Logbook entry

Extremofire / 27 Nov 3302
Exploration Record: 27 Nov 3302

Exploration Log
Expedition #3: Passenger Transport to Core Region


To assist in bolstering the economy of Lavigny's Legion, I have taken upon a contract for the Legion. A famous rich freelance explorer, Leyla Townsend, was residing temporarily in one of the Legion's starports, and has entered in an agreement with me, signing a contract between her and the Legion. Using the Oculus, I am to transport her and her team to the Choomuia sector for her to complete scientific studies in the unique environment there. In exchange, she will publicly support the Legion financially and through allegiance. Successful completion of this contract will, of course, draw more influence to the Legion, aiding in our public imagery and networking efforts. We have agreed to allow me to carry out my own exploration datamining for the Empire.

Unfortunately, our journey is off to a rough start. Even the meeting to sign the contract was tense, as Townsend is a less-than-amicable character. Upon departure, we collided with an erratically moving freighter inside the starport. After speaking with Internal Security and paying off my fines to the authorities, she is immediately vocally displeased with my piloting skills, stating that "A Praetor of the Legion should hold himself to the Imperial standard of Excellence, and you, sir, are failing that in every respect."

She has nevertheless reluctantly agreed to continue with the contract. Her crew is quiet, but friendly still. They are all true patriotic Imperials, and it is relieving to have them in my company. Regardless, Townsend's already evident disappointment with me is overbearing.

Our contract is for completion in three weeks. Here's hoping that it will be a smooth three weeks.

Begin Log

Start System: Aerial. 27 Nov 3302, 21:10.

I will no longer list the primary star of a system, in an attempt to facilitate data recording. It is redundant to list primary star type as this is public knowledge. Data recorded below will be limited to the discovered system designation, followed by type and number of orbiting bodies scanned. 

I will begin logs after arrival to our first Target Destination, as it is likely that the regions of space to follow are explored. Level 1 Scans will persist until the first target destination.

Begin Day 1.

TD 1: HIP 78945. Arrived 21:55. Previously explored. 

TD 2: Bleae Thua BI-O B9-0. Arrived 22:55. HM = 7. The first leg of our journey is uneventful. Despite having a wide timeframe, I don't want to hinder Townsend with any delays, such as landing on a planet. She has threatened to sever the contract if our journey attracts any attention at all. I don't question her reasoning, but her caution raises questions. Perhaps they will be answered later. I have decided that despite her protest, I will visit the deep-space colony of Colonia, as a Legionnaire, Tulandros Griffin, is on his way to scout the colony and I will want a progress report from him.
  • Entering Col 259 Sector.
  • Entering Pru Euq Sector.
  • DC-H C25-0. Partially explored. MR = 1 HM = 3 RB = 1
  • BC-H B54-0. IB = 3
  • FA-C B57-0. RB = 1 HM = 4
  • Entering Bleae Thua Sector.
  • CP-Z d14. 
  • MJ-V b5-0. HM = 2

TD 3: Bleae Thua YQ-C d13-6. Arrived 28 Nov, 00:20. I treat my passengers to a meal, announcing it's availability in the cabin's chef through the PA. The Oculus is fit with First-Class cabins, so despite the rough exterior, the quarters are actually quite cozy. Each room (of which there are six) offers spacious freedom, complete with a comfortable bathroom, shower, living room, kitchenette, numerous displays, and queen-sized beds. This is my first overnight transport, and since Townsend is shaken, I want to be a good host. They all seem to be winding down for rest. I'm continuing my journey through the stars. With enough focus, I can at least finish a good chunk of the journey before going to sleep, myself.
  • LP-K b11-0.
  • JB_W d2-9. 
  • AJ-D b15-0.
  • RN-S d4-9. HM = 2 RB = 2. 
  • VT-Q d5-16. HM = 1.
  • PY-J b25-0.
  • DX-C b29-0.
  • BG-N D7-4.
  • KY-W c16-1.
  • SM-J b39-0. HM = 4 RB = 1
  • ZY-F b41-0. Partially explored, CMDR Unematti. HM = 1
  • UK-E d12-8. HM = 2 WW = 2 RB = 1

Begin Day 2.

TD 4: Smojue WT-A d12. Arrived 00:48. I chose this system because this was one of the last bookmarked target destinations for my return trip from Sag A*. I'm going to conduct level 3 scans throughout the system,and perhaps land on a planet here. Both large landable planets are of some interest, as they have high gravity and some valuable materials. 
  • AI-F b55-0. 
  • EJ-D b56-0. 
  • EK-B c28-1.
  • Entering Smojue sector.

Begin Day 3.

TD 5: Smojue IT-P b48-0. Arrived 29 Nov, 02:55. This system was another previous bookmarked target destination, but it appears that this system was one of the ones where my data was lost. There isn't much data in this system, as it is only stars, but I have nevertheless conducted a detailed scan of the stars for more data for our stellar scientists. Interestingly enough, the scientists haven't come up to speak with me today. I have admittedly been taking a day off to relax, but I haven't seen them. Worried, I checked my internal sensors, but they were all clustered in one room for the majority of the day. Perhaps I can ask them about it tomorrow. For now, it's a late night trip, into the higher stars of our galaxy, to the Traikaae AA-A h2 nebula. I am not only going to sightsee (though it'll be a nice respite from the infinite black), but I am hoping to use the newly discovered tactic of charging the Alcubierre generators with neutron radiation from neutron stars.
  • ZU-U b4-0.
  • AA-Z d0.

TD 4: Traikaae GN-R d5-11. Arrived 18:52. We've arrived, at a star system overlooking the beautiful AA-A h2. The crew of Townsend has come to the bridge to make small talk. One of the explorers, a Jason Scythus, is eager for any venture into the black. He is young and ambitious, as am I. I'm sympathetic to his quest. Another, Ki'liya Adams, is shy yet is clearly excited to be out studying the Great Black. After speaking to her for a short while, I quietly inquire as to the reason for secrecy of the mission. Adams is unsure, as she knows data of any sort from so far outside of the Bubble is valuable. She postulates that it is because of this value that Townsend wishes to maintain secrecy, but she shares my suspicion that this is not the case. I admit that as a Praetor for the Legion, an organization held in among the highest regard in the Lavigny-Duval region, quite involved in all secret political matters, this frustrates me. I push on, regardless. We still have a long journey ahead of us. Our next leg brings us into the neutron fields, where I hope to try out Frame Shift Drive Supercharging.
  • CN-A d14-17.
  • Entering Traikaae sector.
  • QO-X C2-1. MR = 1 HM = 6 (Terra 1, 4367km .73g 248K .03at) RB = 3

TD 5: Byeia Eurk RX-A d1-0. Arrived 19:48. White dwarf. Arriving at our first highly gravitational star, I cowardly maneuver away from the star, with me losing some control in the discharge wake. The exploration crew observe excitedly, regardless. The neutron fields provide many such stars, a luxury that is not available in our relatively distant area of space. Townsend is absent, however. She is still brooding in her quarters, it seems. We travel onwards, through the vast fields of compressed galactic memories. 
  • QF-M d8-16. IV = 1
  • VW-I d10-1. Star previously explored, CMDR Nevernice. HM = 3 (Terra 1, 7286 km 1.42g 882K, 285at), WW = 2 (Terra 1, 7226km, 1.39g, 551K, 15.08at) RB = 1
  • Entering Byeia Eurk sector.
  • PM-C d2. HM = 2 IB = 6

TD 6: Byeia Eurk LT-F d12-4. Arrived 20:32. Previously discovered, CMDR Alexandr4800. During this leg of the journey, I did manage to be able to supercharge my frame shift drive. I was able to make a single jump of a whopping 212 lightyears, to the amazement of the exploration crew! And that's without injection boosters. My frame shift drive did take some structural damage, however, and as I am lacking SRVs and Automatic Field Maintenance Units, I am going to try to refrain from supercharging again. The key word here is "try". The jump was exhilirating! Thankfully the Alcubierre generator is still operating at 100% capacity; the damage appears to be limited to the latching clamps, which won't pose a problem lest we run into turbulent space. Still, the damage is minimal, and the clamps are still doing their job just fine. 
  • VD-Z d1-8.
  • BF-X d2-5. 
  • EM-G c13-0.
  • TO-Y b47-0.
  • XX-I b1-0. HM = 1 

Begin Day 4

TD 7: Plaa Aescs CC-J d10-9. Arrived 29 Nov 3:23. Neutron star. I was able to have a dinner with the crew. Townsend still seems extremely averse to my company, but the crew members were able to talk with me, and I was able to tell them of my exploits. I realized most of my time has been spent running Legion military ops and exploring, two vastly different trades. I was able to trade some exploration stories with them. Everyone's excited by the prospect at arriving at these "beautiful rings". I'm still considering whether or not to risk resupplying at Colonia. For now, we move forward. The rings await.
  • Entering Plaa Aescs sector.
  • GI-H d11-7. 

TD 8: Prielaei CC-S d5-13. Arrived 04:34. Uneventful leg. I have been in communications with our Legionnaires, currently fighting a war in Narakapani.
  • Entering Prielaei sector.
  • ND-Z d1-12. HM = 1 MR = 1

TD 9: Ellairb QP-V d3-0. Arrived 05:32. It's been a moderately late night flying. However, we have made good progress so far. With this destination reached, I'm going to turn in and go to sleep, as the passenger crew has done long ago. 
  • OU-M d8-1. 
  • RA-L d9-2. HM = 1 WW = 1 (Terra 6180km 1.13G 328K 4.20at)
  • QZ-D e6-3. 
  • KF-C d14-2.
  • Entering Ellairb sector.

Downtime and recreation for 5 days. It has been an unusual turn of events. I understand Townsend's absolute dire need for secrecy. I suppose it's true that there are secrets out in the black. Unfortunately, I cannot write of the matter in this log as it is public. But her mission is that of true urgency, I see that now. There are agents that wish to get a hold of this information and I have decided that we are not to risk landing in Colonia. It is of utmost importance that I return her to safety. I am disappointed that I have conducted a mission under such shrouds of secrecy, but such is the way of things with us humans. Interestingly enough, our final destination of the Beautiful Rings is of scientific importance, however, that dwarfs in the importance of this other mission. Perhaps other explorers will see this log. But know that Byoomiae and Choomuia hide important discoveries. Onwards, we go!
Begin Day 9.

TD 10: Eodgorsts MI-B e7. Arrived Dec 6, 01:25. IB = 1
  • HW-L b27-1. M class. HM = 5 (Terra 2, (1) 3378km .53g 309k .03at 56ls, (2) 2660km .4g 214k 0at 84ls)
  • JU-M d8-14.
  • Entering the Eodgorsts sector.

TD 11: Bleae Aim UV-T D4-210. Arrived 04:13. 
  • Entering Pru Aim sector.
  • QT-Q E5-4.
  • QT-Q e5-53.
  • QT-Q d13-60.
  • Entering Bleae Aescs sector.
  • GT-F d12-5.
  • Entering Puekaae sector.
  • YT-Z C16-2.
  • WT-O B39-9.
  • PZ-O E6-493
  • Entering Bleae Aim sector.

TD 12: Byaa Ain SI-B e42. Arrived 17:19. Neutron star. HM = 3 RB = 1. As we near the core, the prevalence of neutron stars rises. With every passing planetary body orbiting these stellar remnants, I wonder if life is on them. My scanners have never shown otherwise. Neutron stars are unimaginably hot, and my surface scanners often show temperatures in excess of 800K in these worlds. I am unfortunate in leaving ym SRV to increase my jump range. The crew is pensive, excited. Townsend is still spiteful. It's been more than a week and she still threatens to report me at every passing. For now, we can only push on. I already grow tired of my time out here in the black. I feel selfish, as the payout is one of my main motivators now. Of course, I am excited to see these discoveries abound, but I yearn the company of my Legion.
  • YB-S d5-144.
  • CI-Q d6-237.
  • FO-O d7-70.
  • NA-L d9-310.
  • NA-L d9-139. HM = 1
  • MA-L d9-106
  • QG-J d10-314.
  • Entering Froals sector.
  • RT-Q e5-171.

TD 13: Byaa Ain EN-H d11-1827. Arrived 7 Nov, 03:53. Neutron star.
  • Entering Byaa Ain sector.
  • DV-B c2-17. MR = 1 HM = 2 JII = 1 JI = 1 IB = 8
  • FG-A c3-42. HM = 3
  • SD-Z d1-1149.
  • BH-J d10-556.
  • FN-H d11-1396.
  • EN-H d11-1827.

TD 14: Eor Aowsy CB-W E2-2147. Arrived 4:30. Black hole. JIII = 1 IB = 2
  • Entering Eor Aowsy sector.
  • BW-T d4-827. MR = 1 HM = 1

TD 13: Whambio TO-Z e3238. Black hole, neutron star.
  • Entering Whambio sector.
  • GC-B d1-1673.

TD 14: Whambio QZ-O e6-2629. Arrived 23:02. Black hole.
  • ZW-W c4-67. Close-proximity trinary star, quinary system. HM = 12 (Terra 4: Prime K - 4786km .81g 462K 1.59 412ls; Prime M - 3777km .61g 413K .38at 93ls, 2902km .45g 257K 0at 114ls, 4621km .77g 262K 1.91at 199ls)  RB = 2
  • WA-U d4-1765. WW = 1 (Terra 1, 6776 km 12.8g 340k 10at 5062ls) An interesting find; the crew was astonished. Sensors revealed a terraformable water world in a neutron star system. It would be both an interesting challenge and a unique living situation, as the neutron star would shroud the world in permanent near-darkness.
  • EN-Q d6-2196. HM = 2
  • JN-S E4-2958.
  • WG-J d10-846.

TD 15: Eor Aub IN-S e4-1829. Arrived 7 Dec 00:22. Black hole.
  • Entering Eor Aub sector.
  • LD-Z d1-520. 
  • LD-Z d1-3060.
  • WV-T d4-85. A class. HM = 2 (Terra 1 5478km .96g 262K .93at 1622 ls)

TD 16: Dryi Aub WB-S d5-5316. Arrived 01:43. We have officially passed, laterally, Colonia. We are truly out in the depths now, but as we near the core, we are shrouded in eternal brightness from the emissions of nearby stars. We forge toward the Screakou sector, less than 5,000 LY from our destination. I expect to arrive tonight.
  • TG-J d10-196.
  • TG-J d10-1174.
  • AT-F d12-2525. 
  • Entering Dryi Aub sector.

Begin Day 11.

TD 17: Hypiae Aub CB-W d2-3794. Arrived 9 Dec 01:15. We near the beautiful rings. Only half an hour before we stop to gather data, and then forage on to our true destination. Then, we move swiftly back to civilization. While I have gone a great distance, much farther in a week than I did in my last expedition, I yearn to return.
  • Entering Screakou sector.
  • LC-U e3-43.
  • Entering Dumboi sector.
  • BK-Y d1-2583
  • AF-Z e1449. Herbig Ae/Be.
  • DV-W d2-7908.
  • IR-V e2-292.
  • HW-W f1-4700. B/A binary orbiting a B/A binary!
  • OT-G d11-2509.
  • Entering Hypiae Aub sector.

TD 18: Choomuia UI-K d8-4692. Arrived 01:47. We have arrived. Our destination is beautiful, an earth-like with translucent ice rings. But our real destination lies beyond... I must deactivate my logging subroutines. No one can know of this voyage.

Flight Log corrupted. Attempting reboot...
Reboot failed. Beginning new target destination plotting.
Downtime was 2 day(s).
Begin Day 14.

TD 19: DQ-Y f25. Arrived 12 Dec 07:15. Quaternary. Prime B. JIV = 6 JIII = 1 JV = 1 RB = 3 HM = 5. We have made good headway for our return to space. Stopping to rest in this uninhabitable system, I sleep, with the brightness of the three shining stars flooding my room.
  • Entering Phoi Aowsy sector.
  • Entering Dumboi sector.
  • LN-T e3-3799. Trinary A class.
  • Entering Ogairt sector.
  • RT-R e4-399.
  • DL-Y f1203. JV = 1
  • Entering Byoi Ain sector.
  • FC-B d14-808. 
  • DH-B d14-435.
  • HW-W f1-3676.

Begin day 15.

TD 20: Free flight.
  • Entering Froags sector.
  • Entering Puekoa sector.
  • CJ-F d12-33.
  • JY-Y d1-23.
  • FS-A d1-22.
  • Entering Crookae sector.
  • IS-A d1-40.
  • Entering Preae Ain sector.
Begin day 18.

  • Entering Byeia Eurk sector.
  • UL-A c2-0. HM = 8 RIW = 1 RB = 4 WW = 1 JI = 1 JIII = 1

TD 21: Aerial. Arrived 15 Dec, 22:05. 

In the final legs of our journey, I was able to finally befriend Layla Townsend. With nearly three weeks out in space, she has grown accustomed to my hospitality and presence. She tells me of her service to the Empire, charting nearly 25 terraformable planets. Recently she began to dabble in exploration of a more aesthetic nature, drawing her towards nebulae and promising star systems. It is with this interest that she began to discover lore and artefacts related to the content we investigated on this journey. Her discoveries are powerful and frightening. While it poses no immediate threat to the ways of our galaxy currently, should she choose to reveal the data, it will prove disastrous for humankind. For now, however, she has made good (surprisingly, amicably) on our agreement and has invested a large sum of credits to the Lavigny's Legion Survey Team cohort, and has pledged to sell all subsequent data to the Legion at a discount price. With this, we have given her the rank of Honorary, with the full rights of a Legionnaire. It is my hope that she will expand the contacts of the Legion.
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