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Imperial Slaves

Produced by: Agricultural
Consumed by: All
Only legal on Imperial worlds or dictatorships and patronage style governed markets.

Slavery is an important part of Imperial Society, providing labour for the Empire and a safety net for its citizens. Many Imperials will choose to sell themselves into a fixed period of slavery rather than face the embarrassment and dishonour of living with a debt.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Agriculture, Extraction, Industrial, High Tech, Military, Refinery, Service, Tourism, Terraforming, Colony
Avg sell price:
17,116 Cr
Max sell price:
18,645 Cr
Avg buy price:
16,745 Cr
Min buy price:
13,158 Cr

Where to buy Imperial Slaves near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Mastracchio Orbital | 5 G. CapricorniL191 Ls29.06 Ly8,33317,696 Cr40 minutes ago
Newton City | Wosyra Pao L55 Ls36.22 Ly9,23317,702 Cr23 hours ago
Usachov City | MacalitesL68996 Ls36.42 Ly188,52817,238 Cr14 days ago
Scithers Hub | G 141-21L78 Ls36.64 Ly98317,702 Cr4 days ago
Yuzhe Port | PethesL106 Ls40.28 Ly6217,528 Cr3 days ago
Eyharts Orbital | LFT 1723L368 Ls41.47 Ly9,12917,702 Cr4 days ago
Morey City | LFT 1723 M871 Ls41.47 Ly14,64116,969 Cr5 days ago
Onufrienko City | HokoL1533 Ls42.38 Ly6,62217,624 Cr8 days ago
Gordon Terminal | TiolceL158 Ls44.14 Ly42,12017,702 Cr11 hours ago
Malenchenko Dock | TiolceL53 Ls44.14 Ly209,64116,505 Cr2 hours ago
Grissom Dock | TiolceM91 Ls44.14 Ly198,38316,508 Cr14 days ago
vo Terminal | TiolceL268 Ls44.14 Ly184,91816,511 Cr11 days ago
Springer Gateway | SenluL287 Ls44.96 Ly47,77916,902 Cr2 days ago
McMonagle Station | LHS 3167M3563 Ls46.58 Ly82,62616,905 Cr15 days ago
Volynov Ring | LHS 3167L3451 Ls46.58 Ly41517,702 Cr8 hours ago
Vasyutin Dock | RasalhagueL290 Ls46.68 Ly6,98717,702 Cr1 day ago
Galvani Station | RasalhagueM492 Ls46.68 Ly36,07317,028 Cr4 days ago
Wang Ring | 72 HerculisL17482 Ls46.73 Ly30,55616,463 Cr23 hours ago
Cherry Port | Aganippe L130 Ls46.78 Ly21,83816,563 Cr9 minutes ago
Julian Market | Aganippe L133 Ls46.78 Ly10817,533 Cr1 hour ago
Wakata Gateway | TalithaL11816 Ls47.31 Ly519,88716,337 Cr16 days ago
Tuan Station | TalithaL11717 Ls47.31 Ly465,28017,240 Cr1 day ago
Stefanyshyn-Piper Port | DiabakL1793 Ls48.5 Ly129,20816,600 Cr11 days ago
Thomson Orbital | DiabakL182 Ls48.5 Ly2,16417,702 Cr4 hours ago
Daimler Ring | DiabakL26 Ls48.5 Ly143,88817,276 Cr4 hours ago
Rennie Ring | DiabakL1346 Ls48.5 Ly129,20816,600 Cr11 days ago
Chretien Dock | DiabakM1798 Ls48.5 Ly129,20716,600 Cr12 days ago
Fossum Ring | LHS 278 L64 Ls49.23 Ly45,25117,702 Cr11 hours ago

Where to sell Imperial Slaves near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Wiener Prospect | LAWD 96M908 Ls25.46 Ly6,29917,823 Cr22 hours ago
Holden Dock | LAWD 96L3911 Ls25.46 Ly12,79317,749 Cr1 day ago
Jacobi Landing | FN VirginisM470 Ls26.54 Ly33316,831 Cr4 days ago
Lorrah Barracks | FN VirginisL475 Ls26.54 Ly97216,947 Cr2 days ago
Mastracchio Orbital | 5 G. CapricorniL191 Ls29.06 Ly017,340 Cr40 minutes ago
Reisman Hangar | LHS 3746 M1378 Ls32.62 Ly65918,263 Cr7 days ago
Readdy Base | LHS 3746L518 Ls32.62 Ly65218,446 Cr7 days ago
Gamow Terminal | LHS 3746M19 Ls32.62 Ly1,89117,984 Cr13 days ago
Hobaugh Hangar | V816 HerculisM1058 Ls33.98 Ly1,05717,841 Cr3 days ago
Willis Installation | V816 HerculisM1019 Ls33.98 Ly1,31817,836 Cr16 days ago
Yamazaki Base | SanukuM852 Ls34.88 Ly26417,592 Cr33 days ago
Dunyach's Folly | LHS 369M848 Ls35.77 Ly48717,120 Cr16 hours ago
Zillig Dock | LHS 369M24848 Ls35.77 Ly86617,339 Cr12 days ago
Roberts Platform | ChukchuM37 Ls35.99 Ly2,76117,979 Cr7 days ago
Makarov Dock | ChukchuL2423 Ls35.99 Ly3,11617,779 Cr1 day ago
Chapman Plant | ChukchuM21 Ls35.99 Ly4,13517,745 Cr5 days ago
Feoktistov Orbital | CoelrindM1599 Ls36.09 Ly26917,093 Cr2 days ago
Newton City | Wosyra Pao L55 Ls36.22 Ly017,340 Cr23 hours ago
Bates Orbital | SegaisL349 Ls36.24 Ly016,769 Cr14 hours ago
Fearn Terminal | SegaisM455 Ls36.24 Ly4,38516,862 Cr6 days ago
So-yeon Vision | DT VirginisM12937 Ls36.25 Ly1,61017,999 Cr12 days ago
Usachov City | MacalitesL68996 Ls36.42 Ly016,885 Cr14 days ago
Banks Enterprise | MacalitesL68996 Ls36.42 Ly19,55216,966 Cr5 days ago
Beckman Port | MacalitesL68586 Ls36.42 Ly21,96416,960 Cr3 days ago
Sekelj Station | G 141-21M29 Ls36.64 Ly169,61017,909 Cr1 day ago
McDaniel Terminal | G 141-21M16 Ls36.64 Ly197,90217,916 Cr1 day ago

Highest supply for Imperial Slaves

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Gustav Sporer Market | MatiaL138 Ls130.91 Ly1,375,27915,730 Cr19 days ago
Brand Hub | LTT 9387L278 Ls68.3 Ly1,087,40515,967 Cr11 days ago
O'Connor Port | AsetsiL457 Ls121.87 Ly1,080,82015,884 Cr45 minutes ago
Bowen Dock | HR 8061L7306 Ls64.45 Ly1,080,04915,967 Cr28 days ago
Harrison Port | KoletiL843 Ls139.6 Ly946,76815,963 Cr1 day ago
Marsden City | YaroklisL121 Ls120.67 Ly941,57815,931 Cr2 days ago
Flettner Dock | LaurL22597 Ls146.56 Ly851,21115,963 Cr8 days ago
Bear Terminal | LP 711-32L86 Ls72.51 Ly806,28315,859 Cr4 days ago
Aller Dock | Ru ShilL95129 Ls125.39 Ly718,22515,931 Cr10 days ago
Whitney City | DumnitesL115 Ls184.53 Ly677,23815,988 Cr7 days ago
Vaugh Market | DyaushibiL705 Ls119.43 Ly638,41317,084 Cr29 days ago
Dugan Dock | PrivaL347 Ls97.18 Ly616,65715,730 Cr20 hours ago
Akers Station | Senones L728 Ls72.87 Ly613,66316,003 Cr18 hours ago
Shavyrin Terminal | ZelanoL276 Ls89.1 Ly607,23414,367 Cr6 days ago
Cantor Market | HIP 25559L158 Ls120.37 Ly601,11016,003 Cr28 days ago
Steakley Station | NegritoL130 Ls114.4 Ly600,96616,003 Cr9 hours ago
Amundsen City | UGP 120L260 Ls110.75 Ly598,55616,895 Cr14 days ago
Thoreau Port | SopontetL25 Ls100.56 Ly598,04816,896 Cr44 minutes ago
Leonov Dock | HIP 3540L671 Ls134.97 Ly592,96616,003 Cr12 days ago
Sharman Terminal | HIP 27980L2765 Ls134.45 Ly574,43316,003 Cr39 days ago
Harding Station | JimaraL794 Ls120.6 Ly565,45416,675 Cr13 days ago
Hoyle Orbital | Er LongsL24 Ls118.69 Ly563,71115,967 Cr3 days ago
Novitski City | NonaL6225 Ls58.44 Ly560,94716,003 Cr17 days ago
Springer Hub | HayarL87 Ls116.96 Ly552,37516,039 Cr13 days ago
Smith Port | Pathan L204 Ls101 Ly549,29015,967 Cr1 day ago
Whitworth Station | Rho GeminorumL11848 Ls58.88 Ly537,03916,036 Cr6 days ago
Sharon Lee Free Market | Orrere L960 Ls114.05 Ly531,17415,701 Cr4 hours ago
Macquorn Rankine Gateway | Rho GeminorumL11625 Ls58.88 Ly528,31816,040 Cr14 days ago
Chretien Port | BodhengueL250 Ls99.53 Ly520,75315,936 Cr1 day ago
Ulloa Dock | Pi Piscis AustriniL95654 Ls95.97 Ly520,22715,963 Cr23 minutes ago
Wakata Gateway | TalithaL11816 Ls47.31 Ly519,88716,003 Cr16 days ago
Apgar Orbital | TelinL314 Ls136.72 Ly519,40815,967 Cr1 day ago
Lewis Gateway | VodyanesL149 Ls98.7 Ly518,53215,963 Cr16 hours ago
Lindemann Dock | NjokujilL9767 Ls114.34 Ly514,84215,963 Cr7 days ago
Savinykh Orbital | NonaL138 Ls58.44 Ly513,17916,003 Cr13 days ago

Highest demand for Imperial Slaves

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Siodmak City | MandhritharL2081 Ls97.78 Ly659,61014,783 Cr2 days ago
Dingle City | Miquit M5573 Ls163.25 Ly549,02018,289 Cr27 days ago
Suydam Hub | SecoyaL30 Ls109.89 Ly328,68014,567 Cr2 hours ago
Walker Ring | Ross 151L117 Ls130.01 Ly318,35118,129 Cr1 day ago
Orban Dock | RajitoM74 Ls168.54 Ly297,30018,328 Cr19 days ago
O'Leary City | MandhritharL1118 Ls97.78 Ly294,58014,582 Cr18 hours ago
Simpson Depot | FaceceL347 Ls131.09 Ly286,75417,809 Cr1 day ago
Smyth Orbital | RajitoM119 Ls168.54 Ly272,85618,328 Cr19 days ago
Nagata Hub | SecoyaL41 Ls109.89 Ly271,83714,560 Cr20 hours ago
Resnik Hub | SecoyaL52 Ls109.89 Ly271,83714,560 Cr1 day ago
Fox City | Mandhrithar L28509 Ls97.78 Ly261,21814,578 Cr34 days ago
Amnuel City | MandhritharM28452 Ls97.78 Ly261,21814,578 Cr26 days ago
Shea City | KeltimM53 Ls85.9 Ly261,17318,289 Cr13 days ago
Due Station | Delta LeporisL598 Ls113.72 Ly261,05318,289 Cr1 day ago
Lintott City | HIP 20737L50 Ls123.29 Ly256,26718,289 Cr5 days ago
Vuia Station | IgalL521 Ls193.04 Ly249,98418,328 Cr5 days ago
Alas Station | 69 G. Carinae L152757 Ls52.85 Ly247,57717,682 Cr2 days ago
Common Port | NauneiM328265 Ls119.11 Ly247,50414,650 Cr3 days ago
Angstrom Gateway | JupanisageM449 Ls209.93 Ly247,46918,410 Cr3 days ago
Heinlein Port | GrudiM908 Ls113.57 Ly245,30118,289 Cr26 days ago
Bullialdus Hub | RajitoL660 Ls168.54 Ly235,19318,328 Cr18 days ago
Herbig Terminal | HIP 98621M745 Ls122.94 Ly225,41814,625 Cr11 days ago
Kapteyn Port | HIP 98621L1070 Ls122.94 Ly225,41814,625 Cr1 day ago
Rond d'Alembert Ring | Nu-1 ColumbaeL1824 Ls128.39 Ly212,34417,958 Cr7 days ago
Patrick Depot | FaceceL1297 Ls131.09 Ly211,05017,820 Cr21 hours ago
Fortress York | FaceceL913 Ls131.09 Ly206,95717,653 Cr13 hours ago
Peters City | AchenarM42367 Ls139.45 Ly201,36817,773 Cr39 days ago
Young Dock | MandhritharM28421 Ls97.78 Ly198,25414,566 Cr12 days ago
McDaniel Terminal | G 141-21M16 Ls36.64 Ly197,90217,916 Cr1 day ago
Ejigu Terminal | HIP 98621L31988 Ls122.94 Ly192,86814,622 Cr19 hours ago
Banno Station | HIP 98621L31986 Ls122.94 Ly192,86814,622 Cr5 days ago
Alexeyev Hub | G 141-21M29 Ls36.64 Ly186,53417,913 Cr1 day ago
Piano Station | LHS 199L17646 Ls120.82 Ly186,45918,048 Cr11 days ago
Lyot Vision | BalmungL7132 Ls103.48 Ly180,97518,289 Cr13 days ago
Ulloa Port | SecoyaM243 Ls109.89 Ly176,71314,503 Cr5 days ago
Janjetov Vision | HIP 14619L2021 Ls225.41 Ly176,28218,048 Cr21 days ago
Sekelj Station | G 141-21M29 Ls36.64 Ly169,61017,909 Cr1 day ago
Piercy Terminal | G 141-21M41 Ls36.64 Ly169,61017,909 Cr22 hours ago
McArthur Terminal | ChanaL12 Ls119.7 Ly165,72117,881 Cr30 minutes ago

Best buy prices for Imperial Slaves (Average buy price: 16745 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Afanasyev Gateway | YimanbinM2254 Ls81.55 Ly259,98713,158 Cr16 days ago
Howe Ring | LTT 8517M923 Ls76.7 Ly299,22813,233 Cr24 days ago
Newman Hub | Kappa Reticuli M190917 Ls70.71 Ly331,05913,337 Cr49 days ago
Celsius Terminal | Kappa ReticuliM3809 Ls70.71 Ly330,12613,341 Cr25 days ago
Knight Gateway | YimanbinM2221 Ls81.55 Ly207,97813,378 Cr17 days ago
Furukawa Station | XuandunaM1280 Ls127.19 Ly163,92313,433 Cr29 days ago
Bridges Port | YimanbinM2238 Ls81.55 Ly137,04413,488 Cr13 days ago
Somayaji Port | HR 1064M7084 Ls128.5 Ly209,07013,504 Cr6 days ago
Euclid Terminal | LTT 8517M711741 Ls76.7 Ly142,61313,505 Cr18 days ago
Bobko Gateway | Kappa Reticuli L2512 Ls70.71 Ly153,66114,143 Cr10 days ago
Vaucanson Gateway | YimanbinM133 Ls81.55 Ly98,57114,166 Cr18 days ago

Best sell prices for Imperial Slaves (Average sell price: 17116 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
McDevitt Mines | Lalande 15547M22858 Ls77.38 Ly43518,645 Cr22 days ago
Brosnatch Terminal | IbisanyanM157 Ls280.41 Ly16,31818,645 Cr31 days ago
Hirn Station | HIP 118210 M1963 Ls235.66 Ly18,92518,645 Cr28 days ago
Bushkov Dock | HyperboreaM2303 Ls148.14 Ly8,07118,645 Cr11 days ago
Horch Survey | StKM 1-1341M357130 Ls99.37 Ly3,96518,642 Cr15 days ago
Onizuka Oasis | StKM 1-1341L280 Ls99.37 Ly4,30518,642 Cr4 days ago
Thompson Holdings | ItherM351 Ls144.23 Ly1,29518,642 Cr5 days ago
Rowley Survey | Assinda M124 Ls177.92 Ly91318,635 Cr30 days ago
Shawl Installation | HIP 75021L51 Ls164.3 Ly1,28818,633 Cr53 days ago
Bentham Platform | HIP 18843M9769 Ls194.51 Ly20,59318,632 Cr19 days ago
McCaffrey Installation | NgariM2391 Ls152.89 Ly4,51118,627 Cr131 days ago
Moresby Terminal | HelviL591 Ls172.83 Ly62018,611 Cr35 days ago
Rodrigues Installation | HIP 68736 L262 Ls184.05 Ly87618,611 Cr35 days ago
Stevens Orbital | HIP 18327L1307 Ls136.71 Ly62,23518,610 Cr22 hours ago
Soddy Hangar | ZugenM797 Ls45.28 Ly1,92618,604 Cr1 day ago
MacLean Dock | Wolf 1019M22957 Ls86.59 Ly1,41618,604 Cr4 hours ago
Popovich Legacy | Gaantenoi M203 Ls138.96 Ly46018,597 Cr7 hours ago
Selous' Progress | HIP 22703L4181 Ls194.05 Ly98818,597 Cr10 days ago
Dickson Refinery | Arietis Sector GG-Y d63 L1607 Ls182.47 Ly1,64118,597 Cr17 days ago
Barnaby's Progress | Arietis Sector JR-W c1-19L2396 Ls185.37 Ly1,29418,597 Cr17 days ago
Vasquez de Coronado Depot | Pegasi Sector VO-Q b5-3L15330 Ls129.16 Ly7,73518,593 Cr25 days ago
Mallett's Progress | Pegasi Sector VO-Q b5-3L15297 Ls129.16 Ly1,31718,593 Cr25 days ago
Tucker Prospect | Greidmarang M92884 Ls172.8 Ly76118,581 Cr49 days ago
Griggs Station | Sui ReddM2041 Ls135.06 Ly48618,581 Cr34 days ago
Fraas Hangar | SebeleniM11582 Ls157.96 Ly86518,581 Cr32 days ago
Jones Relay | HonotoM1651 Ls85.64 Ly1,91918,572 Cr23 hours ago
Gagarin Landing | HonotoM2389 Ls85.64 Ly1,54418,572 Cr23 hours ago
Kennedy Survey | HonotoL2383 Ls85.64 Ly3,01318,572 Cr1 hour ago
Bean City | HIP 74243 M1453 Ls123.96 Ly46418,569 Cr20 days ago
Brosnan Terminal | San Camasir M677 Ls124.41 Ly56018,569 Cr20 days ago
Slusser Installation | HIP 111880L210 Ls129.49 Ly1,60618,569 Cr9 days ago
Zelazny Colony | KoshasM1502 Ls146.18 Ly75418,569 Cr18 days ago
Lanier Dock | HIP 80742M4394 Ls179.51 Ly92618,569 Cr27 days ago
Novitski Terminal | HR 6831M54877 Ls137.99 Ly49418,569 Cr30 days ago
Cardano Horizons | LP 421-7M2253 Ls61.56 Ly1,07118,569 Cr24 days ago
Teng-hui Hangar | LHS 1651M18681 Ls63.1 Ly86418,569 Cr10 days ago