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26 Aug 3301
Athena System Hosts ‘XYZ Fight Club’

The popular gladiatorial tournament known as the ‘XYZ Fight Club’ took place again this weekend. Our reporters were ringside for the spectacle. Pilots descended on Athena, pitting dog-fighting skills against one another in both light and medium ships.

Criminals targeting participant Commander Angel Rose marred the start of the event and forced an evacuation of Darboux Orbital, but Commanders Rhea and Lynk1973 ensured that contingency arenas allowed combatants and spectators to avoid further harassment.

Commanders Bodmans, Danten and Old Sauveur dominated play for the light rounds – fast-paced jousting with no shortage of collisions. Commanders DJTruthsayer, Estelath, Ace Rimzy and Jankster gave solid performances, but were knocked out.

The light semi-finals saw Bodmans – recent champion of the Sol Grand Prix – facing off against Commander Rainy Day in close-quarters knife-fighting. Rainy Day spent chaff and shield-cells before Bodmans delivered the deathblow – a barrage of missile-fire – that delighted the audience.

Medium-class contents continued into the night, involving Couriers, Vipers, and Diamondback Scouts. Commander Synaptic made notable use of their DBS-stealth capabilities to evade missile-fire, but eventually succumbed to their opponent’s attacks.

Angel Rose's Viper took on Commander Louise of Darkwater's Courier. Audiences watching the event live cheered the commander from Slough Orbital, but it was not enough to protect her from her opponent’s rail-fire as a victorious Louise of Darkwater moved into the later rounds.

Showing impressive skill in the marathon tournament, the same pair of combatants managed to reach the finals for both classes. Bodmans and Old Sauveur intitially exchanged fire in Eagles, with Old Sauveur proving victorious in the fast-paced battle through a well-timed use of shield cells. Going head-to-head in Couriers to decide the victor of the medium heats, Bodmans eventually claimed victory at the end of a protracted defensive battle.

Commander Edgar Starwalker

Lomas Racing News | Interstellar Press

10 Aug 3301
Portrait of a Bounty Hunter

Social historians sometimes have a tendency to focus on the rich and powerful, forgetting that the people who dwell on society’s margins can also have an impact on the shape of the galaxy. In this new series, we take a look at some of recent history’s less well-known figures, and shine a light on their unique achievements. Our first episode explores the life of the bounty hunter Ziva Eschel.

Ziva Eschel began her career in the Federal State Police, spending ten years as a Viper pilot in the Beta Hydri system. She left the force shortly after she and her partner were imprisoned by the Judas Syndicate on the infamous Black Mausoleum. Eschel escaped with her life but her partner was executed, and, due to the unique status of the Mausoleum, the Beta Hydri authorities were unable to bring his killers to justice.

After quitting the Federal State Police, Eschel acquired a lease on an old Sidewinder and began a career as a bounty hunter operating out of Beta Hydri. Her approach relied more on careful planning and preparation than flashy flying, but she nevertheless progressed to larger and more dangerous scores, upgrading her ships and finally settling on the Dragon Queen, a highly customised Fer-de-lance.

Eschel is not a public person and has eschewed several invitations to syndicate her operations to ‘Federation’s Most Wanted’, but in police and bounty hunting circles she is known to be both cautious and dangerous, and also meticulous in adhering to the law – a rare trait in her profession.

Eschel and the Dragon Queen were last seen heading for Jackson's Lighthouse, possibly in pursuit of the notorious Red Hourglass.

03 Jul 3301
Peace and Prosperity through Production

The Utopians unveiled their plans to fight back against the pirates of the Pegasi sector today, at a meeting held aboard Yolen Hub in HIP 116213.

Simguru Pranav Antal was met with wild cheers from the gathered crowds as he spoke about the sector’s recent spate of conflicts with the Kumo Crew, the resultant economic downturn and Utopia’s plans for turning all of that around.

Outside the station’s no-fire zone, followers of the Simguru demonstrated the effectiveness of Utopian technology when a wing of ships equipped with Enforcer Cannons shredded an Anaconda in under a minute. A clear message to anyone who thinks the Utopians will let their communes be pillaged simply because their overall philosophy leans towards peace.

03 Jul 3301
Galnet Health Report Sparks Action from Angeli Imperial

The recent GalNet article on systems suffering from outbreaks and famine prompted the Angeli Imperial to take action today.

The Imperial Group under the patronage of Senator Patreus gathered a small flotilla of cargo ships, from Cobras and Asps to Lakon Spaceways' series of freighters, to load up on the much needed food stuffs from Nelder City, in the Wangal system. After a journer of 247 light years they delivered the supplies to Hiraga Gateway, a Coriolis in HR 7327, to assist the Dukes of Mikunn with their current famine in the spirit of "Galactic Good Will".

Argon Armrend, the CEO of the Angeli Imperial stated:

"If every Power and Principality set aside just a day each week and picked a system in strife and diverted their resources normally wasted on petty conflicts, to doing good and helping the people we claim to represent, we could really make a difference, it is our noblesse oblige."

09 Jun 3301
Hudson Set to Target Traffickers

In the face of President Hudson’s recent rise to power, the value of illicit goods has skyrocketed throughout the galaxy in anticipation of a crackdown on illegal commodities that are traditionally transported via the Federation. Dealers of all stripes have seen their profits soar over the last week, with hundreds of new millionaires being minted off the back of President Hudson’s perceived stance against criminal commodities.

With the President’s appointment of his new administration now complete, sources close to Hudson have revealed to GalNet that an increase in security spending is very high on his agenda.

“Things are about to get very difficult for traffickers,” one anonymous aide told the Mars Tribune.

“The President’s ordered a bunch of those new Diamondback Scouts to act as short range interceptors for local security services. They don’t pack much of a punch on their own, but you try and outrun a swarm of angry Diamondbacks followed up by a couple of Viper wings and see how well you do.”

“’Course if you do outrun them, say hello to the Navy. A month from now, two months top, the war against drugs will be done and dusted. You mark my words.”

Prices of illegal narcotics had just started to stabilise after a week of frantic black market trading, and this latest news could well send prices spiking up again as dealers across the galaxy try to unload their stash before the expected galaxy-wide lockdown begins.

22 May 3301
Pilot Breaks Galactic Record Twice

The accomplishments of independent pilots participating in the Buckyball Run A* rally race continue to make headlines around civilized space. This 26,000 light year rally race to the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy has so far attracted over 40 fearless competitors. One of these competitors, Commander Alot, has made a name for himself by beating the galactic record for the quickest run twice in less than a month.

Alot’s current time to reach Sagittarius A*, an incredible 9 hours 39 minutes, was accomplished aboard a Faulcon DeLacy Anaconda named ‘Rhonda’. In comparison, his previous record-breaking attempt was done in 11 hours 46 minutes using a Lakon Spaceways Asp called the ‘Big Bird’.

When asked for a statement, Alot answered philosophically:

“Nothing lasts forever. I'm quite sure that in time my record will be beaten. In fact, I've already heard of several skilled pilots planning their next attempts, and I wish them the best of luck.”

At the time of broadcast, Commander Kligg has already taken the lead, passing Commander Alot by a mere 8 minutes, using an Anaconda named the ‘Rub Tub’. However, Kligg himself speculated in a short statement that it was only a matter of time before Alot climbs back to the first position.

Léonard Chamberlain - GalNet News Correspondent

05 May 3301
Silver United Succeed at Securing Zaonce

After months of being terrorised by malicious criminals intent on turning the Old Worlds into some kind of ‘New Caribbean’, residents of the Lave cluster finally banded together this past weekend to crack down on the lawless scum that had been pillaging and plundering their way across the sector.

Inspired by the recent help freely given to the people of Reorte by the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, Silver United Solutions decided to offer a set of substantial rewards to any pilot brave enough to help remove the criminals known as the Jet Gang from Zaonce.

The initiative was an overwhelming success. 5,535 pilots were temporarily deputised during the course of the weekend, leading to the Zaonce Jet Gang (and many other local pirate crews) being crushed by the raw power of the makeshift fleet.

To celebrate their success, Silver United Solutions has organised a special discount on all Faulcon DeLacy ships being sold from Ridley Scott Station, Zaonce. A limited number of Pythons have been made available for the duration of the sale.

20 Mar 3301
The Union of Eta Draconis Falls to Force

Inside sources report that a covert raid, carried out by special operation forces acting on behalf of the Gold Vision Company, has led to the capture of Swift Terminal in Eta Draconis.

According to eye witness accounts, a small team of silent sidewinders managed to penetrate select points of the starport. Special operatives then manoeuvred towards, and captured, the main control terminal. They then shut down all power to the docking bays, allowing the main assault force unrestricted access to the port.

When asked for comment, President Vondell of the Gold Vision Company had this to say:

“We here at Gold Vision are proud of our soldiers who were fighting on the front-lines aboard Swift Terminal and on the surface of B5. I want to give a big thank you to my right hand men and women, the 8th Dragon Squadron. Without them fighting in the black, risking their lives every second, this would have never been possible. This is a new day for us, but rest assured we wish for nothing more than to bring peace and prosperity to the people of Eta Draconis.”

18 Mar 3301
The True North Star

In a brief written statement submitted to GalNet news, Virgil Kyle, commander of the exploration-fitted Asp Spirit of Indianapolis, claims to have been the first to visit what he calls Sol's ‘true North Star’.

"Wregoe TV-L C24-0 is over 1,200 light-years 'north' of Sol's position in the galactic plane, and less than a light-year from her position otherwise," he goes on to explain. "Due to the jump distances involved, the system is only visitable by Asps and Anacondas fitted to achieve near-maximum jump ranges."

"I know it ain't the flashiest achievement," he admits, "And other explorers have obviously achieved far greater things, but as the star system hadn't yet been visited, I thought it was worth mentioning."

He finished his statement with an invitation to other explorers and sightseers in suitably equipped vessels to visit the area, calling the view of the Milky Way from the system ‘spectacular’.

01 Mar 3301
A Distant Rendezvous - 43,000 Light Years from Home

On the fringe of the Scutum-Centaurus arm, on the far side of the galaxy, two lone deep space explorers rendezvoused at a star system called Eactainds GN-W C1-6.

CMDR R4nger0's mission? To cross the galaxy in a Sidewinder.

CMDR Kamzel's mission? Returning to Earth after an 8-week survey expedition along the galactic outer rim.

CMDR Kamzel left the frontier on 16th December 3300, CMDR R4nger0 departed on 7th January 3301. The meeting was the first human contact both pilots had in the many weeks they'd been away from home. Both pilots jointly surveyed the rendezvous system, shared a bottle of Lavian Brandy, and parted ways to continue on their respective journeys. The event was recorded and a vlog data-packet was beamed back toward human space. Streams of the log can be viewed by searching for 'A Distant Rendezvous' via your local vlog service provider.

Some observers have called for the Eactainds GN-W C1-6 star system to be renamed 'Rendezvous Point', to commemorate this historic event - the most distant deep space encounter ever recorded.