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Produced by: Extraction
Consumed by: All except Agri, Refinery, Extraction and Military

Palladium, Pd, atomic number 46. Melting point 1825K. Often used in electronics and for purifying noxious gases.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Industrial, High Tech, Service, Tourism, Terraforming, Colony
Avg sell price:
13,267 Cr
Max sell price:
15,840 Cr
Avg buy price:
12,220 Cr
Min buy price:
11,160 Cr

Where to buy Palladium near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
al-Din Prospect | Alpha Centauri M4953 Ls4.38 Ly212,547 Cr9 hours ago
Hutton Orbital | Alpha Centauri M6397072 Ls4.38 Ly1812,896 Cr3 hours ago
Jenner Orbital | Luhman 16M10 Ls6.57 Ly1112,437 Cr14 hours ago
Heisenberg Colony | Luhman 16M13 Ls6.57 Ly1512,722 Cr16 hours ago
Graham Terminal | Tau Ceti L755 Ls11.94 Ly18413,025 Cr1 hour ago
Ortiz Moreno City | Tau Ceti L44 Ls11.94 Ly13413,025 Cr3 hours ago
Avogadro Enterprise | Tau Ceti L6829 Ls11.94 Ly112,736 Cr14 hours ago
Serebrov City | Lacaille 8760M89 Ls12.88 Ly212,448 Cr6 hours ago
Chiao Landing | Lacaille 8760M164 Ls12.88 Ly212,468 Cr4 days ago
Wilson Relay | LHS 450L56 Ls14.78 Ly212,409 Cr1 day ago
Stevenson Relay | LHS 450L127 Ls14.78 Ly412,409 Cr3 hours ago
Perry Station | LHS 449 L88 Ls14.8 Ly212,505 Cr3 hours ago
Euclid Station | Luyten 145-141 L3583 Ls15.02 Ly212,410 Cr4 hours ago
Harvey Station | Lung M988 Ls15.48 Ly212,448 Cr1 day ago
Hopkins Landing | Lung L91 Ls15.48 Ly212,448 Cr1 day ago
Qureshi Hangar | Lung M48 Ls15.48 Ly612,448 Cr1 day ago
Bruce Prospect | Avik M1831 Ls15.88 Ly1112,483 Cr23 hours ago
Wait Colburn Vision | La RochelleM1523 Ls16.14 Ly412,537 Cr4 days ago
Shaver Dock | La RochelleM131 Ls16.14 Ly212,537 Cr58 minutes ago
Hodgkinson Station | Omicron-2 EridaniM225703 Ls16.27 Ly812,472 Cr1 hour ago
Reed City | Omicron-2 EridaniM225714 Ls16.27 Ly812,472 Cr1 day ago
Ivins City | GendallaM196 Ls16.55 Ly712,468 Cr13 hours ago
Garay Port | GendallaM292 Ls16.55 Ly812,468 Cr18 hours ago
Clervoy City | GendallaL91 Ls16.55 Ly412,468 Cr1 day ago
Bosch Hangar | FlousopM13 Ls17.36 Ly412,409 Cr15 hours ago
Salk Hub | FlousopL18 Ls17.36 Ly212,409 Cr2 days ago
Irvin Refinery | Flousop M604 Ls17.36 Ly612,409 Cr1 day ago
Willis Landing | G 99-49M1236 Ls17.52 Ly212,476 Cr1 day ago
Linnaeus Station | G 99-49L14792 Ls17.52 Ly412,476 Cr17 hours ago
Rennie Landing | Stein 2051 M167 Ls18.22 Ly812,448 Cr8 hours ago
Boming Station | Stein 2051 M1773 Ls18.22 Ly812,448 Cr4 days ago
Gerrold Prospect | Luyten 347-14 L39 Ls18.56 Ly812,543 Cr2 hours ago
Moore Platform | LP 816-60 M1226 Ls18.65 Ly212,423 Cr3 days ago
Garratt Landing | LP 816-60 L8 Ls18.65 Ly212,423 Cr3 hours ago
Zillig Depot | LHS 397 L72 Ls19.32 Ly112,543 Cr17 minutes ago
Ray Freeport | YZ Canis MinorisM9735 Ls19.43 Ly812,467 Cr16 hours ago
Cabrera Point | BR Piscium M421 Ls19.51 Ly112,423 Cr12 hours ago
Trevithick Orbital | BR Piscium M224 Ls19.51 Ly111,879 Cr1 hour ago
Darkwater Station | StopoverL1497 Ls19.62 Ly212,499 Cr24 minutes ago
Stephenson Orbital | Delta Pavonis M1205 Ls19.93 Ly1012,454 Cr1 day ago

Where to sell Palladium near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Mars High | Sol L735 Ls---29,88213,993 Cr6 minutes ago
Ehrlich City | Sol L221 Ls---4,74113,866 Cr1 day ago
Schottky Reformatory | Sol L2533 Ls---6513,115 Cr4 days ago
Abraham Lincoln | Sol L504 Ls---173,44114,015 CrNow
Li Qing Jao | Sol L504 Ls---141,37414,014 Cr25 minutes ago
Durrance Camp | Sol L2539 Ls---3913,115 Cr4 days ago
M.Gorbachev | Sol L504 Ls---173,44114,015 Cr20 minutes ago
Furukawa Enterprise | Sol L220 Ls---1,86513,678 Cr4 hours ago
Walz Depot | Sol L221 Ls---1,72913,657 Cr21 hours ago
Hutton Orbital | Alpha Centauri M6397072 Ls4.38 Ly012,751 Cr3 hours ago
al-Din Prospect | Alpha Centauri M4953 Ls4.38 Ly012,405 Cr9 hours ago
Kuttner's Pride | Barnard's StarL37 Ls5.95 Ly3013,539 Cr2 days ago
Haller City | Barnard's Star L37 Ls5.95 Ly6113,205 Cr1 day ago
Jenner Orbital | Luhman 16M10 Ls6.57 Ly012,296 Cr14 hours ago
Heisenberg Colony | Luhman 16M13 Ls6.57 Ly012,578 Cr16 hours ago
Tryggvason Installation | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly25,99314,374 Cr1 hour ago
Cayley Enterprise | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly10,23114,374 Cr15 hours ago
Lomas Orbiter | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly10,86414,374 Cr3 hours ago
Powell High | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly7,79914,374 Cr1 hour ago
Qwent Research Base | SiriusL8215 Ls8.59 Ly63913,364 Cr3 minutes ago
Patterson Enterprise | SiriusL983 Ls8.59 Ly82,50714,225 Cr46 minutes ago
O'Brien Vision | Sirius M8236 Ls8.59 Ly129,11814,225 Cr18 hours ago
Walz Base | Duamta L418 Ls9.88 Ly28913,825 Cr12 hours ago
Stuart Prospect | Duamta L314 Ls9.88 Ly19213,630 Cr1 day ago
Amis Installation | Duamta L314 Ls9.88 Ly18313,825 Cr3 hours ago
Betancourt Vision | Epsilon Eridani L280 Ls10.52 Ly1412,815 Cr1 day ago
Galiano Depot | Epsilon Eridani L483 Ls10.52 Ly2113,179 Cr18 hours ago
Dobrovolskiy Enterprise | WISE 1506+7027L240 Ls10.52 Ly118,92413,998 Cr32 minutes ago
Linaweaver Landing | Epsilon Eridani L483 Ls10.52 Ly3513,179 Cr2 days ago
Kirk Landing | Epsilon Eridani L280 Ls10.52 Ly513,179 Cr3 days ago
Parise Dock | WISE 1506+7027M657 Ls10.52 Ly62,82114,190 Cr4 days ago
Borman Port | WISE 1506+7027 M865 Ls10.52 Ly37,01314,104 Cr4 days ago
Gupta City | Lacaille 9352L74 Ls10.69 Ly1,20614,178 Cr1 hour ago
Magnus Gateway | EZ Aquarii L863 Ls11.1 Ly201,37714,046 Cr1 hour ago
Sanger Settlement | EZ Aquarii L864 Ls11.1 Ly09,353 Cr1 hour ago
Weber Hub | 61 CygniL24 Ls11.37 Ly12,48013,985 Cr4 days ago
Broglie Terminal | 61 CygniL24 Ls11.37 Ly41,66513,915 Cr3 hours ago
Schade Horizons | Procyon L779 Ls11.41 Ly15313,842 Cr4 hours ago

Highest supply for Palladium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Aoki Orbital | Grebegus M27 Ls223.9 Ly212,71212,736 Cr23 days ago
Mooz Station | Zhao M182 Ls173.71 Ly212,34012,736 Cr4 days ago
Wallis Hub | LTT 1289 M1885 Ls174.7 Ly212,29212,736 Cr69 days ago
Dunlop Vision | LTT 1289M1852 Ls174.7 Ly206,68812,736 Cr12 days ago
Kanai Vision | Grebegus M87 Ls223.9 Ly204,52412,736 Cr5 days ago
Fairey Hub | ZhaoM462 Ls173.71 Ly201,76812,736 Cr2 hours ago
Banneker Vision | GrebegusM270 Ls223.9 Ly201,08512,736 Cr13 days ago
Pannekoek Port | LTT 1289M1827 Ls174.7 Ly193,50412,736 Cr9 days ago
Baynes Terminal | HIP 107010M144 Ls153.69 Ly181,70012,736 Cr17 days ago
Porco Orbital | HIP 107010M144 Ls153.69 Ly176,40812,736 Cr45 days ago
Curtiss Hub | BekerL5668 Ls180.07 Ly140,76411,578 Cr9 days ago
Puiseux Dock | CartoiM263 Ls193.58 Ly121,09212,949 Cr38 days ago
Wild Terminal | BekerL5661 Ls180.07 Ly111,73511,578 Cr15 days ago
White Enterprise | G 141-21M167 Ls36.64 Ly90,43611,614 Cr7 days ago
Danforth Terminal | BharabaM4470 Ls169.89 Ly90,33711,509 Cr17 days ago
Boss Hub | AchehoongatL1976 Ls192.11 Ly82,37611,578 Cr2 days ago
Reber Hub | LTT 1289 M1871 Ls174.7 Ly78,72812,736 Cr12 days ago
Eggleton Orbital | Beker L5643 Ls180.07 Ly78,47711,578 Cr7 days ago
Orban Dock | RajitoM74 Ls168.54 Ly77,51011,578 Cr29 days ago
Bell Dock | Zhao M135 Ls173.71 Ly76,79613,490 Cr2 hours ago
Sheepshanks Hub | HIP 4668M55 Ls214.72 Ly76,63311,578 Cr63 days ago
Bondar Dock | Mangwe M276358 Ls102.79 Ly76,18511,614 Cr127 days ago
Tank Orbital | AchehoongatM161 Ls192.11 Ly74,81411,578 Cr104 days ago
Wolszczan Vision | Grebegus M1159 Ls223.9 Ly74,08612,736 Cr70 days ago
Spedding Dock | Mangwe M276423 Ls102.79 Ly73,66111,614 Cr126 days ago
Bolton Dock | HIP 114709 L11041 Ls220.38 Ly72,60812,917 Cr100 days ago
Nakamura Station | HIP 114709 L1695 Ls220.38 Ly72,60812,917 Cr2 days ago
Lee Dock | HIP 4668M375 Ls214.72 Ly67,91511,578 Cr59 days ago
Potocnik Dock | Grebegus M38907 Ls223.9 Ly66,09812,736 Cr11 days ago
Zhuravleva Dock | CartoiM275 Ls193.58 Ly62,05213,229 Cr24 days ago
Burton Station | ArgestesM224 Ls65.99 Ly61,96411,614 Cr12 days ago
Bolton Orbital | Zhao L182 Ls173.71 Ly60,95913,915 Cr2 days ago
Bessel Dock | Munshin M42 Ls155.76 Ly60,42012,786 Cr4 days ago
Tevis Port | BesM322 Ls176.3 Ly59,87411,851 Cr67 days ago
McDaniel Terminal | G 141-21M16 Ls36.64 Ly58,48111,614 Cr8 days ago
Alexandria Terminal | Alpha TucanaeL1048 Ls199.73 Ly57,76011,899 Cr23 hours ago
Hereford Orbital | HIP 10786M107 Ls227.61 Ly56,98812,736 Cr18 days ago
Penzias Hub | HIP 10786M143 Ls227.61 Ly56,98812,736 Cr9 days ago
Giacobini Hub | Ao Ch'anL95 Ls184.88 Ly56,84811,578 Cr5 days ago
Graham Port | HIP 4668L3480 Ls214.72 Ly56,49311,578 Cr16 days ago

Highest demand for Palladium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Marques Station | NovasL6250 Ls130.57 Ly4,936,12814,019 Cr107 days ago
Medupe City | CubeoL332 Ls218.56 Ly3,716,96415,472 CrNow
Adelman Station | CubeoL425 Ls218.56 Ly3,634,26815,472 Cr23 minutes ago
Hulse Hub | SokariangL172 Ls165.01 Ly3,606,76313,891 Cr49 minutes ago
Weaver Vision | CubeoL1103 Ls218.56 Ly3,466,24815,472 Cr3 hours ago
Porsche City | BD-01 1707L694 Ls116.02 Ly3,430,16114,019 Cr16 days ago
Valz City | KoyansL37 Ls208.63 Ly3,277,99215,472 Cr4 days ago
Tanaka Terminal | HIP 106213L121 Ls121.71 Ly3,026,60012,604 Cr14 hours ago
Ikeya Vision | Karsuki TiL33 Ls223.11 Ly2,943,78015,415 Cr1 day ago
Shinn City | HIP 106213L202 Ls121.71 Ly2,915,94812,604 Cr1 day ago
Bailly Ring | KoyansM116 Ls208.63 Ly2,873,68015,577 Cr30 days ago
Forward Hub | HIP 106213L371 Ls121.71 Ly2,744,99812,604 Cr1 day ago
Kuchner Dock | KoyansL69 Ls208.63 Ly2,736,84015,472 Cr3 days ago
Hirn Dock | AluriatesL52 Ls233.5 Ly2,606,69213,952 Cr3 days ago
Hinz Station | 37 GeminorumL159 Ls56.24 Ly2,468,53814,019 Cr2 days ago
Linenger Station | 101 TauriL1174 Ls133.13 Ly2,468,33014,019 Cr16 hours ago
Grant Gateway | 37 GeminorumL881 Ls56.24 Ly2,439,51114,019 Cr56 minutes ago
Quick Station | HIP 85244L726 Ls135.6 Ly2,435,94214,019 Cr28 days ago
Frechet Ring | 37 GeminorumL93 Ls56.24 Ly2,421,62214,019 Cr30 minutes ago
Hedley City | UelloskimaL437 Ls78.1 Ly2,410,93914,019 Cr10 days ago
Williams Terminal | YaricansL685 Ls108.07 Ly2,401,34614,019 Cr8 days ago
Blackwell Station | Psi Tauri M454 Ls90.05 Ly2,398,72014,019 Cr37 days ago
Gamow City | TalithaL11056 Ls47.31 Ly2,392,92314,019 Cr2 days ago
Wundt Gateway | FK5 2550L142 Ls80.42 Ly2,371,37114,019 Cr1 day ago
Schoenherr Station | CD-52 187L20 Ls95.05 Ly2,352,17914,066 Cr10 days ago
Arnold Schwassmann Station | Mula Wendes L364 Ls186.45 Ly2,322,42414,066 Cr13 days ago
Readdy City | 41 Lambda Hydrae L485 Ls112.52 Ly2,304,19314,019 Cr19 hours ago
Wrangell Orbital | Arnais L4202 Ls131.71 Ly2,298,46014,019 Cr10 days ago
Pook Orbital | Para Indra L315 Ls137.52 Ly2,291,06713,978 Cr9 days ago
Faraday Ring | 7 Pi-1 Orionis L2459 Ls116.33 Ly2,277,10414,019 Cr108 days ago
Melroy Gateway | Lalande 22701M157 Ls105.29 Ly2,225,48114,019 Cr8 days ago
Poyser Ring | HIP 115929M211 Ls208.56 Ly2,193,70014,066 Cr138 days ago
Penzias City | SokariangL68 Ls165.01 Ly2,165,20613,891 Cr4 hours ago
Carrasco Orbital | BelliyaL31 Ls120.94 Ly2,155,88114,019 Cr4 days ago
Chilton Orbital | 41 Lambda Hydrae L627 Ls112.52 Ly2,122,53514,019 Cr4 days ago
Nowak Dock | 41 Lambda Hydrae L1633 Ls112.52 Ly2,122,53514,019 Cr3 days ago
Morukov Terminal | HIP 21559 L505 Ls136.37 Ly2,118,49214,019 Cr2 days ago
Bering Ring | Ross 409L68 Ls121.3 Ly2,118,38014,280 Cr9 hours ago
MacCready Vision | KoyansL362 Ls208.63 Ly2,103,40015,472 Cr28 days ago
Martin Gateway | AdenetsM532 Ls85.01 Ly2,086,06814,124 Cr13 days ago

Best buy prices for Palladium (Average buy price: 12220 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Rosenberg Dock | KumanaM14 Ls81.47 Ly611,160 Cr7 days ago
Hopkinson Refinery | KumanaM26 Ls81.47 Ly211,160 Cr5 days ago
Ewald Platform | Trante L1299 Ls131.6 Ly211,181 Cr2 days ago
Tokarev Plant | TranteM3218 Ls131.6 Ly411,203 Cr50 days ago
Jacobi Settlement | AmitaeM59 Ls186.24 Ly411,220 Cr18 days ago
Roche Works | UlleseM1370 Ls90.78 Ly411,284 Cr3 days ago
Stone's Legacy | LAWD 26L12149 Ls22.53 Ly611,288 Cr3 hours ago
Pickering Station | Tir Na NogM2270 Ls107.34 Ly5811,310 Cr5 days ago
Irwin Survey | HiradheaM3514 Ls75.96 Ly1511,400 Cr10 days ago
Cousteau's Claim | Mulano L11 Ls156.17 Ly57611,456 Cr4 hours ago
Elmore's Progress | KurineL20 Ls265.69 Ly40111,485 Cr22 hours ago
Chilton Dock | Terra Mater M98 Ls69.73 Ly3,16711,519 Cr2 days ago
Timofeyevich Depot | Lu Yai L34 Ls147.52 Ly84411,521 Cr2 days ago
Fuller Enterprise | MokujinM1398 Ls143.7 Ly43611,526 Cr3 days ago
Soukup Platform | Bishamuni M836 Ls145.95 Ly55711,526 Cr1 day ago
Bering Mines | Dalfur L97 Ls84.2 Ly1,63311,526 Cr2 days ago
Verne Settlement | Ceti Sector CL-Y d55L222 Ls135.66 Ly43611,526 Cr10 days ago
Brendan Horizons | Grabrakan L11594 Ls230.65 Ly42311,538 Cr91 days ago
Capek Horizons | HIP 60061 L50277 Ls199.6 Ly47611,540 Cr120 days ago
Clair Horizons | Hyades Sector GX-T c3-2 L394 Ls184.43 Ly72911,540 Cr1 day ago
Nansen Mines | HereteL172906 Ls173.17 Ly58311,540 Cr89 days ago
Galiano Dock | SPOCS 343 M1426 Ls118.92 Ly49711,550 Cr3 days ago
Brendan Dock | Terra Mater M58 Ls69.73 Ly4,72611,551 Cr1 day ago
Newcomb Vision | HIP 107239 M207 Ls198.62 Ly70211,558 Cr3 days ago
Dunlop Vision | HIP 52351 M192 Ls155.31 Ly54311,558 Cr125 days ago
Morgan Works | SaeliniM374 Ls136.82 Ly211,558 Cr15 days ago
Crown Prospect | Amphiloci L75053 Ls141.51 Ly66511,558 Cr3 days ago
Kludze Dock | El TioM1143 Ls125.84 Ly59611,560 Cr2 days ago
Maire Horizons | MaranganjiL18954 Ls175.12 Ly71311,563 Cr91 days ago
Kepler Settlement | HIP 118061M166224 Ls222.5 Ly1,06111,567 Cr50 days ago
Abetti Dock | HIP 83247M2647 Ls180.39 Ly69511,567 Cr9 days ago
Lagrange Platform | AustejaM1714 Ls145.17 Ly111,571 Cr17 days ago
Kotov Works | Pyemmar M16 Ls133.33 Ly111,571 Cr8 days ago
Dalmas Camp | Badjarsh M492 Ls137.64 Ly111,571 Cr111 days ago
Culbertson Base | ArawaminaM185 Ls140.4 Ly111,571 Cr2 days ago
Phillips Mines | Avanty M3861 Ls155.88 Ly111,571 Cr1 hour ago
Hansen Platform | Jimavi M877 Ls118.02 Ly111,576 Cr1 hour ago
Einstein Mines | NeganiM637 Ls91.6 Ly411,577 Cr1 day ago
Thiele Point | NeganiM889 Ls91.6 Ly411,577 Cr4 days ago

Best sell prices for Palladium (Average sell price: 13267 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Gabriel Dock | Haroingori L33 Ls123.61 Ly88,94615,840 Cr7 minutes ago
Crown Ring | Haroingori M2153 Ls123.61 Ly123,31915,801 Cr11 days ago
Dall Ring | Haroingori M1530 Ls123.61 Ly174,62215,801 Cr11 days ago
Kidinnu City | HalbaraM1923 Ls201.96 Ly76,43215,705 Cr5 days ago
Rominger Station | Perktomen L537 Ls142.6 Ly220,90715,697 Cr1 hour ago
Anderson Port | JaakaM1631 Ls182.39 Ly393,02115,688 Cr120 days ago
Bradley Gateway | IenpalangL1548 Ls174.79 Ly1,621,50015,660 Cr4 days ago
Schuster Station | IenpalangL1033 Ls174.79 Ly871,15215,660 Cr2 days ago
Chertovsky Gateway | IenpalangM852 Ls174.79 Ly1,733,38015,660 Cr16 days ago
Amedeo Plana Orbital | JaakaL1139 Ls182.39 Ly133,78015,657 Cr29 days ago
Hughes Vision | DoolonaM319 Ls229.03 Ly120,96015,619 Cr3 days ago
Cummings Holdings | Haroingori L33 Ls123.61 Ly1,41615,599 Cr2 days ago
Ziewe Gateway | Kavalliyala M25351 Ls169.15 Ly370,11615,586 Cr53 days ago
Koishikawa Orbital | Bellaung M513 Ls226.89 Ly150,36915,586 Cr8 days ago
Bailly Ring | KoyansM116 Ls208.63 Ly2,873,68015,577 Cr30 days ago
Unsold Orbital | Kavalliyala L25355 Ls169.15 Ly230,88815,561 Cr10 days ago
Wasden Colony | Halbara L1129 Ls201.96 Ly154,28415,560 Cr5 days ago
Busemann Station | Halbara M1960 Ls201.96 Ly134,41515,558 Cr91 days ago
Marcy Dock | DuryampasM405 Ls188.32 Ly154,65815,556 Cr96 days ago
Pilcher Port | Rutujil L61117 Ls180.25 Ly178,39715,548 Cr46 days ago
Koolhaas Hub | Karsuki TiM1005 Ls223.11 Ly101,25615,546 Cr16 days ago
Blaauw Dock | Karsuki TiM1021 Ls223.11 Ly123,60815,546 Cr7 days ago
Jones Hub | Kapoongzi L124 Ls206.04 Ly408,66815,540 Cr15 days ago
Hopper Station | RunapaM29603 Ls149.54 Ly195,88815,539 Cr20 days ago
Houten-Groeneveld Beacon | HIP 109468 L3134 Ls158.72 Ly48015,536 Cr3 days ago
Yerka City | GrovichunL9123 Ls146.56 Ly403,15215,530 Cr3 hours ago
Cuffey Vision | Yan Musu M200 Ls177.83 Ly55,76115,504 Cr7 days ago
Arago Vision | DoolonaM543 Ls229.03 Ly113,64515,474 Cr53 days ago
Kelly Beacon | KoyansL1697 Ls208.63 Ly73615,472 Cr17 days ago
Fremion Depot | KoyansL69 Ls208.63 Ly1,21615,472 Cr1 day ago
Cauchy Terminal | KoyansL37 Ls208.63 Ly41,52015,472 Cr6 hours ago
Schaumasse Vision | KoyansM1205 Ls208.63 Ly1,694,26815,472 Cr20 hours ago
Weaver Vision | CubeoL1103 Ls218.56 Ly3,466,24815,472 Cr3 hours ago
Medupe City | CubeoL332 Ls218.56 Ly3,716,96415,472 CrNow
Kuchner Dock | KoyansL69 Ls208.63 Ly2,736,84015,472 Cr3 days ago
Valz City | KoyansL37 Ls208.63 Ly3,277,99215,472 Cr4 days ago
MacCready Vision | KoyansL362 Ls208.63 Ly2,103,40015,472 Cr28 days ago
Adelman Station | CubeoL425 Ls218.56 Ly3,634,26815,472 Cr23 minutes ago
Dugan City | GabjaujisL1028 Ls198.7 Ly530,77615,468 Cr14 days ago