Mineral Oil

This is an organic oil that is a useful raw material for producing a wide range of synthetic materials from plastics to ceramics. It is derived from the decay of organic materials, and can often be found beneath the ground on outdoor worlds. Surprisingly, mineral oil was burnt for energy on ancient Earth.
Produced by:
Consumed by:
Avg sell price:
220 Cr
Max sell price:
786 Cr
Avg buy price:
89 Cr
Min buy price:
28 Cr

Where to buy Mineral Oil near Sol

LocationPadStation distDistancebuy price    
Davis Terminal | DuamtaL546 Ls9.88 Ly106 Cr
Davies Station | Epsilon EridaniL280 Ls10.52 Ly79 Cr
Darkes High | Epsilon EridaniL482 Ls10.52 Ly79 Cr
Fortress Cousens | Epsilon EridaniL296 Ls10.52 Ly79 Cr
Cormack Hub | ProcyonL10604 Ls11.41 Ly89 Cr
Hardwick Station | ProcyonL10027 Ls11.41 Ly77 Cr
Davy dock | ProcyonL10421 Ls11.41 Ly89 Cr
Pontes Gateway | ProcyonL10027 Ls11.41 Ly77 Cr
Perry Depot | Epsilon IndiL192 Ls11.8 Ly86 Cr
London Relay | Epsilon IndiL683 Ls11.8 Ly86 Cr
Schneider Relay | Epsilon IndiL260 Ls11.8 Ly86 Cr
Mansfield Orbiter | Epsilon IndiL143 Ls11.8 Ly86 Cr
Gilmour Orbiter | Tau CetiL394 Ls11.94 Ly87 Cr
Cady Market | Groombridge 1618L169 Ls15.88 Ly94 Cr
Martinez Market | Groombridge 1618M168 Ls15.88 Ly94 Cr
Akers Gateway | Wolf 1453L3876 Ls18.46 Ly86 Cr
Angus Manwaring | Eta CassiopeiaeL808 Ls19.45 Ly87 Cr
Morgue's Mortuary | Eta CassiopeiaeL2530 Ls19.45 Ly87 Cr
J.F.Kennedy | Eta CassiopeiaeL920 Ls19.45 Ly87 Cr
Preuss Orbital | Lalande 18115L88 Ls20.45 Ly94 Cr

Where to sell Mineral Oil near Sol

LocationPadStation distDistancesell price    
Titan City | SolL4711 Ls---233 Cr
Columbus | SolL2581 Ls---262 Cr
Burnell Station | SolM360 Ls---206 Cr
Daedalus | SolL221 Ls---329 Cr
Galileo | SolL489 Ls---330 Cr
Galileo | Alpha Centauri------4.38 Ly330 Cr
Miller Depot | Barnard's StarL37 Ls5.95 Ly246 Cr
Boston Base | Barnard's StarL61 Ls5.95 Ly246 Cr
Levi-Strauss Installation | Barnard's StarM6 Ls5.95 Ly246 Cr
Jenner Orbital | Luhman 16M10 Ls6.57 Ly192 Cr
Heisenberg Colony | Luhman 16M13 Ls6.57 Ly192 Cr
Yamazaki Landing | WISE 0855-0714M850 Ls7.17 Ly201 Cr
Birkeland City | Ross 154L13 Ls9.69 Ly209 Cr
Herrington City | DuamtaL418 Ls9.88 Ly212 Cr
Davis Terminal | DuamtaL546 Ls9.88 Ly93 Cr
Wang City | DuamtaL314 Ls9.88 Ly356 Cr
Polyakov Station | DuamtaL232 Ls9.88 Ly356 Cr
Vesalius City | DuamtaM1284 Ls9.88 Ly340 Cr
Darkes High | Epsilon EridaniL482 Ls10.52 Ly70 Cr
Fortress Cousens | Epsilon EridaniL296 Ls10.52 Ly70 Cr

Best buy prices for Mineral Oil

Average buy price: 89 Cr

LocationPadStation distDistancebuy price    
Malchiodi Ring | DemetiL415 Ls141.28 Ly44 Cr
Macleod Market | 38 LyncisL3775 Ls124.82 Ly48 Cr
Watson Station | OrerveL289 Ls109.77 Ly50 Cr
Mil City | MapodL102 Ls206.62 Ly50 Cr
Hamuy Hub | HIP 113010L373 Ls144.03 Ly50 Cr
Manarov Orbital | PontaeL193 Ls118.51 Ly51 Cr
Allen City | HIP 109228L1025 Ls197.91 Ly51 Cr
Cooper Orbital | SalibalaL---135.72 Ly51 Cr
Vavrova Port | MaheonL---195.57 Ly51 Cr
Barnwell Ring | NukaituM160 Ls136.39 Ly51 Cr
Encke Dock | HIP 113812L4110 Ls179.8 Ly51 Cr
Extra Hub | Upsilon PhoenicisL2841 Ls197.92 Ly52 Cr
Fuglesang Hub | HariatesL147 Ls123.89 Ly52 Cr
Collins Station | V711 TauriL1254 Ls100.11 Ly53 Cr
Akiyama Ring | Chau YuL---212.97 Ly53 Cr
Gustav Sporer Port | GomanL271 Ls232.17 Ly53 Cr
Hire Terminal | Chih ZhiL13424 Ls101.65 Ly53 Cr
Sacco City | HIP 104331L19633 Ls134.5 Ly53 Cr
Wild Dock | LHS 4031L344 Ls164.38 Ly54 Cr

Best sell prices for Mineral Oil

Average sell price: 220 Cr

LocationPadStation distDistancesell price    
Denton Installation | Wolf 1301M851 Ls88.02 Ly786 Cr
Siegel Base | HakkinohaM1608 Ls86.63 Ly784 Cr
MacLean Freeport | Yin YinM18061 Ls150.43 Ly784 Cr
Bosch Horizons | Iota-2 FornacisM2800 Ls110.74 Ly784 Cr
Garriott Installation | ShorixM256 Ls110.49 Ly784 Cr
Julian Freeport | LTT 8740M1591 Ls125.26 Ly784 Cr
Reilly City | Turd WuM1429 Ls128.4 Ly784 Cr
Yang Terminal | MawasiM3018 Ls118.3 Ly784 Cr
Fraas Hangar | SebeleniM---157.96 Ly784 Cr
Nobel Vision | BD+11 2811M1345 Ls83.59 Ly784 Cr
Nespoli Port | NerishisM5734 Ls123.6 Ly784 Cr
Currie Holdings | LatjangM---152.52 Ly784 Cr
Novitski Terminal | HR 6831M54 Ls137.99 Ly784 Cr
Crown Colony | HIP 25393M1126 Ls146.07 Ly784 Cr
Artin Orbital | NialfiM1421 Ls121.94 Ly773 Cr
Shaw Settlement | SeediM182033 Ls148.48 Ly773 Cr
Wiener Estate | GunwithhoggM250093 Ls126.87 Ly773 Cr
Cernan Camp | ArunmiM19 Ls136.51 Ly765 Cr
Celsius Estate | AnduligaM626280 Ls138.89 Ly765 Cr
Bresnik Settlement | Wolf 279M---156.81 Ly765 Cr

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