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15 Sep 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

An anonymous source has revealed that Maddox Hurd, owner of technology company Herculean Machines, was previously investigated by the Federal Security Service. The source disclosed that Hurd accepted financial contributions from individuals connected to criminal networks when establishing his company. In the wake of the news, a number of Herculean Machines’ corporate investors have withdrawn their support.

The candidates in the Alliance presidential election have been announced: Fazia Silva, a successful entrepreneur from the Vamm system, and Elijah Beck, an experienced politician from Leesti. It is understood that all three candidates – Kincaid, Silva and Beck – are roughly equal in terms of popular support.

Meanwhile, Juanita Bishop has called on Federal Congress to make Thargoid worship a capital crime, and for all members of the Far God cult to be executed. Some Federal congressmen have aligned with Mrs Bishop, eager to be seen as ‘tough on Thargoids’, but others have criticised her for her inhumane rhetoric.

In other news, Ram Tah has revealed more about the XG Project, which produced the recently released XG fighters. In an interview, the engineer revealed that he had been trying to combine human and Guardian technology since the first Guardian ruins were discovered. He closed the interview by expressing hope that the XG Project was the start of a new era of technological development.

The Libertas Cooperative has announced plans to construct a manatee farm on behalf of food supplier Munshin Manatee Meat. This will take the form of a megaship, where the creatures will be bred, processed and prepared for distribution. To facilitate construction of the manatee farm, the Libertas Cooperative has placed an open order for various commodities.

Finally, the Alioth Independents have announced that their appeal for exotic food and drink has reached a successful conclusion, having received an overwhelming response from the galactic community. Huge quantities of Esuseku Caviar, Ceremonial Heike Tea and Live Hecate Sea Worms were delivered to Smith Landing over the past week, which will now be used to host a special gala event.

And those are the main stories this week.

12 Sep 3304
The XG Project

In an interview with independent media outlet Vox Galactica, engineer Ram Tah has discussed the XG Project, which produced the recently released XG fighters.

“Ever since the first Guardian ruins were discovered, I’ve been trying to combine their technology with our own. I drew up a blueprint for the original fighter, the XG1, before inviting other technicians to refine the design with a view to producing something commercially viable.”

“The seventh iteration, the XG7, successfully merged human and Guardian ingenuity. The XG8 Javelin and XG9 Lance soon followed.”

When asked what the future holds, Ram Tah remarked:

“My hope is that the XG Project is merely the start of a whole new era of technological development. While the current focus is the Thargoid threat, the achievements of our galactic forebears might one day improve every aspect of society.”

01 Sep 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

Independent pilots have engaged a previously unseen type of Thargoid vessel in both the Pleiades Nebula and the core systems. Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, confirmed that the new ship – classified as the Hydra – is a variant of the Thargoid Interceptor.

Federal President Zachary Hudson has announced that Aegis Core is to relocate from Socho to the Federal home system of Sol. The move is a response to the criminal occupation of the Socho system, which led to the temporary immobilisation of Aegis’s Eagle Eye network, a system of orbital installations designed to determine potential Thargoid attack sites.

Engineer Ram Tah has detected unusual energy signatures in the NGC 2451A sector, the IC 2391 sector and the Synuefe EN-H region. While the precise nature of the signals is unclear, Ram Tah has encouraged independent pilots to investigate.

In other news, the Colonia Council has announced that four engineers have established bases in the Colonia region, to provide services to independent pilots. According to a statement, the Council consulted with engineers in the core systems to identify individuals who could offer similar services in Colonia.

The date of Princess Aisling Duval’s wedding to Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester has passed without comment from either party. While Emperor Arissa and President Hudson are thought to be pleased with the cancellation of the wedding, the silence from Aisling Duval and Jordan Rochester leaves questions about the legitimacy of their relationship unanswered.

Maddox Hurd, owner of Herculean Machines, has publicly dismissed the efforts of rival company Supratech. Mr Hurd denounced the idea of wearable devices as ridiculous, prompting Supratech CEO Scorpio DeVorrow to describe him as a man of “limited imagination”.

Meanwhile, Alliance President Gibson Kincaid has begun lobbying to invest the position of president with executive powers. He has also said that the incumbent should remain in office for six years, instead of a maximum of two one-year terms. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has voiced his opposition to the proposal.

Juanita Bishop, a leading campaigner against the Far God cult, has announced that she is running for Federal Congress. Mrs Bishop’s vocal condemnation of Thargoid worship has gained her a strong following in many Federal systems. She is now campaigning to be elected to Congress as an independent candidate.

In related news, the Far God sect has issued a public request for Thargoid materials. It is understood that the objects will be revered as objects of worship, and will not be used in any xenobiological experiments.

Finally, authorities in the Betel system have confirmed that the conflict between Betel Free and the Silver Creative Network has come to an end. Both factions received support from independent combat pilots, to whom generous rewards were promised, but ultimately there could be only one victor. It is hoped that the cessation of hostilities will preface a period of peace.

And those are the main stories this week.

28 Aug 3304
Unusual Energy Signatures Detected

Three recently detected energy signatures have been confirmed to be of a similar nature.

The engineer Ram Tah made a statement to the media:

“As part of my research, I regularly review data from surveillance satellites and ships that have picked up atypical signals. Although most turn out to be of no consequence, on this occasion I have identified three energy signatures that I believe warrant further investigation.”

“The signals originate from the NGC 2451A sector, the IC 2391 sector and the Synuefe EN-H region. I have no further data, and at this time the signatures’ meaning remains a mystery.”

“I encourage any independent pilots operating in these regions to investigate. I do of course apologise if this turns out to be a pointless exercise, but in the pursuit of scientific knowledge, even the smallest opportunity must be explored.”

28 Jul 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

The League of Reparation has been dismantled, according to the tri-superpower taskforce investigating the organisation. The announcement followed a successful operation to remove League forces from two systems – one in Federal and one in Imperial space. Riri McAllister, the League’s central coordinator, has been charged with multiple terrorism-related crimes.

The Church of Eternal Void, a fringe group that venerates the Guardians, has been declared illegal in every system where it operates. Cardinal Hieronymous and other senior members of the Church have been arrested for inciting acts of violence against the so-called ‘Far God’ sect, which worships the Thargoids.

Meanwhile, members of the Rochester family have come under attack following the engagement of Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester to Princess Aisling Duval. Jordan Rochester’s niece Kali Rochester was the victim of a physical assault, while her father Jupiter Rochester, a Core Dynamics executive, has come under fire from both shareholders and management.

In other news, the classic children’s show Andromedaries, about spacefaring camel-like lifeforms, is being remade for modern audiences. The production company behind the reboot has promised a “dark, blood-soaked journey of psychological discovery”, prompting dismay from the creator and writer of the original programme, Vienna Langhorne.

Finally, the Alliance has announced plans to build a new Ocellus starport to further bridge the gap between the core systems and the Alliance’s outposts in the California Nebula. The organisation overseeing the initiative has placed an open order for mined resources to be used in the construction.

And those are the main stories this week.

25 Jul 3304
Guardian-Worshipping Church Declared Illegal

The Church of Eternal Void, a fringe group that venerates the Guardians, has been declared illegal in every system where it operates.

Cardinal Hieronymous and other senior members of the Church have been arrested for inciting acts of violence against the so-called ‘Far God’ sect, which worships the Thargoids. The death toll among the Far God sect is now in the hundreds, with many more injured.

Councillor Quinn Damico praised the declaration:

“All citizens have the freedom to practise any religion they choose, provided that religion does not sanction homicide. Authorities have made the right move to prevent further bloodshed.”

The decision was condemned by Juanita Bishop, who runs a campaign against the Far God sect:

“So the sick Thargoid-lovers can walk free, while those with the courage to oppose them are put behind bars. It’s the traitors who worship the enemy that should be illegal! This perversion of justice will backfire on us, mark my words.”

Dr Jameelah Griffin of the Galactic Interfaith Commune made this statement:

“The ability to distinguish between laws and beliefs is the mark of a civilised society. In this case we consider the Far God sect to be the victim rather than the aggressor, despite the controversial nature of their faith.”

19 Jul 3304
Far God Cult Attacked

There has been a spate of violence against the Thargoid-worshipping Far God cult, resulting in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Since the Church of Eternal Void declared war against the sect, its members have compelled citizens to attack Far God believers in many systems. Several of the sect’s places of worship have been firebombed.

The Far God cultists have offered no resistance to the aggression, and have even refused to leave burning hive-chapels.

Cardinal Hieronymous, representing the Church of Eternal Void, addressed a large crowd:

“Our loyal followers are performing the Guardians’ righteous work! Those who serve the Thargoid demons are demons themselves, and we must cast them out with fire and fury.”

A vocal campaigner against the Far God sect, Juanita Bishop, told the media:

“It might not be pretty, but what’s happening now is no different to what our brave pilots are doing out there in space – defending their own kind. We will do whatever it takes to protect our children from these monsters.”

Local security forces have been slow to respond to the incidents, and few arrests have been made. Councillor Quinn Damico commented:

“The lack of an immediate clampdown is inexcusable. The Church is inciting criminal acts and persecuting a legally registered religion. I call upon the authorities to bring the full force of the law against any vigilante behaviour.”

11 Jul 3304
Fringe Religion Condemns Far God Cult

The Church of Eternal Void has denounced the so-called Far God cult, which worships the Thargoids.

A spokesperson identified as Cardinal Hieronymous made this statement:

“As disciples of the Guardians, we hereby declare war on those who have sold their souls to the Thargoid demons. We vow to expunge their poisonous creed and purge them from the galaxy.”

Since this statement was made, the Church has seen a dramatic upswing in support from local communities. Juanita Bishop, who has been campaigning against the Far God sect, commented:

“It’s about time somebody did something! The public need to get behind the Church and help them get these alien-lovers off our streets.”

Security forces in many systems have issued reminders that the Far God sect is legally recognised as a religion, and that any hostility against its members will be considered a criminal act.

Dr Alfred Ulyanov, a leading exotheologian, discussed the situation on the Rewired news feed:

“A number of doomsayer cults have emerged recently, including Homo Terminus, Nova Imperium and the Order of Extinction. But of all those I’ve studied, the Church of Eternal Void differs in one key respect – it offers hope. They claim that veneration of the Guardians will prevent Thargoid Armageddon, which is probably why they’re the most popular, being based on a classic binary theology of good versus evil.”

“It’s apparent that the Church is taking advantage of animosity towards the Far God sect to promote itself. The idea of Thargoid spies in human form, although baseless, has caused much anxiety. By declaring the Cult a holy adversary, the Church validates its own existence.”

18 May 3304
Fringe Doomsayer Cults on the Rise

An increasing number of religious movements in the core systems are proclaiming that humanity is on the verge of destruction.

Awareness of the issue has been raised by independent reporter Gethin Okonkwo, who published an article outlining the phenomenon:

“The return of the Thargoids has led to the emergence of dozens of radical groups. Although their nature varies, the message is the same: the apocalypse is coming.”

“Some of these groups are distinctly religious in flavour. The Church of the Eternal Void, for example, preaches that the war for human souls is almost lost. Their view of the Thargoids as ‘demons from a hellish universe’ and the Guardians as ‘beings of light who have decreed us unworthy of salvation’ runs along classic theological lines.”

“Others, such as Generation Omega, stoically accept that our time is almost over. They state that ‘superior spacefaring lifeforms will naturally destroy inferior ones, just as our own cultures have overrun each other since prehistory’. Generation Omega plans to build mass euthanasia centres for planetary populations, declaring that the human era deserves to end in a dignified manner.”

“Of course there have always been ‘doomsayers’, and naturally our governments refuse to accept them as legitimate. But that hasn’t stopped these organisations from attracting thousands of citizens and millions of credits, with their followers growing in number rapidly.”

“During wartime, many people become desperate for the certainty that such belief systems provide. We are likely to see these radical elements increase their influence as long as the shadow of the Thargoids falls over us.”

Authorities in the core systems responded to Okonkwo’s article by restating that the Thargoid threat is being controlled and that such fearmongering is unwarranted.

19 Apr 3304
Peace in Her Time: A Profile of Jasmina Halsey

Independent journalist Chukwuma Grant has published an article on peace activist and former Federal President Jasmina Halsey. Grant has described the report as a wide-ranging analysis that addresses “the political impact of a politician renouncing politics”.

Key extracts from the article are reprinted below:

“Some believe that Jasmina Halsey always intended to defect from the Federation and join the Alliance, where she currently acts as an advisor to Prime Minister Edmund Mahon. Others assert that after years of inhumane politics, her conscience broke through – that she sought meaning by helping others and striving for concord between the powers.”

“But it was Starship One’s destruction that transformed Halsey – something that she herself could not possibly have planned. Her subsequent ‘visions’ made her politically toxic, at least as far as the Federation was concerned, allowing her to simply walk away from presidential life. In that escape pod, she escaped from more than an exploding ship – she escaped her previous self.”

“Critics argue that Halsey’s extraordinary claims of encountering super-intelligent beings and seeing paradise are meaningless without evidence. And yet, in a cosmos containing Thargoids and Guardians, can they be easily dismissed? Or are her outlandish claims designed to cultivate a following among the disenfranchised and make her into a messianic figure?”

“If Halsey is walking a deliberate path, it remains an unstable one. Many in the Alliance have questioned why their leader is taking advice from a former psychiatric patient, let alone an ex-Federal President. Whether she is a visionary, a lunatic or a brilliant political manipulator remains to be seen.”

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