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Computer Components

Produced by: Industrial
Consumed by: High Tech and Military

Industrially mass-produced computer components and electronic devices, regulators, storage, distribution boards, spares. Wherever there are computers, there are computers that have gone wrong and need a spare part.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
High Tech
Avg sell price:
583 Cr
Max sell price:
1,216 Cr
Avg buy price:
510 Cr
Min buy price:
300 Cr

Where to buy Computer Components near Blatrimpe

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Scully-Power Port | LP 787-52 M1083 Ls7.18 Ly1,301567 Cr33 days ago
Ewald Enterprise | LP 787-52 L1094 Ls7.18 Ly6,573499 Cr3 days ago
Tanner Orbital | LP 787-52 M1463 Ls7.18 Ly683567 Cr27 days ago
Nye Port | CavinsM346 Ls9.41 Ly2,939544 Cr14 days ago
McNair Ring | CavinsM440 Ls9.41 Ly1,883493 Cr8 hours ago
Battuta City | LP 847-48M1720 Ls12.32 Ly864571 Cr23 days ago
Rozhdestvensky Hub | LP 847-48 L8 Ls12.32 Ly7,665504 Cr2 days ago
Celsius Port | LP 847-48 M1206 Ls12.32 Ly2,866500 Cr9 days ago
Gibson Orbital | LHS 1951L76 Ls13.37 Ly16,386586 Cr4 hours ago
Bosch Terminal | LHS 1918M1958 Ls13.59 Ly19,662495 Cr43 days ago
Walker Station | LHS 1918L1984 Ls13.59 Ly53,335440 Cr3 days ago
Euclid Terminal | LHS 1918M1959 Ls13.59 Ly3,736440 Cr3 days ago
White Terminal | LHS 274 L16 Ls13.96 Ly9,332586 Cr1 day ago
Al Saud Ring | LHS 274M27 Ls13.96 Ly16,649518 Cr55 days ago
Freud Dock | LHS 274L8 Ls13.96 Ly16,649518 Cr4 days ago
Carrier Enterprise | LHS 274 M2261 Ls13.96 Ly6,667586 Cr22 days ago
Soddy Terminal | LHS 274 M2247 Ls13.96 Ly6,667586 Cr16 days ago
Cavendish City | LHS 274M25120 Ls13.96 Ly11,312586 Cr31 days ago
McCoy Enterprise | LHS 274 M48 Ls13.96 Ly6,667586 Cr16 days ago
Fullerton Terminal | Corbenic M1932 Ls15.13 Ly345498 Cr9 days ago
Fermi Landing | CorbenicM2688 Ls15.13 Ly226578 Cr7 days ago
Hertz City | CorbenicL2797 Ls15.13 Ly443499 Cr4 days ago
Aksyonov Orbital | LHS 2259L14 Ls15.99 Ly32,356440 Cr10 days ago
Ejeta Terminal | LHS 2259L8 Ls15.99 Ly32,356440 Cr8 days ago
Utley Point | LHS 2259 L8 Ls15.99 Ly9,018455 Cr82 days ago
Chaudhary Station | LHS 2259M4582 Ls15.99 Ly29,409440 Cr28 days ago
Garriott Station | LHS 2259L25 Ls15.99 Ly29,409440 Cr17 days ago
Yegorov Orbital | LHS 2259M4580 Ls15.99 Ly25,757440 Cr11 days ago
Sinclair Relay | Luyten 674-15L161 Ls16.76 Ly573637 Cr3 minutes ago
Nobleport | Luyten 674-15 L81 Ls16.76 Ly562366 Cr1 day ago
Tayler Platform | Luyten 674-15 M507 Ls16.76 Ly12,239366 Cr14 hours ago
Kiernan Station | LFT 709 M985 Ls17.1 Ly261,529440 Cr11 days ago
Cobb Enterprise | LFT 709M990 Ls17.1 Ly188,949440 Cr35 days ago
Malchiodi City | LFT 709M947 Ls17.1 Ly21,347443 Cr24 days ago
Hui Hub | LFT 709L21 Ls17.1 Ly26,398440 Cr2 days ago
Hand Terminal | LFT 709M973 Ls17.1 Ly337,086440 Cr13 days ago
Sohl Hub | LFT 709L29 Ls17.1 Ly38,084440 Cr9 days ago
Malaspina Station | LHS 1875M1366 Ls18.06 Ly14493 Cr2 days ago

Where to sell Computer Components near Blatrimpe

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Lee Base | BlatrimpeL2233 Ls---6,3011,114 Cr3 days ago
Budrys Silo | Ross 440 L13009 Ls6.18 Ly4,1461,082 Cr2 days ago
Tsibliyev Orbital | LHS 2037M987 Ls6.33 Ly116,3301,053 Cr8 days ago
Bulgakov Point | LHS 2037 L1408 Ls6.33 Ly13,6601,141 Cr33 days ago
Meikle Dock | LHS 2037L568 Ls6.33 Ly236,0401,010 Cr3 hours ago
Gooch Vision | LHS 2106L26737 Ls7.01 Ly309,8211,034 Cr1 day ago
Scully-Power Port | LP 787-52 M1083 Ls7.18 Ly0530 Cr33 days ago
Cassidy Arsenal | LP 787-52 L432 Ls7.18 Ly2,183586 Cr19 days ago
Ewald Enterprise | LP 787-52 L1094 Ls7.18 Ly0462 Cr3 days ago
Tanner Orbital | LP 787-52 M1463 Ls7.18 Ly0530 Cr27 days ago
Burnell Terminal | FionnM326 Ls7.92 Ly143,4631,069 Cr3 days ago
Currie Enterprise | FionnL135 Ls7.92 Ly81,9251,020 Cr2 hours ago
McNair Ring | CavinsM440 Ls9.41 Ly0461 Cr8 hours ago
Nye Port | CavinsM346 Ls9.41 Ly0507 Cr14 days ago
Pauling Port | LHS 235M427 Ls11.6 Ly26,5531,006 Cr4 days ago
Shatalov Gateway | LHS 235L308 Ls11.6 Ly66,414886 Cr1 day ago
Battuta City | LP 847-48M1720 Ls12.32 Ly0534 Cr23 days ago
Anderson Installation | LP 847-48 L835 Ls12.32 Ly264527 Cr5 days ago
Rozhdestvensky Hub | LP 847-48 L8 Ls12.32 Ly0467 Cr2 days ago
Celsius Port | LP 847-48 M1206 Ls12.32 Ly0467 Cr9 days ago
Gibson Orbital | LHS 1951L76 Ls13.37 Ly0543 Cr4 hours ago
Faris Relay | LHS 1951 L900 Ls13.37 Ly7,4251,089 Cr2 days ago
Bosch Terminal | LHS 1918M1958 Ls13.59 Ly0462 Cr43 days ago
Walker Station | LHS 1918L1984 Ls13.59 Ly0410 Cr3 days ago
Euclid Terminal | LHS 1918M1959 Ls13.59 Ly0410 Cr3 days ago
White Terminal | LHS 274 L16 Ls13.96 Ly0543 Cr1 day ago
Edgeworth Park | LHS 274L8 Ls13.96 Ly2,201527 Cr14 days ago
Al Saud Ring | LHS 274M27 Ls13.96 Ly0480 Cr55 days ago
Freud Dock | LHS 274L8 Ls13.96 Ly0480 Cr4 days ago
Kippax Base | LHS 274 L2223 Ls13.96 Ly3,134527 Cr6 days ago
Soddy Terminal | LHS 274 M2247 Ls13.96 Ly0543 Cr16 days ago
Carrier Enterprise | LHS 274 M2261 Ls13.96 Ly0543 Cr22 days ago
McCoy Enterprise | LHS 274 M48 Ls13.96 Ly0543 Cr16 days ago
Cavendish City | LHS 274M25120 Ls13.96 Ly0543 Cr31 days ago
Fullerton Terminal | Corbenic M1932 Ls15.13 Ly0467 Cr9 days ago
Fermi Landing | CorbenicM2688 Ls15.13 Ly0541 Cr7 days ago
Hertz City | CorbenicL2797 Ls15.13 Ly0466 Cr4 days ago

Highest supply for Computer Components

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Thomson Port | Shana Bei M144 Ls137.72 Ly733,904367 Cr11 days ago
Laval Port | Lalande 22701 L55 Ls86.73 Ly726,656408 Cr2 days ago
Kowal City | ZelanoL365 Ls99.78 Ly699,493398 Cr17 hours ago
Melotte Hub | ZelanoL2904 Ls99.78 Ly692,994398 Cr2 days ago
Izumikawa Orbital | Lambda-2 PhoenicisL1800 Ls124.61 Ly692,075398 Cr8 days ago
Whipple Terminal | RangteiM595 Ls130.57 Ly605,449398 Cr2 days ago
Gagarin Enterprise | Epsilon Scorpii L449 Ls80.11 Ly574,010408 Cr11 hours ago
Mueller Station | ZelanoL75 Ls99.78 Ly499,051398 Cr18 hours ago
Barratt Port | Sui GueiL827 Ls134.7 Ly498,789399 Cr52 days ago
Check Ring | XuandunaL1418 Ls114.33 Ly487,029385 Cr20 days ago
Crown Gateway | HIP 21778L183 Ls124.16 Ly467,312408 Cr6 hours ago
Barratt Hub | Shana Bei M1933 Ls137.72 Ly459,284367 Cr16 days ago
Kaleri Gateway | MahlanjaL1197 Ls96.56 Ly458,259408 Cr7 days ago
Chalker Ring | ApuraL379 Ls52.28 Ly455,702408 Cr14 days ago
Wiener Port | ApuraM2044 Ls52.28 Ly455,702408 Cr3 days ago
Patsayev Dock | LTT 2322L138 Ls94.19 Ly454,081408 Cr4 days ago
Foucault Terminal | NLTT 53690L1495 Ls103.85 Ly452,111408 Cr30 days ago
Coelho Ring | RaM172 Ls83.87 Ly449,298408 Cr5 days ago
Berners-Lee Ring | Drevlyada L52556 Ls132.43 Ly447,779408 Cr9 days ago
Culbertson Hub | V371 NormaeL3018 Ls95.2 Ly447,310408 Cr7 hours ago
Jones Port | Beetrix L783 Ls95.02 Ly447,233525 Cr19 days ago
Ochoa Enterprise | HR 8526 M72536 Ls82.53 Ly444,138408 Cr16 days ago
Sabine Gateway | LTT 700M8691 Ls75.91 Ly443,143408 Cr16 days ago
Whitney Station | Osermians L295 Ls86.86 Ly439,573408 Cr6 days ago
Anderson City | TepehuacocL224 Ls107.17 Ly439,225408 Cr36 days ago
Forward Orbital | SPOCS 615L309745 Ls108.39 Ly439,140408 Cr14 hours ago
Smith Station | HIP 47468L603 Ls103.36 Ly438,007408 Cr14 days ago
Salam Station | Drevlyada L52476 Ls132.43 Ly437,741408 Cr9 days ago
Kerwin Gateway | LP 339-7 L14838 Ls110.18 Ly436,218408 Cr12 days ago
Gell-Mann Ring | LP 339-7L32 Ls110.18 Ly436,217408 Cr3 days ago
Williams Terminal | YaricansL685 Ls73.53 Ly435,954408 Cr1 day ago
Reilly Gateway | V371 NormaeL2988 Ls95.2 Ly435,831408 Cr8 days ago
Xiaoguan Dock | CupisM275 Ls127.88 Ly434,295408 Cr20 days ago
Culbertson Ring | Eta-1 Pictoris M172 Ls72.71 Ly431,124408 Cr7 days ago
Leeuwenhoek Gateway | BD+47 2391 L8422 Ls123.14 Ly425,173408 Cr55 days ago
White City | HR 8792 L5163 Ls122.19 Ly424,792408 Cr9 days ago
Sauma Orbital | TepehuacocL88 Ls107.17 Ly424,119408 Cr19 days ago
Chu Enterprise | NLTT 56881L371 Ls145.35 Ly422,791408 Cr73 days ago
Boucher Terminal | 84 CetiL256 Ls82.91 Ly422,791524 Cr2 days ago
Gaensler City | MandhL199 Ls113.25 Ly422,668391 Cr1 day ago

Highest demand for Computer Components

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Laird Dock | Alioth M1233 Ls87.77 Ly7,713,0591,067 Cr1 day ago
Brunton Gateway | Anlave M73 Ls55.67 Ly6,499,6811,026 Cr11 hours ago
Hogg City | Anlave L1075 Ls55.67 Ly5,797,7251,037 Cr1 day ago
Kolmogorov Hub | LeestiM2990 Ls101.89 Ly5,452,1571,053 Cr23 hours ago
Irkutsk | Alioth L7775 Ls87.77 Ly5,381,2531,067 Cr2 days ago
George Lucas | Leesti L254 Ls101.89 Ly3,825,8421,053 Cr28 minutes ago
Bain Dock | Anlave M3264 Ls55.67 Ly2,743,501991 Cr24 days ago
Melbourne Park | Alioth L7785 Ls87.77 Ly2,488,6511,066 Cr1 hour ago
Csoma Ring | HIP 80242L57 Ls133.11 Ly1,745,9541,027 CrNow
Thome Gateway | HIP 16607 L2510 Ls159.17 Ly1,519,0601,112 Cr20 minutes ago
Suri Park | Anlave L464 Ls55.67 Ly1,496,3671,026 Cr2 hours ago
Kobayashi City | Anlave L280 Ls55.67 Ly1,468,5961,076 Cr1 day ago
Snyder Enterprise | TZ ArietisL819 Ls41.53 Ly1,400,807978 Cr3 hours ago
Oikawa City | CD-28 18350L42 Ls136.05 Ly1,355,2111,082 Cr6 days ago
Peters Base | FaceceL1546 Ls134.13 Ly1,296,282971 Cr7 days ago
Golden Gate | Alioth L7781 Ls87.77 Ly1,160,7501,065 Cr10 hours ago
Durrance Dock | Xi Ursae Majoris L2692 Ls31.38 Ly1,100,895965 Cr2 hours ago
Aleksandrov Gateway | LHS 115 L112 Ls57.73 Ly1,081,004977 Cr2 days ago
Judson Station | MizarL160935 Ls89.76 Ly1,048,0221,039 Cr20 hours ago
Ashman Dock | LampadeL144749 Ls126.16 Ly1,039,4081,018 Cr30 days ago
West Gateway | Khernidjal L405 Ls88.38 Ly1,038,8411,132 Cr2 hours ago
Hill Tinsley Station | ShonsoL529 Ls153.18 Ly1,000,7381,112 Cr17 days ago
Moskowitz Gateway | CE Bootis L30555 Ls50.64 Ly999,999977 Cr4 hours ago
Ray Enterprise | GQ Virginis L434 Ls45.58 Ly999,9991,034 Cr11 hours ago
Quaglia Dock | Oraon L455 Ls95.32 Ly999,9991,166 Cr3 days ago
Chiang Prospect | Jambin L521 Ls114.16 Ly999,999857 Cr21 hours ago
Metcalf Station | HIP 44811 L2322 Ls106.65 Ly999,9991,070 Cr1 day ago
Dilworth City | Orang L89 Ls132.28 Ly999,999866 Cr1 hour ago
Mendez Terminal | Jormbu L233 Ls168.5 Ly999,9991,115 Cr2 days ago
Dyomin Station | HIP 23395 L278 Ls124.51 Ly999,999852 Cr1 day ago
Resnik Dock | HIP 24046 L868 Ls122.01 Ly999,9991,012 Cr1 hour ago
Bethke Ring | Werapana L217 Ls136.61 Ly999,999574 Cr15 hours ago
Henry Dock | Valkups L23 Ls92.79 Ly999,999724 Cr13 days ago
Gardner Hub | Bhagutsuk L532 Ls125.92 Ly999,9991,123 Cr15 days ago
Mattingly Dock | Padhyas L1117 Ls79.73 Ly999,999831 Cr5 days ago
Ramelli Terminal | Li Tzicnii L103815 Ls99.14 Ly999,999741 Cr16 days ago
Kazantsev Dock | Dulerce L138544 Ls62.18 Ly999,9991,082 Cr15 days ago
Wheelock Ring | Zavijah L4011 Ls28.28 Ly999,9991,082 Cr9 days ago
Gaiman Dock | 49 Arietis L459 Ls215.34 Ly999,9991,146 Cr44 minutes ago
Doyle Landing | Lunguni L15 Ls194.79 Ly999,9991,108 Cr33 days ago

Best buy prices for Computer Components (Average buy price: 510 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Fort Gonzalez | PhekdaL14711 Ls83.59 Ly1,481300 Cr22 hours ago
Nelson Ring | TofanaL4588 Ls110.03 Ly4,085318 Cr5 hours ago
Hahn Terminal | ApalokM2350 Ls130.3 Ly20,142321 Cr11 days ago
Ford Dock | DainiL214665 Ls119.06 Ly2,210325 Cr9 days ago
McKay Holdings | Gliese 9106M1068 Ls151.78 Ly2,148328 Cr10 days ago
Yourkevitch Port | HIP 16529 L49725 Ls145.29 Ly4,917329 Cr4 days ago
Abernathy City | Gliese 9106L839 Ls151.78 Ly4,882329 Cr2 days ago
Laplace Ring | BalanteL15629 Ls132.15 Ly3,399329 Cr7 hours ago
Jones Orbital | Hel L3889 Ls118.41 Ly13,866335 Cr3 hours ago
Redi Enterprise | Kutnigi L525 Ls114.64 Ly7,301335 Cr10 hours ago
Onnes Gateway | LFT 37 L281 Ls81.37 Ly41,648336 Cr2 days ago
Savinykh Hub | LFT 37 L375 Ls81.37 Ly37,877336 Cr1 day ago
Mount Sunday | Dinda L450 Ls95.98 Ly2,491338 Cr17 days ago
Kummer Depot | MaikoroL205 Ls110.01 Ly5,852338 Cr34 days ago
Hogan Ring | HelgarduM877 Ls76.81 Ly25,436344 Cr21 days ago
Singer Enterprise | Mildeptu M116201 Ls21.99 Ly48,222349 Cr2 days ago
Grabe Ring | T'ien MuL241 Ls100.73 Ly53,020351 Cr1 day ago
Dobrovolskiy Point | CofalyawaL24 Ls67.21 Ly9,347352 Cr26 days ago
Preuss Port | VorduliM463 Ls152.81 Ly2,031352 Cr47 days ago
Alexandria Dock | Chanab L1537 Ls184.61 Ly1,412353 Cr1 day ago
Port Zelada | Zelada L64 Ls101.69 Ly5,873353 Cr7 hours ago
Lanier Colony | Zelada M201 Ls101.69 Ly982353 Cr2 days ago
Galois Legacy | Ross 1051 L40 Ls74.97 Ly543354 Cr1 day ago
Barba Ring | LP 355-65L726 Ls80.79 Ly8,906354 Cr3 hours ago
Salak Prospect | Arietis Sector DQ-Y c19 L658 Ls198.47 Ly475354 Cr13 hours ago
Burnham Landing | Lu PaoM1069 Ls187.47 Ly12,019355 Cr2 days ago
Clauss Dock | UszaaL1811 Ls105.79 Ly34,504356 Cr6 days ago
Leopold Terminal | NLTT 34755 L1707 Ls73.28 Ly4,184356 Cr9 hours ago
Bardeen Installation | HIP 62794L2100 Ls115.86 Ly4,355356 Cr34 days ago
Back Dock | Tjiwang L891 Ls120.96 Ly2,523356 Cr2 days ago
Priestley Terminal | MendinduiL1240 Ls70.43 Ly3,206356 Cr49 minutes ago
Hartlib Holdings | VukurnirL1459 Ls85.9 Ly13,070356 Cr2 days ago
Carter Park | Bean Nighe M2952 Ls76.75 Ly3,328356 Cr13 days ago
Escobar Dock | KaroL2077 Ls106.2 Ly3,770356 Cr1 day ago
Poisson Dock | BaadagaL296 Ls123.72 Ly4,120356 Cr9 days ago
Nusslein-Volhard Settlement | ZlotaL1440 Ls114.3 Ly1,435356 Cr7 days ago
Dutton Station | Balduk L1993 Ls131.38 Ly3,788356 Cr11 days ago
Flade Hub | Aravaledi L52424 Ls100.28 Ly1,651356 Cr29 days ago
Stewart Orbital | AllocadrosL1521 Ls87.17 Ly4,760356 Cr2 days ago
Dall Ring | Haroingori M1531 Ls124.84 Ly2,286356 Cr18 days ago

Best sell prices for Computer Components (Average sell price: 583 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Barry's Centre | HIP 52285-93980 Ls144.27 Ly1,2891,216 Cr22 days ago
Hennepin Prospect | Assinda L219783 Ls190.02 Ly6341,210 Cr15 days ago
Menezes Installation | Wolf 1301 M1419 Ls90.21 Ly13,1541,202 Cr22 hours ago
Saunders's Dive | Wolf 1301 L391 Ls90.21 Ly10,5241,202 Cr22 hours ago
Virts Survey | Wolf 437L3319 Ls33.4 Ly12,3731,201 Cr1 day ago
Feoktistov Hub | Dassareti L1129 Ls137.17 Ly2,4991,200 Cr44 days ago
Dionysus | HIP 17044L1937 Ls319.32 Ly10,0381,196 Cr7 hours ago
The Midas | ZeusL8 Ls65.33 Ly2,9181,193 Cr12 hours ago
Silva Installation | Igorisa L3861 Ls117.74 Ly11,6651,192 Cr31 days ago
van Vogt Silo | SisiL195143 Ls117.61 Ly6,0631,192 Cr20 days ago
Conrad Base | Vucub HuanL29817 Ls80.7 Ly2,2491,192 Cr45 days ago
Roggeveen Point | Kipsigines L8400 Ls63.13 Ly3,1211,192 Cr40 days ago
Piccard Survey | Gorynicnada L140323 Ls212.61 Ly6061,191 Cr37 days ago
Ordway Base | Madrus L1416 Ls156.53 Ly2,3131,189 Cr50 days ago
Cogswell Depot | Maidareldi L868 Ls146.72 Ly11,6791,189 Cr37 days ago
Stuart Base | MebechL5960 Ls63.36 Ly6,0561,189 Cr34 days ago
MacLeod Arsenal | Lalande 3118 L4067 Ls155.07 Ly8,5961,188 Cr43 days ago
Heaviside Installation | HIP 90004L2667 Ls165.81 Ly1,5521,188 Cr87 days ago
Zhigang Installation | Teng De Di L815 Ls131.5 Ly1,1411,188 Cr8 days ago
Slusser Installation | HIP 111880L210 Ls153.03 Ly4,2481,188 Cr13 days ago
Turtledove Penal colony | Nez Perce L1171 Ls120.41 Ly5,4851,188 Cr24 days ago
Fermat Silo | HaiuriciL738 Ls163.98 Ly3,5321,188 Cr40 days ago
Mieville Installation | Iverni L1632 Ls182.54 Ly9,2001,188 Cr4 days ago
Gabriel Arsenal | CowiskaL1751 Ls180.7 Ly1,1761,188 Cr6 days ago
Aguirre Bastion | Guaycurua L5579 Ls141.29 Ly1,2711,188 Cr11 days ago
Solovyev Relay | Sui ReddL3708 Ls134.43 Ly1,7611,188 Cr83 days ago
Henderson Penal colony | KUV 410-4L449077 Ls49.97 Ly13,7391,188 Cr17 days ago
Weil Penal colony | Segobo L28 Ls139.11 Ly1,4961,188 Cr6 hours ago
Ellis Penal colony | IndrundjaraL5609 Ls107.81 Ly1,5151,188 Cr1 day ago
Gwynn Point | Hyades Sector NS-T c3-8 L51 Ls145.88 Ly7,6491,188 Cr2 days ago
Arnold Keep | BambaraL1730 Ls223.93 Ly4801,186 Cr50 days ago
Young Barracks | Gou JingatiL1510 Ls212.76 Ly6821,186 Cr6 days ago
Fedden Base | Vaiunites L1789 Ls199.06 Ly5401,186 Cr33 days ago
Carr Bastion | Jarojinanh L1608 Ls225.78 Ly9381,186 Cr16 days ago
Coulomb Silo | Jaitrics L85843 Ls219.88 Ly8041,186 Cr19 days ago
Celsius Relay | EravinsL2619 Ls275.8 Ly2,4581,186 Cr38 days ago
Koishikawa Survey | BalanekL19 Ls253.7 Ly9481,186 Cr18 days ago
Ortiz Moreno Silo | Oeng KuL1394 Ls249.38 Ly6101,186 Cr34 days ago