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22 Jun 3304
Aisling Duval Announces Marriage to Federal Ambassador

Princess Aisling Duval has made an unexpected announcement regarding her relationship with Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester.

At a press conference in her palace on Emerald, the princess looked radiant as she addressed the media:

“It’s no secret that Jordan and I grew close during his official visit. The time has come to let you know that we are to be husband and wife.”

“I’m aware that some will see this as unorthodox, even controversial, but love knows no borders. It’s our wish that our marriage will build lasting bridges between the Empire and the Federation.”

A statement from Ambassador Rochester appeared in a special edition of The Federal Times:

“Representing the Federation has been my life’s work, but meeting Her Highness – Aisling – made me realise that being by her side means even more. We hope that our betrothal will usher in a new era of cooperation between the two superpowers.”

Among the media reactions was this from entertainment journalist Solomon Helios:

“I’ve been reporting on Princess Duval’s romantic life for a while now, and even I didn’t see this coming. Can Aisling really pull this off? Could a Federation gentleman actually marry into the Imperial family? Will Emperor Lavigny-Duval and President Hudson share a dance at the wedding, or will they step in to prevent this union from taking place? The galaxy might never be the same again!”

As yet there has been no official comment from the Imperial Palace or the White House.

19 Jun 3304
Investor Funds Colonia Shipyards

Renowned billionaire Zachary Rackham, owner of Rackham Capital Investments, has made a sizeable charitable donation to build new shipyards in the Colonia region.

Mr Rackham, known in some circles as ‘Calico Zack’, made this statement:

“If there’s one thing I remember from flying around the galaxy in a second-hand Sidewinder with a leaky life-support module and only fifty credits in my pocket, it’s the thrill of exploration. And Colonia is the embodiment of that spirit, the farthest-flung outpost of civilisation.”

“That’s why I want to support it by funding the development of new shipyards. Every planetary port in the region, bar Colonia Hub, will soon be able to offer pilots the support services they need. It’s my way of celebrating a youth filled with poverty and danger, by giving a boost to the next generation of explorers.”

Bryanna Blanco, a financial journalist for The Federal Times, also published a statement:

“Obviously this is tremendous news for Colonia and all those operating within the region. The timing of Rackham’s donation is curious, however, coming as it does shortly before a company-wide audit. Having such a colossal sum placed beyond the reach of tax officials will certainly help that old pirate – and his crew of accountants – sleep better at night.”

14 Jun 3304
League of Reparation Implicated in Historic Deaths

A recent report suggests that terrorist organisation the League of Reparation may be responsible for many more deaths than previously suspected.

Independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse shared his theories on the Rewired newsfeed:

“We know these League guys are wiping out people whose grandfolks used to work for the INRA, and it seems like things started when they poisoned that Imperial senator. But what if that wasn’t their first murder, merely the first time they claimed responsibility? What if they’ve been active for years and nobody noticed?”

“I’ve been digging through old records of unsolved homicides. There’s a dozen in the Federation alone where the cause of death was some kind of ‘nerve agent’ – just like with the senator and a few others. Not all the victims were identified, but I found four who definitely had the INRA in their past. These people didn’t die recently but between one and five years ago. Coincidence?”

“The League also likes to blast its targets out of the sky. Think of all those unexplained shipwrecks found drifting in space over the years. How many were because one of the crew had some long-forgotten INRA connection? Dozens…hundreds? How long has the League been hiding among us, silently taking out ordinary people? And who’s next?”

Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride of Alliance Interpol responded on behalf of the united taskforce investigating the League:

“We cannot verify that these cold cases have any link with the League of Reparation. We’d also like to caution against this kind of baseless conjecture, which only serves to spread confusion. We are still pursuing more concrete leads, and hope to make a breakthrough very soon.”

09 Jun 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

A descendant of Amaro Hem, one of the INRA’s senior members, has been murdered by terrorist group the League of Reparation. The murder recreated the circumstances of Commander John Jameson’s death, and has been interpreted as an act of poetic justice by the League of Reparation. Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez said that the League was using theatrical tactics to ensure its message reached the media.

In other news, Princess Aisling Duval met with not one but two of her suitors over the weekend – Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester and Senator Caspian Leopold. The former was invited to a function at the princess’s palace on Emerald, while the latter made an unofficial visit the following day.

Meanwhile, the Lave Radio Network has announced plans to broadcast its annual conference from the Diso system. To ensure they can share the event with the entire galaxy, the Network has placed an open order for various commodities. But the Lave Jet Family has responded with a rival campaign designed to undermine the Lave Radio initiative, inviting pilots to liberate commodities from those supporting the Lave Radio campaign.

Two initiatives to restore starports damaged by the Thargoids have reached successful conclusions. Hundreds of pilots supported the campaigns by delivering construction materials to Dantec Enterprise in the Socho system and to The Oracle in the Pleiades.

Finally, a valuable work of art has been stolen by a mysterious and highly skilled criminal. A spray-painted graphic of what looked like a winking cat was discovered at the scene of the crime, which took place in the Garden City Gallery on Turner’s World in the Alioth system. Garden City security forces are investigating, but as yet have no leads.

And those are the main stories this week.

06 Jun 3304
Aisling Duval Hosts Federal Ambassador

Last weekend, Princess Aisling Duval hosted a diplomatic function at which Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester was the guest of honour.

Although security at the event was tight, entertainment journalist Solomon Helios managed to obtain an exclusive insight for his programme.

“If you’re wondering what happened to your invitation to the Princess’s soirée, it probably ended up in the same black hole as mine. But I can still bring you a little peek from behind closed doors!”

“It’s not unusual for the Imperial family to hold parties for visiting ambassadors. What is unusual is that on this occasion, Aisling invited all of Jordan Rochester’s staff, including the captain and crew of his ship. Since the FNS Pioneer’s commanding officer is none other than Vice Admiral Juno Rochester, one of Jordan’s sisters, perhaps this was seen as an opportunity to meet a future in-law?”

“My contacts tell me that despite the variety of uniforms, hairstyles and accents, the night was full of enjoyment. Aisling and Jordan danced together before the ambassador formally thanked the princess on behalf of the Federation.”

“But that’s not all. The next day, who should arrive at Emerald but Senator Caspian Leopold – who you’ll remember is also rumoured to have romantic intentions toward the people’s princess. Supposedly he’s there on official business, although I understand there’s nothing scheduled in his calendar. Or perhaps his invitation arrived late, like mine…”

“So is the princess courting, or merely holding court? As always, Aisling keeps us guessing!”

02 Jun 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

The Socho system, headquarters of Aegis Core, has been overtaken by the Socho Gold Raiders, a criminal faction. The system is now in a state of anarchy. Aegis personnel, including Dr Mia Valencourt and Professor Alba Tesreau, have appealed to the galactic community to help free Socho from the criminals.

In related news, Aegis has announced that its Eagle Eye initiative has helped to repel Thargoid forces from systems in the Pleiades Nebula. Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, said that Thargoid incursions in the Lwalama and Lalande 4141 systems had been resisted due to the early warnings provided by Eagle Eye.

The Pilots Federation has reported that five independent ships have been attacked by terrorist organisation the League of Reparation, with the loss of all crewmembers. But the taskforce investigating the League made a breakthrough when it discovered that League agents receive their orders from a source codenamed ‘Nexus’.

In other news, two campaigns have been launched to repair starports in the Pleiades Nebula that have been damaged by the Thargoids. Open orders have been placed for construction materials, which will be shipped to the affected starports and used to make repairs.

Los Chupacabras have announced that their plan to host a music festival in the LFT 926 system has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community. Scores of pilots supported the initiative by delivering commodities to Meredith City, the organisation’s base of operations.

Finally, the Autocracy of T’iensei has announced that its campaign to clear the T’iensei system of agitators has been a success. Hundreds of pilots responded to the appeal, taking to their ships to eliminate the criminals operating in the system.

And those are the main stories this week.

01 Jun 3304
Ships Destroyed by the League of Reparation

The Pilots Federation has reported that five independent ships have been attacked by terrorist organisation the League of Reparation, with the loss of all crewmembers.

No details have been released regarding specific names or locations, except that three of the ships were attacked in Alliance-controlled systems, one in a Federal system and one in Imperial space.

The Pilots Federation also confirmed that the message ‘FOR JAMESON’ had been etched by laser beam into drifting hull fragments from all five ships.

Captain Niamh Seutonia, a member of the tri-power taskforce investigating the League, released this statement:

“We are treating these incidents as terrorist actions by the League of Reparation, targeted against people with ancestral connections to the INRA. Analysts have been despatched to all five locations.”

“Meanwhile, we have determined that League agents receive their orders via multi-relayed, encrypted comms channels from a source using the codename ‘Nexus’. This suggests a central point of coordination, rather than autonomous cells. Whether Nexus is an individual, a group, or a faction is not yet known.”

“We are aware that citizens throughout the Alliance, Empire and Federation are alarmed by these horrific attacks. We assure you that the taskforce is working hard to discover more about this group and eliminate it. In the meantime, we ask everyone to remain vigilant and to report any relevant information to local authorities.”

31 May 3304
Aegis Hails Eagle Eye Success

Aegis has announced that its Eagle Eye initiative is proving to be a great success, and has helped to repel Thargoid forces from systems in the Pleiades Nebula.

The Eagle Eye orbital surveillance installations were established earlier this year to monitor transmissions from known Thargoid surface sites. This data is then made available to independent pilots.

In an interview with The Federal Times, Admiral Aden Tanner remarked:

“I have no doubt that without this surveillance data, more starports in the Pleiades would have been attacked and damaged. Only last week, Thargoid incursions in the Lwalama and Lalande 4141 systems were vigorously resisted thanks to the early warnings provided by Eagle Eye.”

“We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to those brave Commanders who have engaged the Thargoids in battle. Aegis was established to help protect the galaxy, and with the help of courageous members of the galactic community we will assuredly triumph.”

26 May 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

Terrorist group the League of Reparation has committed three further murders in Federation space.

The victims include two members of the Pilots Federation. In both cases, the Commanders’ ships were laser-branded with the words ‘FOR JAMESON’.

Commodore Riri McAllister of the Alliance Defence Force has been appointed to the Council of Admirals, filling the vacancy left by the late Tulimaq Buchanan, who was killed by the League of Reparation. McAllister has pledged to support efforts against the terrorist group responsible for her predecessor’s death.

Meanwhile, entertainment journalist Solomon Helios has been speculating about the romantic life of Princess Aisling Duval, who is understood to have spurned the advances of Admiral Denton Patreus. Three potential suitors have been identified: Senator Caspian Leopold, anti-slavery campaigner Jarl Toredo, and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester.

In other news, Los Chupacabras, an independent faction based in the LFT 926 system, has announced plans for a musical event known as the Jailhouse Rock and Blues Music Festival. In support of the event, Los Chupacabras have placed an open order for quantities of beer, tobacco, coffee and narcotics, and have promised to reward pilots who deliver these commodities to Meredith City in the LFT 926 system.

Authorities in the T’iensei system have reported a sharp increase in the number of criminals operating in the area. To counter this threat, the Autocracy of T’iensei has placed a kill order on all ships on its wanted list, and has promised to reward pilots who deliver bounty vouchers to Dzhanibekov Port.

Finally, two community-led initiatives reached successful conclusions this week. In the core systems, an operation to recover survivors and salvage from a convoy attacked by pirates was supported by scores of independent pilots, while in Colonia, hundreds of Commanders delivered microresources to the Colonia Co-Operative, which is investigating the region’s potential to support larger populations in the future.

And those are the main stories this week.

25 May 3304
The Courtship of Aisling Duval

A media broadcast has identified a number of potential romantic suitors for Princess Aisling Duval.

Entertainment journalist Solomon Helios discussed the matter in a special edition of his programme:

“There’s been a lot of discussion about Aisling Duval lately, with some viewing her as reaching a certain maturity in the political arena. But never mind that! What we want to know is: who is the galaxy’s most eligible princess dating?”

“Let’s face it, there must be no end of gentlemen focusing their sights on her. She’s a Duval, the daughter of the late Emperor, and a woman of enormous charm, intelligence and culture. Plus – she’s a stunner!”

“Three years ago it looked like Admiral Denton Patreus might be the one tying the knot. But we can assume that Aisling Duval spurned his advances, perhaps concluding – like many of us – that Patreus was more interested in the Imperial throne than anything else. So, who might be wooing the ‘people’s princess’ now?”

“The first possibility is Senator Caspian Leopold, who has attended many meetings with Aisling and speaks warmly of her in interviews. Of course, the senator is almost twice her age, but he is undoubtedly a gifted orator, not to mention enormously wealthy and influential. And sometimes experience wins out!”

“On the other end of the scale is a young man called Jarl Toredo, who has been spotted visiting Aisling at the palace. This passionate firebrand runs an organisation called Universal Liberty, and has made a name for himself campaigning against Imperial slavery. So naturally, any relationship would give Aisling’s own charity an enormous PR boost.”

“Toredo is a salt-of-the-earth type who has worked hard to build a life for himself. His background could not be more different from Aisling’s, with both his parents having died in servitude. A romance seems unlikely…but I wouldn’t rule it out!”

“Potential suitor number three, Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, has been stationed on Aisling’s home planet Emerald, where the two of them took a private tour around the Prism’s Shades art installation. The tall and handsome ambassador cut a striking figure beside the princess, as the empathic art pulsed with light around them. A political gesture designed to soothe relations with the Federation, or something more personal?”

“One thing’s for sure – Princess Duval walks her own path, and has no problem with upsetting the established order. So when it comes to her love life, all bets are off!”

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