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Ozpin /

It's been a while since my last entry here. There hasn't been much of use to update you on, until now. I never managed to get one of those Corvettes from the Feds, but I've managed to find large clusters of refugees in the Parutis system, willing to pay large amounts in order to escape the civil war going on. Most of them have been asking me to take them to the neighboring system of Medb. I feel...

Tuts /

/* DataRecoveryMart recovered commander's logbook file - created on 03 DEC 3303 /* All scrambled or unrecoverable data is denoted by the '#' symbol /* Discrete sections of recovered text are indicated by parentheses ( ) /* Only sections with a minimum of 16 contiguous characters are included /* Please contact a representative if you require a version with different minimum 09.03.3303 (##...

Tuts /
Thank You For Using DataRecoveryMart!

Dear Commander Tuts, We have completed the data recovery from the SSIDS unit you delivered to our facility earlier this month.  Unfortunately, as previously discussed in our quotation letter, both the unit and its redundancies were heavily compromised due to catastrophic physical damage.  We only managed to retrieve 13% of your flight records, transaction histories, scan data and logbook entries....

Boldreight T. Hannak /
A glimpse into the unknown

So, I've immersed myself in this infinite dark which is the 'Verse. Silent. Deep. Comfortable. Silent. Abundant. Can't find any intriguing words than those I just wrote here. I can'tl help thinking about how majestic and thrilling is flying in the dark ocean of the universe with the Wandering Owl. I could easily loose myself and drift away, far away, without even knowing that. I searched for years...

Stryker Aune /
The Hunt: Chapter 2

A brilliant white Anaconda cut through the vacuum of space. Despite the worn and chipped paint job, she was a regal specimen with her tinted windows and brilliant white burners. She had just made the long supercruise journey to Citi Gateway. For most pilots, the distance was long, boring and arduous. But for the commander of the Ghost Orchid it was like stepping outside the front door of a house and...

Avelore Rayne /
17/01/3304 - 60,000ly Round Trip

I learned of a Pilot's Federation system which is a central hub for every ship, module and the elite of Commanders. Shinrarta Dezhra. I also learned it is the home of a particular engineer, Lori Jameson, the great granddaughter of CMDR John Jameson. Y'know, the guy who singlehandedly sent the thargoids packing centuries ago. I would love to meet with her and the only way I can do that, rumours say,...

Aceofspace1980 /
The Consortium's Finest

The pilot's of the Consortium continue to impress me as we advance our position within our small corner of space, Many of them have exceeded my expectations in all aspects of day to day operations, but most of all in combat. Wing coordination and teamwork is at is finest, This has been displayed time and again in the many bounty hunting missions we have under taken for Bhotho Commodities. The Rings...

Phisto Sobanii /
Endgame, The Finale

NFS No Data Available Malenchenko City Coma System 23:49 hours left Phisto reclined on the console to his Fer De Lance, his back turned to the viewscreen.  His arms were folded while he looked at the floor.  In his mind he anxiously considered his next steps.  The message from the Benefactor had contained a data packet with instructions.  He and Xavier were given 24 hours to acknowledge receipt...

James Barrett /
Misery loves company (17/01/3304)

Smiling Pilot pub Wilson Gateway Karsuki Ti System He was drunk. No, not drunk. He was wasted. Wasted to the point that he barely could hold the glass in his hand. Myriad of glittering stars outside the thick window turned into haze with each move of his head and he wasn't able to focus his eyes on any point anymore. It was all blurry. But it was good. He wanted it that way. Bloody Imperial...

MMMMMalcolm /

Personal Log: Commander Kay Wantz I found a nice ringed planet to temporarily settle in. The resource extraction site was rated hazardous, but that didn’t matter, I powered down the ship to auxiliary power only. Add to that our cargo hold was empty; as far as pirates were concerned we did not exist and if we did we were insignificant. Malcolm was busy laundering The Club assets. I was monitoring...
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