours ago
Benyovszky Dock | EdenwiL1218 Ls294.13 Ly288,3777,187 Cr38 days ago
Sheffield Dock | Caberani L8279 Ls265.19 Ly23,4527,187 Cr7 hours ago
Planck Station | BinjiaM642 Ls217.55 Ly287,7227,187 Cr5 hours ago
Carr Orbital | BinjiaL462 Ls217.55 Ly330,5447,187 Cr2 hours ago
Curbeam Colony | BinjiaM645 Ls217.55 Ly23,8917,187 Cr6 hours ago
Moriarty Horizons | Njirus L275 Ls144.41 Ly206,3557,187 Cr1 hour ago
Goya Landing | HIP 16753L45 Ls541.47 Ly38,2967,181 Cr17 hours ago
Gibson Landing | Muri M1460 Ls237.67 Ly42,9867,179 Cr3 hours ago
Maler Colony | Muri M1096 Ls237.67 Ly75,9647,179 Cr1 day ago
Vasquez de Coronado Dock | Muri L6 Ls237.67 Ly181,0247,179 Cr7 minutes ago
Fozard Dock | HIP 19934L989 Ls317.08 Ly179,8337,179 Cr36 minutes ago
Young Settlement | ImenhitM647 Ls108.7 Ly181,2697,164 Cr2 days ago
Cook Gateway | 11 CepheiL846 Ls295.92 Ly62,9477,161 Cr2 hours ago
Ford Research Laboratory | California Sector HR-W d1-28L259 Ls1126.22 Ly12,2317,160 Cr1 day ago
Fort Forgie Starport | RasmussenL223 Ls163.54 Ly22,1887,157 Cr3 hours ago
Poincare Landing | RasmussenM423 Ls163.54 Ly14,5497,157 Cr2 minutes ago
Port Bueschel | DakvarL138 Ls200.69 Ly11,6897,157 Cr4 hours ago
Pedersen's Legacy | Mobia L20 Ls21866.9 Ly8,8487,154 Cr17 hours ago
Cardano Ring | Lu Pao M1331 Ls250.48 Ly13,7157,151 Cr22 days ago
EG Main HQ | EuryaleL888 Ls141.69 Ly15,6597,144 Cr7 hours ago
Svavarsson Terminal | Apalar L439 Ls142.78 Ly186,8867,143 Cr6 hours ago
Clark Port | Aruru M419 Ls190.75 Ly58,9017,143 Cr2 days ago
Ford Station | Aruru L254 Ls190.75 Ly69,5307,143 Cr3 minutes ago
Stuart Hub | Nuakea M2150 Ls117.22 Ly167,7247,140 Cr17 days ago