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15 Jan 3301
Aisling Duval Objects to Grandfather's Marriage

Aisling Duval has lodged an objection to the marriage of her grandfather, the Emperor, to Florence Lavigny. Coming out of the Office for Marriage with her Lawyer she read a prepared statement from a cue.

"I have lodged a formal objection to my grandfather marrying his fancy woman not for love, not for marriage itself, but to change the succession without having to appear in the Senate. That's all I've got to say at this time."

This unusual action will trigger a hearing of the Marriage Council in the next few days. They will review and make a decision on the validity of her objection. Experts we have spoken to believe it is unlikely to succeed.

15 Jan 3301
Extremist Leader Calls for Zero Tax Policy

Call Hagen, the leader of the League of Nabatean Defence Party, today called for a zero tax policy for citizens of the system of Nabatean at an impromptu rally.

"We citizens of the Federation are treated poorly compared to the progressive policies evident within the Empire. The Federation is older and stronger but our heritage is weighed down with the bondage of taxation. Let us learn from the strong leadership of Senator Patreus and his Imperial colleagues and ensure that our own society is not a burden upon our families."

A spokesperson for the Workers of Nabatean refused to comment on what he described 'the ravings of a mad man'. Ignoring the speech may be a mistake for the current ruling party as the opposition received a massive swing in support after the speech.

14 Jan 3301
Slave Revolt in Ongkuma Crushed

Following a surprise move from the Ongkuma Progressive Party withdrawing their support for the slave rebellion, the last of the rebels have been killed or captured. In a statement Senator Torval declared:

"Once again the machinations of Federal agitators have been defeated. They will never learn. They deceived some of our loyal citizens into supporting their actions, but now they have publicly admitted their fault, in this instance we will be magnanimous."

She also praised the actions of the many independent pilots who once again supported her campaign.

Commentators have expressed their support for the Senator's merciful action. The Ongkuma Progressive Party has long been a part of the system's political landscape and their survival - even in a reduced form it continues the traditions of this system.

10 Jan 3301
Fallout from Sorbago Slave Rebellion

Last night a relaxed-looking Senator Zemina Torval announced what had happened to the leaders of the Sorbago rebellion in a press conference following the return from her holiday cruise.

"We managed to fight off the Federal rabble-rousers due to excellent support from many independent pilots fighting to support the honourable tradition that is Imperial slavery, and I'd like to pass on my thanks to them. 

Production has already restarted, and a small number of slaves that had succumbed to the persuasions of the foreign trouble-makers have now been punished."

She also commented on the recent uprising in Ongkuma.

"These rabble-rousers don't appear to learn very quickly. We will have the system back in working order soon."

Senator Torval has paid generous combat bonds to independent ships that have helped her in large numbers over the last few weeks. It is understood the ringleaders of the Sorbago rebellion were executed.

09 Jan 3301
Preparations for the Emperor’s Wedding Gain Pace

Arissa Lavigny has shown the plans for her parents' wedding on the 22nd of this month, including a sneak peek at the bridesmaids’ dresses. It will be a grand affair with visiting dignitaries from systems around and beyond the Empire. Rumour has it that the Federal President and Shadow President will both be invited, although many expect them to politely decline.

The ceremony is to take place in the Imperial Palace, and the Emperor and his new wife will remain in specially prepared ornate travel chairs throughout as the Emperor is not expected to be fully recovered by the time of the wedding.

Markets rose dramatically after the news as it would seem that the Emperor’s illness is not as bad as many commentators have made out.

09 Jan 3301
Overview of the Past Week's Developments

Dulos has joined Sanna's bid to leave the Federation, putting more pressure on President Halsey that Shadow President Hudson has been quick to exploit. Imperial Senator Patreus has of course welcomed the move.

In the ongoing war that Patreus declared on Durius, support from Commanders seem to be now swinging behind him, promoting a plea for assistance from Durius' government.

Onionhead prices have soared in Federal systems in response to the ongoing publicity surrounding the controversy, much to the anger of the Federation hierarchy.

Another slave rebellion has broken out in the Ongkuma system. Senator Torval has sent two of her Majestic class Interdictors in response to the civil war there, and Commanders seem once again to be siding with the Imperial slaver. The rebellion would be grateful for your assistance, Commanders!

Federal warships have now arrived in the Luluwala system, cranking up tensions with the Empire - and the prospect of even more combat bonds!

08 Jan 3301
Federal Warship Arrives in Luluwala

Senator Torval has criticised the arrival of a Federal warship now stationed in the Luluwala system.

"They think they can throw their weight around. Stationing a warship at this small outpost can only be a distraction from their lack of enforcement of their own laws. 

They think stationing a cruiser in Luluwala is a show of strength? A show of real strength would be to move against slavery in the Federation. Really they are being weak."

There has been no comment from the Federal government as yet.

08 Jan 3301
Aisling Duval Talks Narcotics

In the popular show 'A Fireside Chat with Serena', the celebrity royal, Aisling Duval, surprisingly talked through tears about narcotics.

"Yes, Serena, that's my early childhood. I hate narcotics and think they should be made illegal. My mother died from them before I was old enough to remember her."

When asked about her father she replied:

"Oh, Serena. He was led astray in his youth, but Dad is a lovely man, and would make a great Emperor if his controlling father wasn't so spiteful."

Commentators have expressed outrage at her comments about our beloved Emperor, and the network cut the broadcast at that point.

07 Jan 3301
Latest News on Durius Situation

It seems many private pilots have been helping Senator Patreus' warships against the government of Durius, and that the government is suffering serious losses.

Despite Senator Patreus' actions Durius has still not settled the debt. Governor Malachai gave the following interview from his governmental headquarters:

"It is heart-warming to see the support for a down-trodden system like ours from commanders of independent ships. Sadly there are those who are siding with Patreus. We hope they will see the error of their ways before it is too late."

There are reports from sources close to Senator Patreus that he is pleased with his force's progress so far. Another aide quipped that "Governor Malachai is clearly deluding himself!"

07 Jan 3301
Slave Rebellion Breaks out in Ongkuma

Rumours are coming in from multiple sources that rebellion has broken out amongst slaves in Ongkuma.

This news has surprised commentators given the speed with which the Sorbago rebellion was crushed last year. Some commentators speculate that the rebel leaders are relying on intervention from independent pilots, although many consider this to be a foolish hope after the widespread support the Senator received in the Sorbago campaign.

Indirect confirmation came from a comment in social media from a lowly shipyard loader driver, who posted that the 'Cleopatra' and the 'Marlin', two of Senator Torval's Majestic Class Interdictors, were being provisioned to leave for the Ongkuma system.

Senator Torval is still on her holiday cruise on the 'Xanadu' so was unavailable for comment.