Logbook entry

August Mckenna / 28 Feb 3303
yeah, that could have gone better...

Cmdr August McKenna
Hey, what can I say....I've never been a Bounty Hunter.

I mean, I know someone must do it, it's a job, right? I don't know any Bounty Hunters, but I know they are out there. They have to be.

It's like turning the tap in the space station and watching water come out. You don't think about it, but a Trader had to bring that water or water purification system, or hell, everything that makes a station work at all, in order for you to be using it.

But..how do you "bounty hunt"?

I suppose at one point I didn't know how to trade, either. Or how to pilot a ship. How hard could this be...


Down on the platforms looking at all the ships. Vipers, Vultures, Asps even some fancy Imperial rigs coming and going. Some coming in looking a lot worse than when they left. Laser scoring, kinetic projectile holes in the hull. YES ... HOLES ... IN THE HULL.

One chap dragged from his ship, burned, cut up, and blue in the face after his canopy was obliterated.

As an afterthought, maybe I should have invested in that improved life support system?

I've been in scrapes before, but actually going out looking for a shooting match?


Ok, I have the ship, I have the authority, I have the will...just wish I had some experience.

Scooping up escape pods, kewl, I'm on the board and making money.

Then it happened. Surrounded by rescue craft, when all of the sudden a Diamondback drops out of cruise right in front of me. A quick scan and he's wanted. He's just going about his business, scanning debris.

Wait, 3 more assorted ships just dropped in less than 1k away. Suddenly this is real.

C'mon, Auggie, hit the button...pips up, deploying hardpoints.
Whoa, that got everyones attention. Ship scans from 3 different sources...and the Diamondback is coming about.

Sooo, I know I'm not the only one scanning and seeing these mooks are wanted? Why is nobody shooting? What, I gotta start the fight? I may be stupid, but I ain't crazy...I dont want to be in the middle when it goes down. The Cobra has one thing I can always count on, wheels.

I pick up some thrusters puting me over my target slightly. Full throttle and range is closing. Trigger.
Pulse lasers light up his shielding and I'm on the boost button, zipping by his port side.
As I roll and pitch to see the surround from range, it is apparent I started something. The Diamondback still wants a piece of me and is trying in vain to match maneuvers into my rear arc, but I'm transfixed on the grid I just left. It's now alight with weapons fire.
Persistent, he's finding an angle and my rear shields eat up multiple direct hits.
Ok, I need him off me so I can pick out a new target.
Directly through the fray seemed to be the way to go...somebody will scrape him off me and all will be fine.
He's eating me alive and others are seeing a target of opportunity and helping him out.
It's all going to hell and I'm along for the ride.


Alright. First rebuy screen.
Do you like it?