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21 Dec 3303
Galactic News: Type-10 Defender Now Available

Lakon Spaceways has announced that its new ship, the Type-10 Defender, is now available to the public.

The vessel boasts greater speed, acceleration and manoeuvrability than the Type-9 Heavy on which it is based, and also offers a more focused hardpoint loadout.

The Type-10 has been developed primarily in response to the recent Thargoid attacks in the Pleiades, and Lakon has said it envisages the ship “being particularly effective in combat situations”.

16 Dec 3303
Galactic News: Lakon Announces New Ship

The Alliance has commissioned Lakon Spaceways to produce a new ship in response to the recent Thargoid attacks in the Pleiades. The vessel, which has been named the Type-10 Defender, represents a comprehensive revision of the Type–9 Heavy.

Lakon issued the following statement:

“The Type-10 boasts greater speed, acceleration and manoeuvrability than the Type-9, and also offers a more focused hardpoint loadout. We envisage it being particularly effective in combat situations.”

The development is significant in that it represents the first overtly military response from the Alliance to the rising Thargoid threat.

Lakon has committed to an aggressive production schedule that should see the Type-10 reaching retailers next week.

17 Aug 3303
Galactic News: Alliance Campaign Concludes

The Alliance has announced that its new research initiative has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community. Huge quantities of resources were delivered to Neville Horizons over the past week, allowing the Alliance to start constructing a range of instruments expressly designed to analyse Thargoid material. The campaign also received the support of hundreds of independent combat pilots, who took to their ships to protect the spaceways and defend the traders contributing to the initiative.

As the campaign drew to a close, an Alliance spokesperson said:

“With the aid of the galactic community, we are now in a position to embark on a detailed study of Thargoid technology and other material. I hasten to add, however, that analysis of this kind is a slow process. The public should not expect profound revelations in the immediate future! But rest assured that our scientists will be working tirelessly to deepen our understanding of the Thargoids.”

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Neville Horizons in the Kaushpoos system.

26 Nov 3302
Freelance Report: Guardian Archangel

Last week, the galaxy witnessed a truly audacious rescue.

While returning from Beagle Point, Commander Felix Macedonica found himself without sufficient germanium to synthesise a FSD injection and continue his journey home. Faced with the choice of spending the rest of his life 65,000 light years from home or destroying his beloved Lakon Type-6E and riding the escape capsule back to civilisation, Felix was in dire straits indeed.

At that moment, Commander Chiggy Vonrictofen was exploring the Zunou sector. When Chiggy picked up a weak sub-ether distress signal he quickly established a private link with Felix before appraising the system for asteroid belts and ringed planets that could potentially yield germanium. He then departed for Colonia to fit a mining laser and larger fuel tank.

With his ship appropriately equipped, Chiggy proceeded to cover the first 30,000 light years from Jaques in less than 13 hours, a wraith of speed and purpose. Stopping only to sleep, he finally arrived less than 48 hours after receiving Felix's first transmission.

The pair travelled to the nearest belt and Chiggy spooled up the mining laser as Felix watched the scanner. Nickel, iron, sulphur, manganese, phosphorus – the elements kept coming, but not the one they needed.

Despair started to creep in. Then it appeared, a word that brought with it a cascade of emotions: germanium. Felix swooped in and secured his freedom.

"Chiggy's efforts have left me speechless," said Felix. "His perseverance shows that the indomitable human spirit has no bounds."

Commander Mad Billy

Institute for Galactic Exploration and Research

05 Nov 3302
Freelance Report: Hapless Explorer Returns Home

A number of newsfeeds have reported that amateur explorer Commander Lewis has finally returned to human-inhabited space. After following the Distant Worlds Expedition into the void, the unfortunate traveller found himself alone in a damaged Asp Scout some 65,000 light years from civilisation.

A freak accident during the return trip resulted in the loss of most of Commander Lewis's food supplies, leaving him with only tea and an assortment of biscuits for the six-month journey home. After being treated for malnutrition and diabetes, Commander Lewis spoke to the media about his ordeal:

"The journey was a nightmare. I kept getting lost, and was haunted by images of long-dead 21st century actors. If it wasn't for my 1,000 friends on social media, I would have gone insane. I don't think I'll ever eat another biscuit."

01 Jul 3302
Freelance Report: Friendly Fire over Merope 2 A

Despite assertions from Admiral Maxton Price that Federal ships in Merope would not initiate conflict, a recent incident report tells a different story.

Apparently, a clearly marked Asp Explorer science vessel was shot down, without provocation, by Federal vessels above Merope 2 A. Rescue teams from Obsidian Orbital, responding to a distress call, found the smoking wreckage of the ship a short distance from a barnacle site guarded by a Farragut Battle Cruiser and a squadron of combat ships. The pilot – a captain in the Federal Auxiliary Navy – was only slightly injured. They said:

"A lone Asp with retracted weapons is no threat to a battle group, and the navy can't shoot whomever they want without jurisdiction. If one of my boys ignored the rules of engagement like that, I'd throw the book at them. Admiral Price can expect a formal inquiry from the JAG as soon as the paperwork is done."

The Federation has not issued an official response.

01 Jul 3302
Freelance Report: The Jaques Rescue Mission

Recent reports indicate that a coalition of independent pilots has coordinated a mission to deliver meta-alloys to Jaques Station. A spokesperson for the group issued the following statement:

"We need your help, Commanders! Everyone's favourite cyborg barman Jaques has been discovered by Commander CLY in the Eol Prou RS-T D3-94 system."

"Pilots are gathering in Maia for what will be the longest single-stop trade run in galactic history. Their mission is to deliver meta-alloys to Jaques Station and repair the damage done by the Unknown Artefacts."

"In the interest of speed and efficiency, many pilots are flying Asp Explorers. Outfitting options vary between eight and 16 tonnes of cargo, and large fuel scoops are common among the intrepid rescue party."

"The mission's first waypoint has been designated as synufai pi-i c26-8. Further systems along the route will be announced soon."

Commander Andy B

03 Mar 3302
Galactic News: Orulas Campaign Reaches an End

Rose Trebek, leader of the Joint Security Taskforce, has announced that the operation to clean up the Orulas system has been an overwhelming success. According to Trebek, hundreds of combat pilots supported the initiative to disrupt the operations of the criminal Blue Hand Gang.

Trebek released a statement to the media in the wake of the campaign's success:

"We had two primary objectives: to clear the spaceways of Orulas, and to liberate the escape pods the criminals were transporting through the system. Thanks to the many brave combat pilots who supported the initiative, both objectives were successfully completed. The recovered escape pods have been delivered to Wilkes Orbital, and the occupants will now be returned to their families."

Asked about the system's future, Trebek was characteristically pragmatic:

"The pilots who contributed to this initiative have done an outstanding job, but the Blue Hand Gang hasn't been completely destroyed. We've won the battle, but the war is far from over."

23 Feb 3302
Freelance Report: Miraculous Rescue

In a system near the NGC 1333 nebula, over 1,000 light years from the nearest starport, a pilot by the name of Commander Santander has reported discovering two occupied escape pods. The Commander was surveying a previously uncharted system and cruising near the surface of a rocky-ice body when the readings were detected. The crash site could be clearly seen from altitude, so Santander went to investigate in his SRV. Fortunately, his Asp Explorer was equipped with a cargo rack.

In a transmission, the Commander said: "I don't know how long they've been on this rock, or if the pods are working. I can't do much for them here – my ship is fitted for exploration, not search and rescue. I'll get them to port and let someone else open them up."

Commander Cryptomancer

15 Feb 3302
Freelance Report: Dr Arcanonn Speculates on Palin's Disappearance

Dr Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group has spoken out about the disappearance of Professor Ishmael Palin:

"I hope that the professor is safe, but I feel a growing sense that he is no longer with us. As was recently made public, I am currently in hiding because a credible threat to my life was received. My fear is that the dark forces that sought to end my life have intercepted Palin on his way to Maia b1ba."

"We were told that the Diamondback Explorer that made the 'high-speed pass' at Obsidian Orbital appeared to be looking for something. Could it have been looking for the professor?"

"We didn't always see eye to eye, but Professor Palin is – or was – a great scientist and he is sorely missed."

Commander Lord Zoltan

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