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14 Jun 3301
Simguru Offers to Share Tomorrow Today

Simguru Pranav Antal made an appearance at the original Utopian commune in Antal today, to address rumours that the Utopians had entered negotiations to ally themselves with Shadow President Winters’ supporters.

“It is only right for us to honour what came before us. Sol is the birthplace of our race, the shining jewel of our galaxy. At least, it is now that it has been restored to its former glory.”

“In that respect, the Federation is like an elderly relative, full of wisdom and useful life lessons, but ultimately unable to guide its children in finding their truth.”

“In Utopia we respect our elders, but we do not allow their love of the past to obstruct our path to the future. Members of the Federation are free to come to Utopia to study, to shape, to share in everything we have to offer. After all, the abundance of Utopia was created for all of mankind, and we wish for nothing but peace with our other selves.”

“An alliance though? No.”

“While it is our duty to be concerned with the workings of the lower worlds, the Utopians will not allow ourselves to become tangled in the petty politics of those whose only true worry is for their own personal power.”

“Our goods are for sale, but our integrity is not.”

As a reminder to all budding entrepreneurs working hard to scrape some credits from the black, Utopia is currently looking to source a large supply of metals. Traders and miners interested in acting as suppliers to Utopia are being asked to deliver metal to Lobachevsky Station in Antal.

12 Jun 3301
Winters Sends Envoys to Utopia?

In a move that many will see as being directly at odds with her predecessor’s hard-line stance against the spread of sim addiction in the Federation, emissaries of Shadow President Felicia Winters have been spotted meeting with representatives of Utopia aboard Tanner Settlement in Polevnic.

GalNet reached out to the Shadow President to ask why her support staff were seen visiting the Utopian headquarters, but a spokesman brushed it off as routine.

Political pundits have been quick to point out that visiting Utopia could be seen as a move to support sim fans – given Utopia’s strong connection to the sim gaming industry, though there are other rumours, fuelled by the call for a large order of assorted Metals to be delivered to Antal, has led economists to speculate that the Utopians may be looking to broaden their efforts into other markets.

06 Jun 3301
A Vision of the Future

For decades, the Utopian compound on Antal was seen as a place where people could visit the future. Technology that was years ahead of its time was openly on display for anyone to see. The secrets uncovered by the Utopian engineers were made freely available for study, regardless of the factional leanings of those who wished to explore their mysteries.

That freedom of information, that willingness to share knowledge and ideas, is what has allowed Utopia to grow into a living network of technological communes that will help lead the galaxy towards a better tomorrow.

In the last five years, hundreds of thousands of scientists, programmers and engineers have begun their journey into the Utopian lifestyle. Their hard work and dedication has been rewarded with a wealth of new technologies that will revolutionise the galaxy once mass production has been achieved.

Of course, mass production is difficult without the right materials to do the job. Utopia estimates its workshops require around 30 million tonnes of assorted metals per month. So far, no single supplier has been able to meet their requirements. As such, Utopia will be offering a range of bonuses each month to any interstellar traders who bring the Utopians a large supply of metal.

Those interested in offering assistance to the Utopian Project are asked to deliver metals to Lobachevsky Station in Antal.

06 Jun 3301
Galaxy's Most Powerful People: Simguru Pranav Antal

As heir to the legacy of Simguru Rishi Antal, the master of transcendental technology, Pranav has a lot to live up to. There are many people who thought that Utopia, along with its various projects and subsidiaries, would inevitably fall apart once Rishi was no longer leading them. Pranav has proved them all wrong.

Pranav, known as Simguru Antal to his followers, not only managed to maintain the original Utopian Commune, he has actually expanded the Utopian Commune Programme to include Polevnic, Neris, Hip 117972 and Hip 1389. Never one to rest on his laurels, Pranav is already planning on expanding Utopia’s reach into another half a dozen systems in the very near future.

“We live in an imperfect world, one constructed from the chaos that is this universe’s random nature,” Simguru Antal told GalNet.

“The struggle of men and women to impose order through innovation and understanding is the key to humanity’s ultimate happiness. The advancement of our species towards that inevitable point of peace and prosperity is not only my love, my passion, it is my very reason for being. It is the reason that all of us are here. To make our dreams, and our passions, become a reality.”

“If Utopia is to succeed, we must be driven by our righteous desires, not by our base ones. After all, it is only through mastering ourselves that we can hope to master the worlds around us.”