Synthetic Reagents

A selection of inorganic molecules used in the creation and manipulation of a wide range of organic compounds
Produced by:
Refinery (Surface)
Consumed by:
High Tech
Avg sell price:
7,086 Cr
Max sell price:
7,920 Cr
Avg buy price:
6,208 Cr
Min buy price:
5,509 Cr

Where to buy Synthetic Reagents near Sol

LocationPadStation distDistancebuy price    
Efremov Plant | SiriusL10347 Ls8.59 Ly6,705 Cr
Sanger Settlement | EZ AquariiL765 Ls11.1 Ly6,045 Cr
Webb Holdings | Wolf 424L2590 Ls14.01 Ly5,863 Cr
Piccard Plant | LungL91 Ls15.48 Ly6,262 Cr
McAllaster's Folly | LungL91 Ls15.48 Ly5,934 Cr
Foda's Inheritance | KokaryL51 Ls15.79 Ly6,127 Cr
Back Holdings | GendallaL91 Ls16.55 Ly6,723 Cr
Slade Base | FlousopL13 Ls17.36 Ly6,723 Cr
Yolen Works | 36 OphiuchiL593 Ls19.34 Ly5,962 Cr
King's Inheritance | Wolf 562L83 Ls20.23 Ly6,655 Cr
Napier Installation | Ross 671L394 Ls22.35 Ly6,725 Cr
Phillips Works | Ross 671L16 Ls22.35 Ly6,723 Cr
Vishweswarayya Vision | ColanjaL9253 Ls23.63 Ly6,723 Cr
Bloch Plant | Wolf 718L26 Ls25.09 Ly6,723 Cr
Zamyatin's Progress | LHS 452L216296 Ls26.35 Ly6,723 Cr
Weber Settlement | LHS 452L216293 Ls26.35 Ly5,850 Cr
Ledyard Enterprise | BugasL935 Ls27.56 Ly6,723 Cr
Margulis Depot | 61 VirginisL105 Ls27.89 Ly6,202 Cr
Butz Installation | FK AquariiL542 Ls28.37 Ly6,723 Cr
Hopkins' Inheritance | WISE 1800+0134L4 Ls28.69 Ly6,202 Cr

Where to sell Synthetic Reagents near Sol

LocationPadStation distDistancesell price    
Haberlandt Survey | SolL2582 Ls---7,163 Cr
Edison Hub | Luhman 16L13 Ls6.57 Ly7,646 Cr
Qwent Research Base | SiriusL10347 Ls8.59 Ly7,305 Cr
Efremov Plant | SiriusL10347 Ls8.59 Ly6,632 Cr
Gupta City | Lacaille 9352L74 Ls10.69 Ly7,437 Cr
Sanger Settlement | EZ AquariiL765 Ls11.1 Ly5,979 Cr
Magnus Gateway | EZ AquariiL751 Ls11.1 Ly7,573 Cr
Mallory Survey | ProcyonL10182 Ls11.41 Ly7,325 Cr
Jones Estate | Groombridge 34L10 Ls11.73 Ly7,547 Cr
Matthews City | Groombridge 34L75609 Ls11.73 Ly7,547 Cr
Ford City | Groombridge 34L75715 Ls11.73 Ly7,547 Cr
Clement Orbital | YZ CetiL1213 Ls12.07 Ly7,487 Cr
Tepper Penal Colony | YZ CetiL20 Ls12.07 Ly7,141 Cr
Nikitin Silo | Luyten's StarL708 Ls12.39 Ly7,422 Cr
Kepler Gateway | Kruger 60L6143 Ls13.08 Ly7,388 Cr
Needham Keep | ToolfaL51829 Ls14.01 Ly7,167 Cr
Kelleam Orbital | ToolfaM33 Ls14.01 Ly7,347 Cr
Crook Hub | ToolfaL12 Ls14.01 Ly7,347 Cr
Alexandrov Base | Wolf 424L2572 Ls14.01 Ly7,249 Cr
Webb Holdings | Wolf 424L2590 Ls14.01 Ly5,798 Cr

Best buy prices for Synthetic Reagents

Average buy price: 6208 Cr

LocationPadStation distDistancebuy price    
Vardeman Base | 2 HydraeN417 Ls163.16 Ly5,509 Cr
Vercors Prospect | HIP 107591N106994 Ls161.48 Ly5,529 Cr
Alexander Vision | Col 285 Sector YV-L c8-6N3564 Ls165.76 Ly5,544 Cr
Nikolayev Terminal | Scorpii Sector CQ-Y c24N403 Ls134.8 Ly5,559 Cr
Allen Plant | 68 Upsilon PegasiN715 Ls170.42 Ly5,559 Cr
Phillips Holdings | Arietis Sector ON-T b3-3L83 Ls177.86 Ly5,559 Cr
Nehsi Landing | HIP 17655N165 Ls199.64 Ly5,584 Cr
Clarke's Folly | Col 285 Sector PU-E c12-20N1825 Ls182.26 Ly5,584 Cr
Gallun Landing | Deneb OkabN---183.56 Ly5,586 Cr
Schachner's Progress | HIP 26274L---166.75 Ly5,594 Cr
Huxley Plant | Col 285 Sector JJ-E b13-4N206 Ls182.96 Ly5,600 Cr
Chilton Settlement | Col 285 Sector RO-Q d5-54N231 Ls183.47 Ly5,600 Cr
Low Works | Col 285 Sector HC-U d3-48N---196.21 Ly5,600 Cr
Sheremetevsky Vision | KokobididjiN114 Ls239.12 Ly5,600 Cr
Kagan Vision | Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43L123 Ls211.05 Ly5,610 Cr
Donaldson Landing | TolupanN723 Ls163.51 Ly5,610 Cr
Bosch Base | HIP 42042N6464 Ls147.23 Ly5,610 Cr
Pierce Settlement | Col 285 Sector OV-I b24-4N250 Ls170.32 Ly5,610 Cr
Birmingham Depot | Col 285 Sector XP-O d6-58N---179.4 Ly5,610 Cr
Smith Settlement | Col 285 Sector XP-O d6-56N348 Ls197.23 Ly5,611 Cr

Best sell prices for Synthetic Reagents

Average sell price: 7086 Cr

LocationPadStation distDistancesell price    
Cabana Barracks | LFT 37L375 Ls65.64 Ly7,920 Cr
Spassky Base | SinannL1179 Ls77.98 Ly7,847 Cr
Fourier Penal colony | MenambeL4116 Ls83.61 Ly7,832 Cr
McAllaster Penal colony | NaduscapatiN3179 Ls138.68 Ly7,832 Cr
Okorafor Bastion | SotigurN2240 Ls116.77 Ly7,832 Cr
Lysenko Barracks | SpinoniL---77.38 Ly7,832 Cr
Kotzebue Installation | Teng MuN---174.23 Ly7,832 Cr
Friedrich Peters Depot | CantineL443 Ls207.9 Ly7,827 Cr
Clair Keep | HR 6489N3542 Ls201.68 Ly7,827 Cr
Barnes Bastion | Kappa-1 Coronae AustrinaeN---154 Ly7,816 Cr
Gardner Silo | BD+48 1845BL289 Ls95.22 Ly7,805 Cr
Webb Arsenal | IsitabL931 Ls156.89 Ly7,802 Cr
Kolmogorov Arsenal | HIP 18322L1471 Ls127.32 Ly7,802 Cr
Hayden Barracks | HIP 7338N1002 Ls123 Ly7,802 Cr
Toll Relay | StKM 1-442L4403 Ls75.87 Ly7,800 Cr
Bohnhoff Keep | PontusL2355 Ls81.69 Ly7,800 Cr
Dunbar Survey | ChakpaL363 Ls159.1 Ly7,800 Cr
Mayr Keep | SongiL8744 Ls119.93 Ly7,800 Cr
Herreshoff Point | SkutaN740 Ls97.61 Ly7,800 Cr
Heng Relay | Smethells 1L911 Ls89.53 Ly7,800 Cr

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