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Produced by: Refinery
Consumed by: High Tech and Industrial

Tantalum, Ta, atomic number 73. Melting point 3290K. Used to make capacitors and high melting point alloys in reactors, and by the military for specialist alloys used in weapons for armour penetration.

Produced by:
Refinery (Surface)
Consumed by:
High Tech, Industrial
Avg sell price:
3,989 Cr
Max sell price:
5,234 Cr
Avg buy price:
3,437 Cr
Min buy price:
3,104 Cr

Where to buy Tantalum near Nahuaru

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
MacLeod Penal colony | Formod M301 Ls11.48 Ly2803,435 Cr9 days ago
Creighton Works | Kilinigua M104016 Ls11.79 Ly1,4953,265 Cr10 days ago
Napier Dock | Kilinigua M104199 Ls11.79 Ly9063,863 Cr15 days ago
Malchiodi Prospect | Chersem L692 Ls11.83 Ly8373,259 Cr23 days ago
Bruce Colony | Chersem M407 Ls11.83 Ly3973,325 Cr26 days ago
Lee Platform | Canty M263 Ls11.91 Ly1343,807 Cr17 days ago
Solovyov Plant | MonjadiM17232 Ls12.57 Ly39,8013,570 Cr2 days ago
Rochon Installation | MonjadiL17275 Ls12.57 Ly23,4843,518 Cr37 days ago
Leckie Enterprise | Monjadi L17257 Ls12.57 Ly21,6413,480 Cr33 days ago
Noriega Port | Monjadi L17262 Ls12.57 Ly66,9963,868 Cr2 days ago
Barr Plant | Vinab M3635 Ls16.5 Ly4773,928 Cr15 days ago
Read Depot | Senti M627 Ls16.64 Ly3,7193,236 Cr35 days ago
Dorsey Refinery | NangandhM353 Ls17.77 Ly4593,434 Cr14 days ago
Stevin Platform | Nangandh M261 Ls17.77 Ly7173,229 Cr11 days ago
Zamka Dock | HIP 79419M74021 Ls19.39 Ly2,5613,205 Cr34 days ago
Bertin Platform | Washa M1383 Ls21.42 Ly1,0223,229 Cr38 days ago
Jeschke Installation | MedungniL287 Ls22.66 Ly2,1973,623 Cr15 hours ago
Elvstrom Legacy | Venda Kono M362 Ls22.76 Ly2653,508 Cr2 days ago
Rond d'Alembert Port | Venda KonoM1682 Ls22.76 Ly1643,509 Cr6 days ago
Shipton Plant | AsturindjinL798 Ls23.53 Ly9,7983,473 Cr7 hours ago
Daimler Survey | MonsuM11 Ls23.62 Ly1283,441 Cr33 days ago
Ramelli Terminal | GaruttiiM20 Ls25.06 Ly3,7003,359 Cr22 days ago
Webb Dock | Rikba AtiusM323 Ls25.56 Ly3,3583,533 Cr13 days ago
Watts Plant | Rikba Atius M186 Ls25.56 Ly8723,743 Cr9 days ago
Evason Landing | HIP 77282L1934 Ls25.96 Ly8,4313,187 Cr13 days ago
Sharman Station | Clee M1042 Ls26.39 Ly27,4744,092 Cr15 days ago
Goeschke City | Clee L1053 Ls26.39 Ly27,4743,696 Cr5 days ago
Babcock Orbital | Clee L1055 Ls26.39 Ly480,0083,514 Cr1 day ago
Beatty Colony | BormoM45 Ls27.05 Ly7443,361 Cr3 days ago
Bergerac Settlement | BormoL45 Ls27.05 Ly1,3413,360 Cr11 days ago
Serre Installation | BormoM1053 Ls27.05 Ly4703,360 Cr11 days ago
Darnielle Plant | AvaneM1233 Ls28.54 Ly4513,434 Cr5 days ago
Prunariu Port | HIP 78716M7183 Ls28.96 Ly1,6313,446 Cr23 days ago
Garriott Point | San XiangM341 Ls30.8 Ly963,502 Cr13 days ago
Crown Landing | San XiangM275 Ls30.8 Ly7083,360 Cr10 days ago
Wylie Landing | Bokitoke M14 Ls31.72 Ly1,2773,265 Cr27 days ago
Key Platform | Bokitoke M21 Ls31.72 Ly1183,553 Cr27 days ago
Clark Plant | Bokitoke L34 Ls31.72 Ly14,3363,444 Cr26 days ago
Kraepelin City | Gliese 9547M2180 Ls32.16 Ly1,1113,293 Cr12 days ago
Tanner Arena | Gliese 2126M495 Ls33.22 Ly1,0203,326 Cr25 days ago

Where to sell Tantalum near Nahuaru

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Williams Vision | Nahuaru L926 Ls---325,2404,315 Cr8 hours ago
Collins Gateway | Nahuaru M1310 Ls---137,8564,431 Cr13 days ago
MacLeod Penal colony | Formod M301 Ls11.48 Ly03,351 Cr9 days ago
Creighton Works | Kilinigua M104016 Ls11.79 Ly03,185 Cr10 days ago
Napier Dock | Kilinigua M104199 Ls11.79 Ly03,768 Cr15 days ago
Malchiodi Prospect | Chersem L692 Ls11.83 Ly03,180 Cr23 days ago
Bruce Colony | Chersem M407 Ls11.83 Ly03,244 Cr26 days ago
Lee Platform | Canty M263 Ls11.91 Ly03,714 Cr17 days ago
Mastracchio Hub | Eitha L24 Ls12.32 Ly770,6704,768 Cr3 days ago
Noriega Port | Monjadi L17262 Ls12.57 Ly03,771 Cr2 days ago
Solovyov Plant | MonjadiM17232 Ls12.57 Ly03,482 Cr2 days ago
Rochon Installation | MonjadiL17275 Ls12.57 Ly03,432 Cr37 days ago
Leckie Enterprise | Monjadi L17257 Ls12.57 Ly03,395 Cr33 days ago
Howe Park | Yulandh M3620 Ls12.66 Ly7,8833,858 Cr31 days ago
Berners-Lee City | Yulandh L2154 Ls12.66 Ly27,6123,858 Cr8 hours ago
Cayley Station | HIP 80065 L1183 Ls14.38 Ly234,8854,228 Cr11 days ago
Crook Station | EskimoriL20 Ls15.1 Ly179,9984,469 Cr6 days ago
Maclaurin Enterprise | HIP 79888 L14192 Ls15.19 Ly74,2604,847 Cr28 days ago
Hahn Ring | Pa Pa PoleM43 Ls15.6 Ly3,2703,858 Cr42 days ago
Kennicott City | Pa Pa PoleL31 Ls15.6 Ly24,6403,858 Cr25 days ago
Barr Plant | Vinab M3635 Ls16.5 Ly03,832 Cr15 days ago
Read Depot | Senti M627 Ls16.64 Ly03,157 Cr35 days ago
Stevens Town | Scorpii Sector FW-W c1-15 L2266 Ls16.98 Ly5274,168 Cr39 days ago
Dorsey Refinery | NangandhM353 Ls17.77 Ly03,350 Cr14 days ago
Stevin Platform | Nangandh M261 Ls17.77 Ly03,150 Cr11 days ago
Zamka Dock | HIP 79419M74021 Ls19.39 Ly03,127 Cr34 days ago
Pike Landing | Shany M1472 Ls19.58 Ly8,9184,334 Cr35 days ago
Manarov City | Serda L448 Ls19.7 Ly104,1634,486 Cr7 hours ago
Hart Orbital | SerdaM1136 Ls19.7 Ly66,5894,602 Cr44 days ago
White Colony | SerdaM608 Ls19.7 Ly67,4544,588 Cr23 days ago
Fraley Ring | Grafias M1088 Ls20.14 Ly84,5104,666 Cr2 days ago
Gubarev Landing | Grafias L1339 Ls20.14 Ly123,1044,373 Cr7 hours ago
Bertin Platform | Washa M1383 Ls21.42 Ly03,150 Cr38 days ago
Jeschke Installation | MedungniL287 Ls22.66 Ly03,535 Cr15 hours ago
He Hub | MedungniM382 Ls22.66 Ly313,7184,509 Cr10 days ago
Bester Enterprise | Medungni L287 Ls22.66 Ly99,3564,549 Cr15 hours ago
Rond d'Alembert Port | Venda KonoM1682 Ls22.76 Ly03,424 Cr6 days ago
Elvstrom Legacy | Venda Kono M362 Ls22.76 Ly03,422 Cr2 days ago
Hovgaard Orbital | Birhepri L81 Ls23.41 Ly117,0274,669 Cr35 days ago
Melvin Terminal | AsturindjinL799 Ls23.53 Ly205,7394,244 Cr8 hours ago

Highest supply for Tantalum

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Brackett Station | STF 1774M110222 Ls184.52 Ly3,818,5353,247 Cr3 days ago
Conrad Hub | OduduroL114 Ls186.01 Ly3,511,5263,293 Cr12 hours ago
Koontz Port | Inara L28906 Ls271.05 Ly3,252,5893,247 Cr2 days ago
Titius Station | CemiessL584 Ls163.39 Ly3,208,5953,283 Cr2 hours ago
Shoemaker City | CemiessL378 Ls163.39 Ly3,069,0913,283 Cr1 day ago
Wellman Port | BD+22 2742L456 Ls144.61 Ly3,043,7583,293 Cr1 day ago
Hill Hub | STF 1774L458 Ls184.52 Ly2,928,8343,247 Cr15 hours ago
Vizcaino City | STF 1774L457 Ls184.52 Ly2,789,3663,293 Cr1 hour ago
Lee Orbital | Kehperagwe L31 Ls254.98 Ly2,680,7093,247 Cr1 day ago
Meech Dock | CemiessL87 Ls163.39 Ly2,671,9513,283 Cr1 day ago
Kimbrough Orbital | Epsilon SerpentisL581 Ls115.75 Ly2,364,0743,293 Cr1 hour ago
Deluc Orbital | 80 e PisciumM1484 Ls234.14 Ly2,289,8403,293 Cr14 days ago
Suydam Hub | SecoyaL29 Ls109.44 Ly2,250,9943,231 Cr1 hour ago
Behnken Orbital | CharunderM3790 Ls133.37 Ly2,223,9183,293 Cr6 days ago
vo Dock | Teng YehM49942 Ls162.48 Ly2,212,0533,247 Cr24 days ago
Delbruck Orbital | Epsilon SerpentisL4665 Ls115.75 Ly2,187,7843,293 Cr3 days ago
Bombelli Hub | LHS 135L18 Ls182.17 Ly2,178,9713,293 Cr5 days ago
Pangborn City | LHS 135L25 Ls182.17 Ly2,178,9713,293 Cr9 days ago
Fernandes de Queiros Orbital | V640 Cassiopeia L152 Ls206.9 Ly2,176,7733,293 Cr2 days ago
Tudela Terminal | HIP 40452L342 Ls244.89 Ly2,170,6063,293 Cr7 days ago
Bagian Station | Kalb L115157 Ls86.43 Ly2,162,0553,293 Cr4 days ago
Blackwell Orbital | Kalb L115229 Ls86.43 Ly2,162,0543,293 Cr12 days ago
Daedalus | Sol L232 Ls151.07 Ly2,146,5003,316 Cr17 minutes ago
Stebler Port | Theta IndiL13774 Ls110.14 Ly2,133,9983,293 Cr10 days ago
Fossey Port | Theta IndiM13753 Ls110.14 Ly2,133,9983,293 Cr20 days ago
Conrad Horizons | Theta IndiL13680 Ls110.14 Ly2,133,9983,293 Cr12 hours ago
Comino Hub | LHS 1617M5514 Ls201.03 Ly2,133,0553,247 Cr11 days ago
Planck Orbital | BD-22 3573 L205 Ls107.26 Ly2,120,7903,293 Cr11 hours ago
Acharya Station | TiangchiL12 Ls217.42 Ly2,109,9663,293 Cr1 day ago
Wilson Terminal | LHS 6309L25 Ls154.84 Ly2,109,6653,293 Cr1 day ago
Lunan Hub | Beta Trianguli AustralisL228 Ls114.88 Ly2,088,9113,293 Cr17 hours ago
Alexander Port | BD-12 4699L58 Ls87.29 Ly2,062,9803,293 Cr8 days ago
Ehrlich Dock | 80 e Piscium L2501 Ls234.14 Ly2,015,0693,293 Cr1 hour ago
Liebig Hub | OduduroM607 Ls186.01 Ly1,972,7673,293 Cr20 days ago
Kraepelin Hub | Oduduro M258 Ls186.01 Ly1,972,7673,293 Cr5 hours ago
Heng Dock | Oduduro L138 Ls186.01 Ly1,972,7673,293 Cr5 hours ago
Hawking Terminal | Oduduro M211 Ls186.01 Ly1,972,7673,293 Cr5 hours ago
Whitney Station | OduduroM375 Ls186.01 Ly1,972,7673,293 Cr5 hours ago
Galileo | Sol L494 Ls151.07 Ly1,970,8113,316 Cr1 hour ago
Carlisle Terminal | HIP 40452 L1326 Ls244.89 Ly1,967,6053,293 Cr23 days ago

Highest demand for Tantalum

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Irkutsk | Alioth L7776 Ls193.9 Ly11,705,8684,723 Cr16 hours ago
Hedley City | UelloskimaL437 Ls176.49 Ly9,105,6094,698 Cr9 days ago
Neville Ring | VZ CorviL32 Ls125.75 Ly8,384,5974,698 Cr1 day ago
Hiraga Ring | UGP 120L10820 Ls216.3 Ly8,283,8774,698 Cr54 days ago
RenenBellot Gateway | LTT 700M233 Ls134.92 Ly8,277,8944,698 Cr4 days ago
Nowak Dock | 41 Lambda Hydrae L1633 Ls183.67 Ly8,011,5584,698 Cr14 days ago
Chilton Orbital | 41 Lambda Hydrae L627 Ls183.67 Ly8,011,5584,698 Cr24 days ago
Lagrange Enterprise | LTT 700L586 Ls134.92 Ly8,009,3324,698 Cr5 days ago
Sharma Port | Xamen EkL971 Ls158.86 Ly7,825,1634,698 Cr53 days ago
Linenger Gateway | Xamen EkL240948 Ls158.86 Ly7,415,6844,698 Cr53 days ago
Sinisalo Ring | TsohaveL539 Ls210.02 Ly7,263,1164,698 Cr5 days ago
Gooch Terminal | Aiabiko L36 Ls203.71 Ly7,225,0404,698 Cr14 hours ago
Arrhenius Orbital | 78 Ursae Majoris M652 Ls193.89 Ly7,184,6754,683 Cr9 hours ago
Read Gateway | 78 Ursae Majoris M389 Ls193.89 Ly7,184,6754,683 Cr2 hours ago
Wilhelm Terminal | Paesici L220 Ls78.4 Ly7,136,3324,698 Cr4 days ago
Bounds Gateway | Kung TeM146569 Ls207.43 Ly6,831,6644,698 Cr8 days ago
O'Leary Terminal | Algorab M51110 Ls129.16 Ly6,651,5614,698 Cr30 days ago
Fleming City | Mulachi L594474 Ls115.65 Ly6,517,4764,698 Cr8 hours ago
Gemar Dock | NyxM157 Ls188.72 Ly6,386,7044,698 Cr6 days ago
Hurston Ring | Arnais L4301 Ls267.66 Ly6,228,0124,698 Cr28 days ago
Very Orbital | TiniguaL99157 Ls204.8 Ly6,224,5754,727 Cr20 days ago
Bursch Enterprise | Wolf 1148 L725 Ls194.35 Ly6,187,4064,698 Cr20 days ago
Mullane Hub | RanaL3748 Ls170.44 Ly6,094,3254,698 Cr1 day ago
Celsius Terminal | Kappa ReticuliM3809 Ls148.67 Ly6,033,8114,698 Cr16 days ago
Panshin Terminal | Megrez L26968 Ls197.13 Ly5,975,5774,698 Cr9 days ago
Borman Terminal | Drevlyada M52477 Ls112.84 Ly5,863,2674,698 Cr38 days ago
Hale City | 14 Psi Cancri L2035 Ls263.26 Ly5,781,6024,698 Cr5 days ago
Timofeyevich Dock | PraecipuaM664 Ls203.6 Ly5,633,1644,698 Cr5 days ago
Laval Orbital | Haidjaram L377 Ls245.84 Ly5,567,6294,746 Cr1 day ago
Rominger Dock | 78 Ursae Majoris L254 Ls193.89 Ly5,537,1254,683 Cr2 hours ago
Gibson City | Payayan M10649 Ls154.58 Ly5,525,0144,556 Cr5 days ago
Rozhdestvensky Station | UchalurojaL2119 Ls208.39 Ly5,490,0624,575 Cr5 days ago
Karachkina Orbital | ChimiriL52 Ls78.24 Ly5,443,1924,727 Cr19 days ago
Shapiro Dock | LTT 700L9230 Ls134.92 Ly5,347,5854,698 Cr5 days ago
Russell Station | Payayan L10575 Ls154.58 Ly5,298,8324,556 Cr10 days ago
Ramelli Terminal | LTT 6774M714 Ls89.05 Ly5,239,8774,698 Cr13 days ago
Fawcett Gateway | OngkampanL359 Ls122.46 Ly5,222,2834,636 Cr4 hours ago
Copernicus Dock | AchelousL929 Ls174.63 Ly5,179,3844,698 Cr10 days ago
Asaro Gateway | LHS 331 M59 Ls187.38 Ly5,175,9974,673 Cr11 hours ago
Melbourne Park | Alioth L7770 Ls193.9 Ly5,034,4684,677 Cr9 days ago

Best buy prices for Tantalum (Average buy price: 3437 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Kovalyonok Hangar | LHS 3163 M3032 Ls127.36 Ly23,104 Cr5 days ago
Nansen Colony | FengalufonM424 Ls112.7 Ly8,2923,155 Cr1 day ago
Thornycroft Penal colony | MannonaM391 Ls168.02 Ly18,1883,155 Cr1 hour ago
Coulomb Platform | TrocnadesM1496 Ls147.16 Ly1203,158 Cr37 days ago
Libby Hub | Wolf 1373 M17297 Ls155.74 Ly53,2753,164 Cr9 days ago
Wakata City | LHS 3836M662 Ls138.58 Ly185,8663,164 Cr1 day ago
Hopkins Settlement | FetillM2234 Ls160.55 Ly45,0253,164 Cr31 days ago
Berezin Terminal | HR 4673 L313 Ls240.1 Ly1,0443,164 Cr21 days ago
Goldstein's Folly | Col 285 Sector UZ-P d5-60L33227 Ls233.71 Ly8053,164 Cr47 days ago
Pythagoras Landing | Tollan M700 Ls176.93 Ly121,2173,165 Cr1 day ago
MacLean Horizons | Tollan M1326 Ls176.93 Ly89,5313,165 Cr7 days ago
Faraday Settlement | LHS 3836M463 Ls138.58 Ly332,0083,165 Cr3 days ago
Bunch Settlement | HIP 71682 M2068 Ls72.81 Ly59,8143,165 Cr1 day ago
Vaucanson Platform | Kairos M2522 Ls94.84 Ly64,2953,165 Cr14 days ago
Andreas Hangar | G 5-32 M1240 Ls202.86 Ly66,9433,165 Cr11 days ago
Veblen Colony | LHS 184 M3941 Ls173.89 Ly59,2703,165 Cr10 days ago
Rond d'Alembert Port | LP 638-58M3408 Ls153.64 Ly101,4853,165 Cr16 days ago
Gordon Plant | Tollan L530 Ls176.93 Ly158,3993,166 Cr3 hours ago
Stableford Refinery | SkandiniL464 Ls168.34 Ly95,8913,166 Cr4 days ago
Fossum Colony | KairosM1823 Ls94.84 Ly115,1383,166 Cr11 days ago
Wisdom Plant | NiflhelM1295 Ls184.16 Ly365,3853,166 Cr7 days ago
Harrison Settlement | LP 638-58 L709 Ls153.64 Ly181,9843,166 Cr4 days ago
Garn Settlement | PanoiM2714 Ls106.45 Ly168,6663,167 Cr5 days ago
Morgan Orbital | RagnorakL66 Ls130.18 Ly129,9483,167 Cr8 days ago
Johnson Orbital | BokowatikoL1208 Ls233.33 Ly136,2263,167 Cr27 days ago
Arend Station | NysaL494855 Ls198.23 Ly290,5753,167 Cr4 days ago
Garan Hub | PanoiL1934 Ls106.45 Ly218,5173,168 Cr22 hours ago
Mukai Hub | KammaitsL1609 Ls176.08 Ly318,1193,168 Cr7 days ago
Smith City | MCC 686L15 Ls153.89 Ly201,5123,169 Cr12 hours ago
Pasteur Terminal | DagdhangjelL10254 Ls153.66 Ly245,7083,169 Cr14 days ago
Roosa Port | NLTT 51966 L406 Ls159.41 Ly285,5523,169 Cr1 day ago
Wandrei Hub | KokollerM142 Ls84.03 Ly348,2383,170 Cr5 days ago
Huygens City | FetillL1381 Ls160.55 Ly172,6713,170 Cr14 days ago
Schachner Dock | Fong WangL58 Ls108.22 Ly427,3463,171 Cr54 minutes ago
Gell-Mann Station | LHS 3836L281 Ls138.58 Ly423,6483,172 Cr2 hours ago
Kirby Orbital | AnkouL40017 Ls169.16 Ly393,3753,173 Cr3 days ago
Burbank Port | LP 255-11 L1489 Ls190.5 Ly223,1603,174 Cr11 hours ago
Jakes Orbital | Bondhr L5036 Ls196.72 Ly376,5243,175 Cr5 days ago
Cayley Port | HR 4926M1308 Ls177.42 Ly247,9563,175 Cr6 days ago
Harrison's Cradle | MikirL550 Ls143.51 Ly138,4213,176 Cr6 days ago

Best sell prices for Tantalum (Average sell price: 3989 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Landis Settlement | Lansbury L334 Ls129.36 Ly164,7225,234 Cr8 hours ago
Ivens Landing | Lansbury L334 Ls129.36 Ly34,7655,234 Cr1 day ago
Henson Laboratory | Lansbury M1707 Ls129.36 Ly117,4775,234 Cr10 hours ago
Thomson Orbital | Lansbury L449 Ls129.36 Ly118,2415,234 Cr17 hours ago
Barry's Centre | HIP 52285-93980 Ls233.37 Ly3,7465,234 Cr46 days ago
Ellis Gateway | Daesitiates L516 Ls125.79 Ly890,4675,228 Cr11 hours ago
Stephenson Hub | Daesitiates M1123 Ls125.79 Ly765,3745,228 Cr12 hours ago
Planck Station | BinjiaM642 Ls217.55 Ly386,1565,228 Cr5 hours ago
Carr Orbital | BinjiaL462 Ls217.55 Ly443,6275,228 Cr2 hours ago
Curbeam Colony | BinjiaM645 Ls217.55 Ly318,4515,228 Cr6 hours ago
Moriarty Horizons | Njirus L275 Ls144.41 Ly914,0775,228 Cr1 hour ago
Hennepin Prospect | Assinda L219783 Ls308.19 Ly999,9995,222 Cr39 days ago
Gibson Landing | Muri M1460 Ls237.67 Ly153,8115,221 Cr3 hours ago
Maler Colony | Muri M1096 Ls237.67 Ly669,2525,221 Cr1 day ago
Vasquez de Coronado Dock | Muri L6 Ls237.67 Ly1,511,3655,221 Cr4 minutes ago
Saunders's Dive | Wolf 1301 L396 Ls235.21 Ly115,7615,207 Cr18 hours ago
Poincare Landing | RasmussenM423 Ls163.54 Ly129,0785,201 CrNow
Fort Forgie Starport | RasmussenL223 Ls163.54 Ly65,3545,201 Cr3 hours ago
Port Bueschel | DakvarL138 Ls200.69 Ly15,5325,201 Cr4 hours ago
Dionysus | HIP 17044L1954 Ls464.15 Ly102,5525,195 Cr49 minutes ago
Caravanserai | Gandharvi L280 Ls15511.04 Ly76,4875,185 Cr5 hours ago
Mitchell Dock | Meene M468 Ls259.44 Ly106,1935,178 Cr6 days ago
Morukov Orbital | LHS 346 M9134 Ls115.56 Ly193,3705,176 Cr8 hours ago
McArthur Gateway | LHS 346 L4993 Ls115.56 Ly107,2795,176 Cr3 hours ago
Crown Dock | Yen Di L240 Ls245.54 Ly371,4475,176 Cr2 days ago
Lander Enterprise | VaccaeM1752 Ls208.19 Ly308,1525,176 Cr5 days ago
Asaro Port | VaccaeL1435 Ls208.19 Ly358,4225,176 Cr31 minutes ago
Young Settlement | ImenhitM647 Ls108.7 Ly264,8595,176 Cr2 days ago
McNair Gateway | Sun TakushL1394 Ls134.84 Ly422,5375,176 Cr1 hour ago
Gabriel Dock | Haroingori L33 Ls63.25 Ly356,7215,176 Cr1 hour ago
Holberg Vision | KZ Andromedae M1853 Ls204.66 Ly63,9125,176 Cr4 days ago
Linaweaver Terminal | KZ Andromedae L1357 Ls204.66 Ly74,2755,176 Cr14 hours ago
Gentle Platform | Vafthruva L715 Ls147.39 Ly150,3975,176 Cr1 day ago
Chwedyk Station | Bodedi L1728 Ls170.35 Ly336,0695,176 Cr4 hours ago
Benyovszky Dock | EdenwiL1218 Ls294.13 Ly388,9715,176 Cr38 days ago
Sheffield Dock | Caberani L8279 Ls265.19 Ly328,6975,176 Cr7 hours ago
Michell Depot | Eurybia L326 Ls184.84 Ly148,2635,173 Cr2 hours ago
Awyra Flirble | Eurybia L316 Ls184.84 Ly53,4415,173 Cr10 minutes ago
Chris & Silvia's Paradise Hideout | Eurybia L326 Ls184.84 Ly38,3595,173 Cr7 hours ago
Gill Point | Eurybia L328 Ls184.84 Ly65,6235,173 Cr4 days ago