Logbook entry

August Mckenna / 28 Feb 3303
Not a bad life, but everyone wonders...

Cmdr August McKenna

"Yes, I know I didn't make the bonus time, you jack-leg, but we agreed on a price...and by the void , you're gonna pay THAT price..." , the Cmdr in his flight suit exclaimed, slaming a noteputer onto the top of a nearby container.

He wasn't slight of build, but certainly not an imposing figure, either. He posessed that generally affable look in his expression that every Trader needed. However, those who dealt with him soon learned he had a certain "darkness" that could show itself seemingly in an instant. This time that "darkness" was leveled at a portly Dock Agent from the Free Sietae Consortium who was keen on renegotiating fees and price.

The man took a slight step back, "Loook, Auggie, we were just hoping it could have been here sooner...that's all..." , the Agent said.

"Well, tell the System Authority to keep the shipping lanes clean, then. They scan me three times from nav point to station touch down, but somehow there's a freshly painted Eagle hiding in a blindspot lookin' to make a haul. The kid sounded like he was no more than 18, now he's spattered all over and I gotta see the Authority Contact." , Auggie said, his ire subsiding a bit.

Later, sitting in a diner off the main station concourse, an alert flashed across his noteputer. Payment was complete.

A long drag off his cigarette, exhaled slowly, as he looked out over the station interior at his ship. The Cobra emblazoned with the monicker "Cynical Reactor" was all he needed. "I gotta get outta here." , he muttered to himself.
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