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SonofMacPhisto /
No Judgement, Only Rest

Data, Big day tomorrow, eh?  I'm sorry you'll miss it, but don't worry, I'll be back before you know.  You're a good ship, just need a different one for this. Allied Command has been quite the experience.  Been a long time since I was just a soldier, just a cog in a giant war machine.  There are some good flyers out here and thankfully they've got the meanest sons of bitches guarding Salomé and...

Mushroomfleet /
Time to treat myself

After splashing out on an Eagle for Belt Racing, I drifted into thoughts of mining again. After a quick sortie with friends in an ASP explorer, quickly realised that i needed a bigger boat. Running passengers in the new Dolphin for a week I figured I'd trade in the ASP ex for a shiny brand new T9 Heavy. I always fancied flying one of those, but it was never practical for poop trading. First...

2301 /
3303-04-29 Abandoned Bases, and More?

Following the stories doing the rounds in the deep space explorer community, I found the strangest thing in the void, a beacon. A clearly man made, high tech beacon, transmitting a bizarre message every hour. It immediately reminded me of the stories brought back over the past few months. There were three beacons in all, and running the transmissions through the computer revealed the location...

Borggy /
A Time Of Truth? (Salome, Thargoids, Something Greater?)

It has been a while since I've been out in the deep black, here, I have remained inside the bubble. Took a holiday to breathe for a bit, you know- plus I'm an old man so one needs to stretch his legs. I went to New Africa in Epsilon Eridani and it was nice to go back home, "Home"- the actual place where I was born. Mitterand Hollow was my home but...ahhh, they both are. The moon and the world,...

[VK] Adri /
Viaje a los confines del Universo

23 de Abril del 3303 - Inicio de Viaje Iniciamos un viaje, un primer viaje alejándonos de la burbuja, de ese útero materno donde todos nacemos donde todos aprendemos y donde todos morimos. Creo que tras el primer día de travesía por el mar de estrellas que nos rodean he podido ver múltiples soles múltiples planetas cada uno con su característica única o no, pero todas ahí. Previo planeamiento...

TameMoon /
Log: 7 The calm before the storm

Date: 28 April 3303 Tomorrow is the day. The day where the truth could be revealed or lost forever. I for one want to know now that I have nothing left to do with my life I have decided to unravel the secrets. And while writing this log I may or may nktnbe be drunk. Hold on. Ok there we go. I feel better. Anyway tomorrow stuff goes down. Today however I went to the Red Bar and I got to say there...

M. Lehman /
The Serpents and the Skulls, Chapter 4.4

Azalea Constantinestu: in death as she was in life. I took a deep breath, and took a final look at the woman’s corpse. Naked, on her back, and surrounded by blow. I was standing over my longtime associate and “friend”, flanked by Apollonia and a forensic investigator from the local Authority. She was still there- on her bed, kimono splayed open and dried blood all over her bare chest...

EpicH29 /
Commander's log: Day two

I've been out of the bubble for around 24 hours now, and I've managed to cross approximately 2500 light-years in this time. With this being my longest planned trip as of yet, as I plan to head at least as far as 'rendezvous point', I was extremely hyped for some alone time aboard my Asp Explorer, Stargazer II. Things have begun well thus far. A couple of stunning binary stars along my path, and a couple...

Jacques Molyneux /
W Ursae Majoris

Made it to W Ursae Majoris, and the system is truly something to behold. Less than 200Ls apart, the two F-class stars orbit eachother at an interval of only 6 solar days. After peeking around and scanning down all orbital bodies and taking a few nice pictures of the two stars I started my journey back to Tau Ceti. I am currently docked at Longyear Plant in the Suku Maola system for refueling, some...

Hunter Lock12 /
Boredom of a Mad explorer

Have you ever been so bored that you found pinching yourself pinching at the skin of your arm? Apparently its something to do with any stimulation at all, even negative ones being preferable to our minds than remaining completely idle. I mean sure that's all well and good for stopping you from just going mad from sensory deprivation or something but even so, right now my arm looks more red than...