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StephenGordon /
Another Journey, Different Direction

After my last exploration jaunt, some time was spent trying to fortify Imperial space around HR 783 but it wasn't going well. I think there are other factors acting against the Empire and there is only so much I can do on my own. I'm proud of my efforts in expanding Imperial influence but the time has come for a change, well 2 in fact! Change 1 is that I have bought an Anaconda, kitted out for exploration...

Lady Alisa /
Alisa's Odyssey: Entry 015

Flames pour from the smoldering hulk. The twisted remains for the Imperial Eagle came to rest on the surface nowhere near the landing pad it was assigned. I leaped from the still airborne shieldless and badly damaged Dragonfly to the platform and ran as hard as my legs allowed for the wreck. There was no sign of an escape pod. Only the laser fire from the station security forces putting all their attention...

spike.rog /
All alone in the night

Having been out in deep space for just over two weeks . we have found a little out post in the blu thua system . Hilary's port has made a great little stop off and we intend on spending a couple of days here .as we don't know when we will come across another one . we traded in our exploration data and made a nice 14 million creds nice going . also repaired the hull restocked and refuelled while we...

ENTRY LOG [02] - 7.20.3303 - INDI BOURBON

7.20.3303 Extra Bourbon? After finding some extra Bourbon from the Indi sector, I decided to enjoy the rest of it and brainstorm some sort of plan for the near future. After completing two of the last Community Trading Events, I should roughly have 27m credits in around 2 weeks. I would go to both of the systems to pick up the reward, but it will be automatically rewarded after 14 days. It will...

ENTRY LOG [01] - 7.19.3303 - THE BEGINNING

...just a little catching up... 5.24.3300 THE BEGINNING: My journey begins into the unknowns of space, sitting in my Sidewinder, wondering what should I do. Where should I go? Realizing I would need to have the funds to do anything out here, I outfitted myself and picked up some bounties from around the solar system. After receiving my rewards from bounties, I had a couple of directions that...

Jedi421973 /
19.JUL.3033 2252 - Bad Info

Trying to get positive Credits I was able to be put in touch with Mgr Lamar Miles of Stein 2051 Services. He had some data that needed to go to Sherrington Orbital in LHS 1885. Said it was worth 11,400 to him. I mentioned I was looking for some more credits. He said he had heard the station was also in need of Superconductors and could be paying as much as 674 per unit. With that information, I head...

Dark Reign12 /
19.JUL.3303 - LOG 001 - Pirate Lord Archibaid Leach and the Alcor System

So everything was going pretty smoothly, I was ready to go head to the STF 1774 system to go deliver some Reactive Armour (yes in the name of democracy)  until I got a call from  Mason (my contact from the Alioth Independents). She gave me a target: Pirate Lord Archibaid Leach. Over 450,000 Cr. The Location was in the Alcor System and they had a tip he'd at least be in the system somewhere around...

Immortalis /
Back at Quince

I got the Meta-Alloy from Maia and scanned some systems on my way back, containing my first Black Holef for which I travelled 300k lightyears. I was a bit nervous to not be sucked into its event horizon, ending like Cpt. Hunt. After that I returned to Felicity at Deciat and tuned Eiriks jumping range up to 40.6ly - I am at level 4 with Felicity but I don't have the material to go any further. Returning...

Pytheas Kesley /
Made it to Jaques Station!

Finally made it to Jaques Station in Colonia. I found a couple more ELW on the way which added to the 32M I made on exploration data. Although I miss the Bubble, I've got the taste for exploration now. My next trip will be to the edges of the galaxy and back, but I need better jump range first. I'm heading back to see the Engineers to boost my FSD. I need to be ~50LY really before any heavy travel...

IndigoWyrd /
18 Jul

I still don't keep regular logs, and I'm fine with that. I'm back in "civilized" space again, buying and tinkering with ships, and helping out various factions accomplish various things, for credits of course. I did recently pay a visit to one of the recently discovered alien planetary installations. Looks like a giant barnacle to me. Found the Unknown Artifact to be some sort of "key"...
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