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Produced by: Refinery
Consumed by: High Tech and Industrial

Indium, In, atomic number 49. Melting point 429K. Used industrially and in high tech for a wide range of alloys, including superconductors, sensors and holo projectors.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Industrial, High Tech
Avg sell price:
5,842 Cr
Max sell price:
7,252 Cr
Avg buy price:
5,313 Cr
Min buy price:
4,875 Cr

Where to buy Indium near Nahuaru

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
MacLeod Penal colony | Formod M302 Ls11.48 Ly4,2566,076 Cr6 hours ago
Creighton Works | Kilinigua M104182 Ls11.79 Ly1025,928 Cr10 days ago
Napier Dock | Kilinigua M104085 Ls11.79 Ly1,1895,525 Cr1 day ago
Hugh Stop | Chersem M533 Ls11.83 Ly3865,153 Cr2 days ago
Bruce Colony | Chersem M407 Ls11.83 Ly1725,879 Cr6 days ago
Malchiodi Prospect | Chersem L692 Ls11.83 Ly6,3884,974 Cr1 day ago
Lee Platform | Canty M263 Ls11.91 Ly3,4375,410 Cr19 hours ago
Emshwiller Platform | Canty M129769 Ls11.91 Ly5,2205,272 Cr1 day ago
Solovyov Plant | MonjadiM17223 Ls12.57 Ly47,8475,142 Cr1 day ago
Noriega Port | MonjadiL17260 Ls12.57 Ly82,2645,160 Cr2 days ago
Leckie Enterprise | Monjadi L17246 Ls12.57 Ly15,8855,258 Cr1 day ago
Rochon Installation | MonjadiL17300 Ls12.57 Ly17,2855,304 Cr2 days ago
Kooi Orbital | Yulandh M2127 Ls12.66 Ly35,5205,966 Cr7 days ago
Howe Park | Yulandh M3621 Ls12.66 Ly30,8475,332 Cr3 days ago
Bester Base | HIP 81071L114 Ls12.69 Ly1,3125,817 Cr8 days ago
Klimuk Outpost | LomotwaM887 Ls14.25 Ly3,5495,003 Cr6 days ago
Sadi Carnot Point | LomotwaM193 Ls14.25 Ly8,0675,003 Cr1 day ago
Bering Port | EskimoriM52 Ls15.1 Ly76,5635,283 Cr8 days ago
Cori Orbital | HIP 82521 M3674 Ls16.33 Ly5,6225,742 Cr27 days ago
Barr Plant | Vinab M3695 Ls16.5 Ly6,1965,614 Cr1 day ago
Caselberg Settlement | Vinab M2044 Ls16.5 Ly9,6775,614 Cr1 day ago
al-Din Settlement | Senti M467 Ls16.64 Ly1,9125,857 Cr7 days ago
Read Depot | Senti M627 Ls16.64 Ly3,4394,947 Cr3 days ago
Grandin Dock | IceniM300 Ls17.68 Ly1,7214,932 Cr1 day ago
Dorsey Refinery | NangandhM353 Ls17.77 Ly4965,928 Cr12 days ago
Stevin Platform | Nangandh M261 Ls17.77 Ly4,5195,604 Cr12 days ago
Herschel Platform | HIP 79419M73983 Ls19.39 Ly2,3884,932 Cr8 days ago
Zamka Dock | HIP 79419M74160 Ls19.39 Ly1,3635,290 Cr10 days ago
Resnick Settlement | Arabayati M422 Ls21.77 Ly6365,254 Cr11 days ago
Elder Settlement | Arabayati M652 Ls21.77 Ly8675,254 Cr9 days ago
Arnason Enterprise | HIP 80680 L235 Ls22.17 Ly4,4675,703 Cr10 days ago
Caryanda Mines | HIP 80680 M315 Ls22.17 Ly6535,005 Cr9 days ago
Jeschke Installation | MedungniL287 Ls22.66 Ly5,8665,928 Cr9 days ago
Searfoss Depot | Scorpii Sector HR-W c1-21 L89 Ls22.69 Ly4425,665 Cr23 days ago
Elvstrom Legacy | Venda Kono M362 Ls22.76 Ly1,9285,124 Cr21 days ago
Shipton Plant | AsturindjinL842 Ls23.53 Ly37,0456,080 Cr6 days ago

Where to sell Indium near Nahuaru

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Collins Gateway | Nahuaru M1310 Ls---127,4936,436 Cr1 day ago
Williams Vision | Nahuaru L926 Ls---1,030,1187,113 Cr23 minutes ago
MacLeod Penal colony | Formod M302 Ls11.48 Ly06,004 Cr6 hours ago
Creighton Works | Kilinigua M104182 Ls11.79 Ly05,858 Cr10 days ago
Napier Dock | Kilinigua M104085 Ls11.79 Ly05,460 Cr1 day ago
Malchiodi Prospect | Chersem L692 Ls11.83 Ly04,915 Cr1 day ago
Hugh Stop | Chersem M533 Ls11.83 Ly05,092 Cr2 days ago
Bruce Colony | Chersem M407 Ls11.83 Ly05,810 Cr6 days ago
Lee Platform | Canty M263 Ls11.91 Ly05,346 Cr19 hours ago
Emshwiller Platform | Canty M129769 Ls11.91 Ly05,210 Cr1 day ago
Mastracchio Hub | Eitha L24 Ls12.32 Ly248,7206,723 Cr23 hours ago
Song Gateway | Eitha M41 Ls12.32 Ly106,3987,021 Cr5 days ago
Underwood Hub | Eitha M41 Ls12.32 Ly92,6546,578 Cr2 days ago
Rochon Installation | MonjadiL17300 Ls12.57 Ly05,241 Cr2 days ago
Solovyov Plant | MonjadiM17223 Ls12.57 Ly05,081 Cr1 day ago
Noriega Port | MonjadiL17260 Ls12.57 Ly05,096 Cr2 days ago
Leckie Enterprise | Monjadi L17246 Ls12.57 Ly05,196 Cr1 day ago
Berners-Lee City | Yulandh L2162 Ls12.66 Ly341,9107,043 Cr2 days ago
Kooi Orbital | Yulandh M2127 Ls12.66 Ly05,881 Cr7 days ago
Howe Park | Yulandh M3621 Ls12.66 Ly05,266 Cr3 days ago
Bester Base | HIP 81071L114 Ls12.69 Ly05,749 Cr8 days ago
Klimuk Outpost | LomotwaM887 Ls14.25 Ly04,944 Cr6 days ago
Sadi Carnot Point | LomotwaM193 Ls14.25 Ly04,944 Cr1 day ago
Cayley Station | HIP 80065 L1170 Ls14.38 Ly208,7286,794 Cr5 hours ago
Card Station | HIP 80065 M1203 Ls14.38 Ly176,8846,708 Cr8 days ago
Bering Port | EskimoriM52 Ls15.1 Ly05,215 Cr8 days ago
Boole Ring | EskimoriM39 Ls15.1 Ly12,5265,743 Cr9 days ago
Crook Station | EskimoriL21 Ls15.1 Ly13,3715,743 Cr4 days ago
Maclaurin Enterprise | HIP 79888 L14182 Ls15.19 Ly108,6966,737 Cr7 hours ago
Kennicott City | Pa Pa PoleL32 Ls15.6 Ly3,6365,743 Cr7 days ago
Hahn Ring | Pa Pa PoleM43 Ls15.6 Ly2,4605,743 Cr9 days ago
Jakes Port | Pa Pa PoleM53 Ls15.6 Ly7515,743 Cr7 days ago
Cori Orbital | HIP 82521 M3674 Ls16.33 Ly05,675 Cr27 days ago
Barr Plant | Vinab M3695 Ls16.5 Ly05,547 Cr1 day ago

Highest supply for Indium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Wilson Terminal | LHS 6309L28 Ls154.84 Ly5,180,4765,019 Cr7 hours ago
Belyayev Port | LHS 142M24 Ls173.85 Ly4,606,1455,019 Cr10 days ago
Nikolayev Dock | LHS 6309M107 Ls154.84 Ly3,971,5775,019 Cr17 hours ago
Hadfield Vision | LHS 6309M2800 Ls154.84 Ly3,971,5775,019 Cr13 hours ago
Cockrell Port | LHS 6309M108 Ls154.84 Ly3,971,5775,019 Cr15 hours ago
Parmitano Horizons | LHS 6309M88 Ls154.84 Ly3,971,5775,019 Cr1 day ago
Fontana Horizons | LHS 6309L58 Ls154.84 Ly3,971,5775,019 Cr11 hours ago
Gabriel Dock | STF 1774L1624 Ls184.52 Ly3,848,0575,142 Cr16 hours ago
Hill Hub | STF 1774L458 Ls184.52 Ly3,848,0575,142 Cr2 hours ago
Vizcaino City | STF 1774L457 Ls184.52 Ly3,848,0575,142 Cr18 minutes ago
Delany City | LTT 11244L339 Ls211.61 Ly3,371,5255,019 Cr1 day ago
Stross Hub | XincaL343 Ls208.03 Ly3,341,5135,019 Cr19 minutes ago
Kelleam City | Wathiparian L24 Ls246.81 Ly3,292,1375,019 Cr4 minutes ago
Willis Station | Guayambaan L6 Ls238.13 Ly3,251,2075,171 Cr10 hours ago
Peters City | AchenarM42367 Ls175.13 Ly3,035,9755,155 Cr12 days ago
Barnard Port | JeteraitL29 Ls138.54 Ly2,960,4005,019 Cr2 days ago
McIntosh Terminal | JeteraitL19 Ls138.54 Ly2,960,4005,019 Cr1 day ago
Noriega Port | LHS 142L7 Ls173.85 Ly2,826,7915,075 Cr14 hours ago
vo Dock | LHS 142L8 Ls173.85 Ly2,826,7915,075 Cr3 days ago
Gerrold City | STF 1774M2440 Ls184.52 Ly2,818,5355,142 Cr3 days ago
Brackett Station | STF 1774M110324 Ls184.52 Ly2,818,5355,142 Cr21 hours ago
Acharya Station | TiangchiL12 Ls217.42 Ly2,782,7945,075 Cr5 hours ago
Smith City | XincaL1274 Ls208.03 Ly2,760,9315,019 Cr11 hours ago
Moore Dock | JeraL51 Ls134.04 Ly2,538,3375,019 Cr14 hours ago
Bugrov Dock | LaksakL1683 Ls74.55 Ly2,472,1335,075 Cr8 hours ago
Laumer City | LaksakM339742 Ls74.55 Ly2,472,1335,075 Cr1 day ago
Rotsler Station | LaksakL1286 Ls74.55 Ly2,472,1335,075 Cr8 hours ago
Stjepan Seljan Hub | LaksakL199 Ls74.55 Ly2,472,1335,075 Cr2 hours ago
Swigert Hub | ChanaL6 Ls199.51 Ly2,461,5835,075 Cr21 hours ago
McArthur Terminal | ChanaL12 Ls199.51 Ly2,461,5835,075 Cr4 minutes ago
Helin Terminal | JeteraitL47 Ls138.54 Ly2,422,2725,019 Cr3 days ago
Whymper City | CaerusL33 Ls200.42 Ly2,411,3755,075 Cr2 hours ago
Popov Hub | CaerusL18 Ls200.42 Ly2,411,3755,075 Cr16 hours ago
Glass City | CemiessM1315 Ls163.39 Ly2,411,0485,130 Cr21 hours ago
Vries Port | TiangchiL24 Ls217.42 Ly2,403,4355,075 Cr10 hours ago
Binet Port | KiL195 Ls221.14 Ly2,371,2985,075 Cr1 day ago
Shaw Station | Metzili L49 Ls214.4 Ly2,355,3015,019 Cr2 days ago
Titius Station | CemiessL681 Ls163.39 Ly2,312,9185,130 Cr16 hours ago
Copernicus Port | Kehperagwe M17 Ls254.98 Ly2,282,7085,075 Cr14 days ago
Kuhn Port | LHS 1067 L779 Ls161.97 Ly2,278,4465,019 Cr1 day ago

Highest demand for Indium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Gooch Terminal | Aiabiko L36 Ls203.71 Ly11,574,6886,716 Cr1 hour ago
Faraday Enterprise | Xamen EkL763 Ls158.86 Ly5,987,4276,643 Cr12 hours ago
RenenBellot Gateway | LTT 700M233 Ls134.92 Ly5,970,6926,643 Cr3 days ago
O'Connor Station | LopocaresL328 Ls156.58 Ly5,792,3176,643 Cr3 hours ago
Lagrange Enterprise | LTT 700L586 Ls134.92 Ly5,773,2476,643 Cr13 days ago
la Cosa Terminal | Yamatji L2338 Ls245.63 Ly5,139,5606,643 Cr20 days ago
Wyndham Ring | V2689 OrionisL60 Ls182.96 Ly4,741,5666,643 Cr6 days ago
Mullane Hub | RanaL3750 Ls170.44 Ly4,480,2096,643 Cr4 days ago
Jones Port | Beetrix L783 Ls234.97 Ly4,045,9826,557 Cr12 days ago
Shapiro Dock | LTT 700L9567 Ls134.92 Ly3,816,3356,643 Cr5 days ago
Pailes Enterprise | 40 CetiL1427 Ls213.33 Ly3,640,6397,059 Cr12 hours ago
Higginbotham City | Selebegua M1055 Ls130.21 Ly3,389,8266,643 Cr9 days ago
Vaugh Enterprise | Seurrion L112 Ls87.57 Ly3,134,7686,569 Cr9 days ago
Whittle Orbital | CubeoM1905 Ls191.96 Ly3,022,7916,764 Cr2 days ago
Laval Port | Lalande 22701 L55 Ls157 Ly2,925,0606,643 Cr2 days ago
Anderson City | TepehuacocL224 Ls117.84 Ly2,918,9496,638 Cr4 days ago
Whitney Station | Osermians L295 Ls219.4 Ly2,909,0426,635 Cr9 days ago
Gell-Mann Ring | LP 339-7L32 Ls164.87 Ly2,903,3226,639 Cr15 hours ago
Kerwin Gateway | LP 339-7 L14834 Ls164.87 Ly2,903,3226,639 Cr11 days ago
Berners-Lee Ring | Drevlyada L52623 Ls112.84 Ly2,898,9706,633 Cr2 hours ago
Forward Orbital | SPOCS 615L310071 Ls81.13 Ly2,876,3876,636 Cr12 days ago
Smith Station | HIP 47468L603 Ls231.61 Ly2,862,2996,642 Cr44 days ago
Leeuwenhoek Gateway | BD+47 2391 L8403 Ls181.26 Ly2,840,8796,643 Cr23 days ago
Salam Station | DrevlyadaL52601 Ls112.84 Ly2,835,9136,633 Cr11 hours ago
Huberath Station | Zeta MicroscopiiL60865 Ls115.66 Ly2,828,4086,637 Cr29 days ago
Sauma Orbital | TepehuacocL88 Ls117.84 Ly2,819,0806,637 Cr6 days ago
Svavarsson Dock | HIP 70253L644 Ls221.72 Ly2,818,7546,640 Cr3 days ago
Chu Enterprise | NLTT 56881L371 Ls240.05 Ly2,803,5426,639 Cr41 days ago
Sullivan Ring | NLTT 56881M1197 Ls240.05 Ly2,803,5426,639 Cr32 days ago
Collins Gateway | Sigma BootisL13609 Ls148.27 Ly2,782,2486,643 Cr6 hours ago
Klein Station | HIP 47468L774 Ls231.61 Ly2,764,6796,642 Cr44 days ago
Lee City | LP 926-40L1444 Ls118.34 Ly2,755,8247,037 Cr7 days ago
Flagg Dock | Aakushu L1248 Ls96.4 Ly2,755,2687,059 Cr6 days ago
Krikalev Port | HR 8104L2041 Ls117.43 Ly2,739,2416,635 Cr38 days ago
McDaniel Dock | Ededleen L1303 Ls84.2 Ly2,737,7616,641 Cr10 days ago
Brandenstein Terminal | 27 Kappa Persei L468856 Ls261.13 Ly2,734,3656,626 Cr9 days ago
Dietz Dock | HIP 40140 L142 Ls266.85 Ly2,732,5606,670 Cr35 days ago
Bellamy Enterprise | Kung TeL442 Ls207.43 Ly2,714,9376,643 Cr2 days ago
Detmer Orbital | LhangkambeL423215 Ls172.12 Ly2,689,6136,557 Cr1 day ago

Best buy prices for Indium (Average buy price: 5313 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
McDivitt Terminal | UutagaramaM417 Ls216.97 Ly5,6194,875 Cr10 days ago
Chilton Settlement | Col 285 Sector RO-Q d5-54 L231 Ls162.53 Ly11,9284,878 Cr3 days ago
Norman Installation | BD+59 1851 L125842 Ls73.6 Ly51,7854,882 Cr7 days ago
Kovalevskaya Holdings | Jonai M1079 Ls157.3 Ly29,7954,882 Cr3 days ago
Hopkins Settlement | FetillM2235 Ls160.55 Ly56,0894,882 Cr26 days ago
Bertin Installation | Hyades Sector WJ-P b6-1 L6464 Ls287.44 Ly6544,882 Cr6 days ago
MacLean Horizons | Tollan M1326 Ls176.93 Ly60,8854,883 Cr11 hours ago
Westerfeld Platform | Tsohodiae M7061 Ls210.12 Ly42,7094,883 Cr55 days ago
Libby Hub | Wolf 1373 M17318 Ls155.74 Ly46,9474,883 Cr10 days ago
Alas Landing | Wolf 1373 M1481 Ls155.74 Ly69,1324,883 Cr10 days ago
Wakata City | LHS 3836M662 Ls138.58 Ly38,9904,883 Cr3 days ago
Bradbury Installation | SkandiniM607 Ls168.34 Ly67,2414,883 Cr2 days ago
Vaucanson Platform | Kairos M2514 Ls94.84 Ly49,5764,883 Cr24 days ago
Watson Orbital | FetillM1387 Ls160.55 Ly100,9124,883 Cr20 days ago
Pauli Settlement | Sak Nicopa L283 Ls114.31 Ly106,9154,883 Cr16 hours ago
Rond d'Alembert Port | LP 638-58M3413 Ls153.64 Ly46,3974,883 Cr33 days ago
Pythagoras Landing | Tollan M662 Ls176.93 Ly86,9624,884 Cr10 hours ago
Gordon Plant | Tollan L529 Ls176.93 Ly109,9104,884 Cr1 hour ago
Allen Refinery | Wolf 1373 L327 Ls155.74 Ly121,3884,884 Cr56 minutes ago
Papin Terminal | Calor M37 Ls135.88 Ly89,1954,884 Cr1 day ago
Faraday Settlement | LHS 3836M451 Ls138.58 Ly130,7794,884 Cr19 hours ago
Harrison Settlement | LP 638-58 L710 Ls153.64 Ly120,2614,884 Cr1 day ago
Bennett Vision | LFT 42L405 Ls192.28 Ly136,6874,884 Cr1 day ago
Al-Kashi Prospect | TsohodiaeM465 Ls210.12 Ly114,0234,885 Cr11 days ago
Stableford Refinery | SkandiniL464 Ls168.34 Ly125,6504,885 Cr8 hours ago
Russell Dock | Quan Gurus L192 Ls67.27 Ly116,1364,885 Cr2 days ago
Moseley Colony | NLTT 34960 M3438 Ls100.89 Ly50,8524,885 Cr30 days ago
Resnik Terminal | BokowatikoM1580 Ls233.33 Ly76,2474,885 Cr27 days ago
Fossum Colony | KairosM1824 Ls94.84 Ly85,1254,885 Cr22 days ago
Poindexter Horizons | LB 3303L355 Ls142.31 Ly125,5434,885 Cr1 day ago
Sawyer Vision | HIP 23027L2317 Ls299.84 Ly62,0404,885 Cr5 days ago
Dolgov Plant | Nysa M493528 Ls198.23 Ly74,7384,885 Cr5 days ago
Wisdom Plant | NiflhelM1295 Ls184.16 Ly135,1774,885 Cr1 day ago
Reynolds Terminal | LHS 221M585 Ls182.45 Ly96,0104,886 Cr2 days ago

Best sell prices for Indium (Average sell price: 5842 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Fraser Orbital | LHS 2936 L21 Ls169.93 Ly965,7777,252 Cr12 minutes ago
Ivens Landing | Lansbury L334 Ls129.36 Ly12,9317,252 Cr11 hours ago
Landis Settlement | Lansbury L334 Ls129.36 Ly30,6707,252 Cr1 hour ago
Thomson Orbital | Lansbury L449 Ls129.36 Ly22,0177,252 Cr20 hours ago
Fort Gonzalez | PhekdaL14716 Ls199.16 Ly46,8447,252 Cr8 hours ago
Onnes Gateway | LFT 37 L281 Ls148.27 Ly437,1367,252 Cr4 hours ago
Savinykh Hub | LFT 37 L375 Ls148.27 Ly399,5607,252 Cr17 hours ago
Geoffrey's Crash | LTT 9846L773 Ls337.94 Ly2,4157,252 Cr52 days ago
Henson Laboratory | Lansbury M1725 Ls129.36 Ly57,5697,249 Cr12 days ago
Hennepin Prospect | Assinda L219764 Ls308.19 Ly999,9997,239 Cr26 days ago
Carter's Haven | Tarach TorL1316 Ls195.51 Ly20,3437,209 Cr2 days ago
Russell Prospect | Tarach TorM2362 Ls195.51 Ly176,4407,209 Cr10 days ago
Dionysus | HIP 17044L1922 Ls464.15 Ly41,5537,209 Cr8 hours ago
KRAMSKI Holding | CD-54 471L510 Ls162.54 Ly7,1097,201 Cr1 day ago
Canonn Institute | Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43 M24 Ls330.34 Ly14,5317,192 Cr2 days ago
Stross Market | Arietis Sector ST-R b4-1L1698 Ls293.08 Ly4657,191 Cr20 days ago
Hawley Terminal | HIP 20686L2651 Ls289.6 Ly29,6807,187 Cr2 days ago
Rose Ring | Na ZhaL1940 Ls249.26 Ly74,1407,187 Cr4 days ago
Weyl Station | EirL17 Ls207.24 Ly109,2917,187 Cr6 hours ago
Low Horizons | CofalyawaL25 Ls171.79 Ly71,6827,187 Cr7 hours ago
Zhigang Platform | BPM 62891L1867 Ls73.43 Ly62,3867,187 Cr4 days ago
McNair Gateway | Sun TakushL1400 Ls134.84 Ly30,0487,187 Cr11 hours ago
Klimuk Terminal | Grabil L271 Ls52.66 Ly154,7207,187 Cr5 days ago
Siodmak Dock | BD-04 4138 L1963 Ls91.63 Ly313,5177,187 Cr5 days ago
Shunn Dock | BD-04 4138 M2945 Ls91.63 Ly267,8597,187 Cr1 day ago
Flade Hub | Aravaledi L52368 Ls122.97 Ly21,5417,187 Cr34 days ago
Dall Ring | Haroingori M1533 Ls63.25 Ly55,4557,187 Cr2 days ago
Rennie Hub | Kupol Bumba L107 Ls67.06 Ly99,5427,187 Cr9 minutes ago
Onnes Orbital | Epomana L374 Ls35.18 Ly139,2287,187 Cr10 days ago
McArthur Hub | Medu L2194 Ls187.54 Ly137,5787,187 Cr4 days ago
Gernsback Settlement | Psi OctantisL1438 Ls115.7 Ly14,9947,187 Cr1 day ago
Pippin Terminal | ApinouphisL1372 Ls240.53 Ly160,4577,187 Cr1 hour ago
Ochoa Terminal | HR 7079 L871 Ls150.78 Ly143,5227,187 Cr1 hour ago
Skvortsov Holdings | GuanekaghaM1384 Ls235.91 Ly48,9867,187 Cr33 days ago
Chaviano Terminal | HIP 82522 L942 Ls257.5 Ly133,8257,187 Cr50 minutes ago
Bear Laboratory | MassesL205 Ls282.46 Ly35,5147,187 Cr4 days ago
Khan Enterprise | MassesM297 Ls282.46 Ly34,8687,187 Cr1 day ago
Bosch Terminal | MassesL205 Ls282.46 Ly41,2727,187 Cr1 hour ago
Ferguson Horizons | Minarii L228 Ls115.96 Ly108,4477,187 Cr1 day ago