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11 Mar 3301
Federal Military Lobby for Tax Reduction on Private Pilots

Rumours coming out of Mars today suggest that a powerful lobbying group, acting on behalf of Admiral Vincent and the Federal Navy, are currently engaged in a massive campaign to lower taxes on combat-capable spacecraft. The aim of the campaign is to encourage Federal pilots to become more battle-ready in these times of heightened tensions.

If the lobbying efforts prove to be successful, the Imperial armament program will doubtless be forced to follow suit or else risk the Empire being undermined by the increased combat capabilities of the Federal Navy.

23 Feb 3301
Building a New Ship - BD+03 2338

Despite Admiral Vincent's strong words during a press conference three days ago, President Halsey has refused the Admiral's request to send additional forces for the attack on Polahukuna.

In response, the Federal Navy, in conjunction with Core Dynamics, has declared their intention to commission the creation of a new capitol ship. The new ship will be built in the recently recaptured shipyards of BD+03 2338, and the Admiral's personal contingent will remain in the locale in order to protect the construction of the new vessel.

20 Feb 3301
Taking the Fight Home

Following the Federation's success in rousting the rebel forces from Banki and BD+03 2338, Admiral Vincent has declared his intention to follow the invaders of BD+03 2338 back to their own homes.

Admiral Vincent declared at a press conference earlier today:

"I think the message is clear. We will not allow terrorists to break our laws or brainwash our people. The Polahukuna Raiders, and those like them, need to learn that their actions have consequences. The Federation will not sit idly by and let the infections of chaos and anarchy spread and fester."

The Admiral went on to say that he would reveal plans as to the nature of the Federation's foray into Polahukuna shortly.

15 Feb 3301
Banki and BD+03 2338 - Over by Breakfast!

In a speech delivered from Navy Headquarters, Admiral Vincent has expressed his pleasure over the progress being made by Federal Forces engaged in the reclamation of Banki and BD+03 2338.

"The ongoing conflicts in Banki and BD+03 2338 were not started by us. They started at the beginning of the year when lawless thugs took it upon themselves to invade their smaller, peaceful neighbours. Despite any distractions President Halsey might be facing in her failure to find a replacement for our late Vice President Smeaton, the Federation will not stand idly by while foreign powers invade federal territory under the guise of locally formed separatist movements."

The Admiral went on to say:

"All foreign, and indeed any domestically grown, terrorist rebels we find will be dealt with decisively. Our troops are doing extremely well, and thanks to the pinpoint strikes being carried out by my men on the ground, I expect the majority of the fighting will be over by the time I have breakfast tomorrow."

13 Feb 3301
Restoring Sanity to Anarchy - A War on Two Fronts

As the Federal Navy begins to move into position around Banki and BD+03 2338, independent Commanders from all corners of the galaxy have started gathering at Antonio De Andrade Vista in Banki and Matteucci Terminal in Khasiri in preparation for the final set of engagements against the federal rebels.

Admiral Vincent has issued a warning calling for all civilians to evacuate the areas around Banki and BD+03 2338 immediately. The official policy being that any unidentified ships caught in the coming conflict will be treated as enemy combatants, meaning they will most likely be destroyed on sight.

All loyal members of the Federation are requested to report to either Antonio De Andrade Vista in Banki or Matteucci Terminal in Khasiri to receive orders as to how they can best lend their support to the Federal Navy. Non-combat roles are available for conscientious objectors.

24 Jan 3301
Lucan Onionhead Now Cultivated in the Tanmark System

Breaking news from the Tanmark system would seem to indicate that Admiral Vincent's bombing of Panem has only slowed the spread of Onionhead.

News has reached GalNet that a new strain of Onionhead, which is believed to have been cultivated in secret somewhere on Luca with assistance from farmers from Panem in the Kappa Fornacis system, has begun turning up on the local markets.

A dedicated reporter managed to track down Georgio Algeria on Panem, and it seems his group have been part of this:

"I said we would be back, and here we are. You cannot spoil our happiness. We are still cool. We have more friends than you realise. And now we are rich!"

Due to a quirk of Federal Law, the new strain does not fall under the statute banning sale of Onionhead, as Lucan Onionhead is a different strain. Federal Labs are reported to be rushing the tests through in order to make it illegal as soon as their processes allow.

17 Jan 3301
Onionhead Now Wiped Out

Admiral Vincent, the Federal Admiral of the Fleet, has announced that the Federal Navy has now practically eliminated the narcotic 'onionhead' from Panem in Kappa Fornacis.

"Our systematic destruction of the crop has now paid off, and I am pleased to say we have destroyed all the crops without the loss of a single life since the unfortunate incident a few weeks ago."

Despite continued pockets of resistance the Admiral also announced a civic aid package to help rebuild the farms to produce less controversial crops, a move that has earned praise from commentators for its political shrewdness.

In a follow up statement an aide requested that independent pilots provide Agri Medicines, Crop Harvesters, Land Enrichment Systems and Biowaste to meet the increased demand generated by the package.

16 Jan 3301
Overview of the Past Week's Developments

Player faction The Mercs of Mikunn had humble beginnings, with two members working to spread the influence of The Dukes of Mikunn to nearby systems. By trading in slaves, the two brothers quickly managed to strengthen their hold on the system. Not content with their gains, the Dukes have turned to HR 7327 as their next target. The Commanders are rallying others to their cause, saying:

"The Dukes want your help. If cash is your thing, come to Mikunn for some Merc work. I don't call the shots, but I will be your liaison between you and the Dukes, serving only to coordinate. There are some serious credits to be made."

In recent days players flying through Kappa Tucanae have been turned away by Commanders claiming allegiance with player faction Emperor's Grace. Those refusing to leave were promptly destroyed. In a statement on their online channel, Emperor's Grace warned:

"A surge in Federal scum and Alliance cowards has become unbearable within our borders. It is your duty to protect all that our Emperor has fought so hard to provide us. Join now and show your love for our Emperor's Grace!"

The Purple Netcoms Holdings Corporation has declared itself as independent, and has called on Commanders to help the Sugrivik system secede from the Federation.

Call Hagen, the leader of the League of Nabatean Defence Party, called for a zero tax policy for citizens of the Nabatean system at an impromptu rally.

The slave revolt in Ongkuma was crushed thanks to Commanders' support for Senator Torval. The remaining rebels have been killed or captured, and the slave rebellion is over.

Financial forecasters are astounded at the volume of trading by the Crimson State Group in the Lugh system and are now predicting a boom for the group. This can only come as more bad news for the beleaguered system owners.

Despite the continuing 'Oniongate' protest on the steps of Congress, Admiral Vincent announced that surface bombing of Panem in the Kappa Fornacis system would resume, but this time with targeted, genetically engineered biocides to destroy the Onionhead crop.

Vice President Smeaton's death has been noted as suspicious, with the revelation that he had completed a clean full medical scan in his private scanner only an hour before his death.

11 Jan 3301
Federal President Clarifies Approach to Onionhead

In an attempt to quell the clamour for her resignation, President Jasmina Halsey has tried to clarify the rift between the Admiral of the Fleet, Admiral Vincent, and her office.

"Admiral Vincent runs our Navy, and I run the government. From time to time, he gives me a status report on naval operations, and we discuss issues of importance to the Federation. On the events in Kappa Fornacis the Admiral acted unilaterally, and simply reported his actions after the orders had been carried out. It is not my role to interfere with naval operations, but I do expect to be consulted when decisions of such import are made."

Political pundits are speculating that this carefully worded speech she read out must have been the result of negotiations between the Navy and Halsey's office. They are rumoured to detest each other, and the friendship between the Shadow President and Admiral Vincent has doubtless not gone unnoticed.

10 Jan 3301
Bombing of Panem Resumes

Despite the continuing 'Oniongate' protest on the steps of Congress, Admiral Vincent has announced that surface bombing of Panem in the Kappa Fornacis system has resumed, but this time with targeted, genetically engineered biocides to destroy the onionhead crop.

"Automated munitions deployed from orbit release a gentle mist that then descends on the crop. It is harmless to humans and to other flora and fauna."

This time, the protests are more muted, and Shadow President Hudson claimed on the political panel show 'Face the People':

"On the contrary. Now we see the layabouts are more worried about where their next onionhead fix will come from than about the farmers on Panem!"

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