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Reactive Armour

Produced by: High Tech and Military
Consumed by: All

Capable of actively dissipating large amounts of kinetic, electrical and thermal energy, reactive armour greatly increases the chance of survival of the wearer from sustained weapons fire.

Produced by:
High Tech, Military
Consumed by:
Avg sell price:
2,433 Cr
Max sell price:
3,082 Cr
Avg buy price:
1,896 Cr
Min buy price:
1,361 Cr

Where to buy Reactive Armour near Merope

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Reed's Rest | MeropeL4052 Ls---1,7731,769 Cr29 minutes ago
Obsidian Orbital | MaiaL631 Ls4.28 Ly402,107 Cr13 minutes ago
Hudson Observatory | HIP 17694 L1315 Ls7.22 Ly2,7361,886 Cr7 hours ago
Agricola's Ascent | Pleiades Sector DL-Y d65 L790 Ls8.33 Ly25,5971,961 Cr26 minutes ago
Kipling Orbital | Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-11 L322 Ls8.5 Ly5,5802,018 Cr45 minutes ago
Copernicus Observatory | Asterope L83 Ls9.18 Ly4772,021 Cr2 minutes ago
Cornell's Garden | Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-13 L95 Ls13.36 Ly26,2251,628 Cr22 hours ago
Blackmount Habitation | HIP 17692L169 Ls13.78 Ly4,5031,658 Cr7 hours ago
TII Research Facility | Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16L96496 Ls14.76 Ly4,2331,725 Cr3 days ago
The Indra | HR 1185L365 Ls17.24 Ly542,044 Cr8 hours ago
PRE Logistics Support Gamma | Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5M841 Ls22.05 Ly17,3572,314 Cr20 minutes ago
PRE Research Base | HIP 17225 L247 Ls24.03 Ly6,6901,666 Cr1 day ago
The Oracle | DelphiL3103 Ls26.26 Ly4,7241,859 Cr5 hours ago
Donar's Oak | DelphiL1252 Ls26.26 Ly8742,060 Cr3 hours ago
PRE Logistics Support Zeta | Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57M970 Ls46.44 Ly46,3231,667 Cr11 days ago
Dionysus | HIP 17044L2033 Ls60.95 Ly3072,312 Cr4 hours ago
Noctrach-Ihazevich Research Facility | Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4L4442 Ls77.81 Ly1201,845 Cr5 hours ago
PRE Logistics Support Epsilon | Pleiades Sector JC-V d2-62M920 Ls93.67 Ly86,7811,736 Cr1 day ago
PRE Logistics Support Alpha | 42 n PerseiM1623 Ls122.82 Ly25,9971,667 Cr10 days ago
Landis Hub | 49 Arietis L460 Ls177.73 Ly3871,806 Cr4 hours ago
Viridian Orbital | Mel 22 Sector GM-V c2-8L249 Ls179.27 Ly742,312 Cr1 day ago
Springer Keep | Morowari L2124 Ls185.84 Ly881,784 Cr5 hours ago
Dunyach Point | Ngobe L15499 Ls191.8 Ly2,7381,949 Cr6 days ago
Mendel Depot | Arietis Sector DQ-Y c18L387816 Ls195.22 Ly1611,826 Cr22 hours ago
Cremona Base | HIP 11847L3515 Ls200.11 Ly531,844 Cr27 days ago
d'Eyncourt Keep | Arietis Sector JR-W c1-16L581 Ls203.35 Ly621,790 Cr28 days ago
Gaiman Barracks | Paestae L403267 Ls212.44 Ly1041,783 Cr27 days ago
Sterling Hub | HIP 20169L2759 Ls212.53 Ly1981,840 Cr4 days ago
Bethke Installation | HIP 16405 L7352 Ls212.79 Ly2451,811 Cr4 days ago
Niven Relay | HIP 9452 L4479 Ls213.27 Ly9,9191,924 Cr3 days ago
Land Bastion | HIP 13257 L11912 Ls214.21 Ly1361,997 Cr2 days ago
Dummer Hub | HIP 13173 L1650 Ls214.83 Ly731,844 Cr27 days ago
Bacigalupi Base | GabiaL156 Ls216.28 Ly731,844 Cr4 days ago
Birkeland Installation | HIP 20827 L1495 Ls217.13 Ly691,838 Cr11 days ago
Semeonis Survey | HIP 20491L1718 Ls217.27 Ly5,9061,720 Cr11 days ago
Guidoni Hub | HIP 24020L168233 Ls219.55 Ly1301,807 Cr22 days ago
Geston Point | HIP 20419 L5676 Ls220.62 Ly781,776 Cr4 days ago
Tuan Bastion | HIP 21069L1515 Ls221.75 Ly151,780 Cr9 days ago
Sheffield Penal colony | 64 TauriL3467 Ls223.82 Ly811,895 Cr6 days ago
Hannu Hub | KoenpaL224 Ls225.68 Ly1241,783 Cr20 days ago

Where to sell Reactive Armour near Merope

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Reed's Rest | MeropeL4052 Ls---01,723 Cr29 minutes ago
Alcazar's Hope | MeropeL3003 Ls---02,008 Cr35 minutes ago
Omega Prospect | MeropeL4062 Ls---02,008 Cr12 hours ago
Palin Research Centre | Maia L1138 Ls4.28 Ly122,564 Cr3 hours ago
Moni's Hub | MaiaM1138 Ls4.28 Ly5652,550 Cr7 minutes ago
Darnielle's Progress | MaiaL637 Ls4.28 Ly4502,549 Cr12 minutes ago
Obsidian Orbital | MaiaL631 Ls4.28 Ly02,052 Cr13 minutes ago
Maia Point | Maia L638 Ls4.28 Ly242,347 Cr2 hours ago
Artemis Lodge | Celaeno L46 Ls4.45 Ly4,0182,706 CrNow
Stargazer | PleioneL1072 Ls4.85 Ly2222,605 Cr1 hour ago
Hudson Observatory | HIP 17694 L1315 Ls7.22 Ly01,837 Cr7 hours ago
Ieyasu Dock | Pleiades Sector PD-S b4-0 L654 Ls7.97 Ly9592,008 Cr52 minutes ago
Arc's Faith | HR 1183 L938 Ls8.12 Ly12,2332,921 Cr7 minutes ago
Agricola's Ascent | Pleiades Sector DL-Y d65 L790 Ls8.33 Ly01,908 Cr26 minutes ago
Kipling Orbital | Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-11 L322 Ls8.5 Ly01,956 Cr45 minutes ago
Malthus Terminal | Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-41 L599 Ls8.99 Ly4,0462,713 Cr20 minutes ago
Copernicus Observatory | Asterope L83 Ls9.18 Ly01,967 Cr2 minutes ago
Corrigan Terminal | Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-74 L796 Ls9.95 Ly9562,008 Cr4 hours ago
Bao Landing | HIP 17497 L1847 Ls12.5 Ly8502,100 Cr1 hour ago
Cornell's Garden | Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-13 L95 Ls13.36 Ly01,584 Cr22 hours ago
Blackmount Orbital | HIP 17692L1993 Ls13.78 Ly02,008 Cr5 hours ago
Blackmount Habitation | HIP 17692L169 Ls13.78 Ly01,615 Cr7 hours ago
TII Research Facility | Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16L96496 Ls14.76 Ly01,681 Cr3 days ago
Borrego's Vision | Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-7L254 Ls16.28 Ly4,1162,731 Cr29 minutes ago
Kamov Survey | HIP 17892 L2532 Ls16.8 Ly9592,008 Cr23 hours ago
The Indra | HR 1185L365 Ls17.24 Ly01,991 Cr8 hours ago
Ceres Tarn | HR 1185L365 Ls17.24 Ly6272,582 Cr2 hours ago
Oort Orbital | Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-4L52 Ls21.9 Ly4,0992,651 Cr3 minutes ago
PRE Logistics Support Gamma | Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5M841 Ls22.05 Ly02,252 Cr20 minutes ago
Rix Depot | Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5L1115 Ls22.05 Ly21,9892,877 Cr8 hours ago
PRE Research Base | HIP 17225 L247 Ls24.03 Ly01,623 Cr1 day ago
The Oracle | DelphiL3103 Ls26.26 Ly01,811 Cr5 hours ago
Donar's Oak | DelphiL1252 Ls26.26 Ly02,007 Cr3 hours ago
Goya Landing | HIP 16753 L45 Ls26.59 Ly8502,100 Cr1 hour ago
Liman Legacy | HIP 16753 L2786 Ls26.59 Ly8502,100 Cr4 days ago
Cooper Research Centre | HIP 19072M1488 Ls41.4 Ly3502,708 Cr8 days ago
PRE Logistics Support Zeta | Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57M970 Ls46.44 Ly01,623 Cr11 days ago
Cleaver Prospect | Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57L1196 Ls46.44 Ly4,1822,471 Cr2 days ago
Dionysus | HIP 17044L2033 Ls60.95 Ly02,252 Cr4 hours ago
Orcus Crag | Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7L33 Ls61.91 Ly5192,685 Cr2 days ago

Highest supply for Reactive Armour

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Hadid City | LTT 1873L228 Ls344.69 Ly199,9181,686 Cr14 days ago
Suri Park | Anlave L463 Ls357.43 Ly181,2971,719 Cr1 hour ago
Kobayashi City | Anlave L281 Ls357.43 Ly168,3381,719 Cr1 hour ago
PRE Logistics Support Epsilon | Pleiades Sector JC-V d2-62M920 Ls93.67 Ly86,7811,690 Cr1 day ago
Somayaji Terminal | CD-54 9671 L646 Ls399.33 Ly81,7561,638 Cr2 days ago
Pu City | AfliL37 Ls402.32 Ly80,5971,651 Cr5 hours ago
Fraser Orbital | LHS 2936 L21 Ls400.75 Ly76,7141,527 Cr2 hours ago
Spectrum Retreat | HIP 33368 L828 Ls281.28 Ly71,6611,938 Cr5 days ago
Stewart Gateway | AtagatL27272 Ls349.21 Ly69,7301,661 Cr4 days ago
Quetelet Dock | AfliL607 Ls402.32 Ly66,0681,651 Cr3 days ago
Liwei Terminal | GD 140L62 Ls392.06 Ly65,7971,661 Cr48 minutes ago
Roosa Gateway | LHS 3589L1599 Ls387.32 Ly61,6511,649 Cr1 day ago
Kessel Port | LHS 2936 M21 Ls400.75 Ly58,4741,527 Cr4 hours ago
Zholobov Enterprise | LTT 15278 L752 Ls464.48 Ly58,2851,618 Cr13 hours ago
Hopkins Port | Wolf 562L38 Ls399.51 Ly58,2801,700 Cr2 hours ago
Fortress York | FaceceL913 Ls394.49 Ly57,8781,804 Cr1 day ago
May Port | Zeta HorologiiL905 Ls385.38 Ly54,9081,638 Cr2 hours ago
Adams Orbital | Beta-1 TucanaeL3527 Ls414.38 Ly54,5191,659 Cr1 day ago
Soukup City | LatubaL1188 Ls416.27 Ly54,4461,618 Cr6 hours ago
Goddard Station | KachianL47 Ls347.49 Ly52,3371,854 Cr2 hours ago
Penzias Dock | FotlaL1998 Ls412.1 Ly52,1341,638 Cr20 hours ago
Gurragchaa Orbital | L 190-21L945 Ls395.89 Ly52,0871,919 Cr5 days ago
Grover Terminal | BorrL72583 Ls335.03 Ly52,0341,700 Cr1 day ago
Savitskaya Vision | Nervi L2271 Ls384.17 Ly51,5011,618 Cr10 days ago
Molchanov Terminal | LTT 1873M458 Ls344.69 Ly51,1501,700 Cr22 days ago
Berners-Lee Terminal | Wolf 562L82 Ls399.51 Ly48,0991,700 Cr1 day ago
Payne-Scott Enterprise | LTT 1509L11 Ls360.11 Ly47,2861,821 Cr11 days ago
Iben Orbital | Chona M202 Ls448.45 Ly47,1981,638 Cr12 hours ago
Charlois City | HIP 21991L1226 Ls282.8 Ly46,7581,638 Cr23 minutes ago
PRE Logistics Support Zeta | Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57M970 Ls46.44 Ly46,3231,623 Cr11 days ago
Al-Farabi Hub | LatjilL405 Ls324.77 Ly45,8291,904 Cr49 minutes ago
Neville Horizons | KaushpoosL8 Ls346.53 Ly45,7861,618 Cr1 day ago
Ohm Horizons | HIP 29312L652 Ls271.37 Ly45,4811,618 Cr9 hours ago
Glashow City | AtagatL15 Ls349.21 Ly45,3542,011 Cr3 hours ago
Schwann Dock | MehetL287 Ls457.68 Ly45,3511,618 Cr1 hour ago
Magnus Gateway | EZ Aquarii L490 Ls379.41 Ly45,0051,618 Cr1 hour ago
Frobisher City | LHS 1663 L439 Ls345.55 Ly44,1621,618 Cr17 minutes ago
Abetti Vision | KholuL637 Ls330.34 Ly44,0961,720 Cr7 hours ago
Smeaton Port | NjikanL1459 Ls355.53 Ly43,8412,015 Cr4 hours ago
Franklin Vision | LTT 14850L550 Ls454.34 Ly43,1901,618 Cr45 days ago

Highest demand for Reactive Armour

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Khan Market | Kelie L105 Ls438.6 Ly1,859,9532,634 Cr18 hours ago
Fisher Terminal | OkinuraL343 Ls356.31 Ly1,802,8052,674 Cr13 hours ago
Cadamosto Market | Sigma Pegasi L942 Ls361.12 Ly1,080,8602,540 Cr12 minutes ago
Henderson Dock | 34 Pegasi L992 Ls376.8 Ly921,4822,562 Cr17 days ago
Charlois Orbital | Halbangaay L1240 Ls355.73 Ly788,8942,562 Cr41 days ago
Haack Gateway | Halbangaay L891 Ls355.73 Ly698,7572,562 Cr6 days ago
Hubble Gateway | 10 Kappa Pegasi L1835 Ls377.59 Ly687,2152,562 Cr4 days ago
Savery Ring | Kelie L149 Ls438.6 Ly644,5852,634 Cr21 days ago
Ericsson Ring | Matucanth L1396 Ls370.96 Ly492,3912,576 Cr23 days ago
Bennett Gateway | OkinuraL61 Ls356.31 Ly470,6042,674 Cr30 minutes ago
Michell Ring | LTT 1289 L1851 Ls441.8 Ly425,7542,737 Cr1 day ago
Nowak Orbital | Kachirigin L339 Ls377.05 Ly390,8352,576 Cr7 days ago
Townshend Hub | 78 Ursae Majoris L13369 Ls392.47 Ly389,2602,725 Cr1 day ago
Sopwith Port | CD-52 187L73 Ls382.3 Ly372,4512,743 Cr9 days ago
Jett Ring | Aiabiko L272 Ls359.48 Ly349,6062,725 Cr18 days ago
Drake Port | Halbangaay M3746 Ls355.73 Ly333,2132,562 Cr41 days ago
Rayhan al-Biruni Orbital | 34 Pegasi L464 Ls376.8 Ly332,1252,562 Cr19 days ago
Mendel Hub | AchelousL218 Ls391.69 Ly330,6852,674 Cr19 hours ago
Webb Orbital | BD-00 4461 L208 Ls361.2 Ly329,6752,576 Cr14 days ago
Ore Terminal | Itza L60 Ls308.54 Ly328,5582,754 Cr3 days ago
Hogan Enterprise | Sigma Pegasi L167 Ls361.12 Ly297,4962,540 Cr21 hours ago
Godel Dock | MegrezL27691 Ls385.46 Ly269,5942,725 Cr5 days ago
Swanwick Hub | Sigma Pegasi L296 Ls361.12 Ly266,0912,540 Cr12 days ago
Hume Orbital | Sigma Pegasi M211 Ls361.12 Ly266,0912,540 Cr54 days ago
Leuschner City | HR 1475L1166 Ls401.09 Ly253,6652,717 Cr19 hours ago
Alfven Orbital | KeltimL185 Ls329.47 Ly253,3192,811 Cr9 days ago
Ing Ring | Tionisla L582 Ls481.92 Ly252,6602,758 Cr9 days ago
Bainbridge Market | HR 571L1114 Ls404.69 Ly250,2392,676 Cr6 hours ago
Valigursky Station | Halbangaay L2756 Ls355.73 Ly246,9512,562 Cr7 days ago
Haber Dock | 24 Iota CraterisL873 Ls431.29 Ly242,3022,737 Cr7 hours ago
Merrill Terminal | PictavulL357 Ls468.68 Ly239,9462,780 Cr30 days ago
Murakami Dock | ToresitL46966 Ls426.98 Ly234,1592,737 Cr28 days ago
Betancourt Ring | Sigma Pegasi L363 Ls361.12 Ly230,4362,540 Cr46 days ago
Harris Port | Sigma Pegasi M534 Ls361.12 Ly230,4362,540 Cr39 days ago
Heng Port | LTT 11478L215 Ls287.62 Ly227,7252,793 Cr5 days ago
Phillips Hub | Benapus L111 Ls283.03 Ly219,5022,743 Cr12 hours ago
Acton Dock | LFT 367L186009 Ls355.14 Ly214,2712,760 Cr12 hours ago
Baker Terminal | AchenarL20816 Ls394.65 Ly212,4992,714 Cr1 day ago
Peebles Dock | LTT 8648 L241 Ls413.16 Ly211,2612,780 Cr2 days ago
Ride Market | 42 AquilaeL51680 Ls443.59 Ly206,0382,717 Cr10 hours ago

Best buy prices for Reactive Armour (Average buy price: 1896 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Drake Hub | Michael Pantazis L6576 Ls298.7 Ly11,361 Cr14 days ago
Conway Survey | Teorge L1539 Ls491.21 Ly11,502 Cr5 days ago
Moon Installation | FAUST 68L1710 Ls419.78 Ly11,531 Cr22 days ago
Nikitin Penal colony | Epsilon Indi L143 Ls383.87 Ly11,537 Cr2 days ago
Jones Bastion | Saranyu L625 Ls328.84 Ly21,538 Cr9 minutes ago
Pohl Relay | CaelinusL2907 Ls421.3 Ly121,539 Cr11 days ago
Kawasato Silo | MarrallangL9097 Ls422.24 Ly21,548 Cr29 days ago
Rayhan al-Biruni Penal colony | HIP 1572L921 Ls480.46 Ly161,555 Cr6 days ago
Maine Hub | LHS 3564 M84 Ls411.46 Ly551,563 Cr18 days ago
Slayton Penal colony | Ross 340 L2618 Ls281.66 Ly831,569 Cr24 days ago
Zebrowski Orbital | LHS 2936 M1588 Ls400.75 Ly13,8811,570 Cr38 days ago
Barbosa Lab | Gateway L6537 Ls414.34 Ly51,572 Cr2 days ago
Spielberg Installation | GenderiL62933 Ls489.5 Ly131,580 Cr3 days ago
Kessel Port | LHS 2936 M21 Ls400.75 Ly58,4741,581 Cr4 hours ago
Fraser Orbital | LHS 2936 L21 Ls400.75 Ly76,7141,582 Cr2 hours ago
Diophantus Arsenal | VasudeL1103 Ls374.61 Ly7,0631,588 Cr39 days ago
Piaget Base | Comane L295 Ls257.96 Ly3,3671,588 Cr3 days ago
The Harmony | Yum Kamcabi L1266 Ls425.12 Ly21,592 Cr1 day ago
Clement Vista | Wolf 25L290 Ls363.87 Ly41,596 Cr5 days ago
Tennyson d'Eyncourt Barracks | Kan Aphu L14192 Ls462.97 Ly2,2851,596 Cr8 hours ago
vo Penal colony | TambaiamoL123799 Ls350.45 Ly2,2201,598 Cr17 days ago
Roggeveen Point | Kipsigines L8463 Ls440.67 Ly2,2791,598 Cr4 days ago
Rice Installation | Hydrae Sector JH-V b2-3L96794 Ls503.86 Ly1,8371,600 Cr30 minutes ago
Merle Installation | Deneb el OkabL883 Ls474.58 Ly2,8141,604 Cr20 days ago
Bear Laboratory | Masses L205 Ls265.61 Ly2,4591,607 Cr2 days ago
Barnes Bastion | Binjamingi L10759 Ls369.3 Ly111,607 Cr9 days ago
Fremont Silo | Daha DetiL1830 Ls419.08 Ly3,9781,607 Cr4 hours ago
Kregel Bastion | Sakaere L983 Ls502.6 Ly2,9141,608 Cr11 days ago
Ziljak Silo | Kondon L1517 Ls329.91 Ly5011,608 Cr30 days ago
Hand Bastion | Hyades Sector LD-S c4-28L3042 Ls300.76 Ly1,7211,608 Cr82 days ago
Norton Base | Medziojin L2616 Ls271.81 Ly3,9271,609 Cr2 days ago
Gibson Hub | Bohmshohm L119 Ls338.74 Ly7901,611 Cr1 day ago
Biruni Silo | EgovaeL573 Ls405.17 Ly251,613 Cr17 days ago
Aksyonov Installation | GendallaL197 Ls381.97 Ly9451,615 Cr2 days ago
Michelson Depot | LTT 7509L13865 Ls408.45 Ly7,6411,615 Cr2 days ago
Pournelle Silo | Neganhot L423 Ls491.43 Ly2,7911,616 Cr24 days ago
Alvares Penal colony | Uluri L913 Ls388.66 Ly5,2071,616 Cr57 days ago
Nolan Hub | AnduligaL627107 Ls475.26 Ly1,5811,616 Cr11 days ago
Alexandria Keep | LTT 6620 L3733 Ls445.71 Ly4,6311,616 Cr30 days ago

Best sell prices for Reactive Armour (Average sell price: 2433 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
McDermott Port | YemandegouL76 Ls417.05 Ly4,4923,082 Cr12 hours ago
Sarich Stop | 14 Eridani L5960 Ls294.26 Ly5303,033 Cr2 days ago
Tiliala's Lament | AkandiniguaL923 Ls396.41 Ly7,1913,009 Cr1 day ago
Endate Vision | TsanyalaL238 Ls443.63 Ly15,2773,008 Cr21 days ago
Diophantus Prospect | AkandiniguaM277 Ls396.41 Ly1,1413,004 Cr1 day ago
Cowper Dock | Anima L1096 Ls344.68 Ly13,4193,004 Cr56 minutes ago
Murray Platform | AF LeporisL2736 Ls321.93 Ly2,2272,993 Cr5 days ago
Mitchell City | Potrigua M1579 Ls335.99 Ly1,2952,969 Cr7 days ago
William Sargent Platform | KamchansanM411 Ls398.08 Ly4552,967 Cr18 days ago
Rebolo Port | Union L2540 Ls22273.7 Ly2,9752,964 Cr24 minutes ago
Brooks Enterprise | Khernidjal M585 Ls401.38 Ly11,4182,963 Cr18 days ago
Bertin City | BD+56 1773L3039 Ls415.45 Ly13,1302,963 Cr6 hours ago
Richards Survey | NLTT 6667 M117 Ls309.35 Ly1,6662,963 Cr3 hours ago
Yeliseyev Port | NLTT 6667 L84 Ls309.35 Ly1,9442,963 Cr30 minutes ago
Lavochkin Gateway | TencheM43760 Ls388.01 Ly4,3692,963 Cr42 days ago
Daqing Mines | AngetenarM410 Ls287.04 Ly4512,962 Cr3 hours ago
Rusch Station | AkandiniguaM388 Ls396.41 Ly8692,961 Cr16 days ago
Vishweswarayya Penitentiary | Orgelal L886 Ls331.52 Ly1,0442,960 Cr7 days ago
Brunner Refinery | Ned ErhL93 Ls353.43 Ly5092,958 Cr9 days ago
Kovalevskaya Prospect | Jardonnere M39 Ls537.7 Ly7712,957 Cr9 days ago
Bosch Reserve | KambilaM108 Ls308.76 Ly2,1282,957 Cr20 days ago
Doi Station | LP 542-33M629 Ls355.55 Ly6002,954 Cr4 days ago
Grabe Resort | LHS 3781 M122 Ls366.61 Ly1,1902,951 Cr18 days ago
Aubakirov Colony | LHS 3781 L204 Ls366.61 Ly2,9242,951 Cr1 hour ago
Lawson Prospect | LHS 3781 M86 Ls366.61 Ly1,3152,951 Cr18 days ago
Harvey Dock | Hu Jung L2535 Ls302.33 Ly3,4042,949 Cr3 days ago
Ford Station | AruruL256 Ls340.26 Ly7,8052,947 Cr2 hours ago
Laphrian Shipyard | ArtemisL239 Ls340.2 Ly5,9542,947 Cr11 hours ago
Freeholm | ArtemisL2133 Ls340.2 Ly4,2382,947 Cr9 hours ago
Suri Base | ArtemisL179 Ls340.2 Ly1,9232,947 Cr9 hours ago
Burckhardt Station | ArtemisM179 Ls340.2 Ly6,9052,947 Cr15 hours ago
Mooz Dock | HIP 117965M108 Ls394.62 Ly1,0982,946 Cr139 days ago
Anderson Installation | Gliese 9043L9664 Ls348.91 Ly7282,946 Cr3 days ago
Boswell Platform | LTT 18486M11521 Ls421.52 Ly9002,945 Cr1 hour ago
Macarthur Terminal | LTT 18486M11495 Ls421.52 Ly7182,945 Cr8 hours ago
Ostrander Colony | HIP 110094 M379 Ls347.71 Ly1,7522,944 Cr27 days ago
Kreutz Orbital | HolvaL23131 Ls329.3 Ly3,2342,944 Cr1 day ago
Jewitt Terminal | HIP 118311M89 Ls383.28 Ly27,6032,943 Cr33 days ago
Lubbock Market | HIP 118311L89 Ls383.28 Ly34,9172,943 Cr7 days ago
Krupkat Landing | Chelidones L999 Ls423.97 Ly1,2022,940 Cr13 hours ago