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Reactive Armour

Produced by: High Tech and Military
Consumed by: All

Capable of actively dissipating large amounts of kinetic, electrical and thermal energy, reactive armour greatly increases the chance of survival of the wearer from sustained weapons fire.

Produced by:
High Tech, Military
Consumed by:
Avg sell price:
2,424 Cr
Max sell price:
3,063 Cr
Avg buy price:
1,886 Cr
Min buy price:
1,394 Cr

Where to buy Reactive Armour near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Haberlandt Survey | Sol L2504 Ls---3,9661,962 Cr1 day ago
Edison Hub | Luhman 16 L13 Ls6.57 Ly1251,878 Cr2 days ago
Hurston Arsenal | Duamta L418 Ls9.88 Ly1891,863 Cr6 days ago
Stafford Penal colony | WISE 1506+7027 L239 Ls10.52 Ly4371,844 Cr3 days ago
Gupta City | Lacaille 9352L74 Ls10.69 Ly352,103 Cr10 hours ago
Magnus Gateway | EZ Aquarii L337 Ls11.1 Ly21,5871,861 Cr37 minutes ago
Mallory Survey | ProcyonL9684 Ls11.41 Ly221,525 Cr21 hours ago
Matthews City | Groombridge 34 L75557 Ls11.73 Ly1,7762,315 Cr8 hours ago
Ford City | Groombridge 34 L75656 Ls11.73 Ly1,8522,319 Cr2 hours ago
Nikitin Penal colony | Epsilon Indi L143 Ls11.8 Ly1151,852 Cr12 hours ago
Clement Orbital | YZ CetiL1221 Ls12.07 Ly2,8412,320 Cr5 hours ago
Tepper Penal colony | YZ Ceti L20 Ls12.07 Ly2,7271,842 Cr3 days ago
Nikitin Silo | Luyten's Star L700 Ls12.39 Ly901,957 Cr1 day ago
Kepler Gateway | Kruger 60 L5700 Ls13.08 Ly25,6121,717 Cr4 hours ago
Needham Keep | ToolfaL50418 Ls14.01 Ly4,5581,880 Cr3 days ago
Kelleam Orbital | ToolfaM33 Ls14.01 Ly15,8261,799 Cr3 days ago
Crook Hub | ToolfaL12 Ls14.01 Ly43,5521,715 Cr8 hours ago
Alexandrov Base | Wolf 424 L3176 Ls14.01 Ly3,1471,837 Cr1 day ago
Santos Depot | TZ Arietis L1175 Ls14.61 Ly11,2841,950 Cr1 day ago
Snyder Enterprise | TZ ArietisL831 Ls14.61 Ly13,1091,832 Cr1 hour ago
Fisher Point | LHS 449 L32 Ls14.8 Ly112,061 Cr5 days ago
Kerr Survey | Luyten 145-141 L3267 Ls15.02 Ly1631,906 Cr7 hours ago
Patsayev Penal colony | Ross 780L2160 Ls15.32 Ly1112,062 Cr2 days ago
Garan Hub | V1581 Cygni L1915 Ls15.39 Ly2271,872 Cr2 days ago
Szilard Arsenal | Groombridge 1618L23924 Ls15.88 Ly3,2351,968 Cr5 hours ago
Polansky Barracks | Omicron-2 EridaniL106 Ls16.27 Ly811,787 Cr23 hours ago
Aksyonov Installation | GendallaL193 Ls16.55 Ly6571,693 Cr1 hour ago
Noguchi Arsenal | G 99-49L1693 Ls17.52 Ly4501,625 Cr21 hours ago
Kennan Bastion | LP 816-60 L467 Ls18.65 Ly771,844 Cr9 days ago
Robins High | Luyten 205-128 L75 Ls19.01 Ly3372,094 Cr3 hours ago
H. G. Wells Hub | Luyten 205-128 L31 Ls19.01 Ly2392,100 Cr3 hours ago
Shuttleworth Holdings | Luyten 205-128 L75 Ls19.01 Ly9042,031 Cr2 hours ago
Giles Keep | Bhritzameno L1375 Ls19.09 Ly13,3481,729 Cr9 days ago
Feynman Terminal | Bhritzameno L1381 Ls19.09 Ly3,4042,004 Cr2 minutes ago
Kessel Silo | Eta Cassiopeiae L411 Ls19.45 Ly191,531 Cr11 hours ago
Levinson Arsenal | Wolf 1481 L2957 Ls19.74 Ly1821,922 Cr25 days ago
Merbold Ring | EQ Pegasi L10 Ls20.19 Ly3,8041,889 Cr49 minutes ago
Zindell Vista | EQ Pegasi L10 Ls20.19 Ly9,9551,692 Cr2 days ago
Faris Gateway | Wolf 562M3208 Ls20.23 Ly14,2271,798 Cr2 days ago
Hopkins Port | Wolf 562L36 Ls20.23 Ly110,0741,722 Cr7 hours ago

Where to sell Reactive Armour near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Durrance Camp | Sol L2505 Ls---2172,515 Cr1 day ago
Burnell Station | Sol M362 Ls---106,4712,700 Cr1 day ago
Li Qing Jao | Sol L490 Ls---33,6752,674 Cr1 hour ago
Columbus | Sol L2504 Ls---261,4322,754 Cr7 hours ago
Schottky Reformatory | Sol L2509 Ls---3692,528 Cr16 hours ago
Titan City | Sol L5036 Ls---52,4782,674 Cr3 hours ago
Abraham Lincoln | Sol L490 Ls---25,4562,674 Cr21 minutes ago
Daedalus | Sol L173 Ls---28,4612,674 Cr10 minutes ago
Galileo | Sol L492 Ls---31,1772,674 Cr1 hour ago
Ehrlich City | Sol L176 Ls---9302,700 Cr23 hours ago
M.Gorbachev | Sol L490 Ls---25,4562,674 Cr3 hours ago
Walz Depot | Sol L179 Ls---3952,700 Cr2 days ago
Mars High | Sol L829 Ls---42,2132,674 Cr4 hours ago
Haberlandt Survey | Sol L2504 Ls---01,912 Cr1 day ago
Furukawa Enterprise | Sol L179 Ls---4192,700 Cr2 days ago
Hutton Orbital | Alpha Centauri M6397059 Ls4.38 Ly3,9652,920 Cr1 hour ago
al-Din Prospect | Alpha Centauri M5417 Ls4.38 Ly1,7412,920 Cr1 hour ago
Miller Depot | Barnard's Star L37 Ls5.95 Ly1,2252,585 Cr18 minutes ago
Haller City | Barnard's Star L37 Ls5.95 Ly9162,682 Cr7 hours ago
Boston Base | Barnard's Star L62 Ls5.95 Ly9742,681 Cr2 hours ago
Kuttner's Pride | Barnard's StarL37 Ls5.95 Ly2132,639 Cr7 days ago
Levi-Strauss Installation | Barnard's Star M6 Ls5.95 Ly1,7672,681 Cr1 day ago
Silves' Claim | Barnard's Star L61 Ls5.95 Ly1682,601 Cr4 hours ago
Edison Hub | Luhman 16 L13 Ls6.57 Ly01,830 Cr2 days ago
Heisenberg Colony | Luhman 16M13 Ls6.57 Ly4962,345 Cr3 days ago
Jenner Orbital | Luhman 16M10 Ls6.57 Ly6822,406 Cr9 hours ago
Yamazaki Landing | WISE 0855-0714 M852 Ls7.17 Ly7892,882 Cr23 hours ago
Cayley Enterprise | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly892,232 Cr6 days ago
Powell High | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly682,232 Cr4 hours ago
Tryggvason Installation | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly4762,429 Cr4 days ago
Lomas Orbiter | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly952,233 Cr3 hours ago
Patterson Enterprise | SiriusL981 Ls8.59 Ly1,5442,530 Cr24 minutes ago
Efremov Plant | SiriusL8788 Ls8.59 Ly4512,529 Cr1 day ago
O'Brien Vision | Sirius M8804 Ls8.59 Ly2,2002,529 Cr21 hours ago
Comer Terminal | Sirius----8.59 Ly282,008 Cr655 days ago
Birkeland City | Ross 154L12 Ls9.69 Ly2,1472,753 Cr3 hours ago
Wang City | DuamtaL314 Ls9.88 Ly21,1832,692 Cr14 hours ago
Hurston Arsenal | Duamta L418 Ls9.88 Ly01,815 Cr6 days ago
Amis Installation | DuamtaL314 Ls9.88 Ly952,266 Cr6 days ago

Highest supply for Reactive Armour

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Hadid City | LTT 1873L227 Ls171.68 Ly112,0091,686 Cr20 hours ago
Hopkins Port | Wolf 562L36 Ls20.23 Ly110,0741,661 Cr7 hours ago
Fortress York | FaceceL913 Ls131.09 Ly103,1971,712 Cr2 days ago
Adams Orbital | Beta-1 TucanaeL3504 Ls135.05 Ly102,9151,629 Cr2 days ago
Suri Park | Anlave L464 Ls32.86 Ly101,6811,719 Cr4 hours ago
Kobayashi City | Anlave L281 Ls32.86 Ly94,4121,719 Cr4 hours ago
Berners-Lee Terminal | Wolf 562L83 Ls20.23 Ly91,2601,661 Cr1 day ago
Cummings Dock | CD-86 4L747 Ls122.28 Ly77,2691,638 Cr3 days ago
Fraser Orbital | LHS 2936 L21 Ls63.97 Ly76,7141,527 Cr23 hours ago
Fuller Vision | NahuaL2754 Ls131 Ly75,7491,755 Cr14 days ago
Dalgarno Ring | SaisiyatL107 Ls125.52 Ly60,5351,638 Cr2 minutes ago
Irkutsk | Alioth L7785 Ls82.53 Ly58,7662,119 Cr18 hours ago
Kessel Port | LHS 2936 M21 Ls63.97 Ly58,4741,527 Cr1 day ago
Zholobov Enterprise | LTT 15278 L770 Ls112.15 Ly58,2851,618 Cr6 hours ago
Valigursky Orbital | Votatini L3368 Ls124.4 Ly55,7091,638 Cr4 days ago
May Port | Zeta HorologiiL877 Ls160.14 Ly54,9081,638 Cr22 minutes ago
Nagel Enterprise | Wolf 562M20 Ls20.23 Ly54,8971,661 Cr1 day ago
Mohr Port | HIP 305L117671 Ls152.99 Ly52,9071,755 Cr14 days ago
Goddard Station | KachianL47 Ls57.5 Ly52,3371,854 Cr4 hours ago
Grover Terminal | BorrL72915 Ls50.66 Ly52,0341,700 Cr1 day ago
Savitskaya Vision | Nervi L2275 Ls110.27 Ly51,5011,618 Cr3 days ago
Hoard Orbital | Una L2159 Ls100.04 Ly50,9301,618 Cr1 hour ago
Binney Horizons | HIP 105408L2959 Ls208.14 Ly49,7711,898 Cr1 day ago
Gurragchaa Orbital | L 190-21L946 Ls36.21 Ly48,9851,717 Cr1 day ago
Payne-Scott Enterprise | LTT 1509L11 Ls99.42 Ly47,2861,821 Cr11 days ago
Iben Orbital | Chona M200 Ls168.48 Ly47,1981,638 Cr4 hours ago
Charlois City | HIP 21991L1146 Ls159.74 Ly46,7581,638 Cr3 minutes ago
PRE Logistics Support Gamma | Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5M842 Ls358.88 Ly46,3501,623 Cr1 hour ago
PRE Logistics Support Epsilon | Pleiades Sector JC-V d2-62M921 Ls291.29 Ly46,3501,623 Cr1 day ago
PRE Logistics Support Zeta | Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57M970 Ls337.99 Ly46,3231,623 Cr16 days ago
Skripochka Gateway | BranglalL817 Ls86.52 Ly45,8111,618 Cr3 days ago
Glashow City | AtagatL15 Ls31.37 Ly45,3541,700 Cr4 hours ago
Schwann Dock | MehetL287 Ls80.92 Ly45,3511,618 Cr19 minutes ago
Pu City | AfliL37 Ls93.96 Ly45,2031,651 Cr3 days ago
Watts Enterprise | G 122-60 L716 Ls77.64 Ly44,9861,681 Cr1 day ago
Daimler Station | 16 c Ursae Majoris L2553 Ls63.84 Ly44,9201,667 Cr2 hours ago
Frobisher City | LHS 1663 L441 Ls60.41 Ly44,1621,618 Cr8 hours ago
Smeaton Port | NjikanL1462 Ls106.89 Ly43,8411,618 Cr1 hour ago
Dirac Terminal | BorrM69935 Ls50.66 Ly43,5561,700 Cr1 day ago
Crook Hub | ToolfaL12 Ls14.01 Ly43,5521,661 Cr8 hours ago

Highest demand for Reactive Armour

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Haack Gateway | Halbangaay L891 Ls109.28 Ly1,520,7062,606 Cr18 hours ago
Hubble Gateway | 10 Kappa Pegasi L1835 Ls111.64 Ly1,392,2052,562 Cr2 days ago
Khan Market | Kelie L105 Ls129.03 Ly1,254,8402,634 Cr1 day ago
Cadamosto Market | Sigma Pegasi L941 Ls88.99 Ly1,080,8602,540 Cr14 days ago
Ericsson Ring | Matucanth L1395 Ls131.12 Ly674,6602,576 Cr3 days ago
Valigursky Station | Halbangaay L2756 Ls109.28 Ly537,4812,606 Cr6 days ago
Fisher Terminal | OkinuraL342 Ls32.5 Ly535,1722,674 Cr57 minutes ago
Charlois Orbital | Halbangaay L1241 Ls109.28 Ly533,6502,562 Cr19 days ago
Nowak Orbital | Kachirigin L340 Ls131.35 Ly390,8352,576 Cr3 days ago
Ali Hub | RanaL670 Ls29.49 Ly380,3732,754 Cr7 hours ago
Eisinga Terminal | HIP 113632L418 Ls161.47 Ly376,3272,717 Cr35 days ago
Rayhan al-Biruni Orbital | 34 Pegasi L464 Ls124.44 Ly332,1252,562 Cr1 day ago
Webb Orbital | BD-00 4461 L208 Ls113.87 Ly329,6752,576 Cr9 days ago
Libby Port | Kaus Borealis L2399 Ls78.18 Ly316,8732,754 Cr15 hours ago
Hogan Enterprise | Sigma Pegasi L167 Ls88.99 Ly297,4962,540 Cr5 days ago
Roosa Market | 37 Librae L1768 Ls94.34 Ly294,9782,674 Cr13 days ago
Hill Tinsley Orbital | Halbangaay L2291 Ls109.28 Ly285,1812,562 Cr8 days ago
Hartsfield Market | LughL216 Ls52.74 Ly272,1792,674 Cr1 day ago
Hume Orbital | Sigma Pegasi M211 Ls88.99 Ly266,0912,540 Cr2 days ago
Swanwick Hub | Sigma Pegasi L296 Ls88.99 Ly266,0912,540 Cr21 days ago
Piccard Hub | BD-00 4461 L279 Ls113.87 Ly265,7042,576 Cr14 days ago
Columbus | Sol L2504 Ls---261,4322,754 Cr7 hours ago
Alfven Orbital | KeltimL185 Ls85.9 Ly253,3192,811 Cr3 days ago
Hornby Terminal | WitchhaulL220 Ls85 Ly246,6142,804 Cr1 hour ago
Maupertuis Dock | Zhao L640 Ls173.71 Ly240,6872,689 Cr15 days ago
Wales City | AtferoL694 Ls99.97 Ly236,6872,775 Cr3 days ago
Navigator Dock | BD+43 866L379 Ls111.55 Ly234,9582,577 Cr10 days ago
Knight Terminal | Psi Tauri L1166 Ls90.05 Ly233,9262,674 Cr8 days ago
Lagerkvist Gateway | SynteiniL125 Ls96.66 Ly233,3712,649 Cr12 hours ago
So-yeon Dock | LP 339-7L56 Ls75.87 Ly230,6672,643 Cr9 days ago
Betancourt Ring | Sigma Pegasi L363 Ls88.99 Ly230,4362,540 Cr43 days ago
Harris Port | Sigma Pegasi M534 Ls88.99 Ly230,4362,540 Cr22 days ago
Drake Port | Halbangaay M3746 Ls109.28 Ly225,4222,562 Cr12 days ago
Banks Port | KhepriL423 Ls53.45 Ly222,4452,674 Cr35 minutes ago
Townshend Hub | 78 Ursae Majoris L13492 Ls82.98 Ly220,8002,611 Cr10 hours ago
Whitson Orbital | LP 339-7L73 Ls75.87 Ly220,2152,642 Cr9 days ago
Chelomey Orbital | CubeoL734 Ls218.56 Ly219,8952,676 Cr1 hour ago
Padalka Terminal | Eta Coronae Borealis L1565 Ls58.25 Ly218,8462,697 Cr14 days ago
Lee Orbital | Hajangai L262 Ls74.01 Ly216,8792,794 Cr2 hours ago
Schrodinger Terminal | Kachirigin L420 Ls131.35 Ly214,3112,576 Cr16 days ago

Best buy prices for Reactive Armour (Average buy price: 1886 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Collins Bastion | Lan GundiL7106 Ls116.65 Ly21,394 Cr2 days ago
Libeskind Keep | Runo L4036 Ls169.6 Ly11,405 Cr2 days ago
White Arsenal | LFT 1446 L1206 Ls43.62 Ly21,454 Cr9 days ago
Mohmand Silo | LHS 1599 L1944 Ls112.46 Ly21,507 Cr23 days ago
Michalitsianos Silo | SifL1222 Ls186.91 Ly11,510 Cr5 days ago
Clarke Bastion | LTT 14271 L971 Ls77.42 Ly21,513 Cr9 days ago
Mallory Survey | ProcyonL9684 Ls11.41 Ly221,525 Cr21 hours ago
Kessel Silo | Eta Cassiopeiae L411 Ls19.45 Ly191,531 Cr11 hours ago
Froude Arsenal | Athra L38790 Ls42.17 Ly11,549 Cr4 days ago
Antoniadi Installation | BunusonL2184 Ls154.23 Ly171,557 Cr4 days ago
Onizuka Bastion | CaiL2677 Ls91.52 Ly141,569 Cr8 days ago
Bacon Survey | NoatiacaL3089 Ls64.2 Ly21,577 Cr38 days ago
Crevie's Salvo | KinesiL215 Ls21983.72 Ly30,1581,579 Cr2 days ago
Kessel Port | LHS 2936 M21 Ls63.97 Ly58,4741,581 Cr1 day ago
Fraser Orbital | LHS 2936 L21 Ls63.97 Ly76,7141,582 Cr23 hours ago
Saunders's Dive | Wolf 1301 L405 Ls88.02 Ly2,7731,587 Cr1 day ago
Johnson Keep | LFT 1349L2036 Ls41.81 Ly4,5671,588 Cr8 days ago
Baudin Arsenal | Andel L1483 Ls91.38 Ly11,594 Cr41 days ago
Clement Vista | Wolf 25L298 Ls24.33 Ly41,596 Cr6 days ago
Yolen Penal colony | Wolf 865 L1546 Ls61.89 Ly11,597 Cr14 days ago
Gabriel Arsenal | CowiskaL1747 Ls147.17 Ly1,7481,598 Cr2 days ago
Bogdanov Penal colony | HIP 14532 L152 Ls136.85 Ly1,9901,598 Cr2 days ago
Garnier Point | GunL4919 Ls45.51 Ly2,8931,598 Cr11 days ago
Reynolds Hub | Col 285 Sector NI-S d4-69L2192 Ls162.49 Ly3,3451,598 Cr2 days ago
Kidinnu Penal colony | Yen Hsini L1656 Ls231.82 Ly8711,600 Cr12 days ago
White Base | WilleL814 Ls112.4 Ly2,6541,602 Cr2 days ago
Hovell Arsenal | RBS 742 L1224 Ls52.62 Ly8,0511,602 Cr1 day ago
Whitford Bastion | NiflhelL1035 Ls170.33 Ly11,604 Cr1 day ago
Hume Base | Col 285 Sector VF-E c12-11L401 Ls195.06 Ly1,6661,604 Cr43 days ago
Chwedyk Base | TellusL38395 Ls69.38 Ly211,606 Cr28 days ago
Houtman Penal colony | KathansL1773 Ls102.43 Ly11,606 Cr12 days ago
McArthur Base | MendinduiL895 Ls103.06 Ly8,0791,607 Cr4 hours ago
Cadamosto Survey | Grabil L271 Ls127.48 Ly3,1651,607 Cr4 days ago
Marusek Base | Seurrion L6111 Ls102.36 Ly11,607 Cr13 hours ago
Bisson Landing | 11 CepheiL848 Ls182.42 Ly1,1811,607 Cr2 days ago
Ziljak Silo | Kondon L1516 Ls110.18 Ly5011,608 Cr37 days ago
Hand Bastion | Hyades Sector LD-S c4-28L3042 Ls118.1 Ly1,7211,608 Cr21 days ago
Bouch Survey | NahundiL114988 Ls56.43 Ly15,3341,609 Cr17 days ago
Bacon Silo | HrungubujuL1530 Ls95.02 Ly6,8581,609 Cr2 days ago

Best sell prices for Reactive Armour (Average sell price: 2424 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Neff Dock | EGM 762M2704 Ls80.23 Ly1,3933,063 Cr2 days ago
Bradley Survey | LTT 9663M677 Ls113.43 Ly2,2883,033 Cr35 days ago
Rusch Station | AkandiniguaM388 Ls87.68 Ly2,1173,016 Cr1 day ago
Tiliala's Lament | AkandiniguaL923 Ls87.68 Ly15,8373,009 Cr3 hours ago
Diophantus Prospect | AkandiniguaM277 Ls87.68 Ly2,6533,009 Cr20 hours ago
Savitskaya Ring | CD-37 1883 L1896 Ls102.83 Ly9,5653,004 Cr2 hours ago
Lombardelli's Legacy | Persephone L311 Ls109.5 Ly1,7932,999 Cr6 hours ago
Pangborn City | KarnarkiL59 Ls78.67 Ly2,1672,993 Cr3 hours ago
Oluwafemi Orbital | TjurojiuL659 Ls82.55 Ly1,8702,992 Cr3 hours ago
Mitchell City | Potrigua M1573 Ls89.6 Ly1,4172,991 Cr7 hours ago
Rushd Holdings | AhtiM7859 Ls79.57 Ly7732,978 Cr1 day ago
Makarov Landing | FaroahyL577 Ls126.54 Ly6482,973 Cr11 days ago
Grego Plant | LTT 1044M77360 Ls87.64 Ly1,2332,973 Cr19 days ago
Phillifent's Inheritance | Nu Indi L14176 Ls93.63 Ly1,4712,973 Cr15 days ago
William Sargent Platform | KamchansanM363 Ls193.48 Ly4552,967 Cr25 days ago
Jones Estate | Groombridge 34 L10 Ls11.73 Ly3,1292,963 Cr8 hours ago
Thompson Holdings | ItherM350 Ls144.23 Ly1,2592,963 Cr2 hours ago
Aleksandrov Colony | ItherL566 Ls144.23 Ly1,3682,963 Cr1 hour ago
Osterbrock Terminal | AmphisatsuM93 Ls101.21 Ly4,2962,963 Cr2 days ago
Cameron Gateway | Wat YuL83 Ls45.82 Ly2,7812,962 Cr2 minutes ago
Michell Depot | Eurybia L285 Ls80.83 Ly3,5042,960 Cr7 hours ago
Bain Colony | V492 Lyrae L14923 Ls46.08 Ly1,8492,957 Cr3 days ago
Esposito Settlement | HIP 117958L102 Ls137.71 Ly1,3892,957 Cr8 days ago
Asclepi Landing | FirbarM7357 Ls147.55 Ly5432,957 Cr2 days ago
Baillaud Port | AmbivasM672 Ls112.41 Ly8152,957 Cr12 days ago
Yize Colony | AmbivasM385 Ls112.41 Ly1,0542,957 Cr8 days ago
Powers Survey | NLTT 6667 L12334 Ls81.58 Ly9832,954 Cr25 days ago
Lee Relay | PhekdaL5911 Ls83.19 Ly5,5042,952 Cr6 hours ago
Wener Orbiter | PhekdaL5850 Ls83.19 Ly6,4522,952 Cr9 hours ago
Ciferri Settlement | AndowathakuM9 Ls81.59 Ly2,2262,949 Cr4 days ago
Stanier Settlement | AndowathakuM16274 Ls81.59 Ly1,7612,949 Cr4 days ago
Brislingholm | AyethiL379 Ls79.9 Ly15,8952,947 Cr5 hours ago
Pacheco City | AyethiM664 Ls79.9 Ly15,8992,947 Cr4 hours ago
Alexander Escape | Col 285 Sector TD-T d3-70L975 Ls244.28 Ly1,3302,947 Cr22 hours ago
Mooz Dock | HIP 117965M108 Ls198.64 Ly1,0982,946 Cr78 days ago
Anderson Installation | Gliese 9043L9460 Ls160.46 Ly7282,946 Cr19 days ago
Evans Hub | KhronosM1565 Ls58.23 Ly8962,945 Cr1 hour ago
Covey Horizons | LP 98-62L712 Ls100.53 Ly3,4792,945 Cr3 days ago
Kreutz Orbital | HolvaL23123 Ls185.57 Ly3,2342,944 Cr1 day ago