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19 May 3302
Community Goal: Battle Royale

Don Antonaci, leader of the pirate organisation Wolf 359, has called on the galaxy's pirates to assemble for a faceoff against the Hutton Orbital Truckers and their allies. The pirate has proposed an 'anything goes' battle royale in the Wyrd system.

Minelayers, thermal weapons, torpedo boats, long-range sniper ships – Antonaci is asking participants to bring their most devastating equipment to the ice rings, and to destroy any truckers they encounter. The truckers, meanwhile, have promised to send their finest to oppose Antonaci.

The two parties have agreed that the pirates will fly Fer-De-Lances, Cobras, Vipers and Eagles, while the truckers will pilot Federal Assault Ships, Gunships, Dropships and Vultures. Pilots on both sides have been authorised to target anyone who piloting a larger vessel. Camera crews, which will be flying yellow haulers, are considered off limits.

Antonaci released the following statement:

"Despite my best efforts, these filthy truckers continue to trawl through space. We want all pilots friendly to the Don to help us teach these truckers a lesson. Bring your finest weapons, modules and upgrades, and show your support."

The truckers' only response to Antonaci's challenge was: "Bring it on!"

The campaign begins on the 19th of May 3302 and will run for one week. Pilots who support the operation will be generously reimbursed.

18 Apr 3302
Freelance Report: First Expedition to Rho Cassiopeiae Confirmed

Commander turkwinif, flying an Anaconda specially outfitted for long-distance hyperspace jumps, has become the first pilot to reach Rho Cassiopeiae. The class-F hypergiant star is notable for being visible to the naked eye from Earth, and for being positioned in a particularly hard-to-reach area of what explorers call the Formidine Rift.

Many pilots have previously tried to reach Rho Cassiopeiae, and their lack of success led many to consider the star beyond the reach of current technology. Commander turkwinif reported that reaching the system required careful route planning and the use of numerous FSD fuel injections.

Commander Finn McMillan

22 Mar 3302
Freelance Report: Diplomatic Summit in Alioth

A summit for the Alliance of Independent Systems was held at Irkutsk Station this week, attended by ambassadors and diplomatic envoys from an array of political backgrounds. Eleven fleets, from both Alliance and Independent governments, were represented.

The main topic under discussion was establishing a framework for a quick-response force to protect parties from the growing threat of Imperial and Federal expansion. Other Topics included factional sovereignty, self governance, the benefits of free trade, and the role of communication in maintaining civility across diverse cultures.

Commander Noir1787 | Radio Sidewinder reporter

Alioth Guardian | Interstellar Press

26 Jan 3302
Freelance Report: Pilot Breaks Eight-Hour Sagittarius A* Barrier

Buckyball champion Commander Alot has broken the eight-hour barrier for a trip from Sol to Sagittarius A* in his ship, Rhonda the Anaconda. Having failed in his first attempt to set a sub-eight hour record by just six seconds, Commander Alot ultimately succeeded in completing the 25,900 light year journey in 7 hours, 56 minutes and 41 seconds. He announced his success in characteristically matter-of-fact style at 2.00 pm on the 24th of January: "That's. More. Like it."

No stranger to the Sagittarius A* Buckyball challenge, Commander Alot has made the trip no fewer seven times. He has more or less dominated the number-one slot since first wresting it away from the original record holder, Commander Anuranium, in April 3301, when he completed the run in 11 hours and 46 minutes.

As tributes from fellow Buckyball pilots poured in, the 'fastest pilot in the galaxy' confirmed he would be taking a well-earned break from the cockpit, although he said he hoped to catch up with the Distant Worlds expedition later in the year.

Commander Alec Turner

04 Jan 3302
Diamond Frogs Contribute to Christmas Initiative

Over the past few days, private military contractors the Diamond Frogs have been hard at work on Operation: Mistle Toad, a concentrated effort to deliver personal gifts to the Santa Muerte system. A notable highlight of the campaign came when DF Commander Doot stopped by in an Imperial Cutter packed to the gills with 704 tonnes of personal gifts...twice!

Just a day before the planned close of the event, the combined efforts of the Diamond Frogs and other pilots resulted in a final tally of 250,000 tonnes of personal gifts. Moreover, the event organisers announced they have launched an initiative to give new members of the Pilots Federation a brand-new Faulcon DeLacey Viper Mk IV. This is in addition to a substantial cash reward for those who helped brighten up the season, to the tune of up to 100 million credits for the top 5% of contributors.

'Disc' Commander Felix Dyson, Radio Skvortsov

06 Nov 3301
Mavia Kain Announces Galactic Games

Mavia Kain, High Inquisitor of the Imperial Inquisition, has formally announced the upcoming Galactic Games for Charity. The games will take place between the 13th and 15th of November 3301 in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. A general amnesty will be declared in the Brestla system over the weekend.

The headline event is the Galactic 'Top Gun' Championship, in which pilots from across the galaxy will compete for a prize of 200 million credits. Commanders wishing to participate are invited to visit Roed Oodergaard Port in the Brestla system between 18.00 on Friday the 13th of November and 06.00 on Saturday the 14th of November. The final will be held on Sunday at 20.00.

The weekend will culminate with the first ever 'Elite Hunger Games', in which 24 commanders will compete in a no-holds-barred fight to the death in Mk III Vipers.

Commander djtruthsayer

26 Oct 3301
Fight Club Rocks Athena

At approximately 21:00 on Saturday the 18th October 3301, a slew of heavily armed Cobras began congregating outside Powell Terminal in the Athena system for an all-on-all bloodbath. Millions of credits' worth of insurance claims were issued as the Commanders of the XYZ Fight Club kicked off the 'Cobra Crunch'.

One of the most epic battles of the tournament was the fight between Koldnitz and FlappyHamWallet (both very experienced commanders), who lit up the skies around the Coriolis starport with their lasers and missiles. Much whooping and cheering was heard over comms chatter for over four hours, after which many congratulatory messages were directed to Commander Estalath, who appeared to be the victor.

Station security has confirmed that several thousand credits' worth of fines were issued, but there was no significant damage done to the station. One station worker reported: "This old girl can withstand a few out-of-control Cobras crashing into her." Meanwhile, system authorities were reportedly unhappy about Athena hosting a second XYZ Fight Club event, saying: "we thought they'd host one event and then move on".

Commander Amphetamine Rush

26 Oct 3301
Commemorative Space Race

To commemorate 'Star Wars', the classic audiovisual entertainment series of the 20th and 21st century, the Buckyball Racing Club, sponsored by Leesti Azure Milk, presents the first part of a new galactic race, the Kessel Run.

The race runs from the 31st of October 3301, 00:00 GMT, to the 15th of November 3301, 23:59 GMT. It will begin at George Lucas station in Leesti and end in the Jabbah system, a few hundred light years outside the bubble. Between start and finish, participants must dock at every station and outpost named 'Kessel' in any order they desire.

There will be three racing classes: Regulation Solo Sidewinder, Regulation Solo Cobra Mk III, and the Open Unlimited Spec class.

Commander Stern Winter

05 Oct 3301
Fuel Rats Complete 2,000th Rescue

In the 38 days since the Fuel Rats' last made headlines, the group has rescued a further 1,000 ships, bringing the total number of Commanders saved from a frustrating insurance experience to 2,000.

Financial experts have speculated that this service could have saved the Galactic economy as much as 1 billion credits in insurance buyback premiums, not counting the value of lost cargo, exploration data, and bounty vouchers.

In a statement, the Fuel Rats extended special congratulations to Commander KitsuneThe Fluff and Commander Radlock for each achieving 100 individual rescues, with Commander KitsuneThe Fluff being the first to achieve this distinction. Commander Radlok was also singled out for praise after completing 100 rescues in just 45 days.

On behalf of the galaxy at large, we thank you for your service, Commanders. The dedication you have shown in saving your fellow spacefarers from misfortune is to be applauded.

Commander Ceska Zbrojovka

Radio Sidewinder News

26 Aug 3301
Fuel Rats Complete 1,000th Rescue

Heroes: that's what some call the Fuel Rats. Ever since launching their emergency fuel delivery service a little over two months ago, the Fuel Rats have made an impact on the lives of over 1,000 commanders who would otherwise have faced a long spacewalk home.

For one stranded commander, over 31,500 light years from inhabited space with five months’ worth of exploration data on board, the Fuel Rats’ service was greatly appreciated. Commander Paul Kavinsky, in partnership with Commander Rusticolus, made an incredible high-speed transition to the far side of the galaxy to rescue Commander TheHairyMob.

Commanders Anuranium and Domaq also demonstrated the lengths to which the Fuel Rats will go. High above the galactic plane, 2,800 light years north of Sagittarius A*, a commander found himself stranded with no hope of returning home under his own power. The limited number of nearby stars made locating the hapless commander exceptionally difficult, but the rats found their man.

A little closer to home, Commanders Aitken and Dardevel were not to be outdone. Commander Ghetto King was only moments away from drawing his last breath, with only two seconds of emergency air remaining, when the Fuel Rats swooped in to save the day.

This reporter joined the Fuel Rats to witness a rescue mission firsthand. I experienced a mix of adrenaline and warm satisfaction in knowing I had made a positive difference to another pilot’s fate.

Commander Ceska Zbrojovka

Radio Sidewinder News