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Reactive Armour

Produced by: High Tech and Military
Consumed by: All

Capable of actively dissipating large amounts of kinetic, electrical and thermal energy, reactive armour greatly increases the chance of survival of the wearer from sustained weapons fire.

Produced by:
High Tech, Military
Consumed by:
Avg sell price:
2,500 Cr
Max sell price:
3,103 Cr
Avg buy price:
1,979 Cr
Min buy price:
1,598 Cr

Where to buy Reactive Armour near Sirsir

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Bering Barracks | QuaritiL5353 Ls8.6 Ly72,125 Cr13 days ago
Onizuka Relay | PanoruaL1509 Ls11 Ly172,128 Cr14 days ago
Gentle Hub | VashisL27148 Ls11.86 Ly2681,915 Cr8 days ago
Redi Hub | LeucosL2385 Ls16.23 Ly2481,920 Cr5 days ago
Qian Relay | KutenisL579 Ls16.7 Ly1,6311,884 Cr6 days ago
Karlsefni Park | KutenisL579 Ls16.7 Ly1,6341,814 Cr16 hours ago
Wafa Barracks | HelgarduL876 Ls17.67 Ly3,5661,631 Cr6 days ago
Brothers Installation | BorannL896 Ls18.99 Ly2,0812,116 Cr3 days ago
Stuart Base | MebechL5926 Ls19.24 Ly401,893 Cr13 days ago
Cook Survey | GadjaliL13439 Ls21.68 Ly262,085 Cr8 days ago
Garan Point | JambavanL745 Ls21.84 Ly1561,887 Cr9 hours ago
Boswell Penal colony | MacabsL39 Ls22.06 Ly1541,830 Cr10 days ago
Clark Arsenal | VotamaL22 Ls22.49 Ly222,221 Cr12 days ago
Pirsan Silo | IctinoL25409 Ls24.1 Ly1722,266 Cr13 days ago
Cousin Keep | GangoL793 Ls24.21 Ly841,918 Cr14 days ago
Bunsen Bastion | DalamL3851 Ls24.32 Ly1661,798 Cr5 days ago
Vancouver Gateway | Ida DhorL216 Ls25.25 Ly11,8582,128 Cr1 hour ago
Thompson Enterprise | Ida DhorM560 Ls25.25 Ly5,4682,219 Cr9 days ago
Patterson Orbital | Ida DhorM399 Ls25.25 Ly9,6512,121 Cr5 days ago
Melvin Base | Ju ShakheL959 Ls25.28 Ly2,8531,819 Cr11 hours ago
MacLean Penal colony | CD-39 4830L342 Ls26.48 Ly4692,266 Cr13 days ago
Bergerac Point | b2 CarinaeL3277 Ls26.69 Ly2571,973 Cr20 days ago
Panshin Barracks | LuluaL1611 Ls27.45 Ly781,802 Cr16 hours ago
Lie Base | TchernobogL946 Ls27.5 Ly2572,032 Cr3 days ago
Turtledove Arsenal | HIP 50694L2294 Ls28.85 Ly1,8782,181 Cr12 days ago
Ray Bastion | OluroanaL1886 Ls29.22 Ly581,799 Cr17 days ago
Vanguard | L4789 Ls---401227 Cr176 days ago
Bohme Hub | AthenaL4903 Ls29.93 Ly4122,155 Cr6 days ago
Brand Barracks | CPD-51 3323L675 Ls30.4 Ly2,6692,380 Cr11 days ago
Erdos Barracks | ManduL57893 Ls30.79 Ly5431,604 Cr11 days ago
Nikitin Hub | IxilalontaL781 Ls31.13 Ly741,816 Cr13 days ago
Onizuka Bastion | CaiL2662 Ls31.36 Ly1,5121,936 Cr47 days ago
Hopkinson Penal colony | HIP 45096L99338 Ls32.33 Ly401,765 Cr18 hours ago
Clough Base | CD-51 2650L1112 Ls32.72 Ly1512,011 Cr3 days ago
Abel Survey | VarpetL2338 Ls33.22 Ly1492,096 Cr13 days ago
Soddy Gateway | SosongL1703 Ls33.42 Ly2,3631,729 Cr2 hours ago
Galilei Platform | SosongL1753 Ls33.42 Ly2,5201,729 Cr3 days ago
Pullman Silo | SosongL1846 Ls33.42 Ly1111,984 Cr2 hours ago
McArthur Base | MendinduiL887 Ls34.71 Ly2,0712,125 Cr6 days ago

Where to sell Reactive Armour near Sirsir

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Bunsen's Folly | SirsirL274 Ls---1,9862,820 Cr10 days ago
Mattingly Platform | SirsirM1195 Ls---8452,793 Cr9 days ago
Mitchell Hangar | SirsirL275 Ls---7932,651 Cr50 minutes ago
Grandin City | AcokwechM223223 Ls2.63 Ly2632,527 Cr13 days ago
Makarov Station | SAO 221526M58 Ls4.03 Ly2652,626 Cr6 days ago
Walker Laboratory | LHS 2150L23158 Ls4.11 Ly482,179 Cr10 days ago
Walter Ring | LHS 2150L623 Ls4.11 Ly10,7412,659 Cr1 hour ago
Volynov Landing | LHS 2150L23149 Ls4.11 Ly4112,694 Cr8 days ago
Reynolds Port | LHS 2150L415 Ls4.11 Ly42,0712,685 Cr1 day ago
Onufrienko Orbital | LHS 2150M23157 Ls4.11 Ly9,7692,656 Cr10 days ago
Burroughs Camp | GCRV 60796M45060 Ls6.55 Ly1132,512 Cr6 days ago
Gardner Hangar | NunetM21493 Ls7.33 Ly1742,345 Cr9 days ago
Nusslein-Volhard Platform | ArdhM1145 Ls7.96 Ly3352,723 Cr5 days ago
Kimbrough Enterprise | QuaritiM5355 Ls8.6 Ly1,9562,558 Cr10 days ago
Auld Beacon | QuaritiL5344 Ls8.6 Ly1032,008 Cr10 days ago
Malerba Station | QuaritiL3779 Ls8.6 Ly4,8852,653 Cr2 days ago
Roosa Hub | QuaritiM3732 Ls8.6 Ly4,1922,642 Cr10 days ago
Bering Barracks | QuaritiL5353 Ls8.6 Ly02,071 Cr13 days ago
Born Station | EnbiluluM2219 Ls8.62 Ly6392,882 Cr7 hours ago
Avicenna Port | No MinaM1212 Ls8.67 Ly2432,394 Cr10 days ago
Volynov Refinery | No MinaM1863 Ls8.67 Ly1422,437 Cr12 days ago
Hertz Colony | MahikoM2139 Ls9.61 Ly2312,294 Cr14 days ago
Grimwood Orbital | Sengen SamaM252 Ls9.65 Ly2,1192,372 Cr9 days ago
Barentsz Vision | Sengen SamaL97 Ls9.65 Ly3,2882,442 Cr8 days ago
Bujold Enterprise | Sengen SamaM180 Ls9.65 Ly2,0932,509 Cr12 days ago
Satcher Vision | LimaniM445 Ls10 Ly4612,882 Cr5 days ago
Noguchi Terminal | PanoruaL32 Ls11 Ly42,9182,702 Cr4 days ago
Scalzi Landing | PanoruaL45 Ls11 Ly1072,008 Cr13 days ago
Searfoss Station | PanoruaM1520 Ls11 Ly4,4262,606 Cr4 days ago
Marconi Orbital | PanoruaL45 Ls11 Ly6,4922,638 Cr7 hours ago
Stuart Survey | PanoruaL1502 Ls11 Ly1072,008 Cr2 days ago
Xiaoguan City | PanoruaL24 Ls11 Ly8,0772,652 Cr6 hours ago
Culpeper Terminal | PanoruaM149 Ls11 Ly6,4922,638 Cr4 days ago
Oersted Port | PanoruaM1528 Ls11 Ly4,4262,606 Cr4 days ago
Patrick Dock | PanoruaM82 Ls11 Ly6,4922,638 Cr4 days ago
Onizuka Relay | PanoruaL1509 Ls11 Ly02,074 Cr14 days ago
Haller Orbital | RegnensesL496 Ls11.4 Ly28,9282,524 Cr1 hour ago
Gemar Port | RegnensesL899 Ls11.4 Ly2,1562,008 Cr11 days ago
Chiao Station | RegnensesL639 Ls11.4 Ly2,4112,008 Cr1 hour ago
Teng Station | SountiL79 Ls11.43 Ly4,8132,632 Cr3 days ago

Highest supply for Reactive Armour

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Hadid City | LTT 1873L228 Ls142.81 Ly112,3701,686 Cr6 hours ago
Fortress York | FaceceL913 Ls123.66 Ly103,1971,712 Cr12 hours ago
Molchanov Terminal | LTT 1873M457 Ls142.81 Ly91,2011,686 Cr43 days ago
Suri Park | AnlaveL464 Ls133.48 Ly89,1071,980 Cr8 minutes ago
Kobayashi City | AnlaveL281 Ls133.48 Ly83,2482,011 Cr39 minutes ago
Hopkins Port | Wolf 562L38 Ls104.3 Ly55,0741,917 Cr27 minutes ago
Adams Orbital | Beta-1 TucanaeL3424 Ls127.3 Ly50,9931,908 Cr23 hours ago
Grover Terminal | BorrL73114 Ls113.52 Ly48,4691,889 Cr19 hours ago
PRE Logistics Support Alpha | 42 n PerseiM1625 Ls323.9 Ly46,3531,837 Cr2 days ago
Gurragchaa Orbital | L 190-21L946 Ls69.79 Ly45,9681,908 Cr1 hour ago
Berners-Lee Terminal | Wolf 562L112 Ls104.3 Ly45,8911,940 Cr5 hours ago
Payne-Scott Enterprise | LTT 1509L11 Ls102.49 Ly45,3172,049 Cr4 days ago
Glashow City | AtagatL15 Ls113.98 Ly44,2421,969 Cr1 hour ago
PRE Logistics Support Gamma | Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5M843 Ls402.81 Ly42,5791,816 Cr3 hours ago
PRE Logistics Support Epsilon | Pleiades Sector JC-V d2-62M921 Ls343.3 Ly42,5791,816 Cr3 hours ago
Fuller Vision | NahuaL2755 Ls150.72 Ly42,4841,823 Cr1 day ago
Somayaji Terminal | CD-54 9671L649 Ls127.75 Ly41,0451,925 Cr6 hours ago
Dirac Terminal | BorrM69932 Ls113.52 Ly40,8231,908 Cr4 days ago
Pu City | AfliL37 Ls112.08 Ly40,2151,906 Cr3 hours ago
Jameson Memorial | Shinrarta DezhraL345 Ls54.9 Ly39,3051,570 CrNow
Cummings Dock | CD-86 4L741 Ls86.65 Ly38,5291,921 Cr4 days ago
Bondar Terminal | L 190-21L1333 Ls69.79 Ly38,1671,928 Cr3 days ago
Fraser Orbital | LHS 2936L21 Ls146.33 Ly37,5771,857 Cr8 minutes ago
Stewart Gateway | AtagatL27437 Ls113.98 Ly36,1372,000 Cr7 days ago
Kirkwood Vision | CernobogL164 Ls152.19 Ly36,0242,006 Cr6 hours ago
Ray Enterprise | GQ VirginisL433 Ls97.12 Ly35,7111,947 Cr2 hours ago
Bacon City | CarnoeckL121 Ls69.37 Ly34,8561,920 Cr8 minutes ago
Gardner Orbital | CatunL1827 Ls158.61 Ly34,7451,906 Cr1 hour ago
Davies City | DevaneL1693 Ls155.5 Ly33,2021,998 Cr3 days ago
Quetelet Dock | AfliL566 Ls112.08 Ly33,1181,931 Cr1 day ago
Kimura Terminal | AtlantisL5289 Ls134.26 Ly32,9911,925 Cr4 days ago
Liwei Terminal | GD 140L62 Ls112.04 Ly32,9611,907 Cr1 hour ago
Hahn Dock | BD+40 2903L1400 Ls154.54 Ly32,9402,087 Cr20 hours ago
Melbourne Park | AliothL7769 Ls157.24 Ly31,3681,914 Cr21 hours ago
Irkutsk | AliothL7776 Ls157.24 Ly31,2402,179 Cr1 hour ago
Roosa Gateway | LHS 3589L1596 Ls166.86 Ly30,6821,913 Cr2 hours ago
Dalgarno Ring | SaisiyatL107 Ls139.56 Ly30,3931,928 Cr20 minutes ago
Golden Gate | AliothL7781 Ls157.24 Ly29,8591,914 Cr12 hours ago
Tarter Dock | MacuayanL827 Ls150.81 Ly29,5131,992 Cr1 day ago

Highest demand for Reactive Armour

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Fisher Terminal | OkinuraL343 Ls100.55 Ly2,929,4432,746 Cr2 hours ago
Haack Gateway | HalbangaayL891 Ls185.93 Ly2,098,1952,562 Cr2 days ago
Hubble Gateway | 10 Kappa PegasiL1836 Ls212.39 Ly2,063,5392,562 Cr11 hours ago
Khan Market | KelieL105 Ls211.72 Ly1,121,0982,649 Cr2 days ago
Cadamosto Market | Sigma PegasiL941 Ls181.23 Ly1,080,8602,540 Cr5 days ago
Henderson Dock | 34 PegasiL990 Ls211.55 Ly921,4822,562 Cr4 days ago
Bennett Gateway | OkinuraL60 Ls100.55 Ly764,8242,746 Cr17 minutes ago
Drake Port | HalbangaayM3751 Ls185.93 Ly694,0802,652 Cr40 days ago
Townshend Hub | 78 Ursae MajorisL14121 Ls158.35 Ly541,2692,671 Cr22 hours ago
Charlois Orbital | HalbangaayL1243 Ls185.93 Ly533,6502,562 Cr5 days ago
Chelomey Orbital | CubeoL730 Ls178.63 Ly521,1652,762 Cr6 minutes ago
Savery Ring | KelieL149 Ls211.72 Ly470,3622,634 Cr14 days ago
Veach Hub | HIP 56960L496 Ls97.81 Ly456,0092,874 Cr50 days ago
Horowitz Orbital | KiL541 Ls145.59 Ly421,5822,743 Cr3 days ago
Shajn Market | KamadhenuL454 Ls106.07 Ly397,0102,762 CrNow
Nowak Orbital | KachiriginL339 Ls225.11 Ly390,8352,576 Cr5 days ago
Vardeman Orbital | Delta LeporisL2897 Ls97.36 Ly374,2652,834 Cr40 days ago
Ericsson Ring | MatucanthL1398 Ls209.51 Ly333,0602,576 Cr1 day ago
Webb Orbital | BD-00 4461L208 Ls196.12 Ly329,6752,576 Cr5 days ago
MacLeod Market | 38 LyncisL3746 Ls158.03 Ly329,2302,794 Cr22 hours ago
Ito Orbital | RheaL527 Ls61.99 Ly312,0162,808 Cr5 minutes ago
Eisele Market | Zmey GoabL61 Ls168.92 Ly304,6892,874 Cr43 days ago
Littlewood Gateway | LaksakL945 Ls167.16 Ly302,3282,595 Cr2 hours ago
Hogan Enterprise | Sigma PegasiL167 Ls181.23 Ly297,4962,540 Cr3 hours ago
Balandin Gateway | RheaL528 Ls61.99 Ly295,3702,808 Cr42 minutes ago
Stephenson Gateway | Wolf 1148L548 Ls196.18 Ly288,7322,794 Cr55 days ago
Ford Port | TehueviL1129 Ls222.25 Ly288,4592,636 Cr22 minutes ago
Hill Tinsley Orbital | HalbangaayL2291 Ls185.93 Ly285,1812,562 Cr3 days ago
Bakewell Gateway | LHS 1944L1055 Ls157.46 Ly284,9822,857 Cr39 days ago
Warinus | LaveL865 Ls82.99 Ly282,4202,568 Cr1 hour ago
Wright Station | OkinuraL523 Ls100.55 Ly269,4492,746 Cr19 hours ago
Abel Market | SekhL228 Ls130.18 Ly267,4462,760 Cr2 days ago
Swanwick Hub | Sigma PegasiL296 Ls181.23 Ly266,0912,540 Cr5 days ago
Hume Orbital | Sigma PegasiM211 Ls181.23 Ly266,0912,540 Cr13 days ago
Fabian Orbital | ImhoteL151 Ls165.76 Ly263,9502,760 Cr44 days ago
Higginbotham Station | NLTT 38960L712 Ls100.3 Ly248,2922,812 Cr49 days ago
Neff Hub | Lalande 10797L1939 Ls137.61 Ly247,7022,746 Cr1 hour ago
Valigursky Station | HalbangaayL2757 Ls185.93 Ly246,9512,562 Cr21 days ago
Korolyov Hub | ArawereL1418 Ls183.25 Ly244,1422,659 Cr2 hours ago
Smith Port | HIP 106072L491 Ls240.3 Ly243,1422,718 Cr2 days ago

Best buy prices for Reactive Armour (Average buy price: 1979 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Vanguard | L4789 Ls---278227 Cr106 days ago
Acropolis | L263 Ls---206227 Cr106 days ago

Best sell prices for Reactive Armour (Average sell price: 2500 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Howe Orbital | LP 98-62M1353 Ls36.52 Ly13,0833,090 Cr51 days ago
Steinmuller Plant | PripaiM559 Ls190.51 Ly1,4823,088 Cr42 days ago
Heinlein Settlement | JukarisagiL84 Ls188.13 Ly3,0393,088 Cr45 days ago
Lysenko Relay | JukarisagiM13 Ls188.13 Ly1,0083,088 Cr45 days ago
Nomen Vision | LEHPM 1902M2704 Ls135.54 Ly1,9323,061 Cr41 days ago
Saaviks Sanctuary | AsphodelL194 Ls134.31 Ly3,8643,059 Cr1 day ago
John Irving Station | AsphodelL194 Ls134.31 Ly2,7683,059 Cr18 hours ago
Babcock Landing | Xue DengM422 Ls33.31 Ly1,5123,051 Cr39 days ago
Baade Installation | WabaM85 Ls170.17 Ly2,3373,051 Cr44 days ago
Janifer Prospect | HIP 118311L165 Ls161.18 Ly4,0383,047 Cr54 days ago
Virts' Inheritance | MainL650 Ls156.34 Ly5513,038 Cr4 hours ago
Michell Depot | EurybiaL217 Ls87.84 Ly4,5153,031 Cr9 hours ago
Gill Point | EurybiaL213 Ls87.84 Ly2,0003,031 Cr2 days ago
Kepler Hangar | Lambda-2 FornacisM171 Ls114.04 Ly7473,014 Cr4 days ago
Napier Camp | SeshenghusL692 Ls60.25 Ly5923,014 Cr8 hours ago
Rushd Platform | SeshenghusM6965 Ls60.25 Ly5023,014 Cr3 days ago
Rushd Holdings | AhtiM7873 Ls131.61 Ly7043,014 Cr22 hours ago
Hammond City | LTT 9145M43943 Ls147.12 Ly4523,014 Cr1 day ago
Tiliala's Lament | AkandiniguaL923 Ls31.72 Ly7,1913,009 Cr21 minutes ago
Rusch Station | AkandiniguaM387 Ls31.72 Ly2,0753,009 Cr3 days ago
Dyr Station | MajhiaL88 Ls243.93 Ly1,9863,008 Cr39 days ago
Wachmann Port | CD-31 1974M414973 Ls97.2 Ly1,4253,007 Cr4 days ago
Hiram's Anchorage | PrismL279816 Ls174.47 Ly6853,007 Cr2 minutes ago
Viete Colony | PrismM279840 Ls174.47 Ly6853,007 Cr1 day ago
Furrer Vista | LHS 2936L276 Ls146.33 Ly4,5093,006 Cr44 days ago
Cogswell City | PacapL291661 Ls100.98 Ly7,7973,006 Cr43 days ago
Steinmuller Orbital | PacapM291703 Ls100.98 Ly8,7123,006 Cr43 days ago
Joule Enterprise | Ross 835M1283 Ls119.34 Ly10,2003,006 Cr39 days ago
Wells Ring | Ross 878M117681 Ls109.97 Ly7,0983,006 Cr66 days ago
Charnas Dock | AntalM145 Ls275.24 Ly7,8153,006 Cr53 days ago
Henricks Dock | Kui XingM568 Ls203.43 Ly5,6103,006 Cr49 days ago
Schottky Terminal | FidenaL664 Ls101.11 Ly11,7783,004 Cr1 hour ago
Diophantus Prospect | AkandiniguaM277 Ls31.72 Ly1,1413,004 Cr44 minutes ago
Cowper Dock | AnimaL1095 Ls91.73 Ly13,4183,004 Cr3 hours ago
Harvey Dock | Hu JungL2535 Ls141.89 Ly11,3403,004 Cr23 hours ago
Covey Horizons | LP 98-62L712 Ls36.52 Ly11,6103,004 Cr1 day ago
Hale Horizons | MatioM99 Ls41.12 Ly1,2263,002 Cr43 minutes ago
Mitchell City | PotriguaM1581 Ls97.09 Ly1,2253,002 Cr2 days ago
Jernigan Horizons | WaznM833 Ls72.09 Ly5433,002 Cr3 days ago